Nate's POV-

I would have to stay in the hospital for at least a week. I have to take many breathing treatments through out the day. And doe to not being able to keep any food down, I have formula being put in me through a IV.

My mom told me that Jason and Shane would come see me in a few days once it will be save for people to come see me. I was glad they were coming to see me. I just wish they could come sooner. It's so boring here and I'll be stuck here for a whole week.

My throat starting hurting. I started coughing really bad and couldn't breathe. My mom ran to my bed, pressed the alert button, and started rubbing my back. Suddenly I felt really dizzy and fell into darkness.

Miss. Robinson POV-

Nate suddenly started coughing like crazy. He was gasping for breath. I ran of to and pressed the alert button. I tried to calm Nate down by rubbing his back. As the doctor was coming in, Nates eyes rolled back in his head and he started shacking like crazy. He was having a seizure. The doctor pushed me aside and when to work on Nate. A nurse gave him a shot and he started to calm down. Once Nate was asleep the doctor came over and talked to me.

He explained that Nate and a seizure due to have a high fever and that he should be ok. They would have to keep a close eye on him though. I sat down next to Nate and held his hand. He may be twelve years old, but I still see him my little boy. It's hard being a single parent. Especially now that Nate is going to be a teenager soon. And that means he will also be going through puberty. He's going to need a father figure in his life or that least have someone he can talk to.