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Dumbledore paced around in his study. 'Voldemort' was the only thing coming in his head. He had been killing all the Divergents. Lily and James' death was not just a mere coincidence. Voldemort was behind all this he knew it, however to complicate things no one knew the true identity of Voldemort. He had entered the Dauntless premise- headquarter and nobody saw him? It was impossible. He had many questions in his mind waiting to be solved but first he needed to get their son Harry in safe hands. If Voldemort would know Harry was alive he definitely would come after him. He was safest at the abnegation sector where the selfless people would not deny him and would treat him well. Yes, that would be the ideal place. He was going to the last of his family that was alive. Away from Dauntless where he will always be an outcast but will always be safeā€¦

A knock was heard. "Come in," answered Dumbledore. A huge, shabby man entered his office. "Ah, Hagrid, you're well on time."

Hagrid was a huge man. He was factionless and he lived nearest to the train station. The dark alleys connecting his house with the abnegation sector were perfect for taking Harry there. To get Hagrid into the Dauntless fortress, a huge chain of CCTV footage was taken off rotation and a group of Dauntless, who were a part of an association which stood against Voldemort called the 'Order of the Phoenix ', to help him enter undetected.

Dumbledore was a dauntless leader. He would never betray his faction. Also, if he was seen near the abnegation sector they would never accept Harry. The Abnegation never had friendly relations with Dauntless. Their vast thought difference had distanced the factions. It was insulting for a Dauntless to have friendly conversations with the Abnegations, and much less one with the factionless, but talking to a factionless would not be betrayal. He wanted to go there and leave harry there himself but he had no option but to send Hagrid. He was a former Dauntless and Dumbledore trusted him. He handed Harry to Hagrid who left with him. Hagrid was handed the job of handing Harry to the protective and selfless Abnegations.

Sirius had been the one to find Harry. He was his godfather. On searching for many hours he saw Harry and gave handed him to Dumbledore. While returning from the Pit after Halloween he saw that James and Lily, Harry's parents, the dark haired man and his wife, were not to be found. His desperate search for them led him to finding Harry. Seeing that his godson was unharmed, he handed him to Dumbledore and continued his search. It was after many hours that Lily and James' bodies were found he realised that he would never see his friends again. He would have himself gone to leave Harry but he had been assigned to the task finding any signs of Voldemort for the Order.

The Dursleys were the last of Harry's family that were alive. Mr Dursley had just returned from his work of handing out supplies an the lights had just been switched off for the night. The next morning he would have to start off his work earlier than usual which meant his wife would also have to be up early. The only thing that was heard was his son's fuss and his mother trying to quieten him up. That brief sound also stopped after a few moments. The Dursleys had retired for the night.

Hagrid took the long way back walking the whole way to abnegation sector. He left Harry at the Dursley's door step and bid farewell to him. He then returned to his tattered hut in the thin alley near the Abnegation sector. Sadness creeped in his mind. Lily and James were always nice to him. Now they were no longer alive he felt bad for their son. He had to live away from his faction with the Abnegation leader, away from his godfather. But as a factionless all he could do was wish him luck.

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