It took some hours, just until five thirty am when the museum was finally cleaned spotless. Nathan and Ahkmenrah took what little time they had left before sunrise, to walk around a little and place the Tablet back in its proper location (all the while ignoring the childish 'ooooohs' from Jedediah, Octavius, Nicky and Clark).

The Anubis guards let them pass, more subdued when Ahkmenrah gives them a sharp command not to attack again.

"Well think of it this way," Nathan commented after watching the Pharaoh hang his Tablet back up. "We finally got it back and restored order to the museum…something positive right?"

"Perhaps." Ahkmenrah said, nodding thoughtfully. "As long as it is protected by myself I should be able to keep it guarded from intruders. Hopefully something like this does not happen again."

Nathan gave a nod.

Three days though. He simply cannot believe all this happened in just three whole nights. Him freeing Ahkmenrah on the first, stopping his Anubis guards from finding him. And convincing the other exhibits to place their trust on the Pharaoh tonight. It was unreal. Simply unreal. The teenager could faintly hear Larry calling out to him, signaling that it was time for them to leave soon. There was a look of brief sadness in his and Ahkmenrah's eyes. He didn't want to leave just yet nor did the Pharaoh. "Well…I guess that's my cue to head off-."

His sentence was cut off when he was pulled into a surprised hug by the Pharaoh. Dark brown eyes blinked rapidly at the contact, but, he returned it none the less, smiling fondly at the warm feeling it gave him. "Thank you, Nathan," Ahkmenrah whispered into his hair. "For everything you and your friends have done for me." They risked their lives and all for his sake. By far the most noble of people he has ever come across. "I cannot thank you enough. You even showed me of the outside world…no one has ever gone that far for me before."

"N-No problem." Nathan stuttered, clearing his throat. "I…I just did what I knew had to be done. We I mean n-not just me. I…Ack sorry for stuttering." He laughed in a sheepish tone making Ahkmenrah grin.

For some minutes they merely just stood there.

Embracing one another for as long as possible, Nathan closing his eyes as Ahkmenrah stroked his soft, dark locks in a soothing manner. When the teenager lifted his head up, their faces flushed realizing just how close they were to each other's lips.

But neither seemed to have minded it.

It was like a jolt of electricity coursed through Nathan's veins when Ahkmenrah leaned his head down lower, their eyes closed…lips just barely inches away…

"Nate! Nathan, come on man: We're waiting for you."

They jumped almost instantly away as soon as Larry poked his head around the corner of the exhibit, making sure Nathan was doing alright wondering why he was taking so long. "Uh…S-Sure thing Mr. Daley! I'll…I'll see you soon alright Ahk?"

"Y-Yes. Yes you really should be going." Ahkmenrah cleared his throat next, releasing his hold of Nathan's hand quickly but it pained him deep down for Rah knows why when he had done so. "Go. It is your calling, your duty-Guardian of Brooklyn."

"Geesh. You're never going to let that go are ya?"

"Afraid not," the Pharaoh winked at him. "You should be honored. In my time, it was of great importance to have such labels."

"What can I say…I'm a rebel. I go against the norm." Nathan joked, laughing softly before giving Ahkmenrah one more quick hug. "I promise. I WILL see you again…you'll wait for me won't you?"

"Of course I will."

He'll wait for as long as it will take. Looking forward to the teen's return.


The museum was in full swing. Music blared from all corners of the room as the exhibits threw one big party. As soon as Nathan entered the building, he let out a laugh seeing Nicky happily riding on Rexy's back waving down excitedly at him. "Nate! Glad you could make it. Ahk's over there if you're looking for him." He gave a nod over to where the Huns were break dancing with the Pharaoh.

Even Larry seemed to be enjoying himself, Nathan let out a surprised laugh when he saw the night guard surfing the crowd like what you see at concerts and such.

Squeezing through the crowd, giving greetings to some exhibits he knew, one being the Eskimo family he finally found himself standing in front of Ahkmenrah. "May I have a dance my king?" He asked, giving a mock bow.

Ahkmenrah couldn't help but give him that contagious grin, placing his hand in Nathan's watching as Jedediah and Octavius drove the RC car with Rexy chasing after it having the time of their lives.

"Indeed you may…" He winked.

That. Was one night Nathan will never forget.

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