T.K looked at the computer with tired eyes, sighing as the upload bar hovered at eighty percent. He had been waiting for so long for this stupid download. Finally, he exclaimed, "Why's it taking so long?" He looked at the clock; it was two in the morning and he was still awake waiting for this to happen.

Despite the fact he was now a teenager, he was wearing his lion onesie, complete with feet and a hood. He imagined that he probably looked quite a sight and was glad everyone else was asleep. The cherry lollypop hung from his lips like an icicle from an open cave mouth. Drool dribbled down his chin as he stared at the day-old steak on the computer desk and debated if he would get food poisoning. His stomach grumbled. Maybe it would be worth it.

He reached for the steak, his eyes as big as saucers.


He looked around, wondering if someone was in the room. He sighed when he didn't see anyone and looked back at the screen. Eighty two percent. "Since when did it take this long?" he cried out in exasperation. The upload bar flickered, going up to eighty five percent and then fell all the way back to zero. "Come on!" he yelled, slamming the sides of the screen.

"Shh, T.K. No one wants to see your holiday snaps," a familiar voice said, giggling excitedly.

It couldn't be. He looked around the room and then back at the screen. "Patamon?" he hissed, grabbing the screen.

"The one and only." Patamon popped up on the screen on a new window, hovering in the air.

"H— how is this possible?" he stammered. He yawned, rubbing his eyes. "Am I dreaming? I must be. I probably fell asleep." He pinched himself.

"Nope, this is real, T.K!" Patamon chirped. "I asked Gennai if I could come chat because I heard you finally made a move on Kari."

"How do you—?"

Patamon scoffed. "Kari told Gatomon.



Patamon hovered for a little bit and then smiled. "Gatomon isn't very happy, so I made sure that she didn't know I was doing this." He giggled.

T.K smiled back affectionately. "Thanks, buddy."

A comfortable silence fell between them but T.K eventually broke it. "So, is my upload gone?"

"Shut up." Patamon laughed.

T.K laughed too and then they both calmed down. "I miss—"

"I have to go, now, but I'll try see you again soon," Patamon said, frowning a little.

T.K's voice quavered as he replied, "But you just got here."

"Don't be silly; we'll see each other again." Patamon laughed and then looked off screen briefly. "One more minute?" Patamon sighed and looked back at T.K.

T.K smiled. "I hope we do."

The pop up closed and the upload bar took centre screen again. It crawled back up to one percent and T.K sighed. "All over again," he grumbled. Before he could debate eating the dangerous meat again, he saw a miniaturised version of Patamon appear and drag the upload bar to one hundred percent before flying off into the corner and vanished.

T.K laughed. "Finally." And then he fell asleep on the keyboard.

Just some T.K/Patamon fluff.