Sparks of Magic

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This happens after The Goblet of Fire and during the first Transformers movie and I will warn you that there is some character bashing mainly Dumbledore/Ron/Ginny/Molly. I have nothing against them I'm just doing it for the story. There is also romance but that is further down the line and will not happen instantly.

Pairings: Remus/Sirius, Harry/?, Fred/?, George/?, Jazz/Prowl, Ironhide/Chromia. The ones with question marks are decided but I've decided not to tell.

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Chapter 1: New Family

Harry was tired of both the non-magical world and also the British wizarding world. The Ministry of Magic completely disregarded the fact that Voldemort was back and had turned on him like the students of Hogwarts had done almost every year.

First, it was because of the deduction of points in first year that almost cost Gryffindor the house cup. Then, there was the whole thing about being the heir of Slytherin problem in second year. Third year wasn't so bad apart from everyone thinking that Sirius was after me and going to murder me but last year was the worst of them all. Really, what kind of person would put their name in a competition that would likely kill them in the process?

They probably would have then had the audacity to assume that he would have forgiven them and then help them after all they had said and done, just like every year before this. Well not anymore. Especially after what he had overheard from the ones he trusted the most, who had lied to him for god knows how many years.


Harry was on his way to Dumbledore's office to try and see if there was any way to get out of the Tri-Wizard Tournament that he had overlooked the first time. He was just about to round a corner when he heard three very familiar voices talking amongst themselves. Deciding not to show that he was there, he silently leaned closer to listen to the conversation without them knowing.

"What are we supposed to do now? If Harry dies in the tournament, we won't be able to get any of his money because he wouldn't have made a will of his own or any heirs" Ron's angry voice asked one of the other participants in the conversation.

It was a shock to Harry when Dumbledore, the man he looked up to and trusted, replied "Do not worry Ronald. We will simply help him without the boy knowing. The first task will be easy as your brother is involved with it, even if he is not with us. One of you will simply have to mention Hagrid's love of them and suggest that it would be a good idea for him to see them. Once that is done, Hagrid will tell Harry so he knows what to be prepared for" the silence after made it seem like Dumbledore was pacing in thought before he continued "The others will be a bit trickier but I will think of something"

"Well you'd better! I can't be Mrs Potter if he never makes it to the age where he can propose to me" Ginny snootily said, being the final member of the deceptive trio.

Dumbledore sighed "We will have to add some more Compulsion potions to his food and drink if we want him to completely trust us" he paused for a moment before continuing again "Ronald, you will have to owl your mother to add some more to her food when she sends him some during his stay with his relatives"

Harry nearly gasped in shock that the only mother figure he knew was also in on this but thankfully, it was intercepted when two pairs of identical hands covered his mouth. Looking behind him, he saw that they belonged to Fred and George, both of who had a look in their eyes that showed their anger at the situation.

They started to pull him away from the gathering and through Hogwarts until they came to the corridor before the moving staircases that led to the Gryffindor commons. Harry looked up at the two of them and even if they were identical with their bright red hair, light blue eyes and freckles; he always knew which twin was which.

"Hare-bear we are so sorry…" Fred started.

"We swear we didn't know any of this…" George continued.

"We promise that we will always…"

"Be on your side through thick and thin…"

"You're our brother in all but blood…"

"And we will always protect you" they finished together, pulling him into a hug as they did. They both could feel the small shakes coming from the smaller teen as he cried silently into their tight embrace, the tears staining their robes.

Flashback end

After he had heard this, he made sure that all his food and drink came directly from the kitchens where Dobby was all too eager to help him with his problems. It doesn't matter for much longer as he will be away from all of them. His relatives, those who betrayed him and the British Ministry of Magic will be far away from him as long as the plan worked.

Turning his head to the side to look at his clock, he saw it was nearly time to get up and make the Dursley's their breakfast. He had only been back for a few days and was already tired from all the chores he had to do with little to no food. Especially now he couldn't rely on Mrs Weasley's cooking with it being compelled.

"BOY! GET YOUR USELESS BODY UP AND MAKE US BREAKFAST!" Vernon's annoying voice shouted right outside his door. From the sounds that came afterwards, he had then proceeded to waddle down the stairs after removing the locks on Harry's door.

Harry moved his aching limbs from where he was lying down on his bed, his messy raven black hair going everywhere. His bright emerald green eyes also looked tired but still had a spark in them from where he was hiding his humour for the events to come.

He was already dressed from where he had woken up earlier from another nightmare about Cedric's death. He had it every night since it happened and the proof of it showed with the dark circles under his eyes. Heading downstairs, he made his way towards the kitchen and started pulling pots and pans out to make a breakfast of bacon, eggs and all of the other unhealthy items that the male Dursleys' loved.

As soon as the food had been cooked and was placed on the table, Dudley was heard coming down the stairs, sounding like a herd of elephants with Petunia right behind him. Vernon was already sat down at the table with a newspaper in his hands.

A few minutes later, while Harry was cleaning up some of the utensils, there was a knock on the door. Petunia had already made her way towards it, with Vernon looking up from his paper for a second before returning to it and Dudley not taking any notice of anything but the food that he was shoving into his mouth.

He heard the door open and also Petunia's shout of "YOU!" followed by a shriek as someone came through the door without her permission. Two tall men were then seen standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

The first man stood at about 5.9, had long, black curly hair that seemed a bit unkempt and came to his shoulders. His skin looked a bit sunken in like he has been starved and was now trying to regain the weight he had lost. Grey eyes that had a triumph look in them scanned the kitchen until they landed on Harry. He wore a black leather jacket, with a dark purple shirt underneath and black jeans. This was Sirius Black, Harry's godfather or dogfather due to his Animagus form of a Grimm which looked like a dog.

The second man was taller than Sirius, standing at 6.2, and was called Remus Lupin. A wizard Werewolf who had been bitten when he was younger with light brown hair, that had some grey in it, and green eyes that turned golden when the Werewolf side of him was in control (Whether it was a little bit or a lot, the eyes had some gold in them when the wolf side was present) and a fair complexion. He wore a long, dark brown jacket with a white shirt underneath, a dark grey tie and similar coloured pants.

Both had matching grins on their faces as Petunia was squawking behind them and Vernon was going about breaking and entering, his face going red from anger but it had yet to reach the purple colour that only he seemed to manage. Sirius just ignored them and strode over towards Harry and enveloped him in a bone crushing hug while Remus placed a bunch of papers in Petunia's hands.

"What are these?" Petunia asked in an annoyed tone.

"Adoption papers for a one Harry James Potter to Sirius Orion Black and his partner" Remus calmly replied to the now gaping household of muggles "They were drawn up by the Goblins and you will give him the guardianship over Harry" Remus then adopted an evil grin that Harry had never seen on him before "You do remember what I am and the fact that the full moon wasn't that long ago?"

"Or the fact that I'm a mass murderer" Sirius piped in cheerfully, his arm casually slung over Harry's shoulders. At this, all of the Dursleys paled automatically, Petunia more so when she remembered Lily mentioning that one of her fiancé's friends was a Werewolf when they went out for dinner as Lily wanted to try and repair their sisterly bond before they got married.

Turning to face her husband she said in a shaky voice "Vernon, we should do what they say" he looked like he was going to protest before she cut in with "At least we won't have to look after the freak if they do"

Vernon thought it over in his mind for a bit. On the one hand, he would lose his own personal slave to do everything for him but then again, the freak would be gone forever and he and his family would be able to live like a normal and respectable family.

"Fine" he spat at them. Remus produced a quill from the pocket on his jacket "This is a blood quill" he explained "This will take some bold from you so that the contract in binding and authentic. This will ensure that no one can take him from Sirius and his partner spouting out nonsense that it is not legal"

Vernon huffed and snatched the quill from Remus' hands while Petunia handed him the papers. He was disgusted that he had to use such a freakish thing to write with. However, as soon as he started to write his name. there was a pain with the hand he was writing with. Turning his hand over, he saw that the first letters of his name were on his hand. Scowling at the Werewolf who just said "Oh, did I forget to mention that it hurts a bit"

Vernon gritted his teeth and finished writing his name before passing the papers back to Petunia and also the blood quill. While they were doing this, Sirius whispered in Harry's ear "Go get your stuff pup. We're leaving as soon as this is all done" Harry wasted no time and ran back up the stairs to collect his trunk, which he had made sure was all packed up yesterday along with Hedwig and her cage. He left most of his clothes as they were mainly hand me downs from the Dursleys.

He came down the stairs just in time to hear Sirius say "I just have one more thing to say to you… Abra kadabra!" with that said, an explosion could be heard and a black cloud came from the kitchen where shouting could be heard as well. A few minutes later, Sirius and Remus came running out laughing like a pair of loons.

They dragged Harry out of the front door where a familiar pair of red heads were standing, waiting for them. They were wearing similar clothing with different colours. Fred was wearing a short, red t-shirt while George was wearing a light blue that matched the colour of his eyes. Both wore tan bottoms and trainers but George's where white while Fred's was black.

"Fred? George? What are you doing here?" Harry questioned in surprise, not expecting the two to be here.

Fred was the one who answered, coming forward and placing his arm around Harry's shoulder as he replied "We overheard you when you were talking to Sirius after the Tri-Wizard Tournament about what you were planning"

George came up next, also slinging his arm on the other side of the emerald eyed wizard "Really Hare-bear, we told you we would protect you through thick and thin and we take that promise seriously"

"So after you talked to Sirius, we caught up to him by the Forbidden Forest and asked him to include us as well and he agreed. If you're going to get a new life then we want to be a part of it as your brothers" Fred continued.

"We also wanted to get a little revenge on your family…"

"So we decided to add a little something into their drinks when Sirius used some Peruvian Instant Darkness powder…"

"They're going to be singing like opera singers for the next month" George cackled out with the other wizards snickering at the thought.

"What about your real family or your joke shop?" Harry wondered.

"We talked to dad about what the others were doing and what we wanted to do for you. He agreed to let us become emancipated so that we could leave with you and without mum trying to drag us back by our hair" Fred proclaimed.

"As for our joke shop, we can always bring some laughter to other countries, not just Britain" George concluded.

Harry smiled at the two, happy that he had a great family around him while Remus brought out a broken pocket watch that hid the fact that it was a Portkey that would take them to their destination.

"Alright everyone, let's get out of this place" Remus said, placing the watch in the middle of his palm. Sirius shrunk Harry's trunk so that it would fit in his pocket then joined the rest of the wizards that circled around Remus and placed their fingers on it. A few seconds later and the Portkey activated, causing them all to feel a pull on their navels and leaving Private Drive for the last time.

Scene Change

Gringotts Wizarding Bank, Diagon Ally

After the Portkey had dropped them off in a private room of Gringotts, Harry ending up on the floor and hating the feel of that type of transportation method, Sirius helped him back up. Looking around, he noticed that they were in a large pristine office of white marble and obsidian black decals on the walls. In the middle of room was a black cherry wood desk with an assortment of unknown trinkets and papers. Sitting behind it was one of the many goblins of Gringotts.

"Good morning Lord Black, Mr Lupin, Mr Weasleys and Mr Potter. I am Sharpclaw, the account manager for the Potter vaults as Lord Black and his partner Mr Lupin already know. If you will just hand over the previously drawn papers, we can continue with the rest immediately" the goblin stated.

Remus handed the papers over to Sharpclaw, who looked through them while the rest of the occupants of the room sat down on chairs surrounding the desk "All seems to be in order. All that is left is to emancipate Mr Potter as you have requested that he does not wish to return to Hogwarts. However, I must advise that you stay with Lord Black and Mr Lupin to make sure that your education is not impaired"

"I will" Harry said. Sharpclaw took a silver dagger from a holder on the side of his desk and a piece of parchment "Then if you would please place some blood on the parchment to see what you are entitled to" Harry took the dagger and sliced it across his hand, letting a few drops of blood fall onto the parchment before it quickly disappeared.

All the participants in the room looked at the paper where the blood had started to form words which read:

Harry James Potter

Father: James Charlus Potter (Deceased)

Mother: Lily Marie Potter nee Evans (Deceased)

Heir to the Ancient and Nobel House of Potter due to paternal heritage.

Heir to the Ancient and Nobel House of Peverell due to paternal heritage.

Heir to the Ancient and Nobel House of Gryffindor due to paternal heritage.

Heir to the Ancient and Nobel House of Black due to godfather/adoptive dad.

Heir to the Ancient and Nobel House of Ravenclaw due to maternal heritage.

Heir to the Ancient and Nobel House of Slytherin through right of conquest.

Everyone's jaw in the room dropped in shock of the revelation, except for the goblin who was composed enough to not show his true emotions.

"Seems Lily wasn't muggleborn after all" Remus commented with Sirius nodding dumbly.

The goblin then proceed to pull a box from one of the draws of his desk. Opening it, they could see that it contained five different rings.

"If you would please place each of these on the ring finger, they will change to make one ring that will still show which houses they belong to. Only the black ring is unavailable as Lord Black is the current head of house"

Harry decided to start with the Potter ring which was a rose gold with a ruby it the middle and some small runes etched on to the band. Once that was on he then proceeded with the Peverell and Gryffindor rings. The first was silver with a triangle in the middle, a line etched down the centre and a circle in the inside of that while the Gryffindor one was gold with a roaring lion's head on the side and three rubies on either side. Each ring slid on and merged with the previous one. Next was the Ravenclaw one and the Slytherin one which Harry was a bit weary at wearing. Ravenclaw's ring was made of silver, a pair of wings in the middle with two sapphires on either side and unknown runes engraved on the inside, Slytherin's ring was also silver but a bit shinier than Ravenclaw's and Peverell's rings. It was in the shape of a snake, the body curling around the finger with the head of the snake dead centre of the ring with emeralds for the eyes. The scale designs were etched on in diamond shape patterns.

Once each ring was on, the final one merged with the rest to make a white gold band that had a ruby placed in the middle while on the right side of the ring was a small lion's head, engraved with golden highlights in its mane. Next to that, and furthest from the ruby on that side, was a pair of wings that was also engraved on to the metal but with a blue sheen on top. The left side had the Peverell crest simply engraved on next to the ruby while a snake's head was next to that, its scales glinting green in the light.

"Congratulations, you are now emancipated Lord Potter-Peverell-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Slytherin and heir Black" the goblin nodded his head in respect to the young Lord.

Fred whistled "That's a mouthful"

Sirius just waved him off "It doesn't matter. We are changing our last name to Orion any way so that the others can't look for us. Their basic knowledge of technology will mean that they will probably put our names in one those search… energy-ines and hope we pop up. Same goes for the tracking spells but if we legally change our names, they will have to have our new names to find us. Or our blood"

The goblin then handed a brown envelope to Remus "Inside are you new identities. America has agreed to give you citizenship and also give you a trial in a few days Lord Black, but it is likely you will have to stay for a few days due to the mess your imprisonment caused. Mr Lupin is also required to attend as a witness to the events"

"You know what that means Gred" George said with a grin.

"I believe I do Forge" Fred replied with a matching grin.

"PARTY!" they both shouted while jumping out of their chairs. Sirius chuckled at them while Remus smiled and shook his head "You might want to wait until you know more about non-magical customs" Remus advised.

"You're house is already for you to live in and the documents for the house are with your identities along with a Portkey that will activate in the next twenty minutes" Sharpfang said "Before you leave though, I would like to know if any of you know the tale of the three brothers?" Everyone nodded except for Harry.

"I don't" he said in a whisper, embarrassed that he didn't know but everyone clearly heard him in the quiet room.

Remus decided to tell Harry "You probably wouldn't have Harry as it was in a series of wizarding children's book entitled 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard'. It starts with three brothers who made a bridge with their magic to cross a deadly river but Death showed himself to them as he felt cheated as the river usually stole the lives of those who tried to cross. However, Death was very cunning and pretended to praise them for their accomplishment while offering each brother a gift. The eldest asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence and Death fashioned one from an Elder tree nearby the river. The second brother decided to humiliate death further by asking for the power to recall loved ones from the grave so Death plucked a stone from the riverbed and offered it to him. The final brother was a humble man and simply asked for a way to leave the place without being followed by Death and with great reluctance, Death handed over his own cloak of invisibility. The first brother travelled to a distant village where he killed a wizard with the Elder wand who he had once quarrelled with. Drunk from the power of the wand, he bragged about his invincibility. Later that night, Death claimed the first brother when another wizard stole the wand and slit the brother's throat. The second brother journeyed back to his home where he turned the stone thrice in hand and saw the girl he had wished to marry before she had died, but she soon turned sad and cold for she did not belong in the mortal world. Driven mad with hopeless longing, he killed himself to join his loved one and Death was able to claim the second brother. Death searched and searched for the final brother but was never able to find him until years later, when he gave the cloak to his son and greeted death as an old friend where he departed from life as equals"

"What does the fairy tale have to do with us though?" Sirius commented, voicing what everyone else was thinking.

"The final brothers name was Ignotus Peverell and since Harry is the last descendent of the Peverell line, he inherits the three of them" Sharpfang said.

Harry realised at the same moment as everyone that Harry already had one of the Hallows; his father's Invisibility cloak.

"I always wondered why Prong's cloak never deteriorated like all the others" Sirius pointed out to Remus.

"As did I Padfoot" Remus agreed.

"Wait a minute… Padfoot? Prongs? Those are the Marauders!" Fred said in confusion.

Sirius just shrugged his shoulders "Well, considering we were the Marauders, then it seems okay to call us by our names. I was Padfoot, James was Prongs and Remus was Moony" the twins looked between the two adults with their mouths hanging and a look of awe on their faces before they dropped to their knees in front of the two startled adults.

"Please make us your apprentices…" Fred's muffled voice came from the floor.

"Teach us how to become awesome pranksters like you…"

"We will obey your every command and wish" they finished together.

A cough interrupted the twins' foolishness. Looking up, they saw that Sharpfang was leaning over his desk as much as he could while glaring at the twins "If you are quite done there is only a few more minutes until the Portkey activates" looking at Harry, he then said "Gringotts would be happy to find all of your heirlooms and to get any money back that may have been previously stolen. For a price of course" that last part was accompanied by a very large and toothy smirk.

"That would be great" he said while Remus pulled out a bronze broach that had a few cracks along the surface. Each wizard stood up and made their way to stand by the Werewolf once again.

"Very well, then I shall keep you updated. May your gold flow and fill your vaults greatly"

Harry surprised Sharpfang when he said "And may your enemies tremble before you" and for the second time that day, Harry was whisked away, not realising that his life was about to become a bit more complicated.

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