Jason's POV-

Brown just got off the phone with Ms. Robinson. He told us that Nate had a seizure due his high fever last night. Luckily the doctor had been in the room at the moment and caught it in time and was able to get meds in him to stop it. His fever was starting to go down. Now they want to keep him for a few more days to keep an eye on him in case he has another seizure.

A few weeks later Connect 3 was back on tour opening up for Backstreet Boys and Nsync. Nate still have to be careful. He had to be breathing treatment for about ten minutes before every concert and would be on seizure meds for the next six months. He also had to carry an inhaler with him at all times.

I know it's not the best ending but I can really think of a better ending. I just want to wrap this story up so I can focus more on my other stories.