Chapter One

While some teenagers would find going to a museum on their free time boring like Hell, Nathaniel Jung or 'Nathan/Nate' as he preferred to be called found it to lift a huge weight off his shoulders.

He still has not forgotten his first ever trip to the American Museum of Natural History when he was just six years old. The young man remembers how big everything seemed to look as he'd walk in passed those large doors, his Star Wars sneakers squeaking across the floor holding onto his mother's hand in wide eyed fascination.

One hall in particular he loved the most was that of the Egyptian exhibit. Where the young Pharaoh Ahkmenrah rested in his sarcophagus.

Whenever he'd talk about the exhibits at home, his father would burst out in laughter jokingly telling his son that he had more of an interest in dead people it seemed rather than live humans. Perhaps he wasn't too far off with that remark.

Now, even at sixteen years old he still holds that same child-like fascination.

Pushing open the large doors a smile broke out instantly on his face as he walked up to the receptionist Rebecca whom also held tours here as well which he had been a part of a few. But before he walked up further, he noticed she seemed a little pre-occupied with a guy he knew all too well.

Larry Daley.

A grin of amusement crept up over his face, crossing his arms as he spoke up in a loud tone. "Getting sweet on Becca are ya Mr. Daley?"

Startled, the older soon to be night guard male turned sharply around ignoring the fact Rebecca was laughing giving Nathan a greeting. "Nate?" He asked, eyes wide but he soon laughed out of surprise pulling the younger in a hug. "Good to see you again man! Wow look at you: Guess I can't call you 'Little Man' anymore huh?"

"You know each other?" Rebecca asked after Nathan greeted her as well.

"Yeah: Mr. Daley was a friend of my father's actually, he used to watch over me if my parents were out."

"Ah come on kid you don't have to pull that 'Mr.' stuff with me, just call me Larry."

After their quick little reunion the trio hung around and talked for a while. Larry asked the typical questions how school was going, if he found anyone to date etc etc. But the one thing Nathan was most curious about was why the elder male suddenly had an interest in this museum. "Well, I'm here for an interview actually."

Rebecca offered to bring the curator Cecil Fredricks in to meet with him and gave Nathan his pass to look around after his fee had been paid. "Good luck Mr. Daley," she began. "The other candidates weren't selected."

Blinking curiously, Larry and Nathan shared a puzzled look. Really? How hard could it be to apply for something like a security guard of all things?

Just as Nathan said his good-byes, Dr. McPhee comes down after Rebecca phoned him in. Their conversation begins to slowly drift off as he goes deeper into the exhibits towards his destination.


Although Nathan knew perfectly well that there was no way the young dead Pharaoh could hear him, he always started a 'conversation' with him. Sitting beside the sarcophagus with that strange golden tablet hanging on the wall above it.

"I've been doing a ton of research on you as of late," he began. "Sorry to hear that you died at such a young age…close to mine actually just a couple years older. People say you've died from natural causes…if you ask me, I don't find it 'natural' for anyone to die when they're so young. I don't even want to imagine how your parents must have felt."

Nothing but silence filled the room at his comment and yet he still carried on chuckling softly. "Look at me. You think I'm crazy don't you? Talking like this when I know you aren't thinking about anything at all. You were a pretty cool guy I must admit, too bad I wasn't around to meet you. I feel like you and I could have possibly become good friends-or maybe that's wishful thinking on my end."

When Larry suddenly called out to him, asking if he wanted a ride home he responded back. "Yeah sure! Thanks Mr. Daley!"

"I told you drop the 'Mr' thing!"

A little laugh escaped passed his lips when he stood up, saying good-bye to Ahkmenrah's closed tomb and proceeded walking out. When he left though he noticed the goosebumps that began to dance across his arm making him tilt his head to the side, actually causing him to stop. Suddenly, it was as if the entire museum had a strange 'feel' to it now. Like on those paranormal investigating shows where the investigators got a 'chill' if anything paranormal happened.

The museum wasn't rumored to be haunted though. Not at all from all he thought.

So what was it?

What is it? Spooks? Come on Nate, you're just letting your imagination get to you. It's just a museum. Just an average, every day. Museum

He repeated that sentence over and over in his mind as he walked out with Larry, talking very little trying to figure out that strange feeling that came over him giving one more brief glance as the sun slowly started to set creating hues of pink and red and blue in the skies above.

A/n; I know I said I wasn't going to write on here anymore, but lately I've felt the need to share this Night at The Museum story I've been working on ^^; ...Enjoy?