Sparks of Magic

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Pairings: Remus/Sirius, Harry/Optimus, Fred/Sideswipe, George/Sunstreaker, Jazz/Prowl, Ironhide/Chromia.

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Chapter 16: Searching the Sands

The bright, yellow light of the sun was just about everywhere on the near deserted road (Baring the few shaded places) and was followed closely by the unbearable heat that had people almost melting from it. Upon the single dirt road, five expensive looking cars sped past a few camels that were running along the dusty plains but ultimately, the robot turned cars were a lot faster.

::Okay, here's what my CIA contact says. Ancient Sumerians used to call the Gulf of Aqaba the 'Dagger's Tip':: Simmons informed the rest of them, using the Comms so that he could tell the humans who weren't in Bumblebee and the other Autobots. The man had decided to try and call any of his acquaintances in order to find information on the Dagger's Tip and it had paid off.

"That's the Dagger's Tip" Sam replied. It didn't sound like a question. Really, it was more stating the obvious than anything.

::It's part of the Red Sea. Divides Egypt and Jordan like the tip of a blade. 29.5 degrees north, 35 east. Here it is:: Harry assumed that at this point, Simmons had somehow gotten a map of the Dagger's Tip. How and where he got said map from was a mystery to the wizard. Probably from that case of his that had the raven haired wizard thinking that it had an extension charm placed on it.

::First thing we've got to do is get Optimus to the Dagger's Tip::

Leo asked the obvious problem with that plan ::How are you gonna get him halfway around the world?::

"Newbie's got a point there Sammy boy. As soon as the Cons catch wind of where you are, they'll be here quicker than you can say 'Stupefy' and removing your brain from your body"

::My dear brother is correct. Our little brother is fairly safe with him housing the Allspark but they will do whatever they want to you to get the information:: George chimed in not so helpfully.

"Which will probably involve a lot of blood..."

::And brain matter which is definitely not a pleasing thing to look at::

Grumbled noises came across the comms but everyone could clearly hear Sam say ::You know sometimes, I really hate you two::

The raven haired wizard could practically hear the mischievous smile when George replied ::Saying that you hate us really means that you love us and we're already in a relationship so no luck there for you::

"You should probably concentrate on your relationship with Mikaela. I know we are a handsome duo but please, control your urges Samuel"

::I'm gonna make a call:: Sam gritted out, ignoring the laughter coming from the other occupants of the vehicle. Even Bee had managed to find a recording of hysterical laughter. Harry wished he could help the Scout out with his voice but the damage was done too long ago. They (Meaning all five wizards in N.E.S.T) had attempted to fix it but could only repair up to a year at the most. But Bee didn't let it get him down and was bouncing around on his peds in no time.

Harry also cursed at forgetting to grab his mirror. It would have been so much easier to communicate, especially with the Cons probably monitoring any and all communication devices. It was just too risky to use the Autobot/N.E.S.T ones because they would be the first things the Decepticons listened in to. But if Sam was thinking along the same lines as he was, then he would use Simmons to get in touch with them. Harry doubted that the Cons had even processed that they would go to anyone that had been in sector 7. Heck, he never thought he'd ever had to be anywhere near one ever again, let alone the probably (More like definitely) crazed mind of Simmons.

Sirens suddenly broke Harry out of his thoughts along with Sam saying ::We got cops... Whoa!:: At some point, they had come upon a less dusty road that split in two and the local law enforcement was heading their way from one of them. Bumblebee feinted in their direction so it looked like he was going to collide into the oncoming cars but quickly moved back out of the way once he caused them to swerve and allowing the rest of the Autobots to drive past them. Looking through Sideswipe's side mirror, Harry could see that the police weren't giving up that easily, quickly spinning around to try and catch up to them. Bee shut off his Comms in favour of keeping away from the police so the wizards and the two sets of Autobot twins couldn't hear any conversations going on there.

"How did they find us? We haven't been anywhere near a place with people or tech" Fred questioned, gripping his wand tightly and looking ready to throw some spells to stop their pursuers but didn't in case he accidentally hurt someone.

::What does it matter? Those fleshies will never be able to keep up with us:: Sunstreaker proclaimed smugly.

"They may not be able to keep up with us but they know this place better than we do. They could have us cornered in no time and we are supposed to be keeping a low profile so no changing in front of them" Harry told them, knowing that would get the Cons on their tail as quickly as having himself (Or Sam) dance in front of a news camera live.

The small town they were heading into wasn't going to help them either unless the found a place to hide five vehicles. Thankfully, the police were delayed (Even if it was only a slight one) from crashing into boxes that were full of fruit. After turning a few more corners, Harry could feel that they were slowing down until they finally stopped and he could see that the four non-magicals were hurrying out of Bumblebee. Wondering what they were doing, Harry did the same with Fred and George following his lead. He was further confused when Bumblebee transformed and then climb up one of the walls.

"Do you think you can do what you did to us in the Museum to keep then hidden?" Sam asked.

Understanding what Sam's plan was, he nodded in confirmation "Yeah but with their size it won't last long. Probably 20 to 25 minutes. 30 tops" Harry explained, wand already out so that he could sort out Mudflap and Skids while his red headed brother's sorted out their... boyfriends? Or would it be considered mechfriends? He'd have to ask them later when no one was trying to kill or capture them. Harry scoffed in his mind at the thought of that actually happening.

Done with the shorter set of Autobot twins (Who decided to climb up the wall as well) Harry did the same to Bee, the Scout giving a nod and a whirring noise to show his appreciation. The Lambo twins decided to just remain standing, their backs pressed up against the wall so that they were out of the way of the road and not imitating a monkey.

Hearing the police sirens get closer, the raven haired wizard was about to suggest putting the charm on the humans as well when Mikaela grabbed some cloth she had found hanging on a clothes line and told him "Don't worry about us Harry. We're smaller and can get past them easily. Besides, you should probably be careful on how much magic you use in case the Decepticons show up"

Thinking about the advice the only female of the group had given, Harry had to agree that she had a point. The Decepticons will probably be grouped together and in various sizes so they'll need all the power they can get to hold them off.

With all the males ducking down or behind things to hide, Mikaela quickly wrapped the fabric around her head and shoulders so that they could only see her eyes. She ducked behind the wall, crouching next to him so that the wall was up to her shoulders and watching the entrance for the police cars.

"Man, stupid cops! Ah-ha-ha!"

"This is what's called blending in like a ninja" Skids tried to whisper but it just came out normal for the green Bot. Meaning he was loud and noticeable.

"Shut up or I'll blend my fist in your face"

"Both of you shut up before I shoot you to keep quiet" Sunstreaker threatened with a growl, glaring at them which instantly caused the two to whimper in fear but they soon quietened down. Just before the multiple police cars passed their hiding place.

"They're gone" Mikaela assured them with a relived sigh. The others let out their own sighs as they got out of their little hiding places.

"Okay, we're running out of time. I gotta make the call to Lennox-"

Simmons was quick to interrupt that sentence from Sam "You're on the Worldwide Wanted List. Try calling one base, they'll track you here in seconds. Like those two said" here, he pointed to the two red heads who had looked away from watching for the police when they heard that they were being talked about "It's going to be bloody and very bad if they catch you or Houdini over there. CIA is all over this place!"

After the ex-agent's outburst, which they all calmly waited to end, Sam bluntly stated "You're gonna call"

With a dumbfounded look on his face, Simmons swallowed whatever he was going say before Sam had spoken "Oh. Okay. That's a good idea"

"All right"

"I mean, I just had my mind on other things. You know, like winding up in an Egyptian prison" Simmons replied, then went off to find a phone. Luckily, there happened to be one close by.

POV Change

New Jersey

::NEST departure, 2100 hours::

Most were moving around, making sure that both the N.E.S.T soldiers and Cybertronians were securely placed in the planes. However, there was one group that were simply watching everything. The group consisted of Lennox, Epps, Remus and Sirius. They looked calm to the casual observer but anyone who had eyes could clearly see the tense way they were standing and their clenched jaws from holding in their anger. Worry was also evident in their eyes from the missing members of their team and family.

"So, we're shipping him back to base" Lennox stated, breaking the small silence that had settled over the group "This is such a mistake"

"There is nothing we can do about it. That weasel of a liaison has a vendetta against anything that is not natural to him. He's probably been whispering into the ears of a few higher ups just to make sure that all this goes his way and ruins the Bots reputations" Remus growled out, his fingers twitching at the thought of Galloway and wishing he could just strangle the man.

Placing a hand on the Werewolf's shoulder, Sirius tried to calm him down which worked somewhat. He was still tense but at least he didn't look like he was going to track down and maul the man.

An unknown soldier got their attention when he called "Major Lennox, phone call"

Perplexed about who would be calling him, Lennox took the phone from the man with a mumbled "Thanks" before putting it to his ear.

A male voice, that sounded vaguely familiar to Lennox, was quickly followed when the phone was placed next to his ear "Lennox, I'm with the kids. The kids. You know, the one with the attitude and the other with the hocus pocus, right? We need the truck. The truck. We got a possible resurrection going on over here. You're not gonna believe where we are. Code Tut, as in King Tutankhamen. Back of a one dollar bill. Coordinates for airdrop, 29.5 north, 34.88 east. Write it down. Write it"

Only Sirius and Remus could hear what was being said and the tension from earlier dropped off at them at knowing their Prongslet was safe, even if they didn't know who the man with them was.

Lennox also relaxed slightly at hearing that the others were okay. He was also surprised at the news of bringing Optimus back (What other truck could he be talking about?) but he didn't let that news distract him from getting something to write the information down.

A noise in the background, that sounded a lot like children laughing, had the man on the phone panicking as he rushed out "Oh my God. I got to go. Okay. Heat comes" then the line disconnected, leaving four men wondering what the Hell just happened.

Harry's POV


Sam began to notice that there was someone heading towards them before Simmons had hung up the phone "Whoa, wait, who are you?"

"Oh Shi-" Simmons began to say after the phone broke, his own panic evident even if it was less noticeable.

"Will you all calm down, it's just Leo" Harry told them, Leo helping to calm them down somewhat by lowering the fabric around his face. However, the panic went straight back up when he informed them "Cops are coming right now. We need to go!"

Sam nodded along to show he understood and then started directing everyone back into their vehicles in hurried commands.

The Notice Me Not charm was still in effect as each Autobot changed into their vehicle. Checking on the charm, Harry told the others "The charm should last for another 10 minutes, enough time for us to get out of here without them seeing but we need to try and avoid people" After which, they got into their designated vehicle and drove off.

POV Change

New Jersey

"Coordinates, 29.5 north, 34.88 east. Tip of the Red Sea. Gulf of Aqaba" a solider informed the gathered men around the plane.

"Egypt? Are you serious?"

"No he isn't but I am" Sirius joked, feeling a bit better now that he knew that Harry was okay and relatively safe. For the moment anyway. It also meant that Fred and George were okay as well because wherever Prongslet was, the trickster duo were not far behind.

"Even if we could figure out a way to get big man over there, how are they supposed to bring him back to life?" Epps asked incredulously.

Two snorts came from the two wizards as they looked at Epps "Trust me, if our pup is involved then just about anything can happen" Remus told them with a small smirk. He may be worried about his pup but his luck was both a blessing and a curse. If they said that they could possibly bring Prime back, then there was a very likely chance of it happening.

Lennox nodded along with the Werewolf "Remus is right. I don't know how they are going to do it, but we got to trust them"

Once this was said, Lennox went on to the plane to make sure he could discreetly inform the rest of N.E.S.T and the Autobots. He was followed closely by the other three men.

Harry's POV


::Okay, let's go over it again:: Sam said which had Harry almost groaning aloud in frustration. They had kept going over the clues that Skyfire had given them but it was still not clear as to how they were going to find the Matrix and frankly, it was beginning to annoy the raven haired wizard. There was something nagging him at the back of his mind about the line 'the Three Kings' but he didn't know if that was due to the Allspark or his own knowledge. Either way, it was bothering him.

::When the dawn alights...:: Sam and Simmons began together but Sam was the one to continue the next bit ::The Dagger's Tip...::

::The Three Kings...::

::Will reveal the doorway:: Sam finished.

::That's what he said. You know what that means?::

::No, what does it mean?::

::I have no idea:: Simmons said truthfully. For like the third time. In the last five minutes. Harry very much wanted to bash his head against Sideswipe's dashboard but he restrained himself. Whatever was in the back of his mind just didn't want to reveal itself.

Fred gave a long and drawn out sigh "It's too bad that our brother Bill isn't here. He'd probably have an idea on what all this is about"

Bill would have been perfect right about now but the Cursebraker was currently on his honeymoon with his wife, Fleur Weasley nee Delacour. It had shocked the three younger wizards when not only had Bill sent them a letter saying that his dad had explained what was going on, but that he had met the part Veela and had hit it off really well. After about a year of keeping an eye on the Order for them (Along with Arthur, Charlie and Hermione) he finally plucked up the courage to ask her to marry him. The photos of the wedding were amazing and excluded any appearances of Molly, Ron and Ginny except for one where Ron managed to tip food all down Ginny's dress, resulting into a very amusing (And obviously magically moving) photo.

The panicked voice of Leo interrupted his musings ::Oh my God. Oh my God. Checkpoint. Checkpoint. I don't have my passport::

Looking past the row of cars in front of them (The order being Bumblebee, Skids, Mudflap, Sunstreaker and then Sideswipe) the raven haired wizard saw exactly what was freaking the other out so much.

"Passport!" The guard shouted at them as they came to a stop before the building. Armed guards were moving around with clearly visible guns, watching them in suspicion. It didn't help that Autobots' alternative modes were really eye catching but there was nothing they could do about that now.

::They got cameras at the top:: Sam whispered over the Comms. Glancing over to where Sam had indicated, he could see that the other teen was right.

"Try and hide your face as much as you can but subtly. Hiding too fast will draw attention to you much more quickly" Fred advised the teen. Many years of pranking had taught the two red heads how to make them look inconspicuous to those who didn't know them.

"As much as I hate to agree with them, they are right. But don't worry, espionage is my forte. I can handle it. These are my people"

While Wheelie was giving a doubtful 'Yeah' to Simmons' statement, George scoffed ::Says the guy who used to be in a secret government organisation and yet had a bunch of people turn up to a neighbourhood, full of civilians that could easily spot them, in hazmat and Men in Black suits::

A few snickers escaped everyone at that and Harry could just imagine the fuming look on the ex-agent's face.

"Look, I'm one-thirty-sixth Arab. They'll listen to me"

::Just fragging brilliant. We're being led by a bunch of glitching idiots:: Sunstreaker grumbled. Before someone *cough*Simmons*cough* could respond to that remark, the group's attention was drawn to the guard that had demanded for their passports, who had suddenly shrunk as he made his way towards Bee.

::Oh great, a frickin' munchkin. Little people are mean. Tell him he's tall:: the Comms shut off at that bit from Wheelie so that the Customs Officer wouldn't overhear any chatter. They didn't need to give them unnecessary reasons to be even more suspicious of them.

"You know, he has a point" looking at Fred curiously, Harry was unsure on what he was talking about until he explained further "Little things are mean. Look at the Goblins, they are mean to majority of witches and wizards, not that I blame them"

::Neither do I with the way most wizards and witches treat them. You'd think they'd be a lot more polite to the ones that control their money:: George concurred.

Enthusiastic shouting drew their attention back to Bumblebee where they witnessed a shocking site; Simmons actually managed to do it.

"Well I'll be a troll's uncle. He actually managed to get us through!" Fred exclaimed in disbelief, pointing towards the shortest human who was signalling them to go through.

As they passed the small wooden building, Harry's eyes narrowed back on the cameras. He had a very bad feeling that things were not going to continue to go this well.

POV Change

High above the earth's atmosphere, the Decepticon Soundwave was patiently waiting for any signs of the targets. The vast amount of information going through his processor would overload a human's mind and while most Cybertronians could handle such raw data, only he could process more than the average Cybertronian and ensure that the information was relative to their goal.

The silver Con had constantly been on the lookout for the two boys ever since they had managed to escape. They had been smart so far by staying out of cameras and videos but they couldn't keep it up. Sooner or later, they would make a mistake. Not even those energy wielders could stay hidden from his sight. It may have taken him a few solar cycles, but he had successfully found multiple areas where magic users lived. Stopping the so called wizards from simply disappearing if they were involved in a battle was vital if they didn't want the Autobots suddenly escaping. It was ridiculously easy to capture two wizards and after countless experiments, they discovered a way to prevent them from doing so and their services were no longer required. Ravage took great pleasure in disposing the snivelling organics.

Soundwave's attention was suddenly caught on one stream of data, showing the Witwicky boy's face appearing in Egypt. Only a nano klik later and a side view photo of the human Allspark appeared as well. With their location, the Decepticon TIC instantly contacted all the other Decepticons near Earth ::Decepticons. Boys' location detected::

POV Change

::Starscream in pursuit:: replied Megatron's Second in Command. His alt form was quivering in excitement. He didn't care so much about the Witwicky boy. His usefulness extended to finding the Matrix and he didn't have to be particularly alive for them to get the information from his inferior mind. No, he was much more eager to find the darker haired energy wielder. To think that the Allspark would merge with anything, let alone an organic, was truly unheard of but it mattered not. Soon that power, along with the Energon Harvester, would be in his- the Decepticons' servos. And there was nothing those Autoscum could do about it.

POV Change


It had already begun to get dark after finally getting to the pyramids so there was a unanimous vote that they should try to work out the clues in the morning. They were only going to make mistakes if they didn't get some rest and they could not afford time being wasted.

Harry had been the one to provide them all with some food and drink from his mokeskin pouch since no one else had thought to pack ahead (The twins did not count since their pouches was mostly filled with potions and their inventions. They had both nervously chuckled when they mentioned that they forgot to pack food and water which had caused to raven haired teen to sigh exhaustedly at them before he chucked them a portion from his food storage). Once everyone had finished, they had gone their separate ways to rest. All the Cybertronians (Except for Wheelie) where outside in their alt modes, keeping guard from humans and Cons alike (Even if they had the place warded, the Lambo twins and Bee wanted to be a bit more cautious). Mikaela and Sam had wandered off together while both Simmons and Leo had fought over a long wooden seat but exhaustion had taken hold of the both of them which had caused the two to fall asleep against one another. The last he had seen the twins was when they sported matching grins as they took in the poor, unsuspecting forms of the two sleeping males.

Harry himself was sitting out under the stars, away from the others so that he could think to himself. The clues were becoming more bothersome and sleep had abandoned him so he could not help but keep turning the words over and over in his mind. The wizard was damn near ready to tear his own hair out at this point but he took a deep, calming breath to help him relax somewhat. It worked a bit but Harry knew one way to take his mind completely off the clues and that was by naming all the stars and constellations above him.

All of a sudden, a memory assaulted his mind when he looked up at Orion or more specifically, his belt.

Flashback Start

The stars that night were shining vividly as Harry laid close to the beach, away from the loud noises and bright lights of Diego Garcia. In fact, the only noises he could hear were the ocean and the subtle sounds of crickets in the grass. But he wasn't really taking notice of the noises and as such missed the thuds of peds hitting the ground as they made their way towards him.

"Is everything alright Harry?" The deep, baritone voice of Optimus asked, causing the wizard to jump up into a sitting position.

"Jeez Optimus, you nearly made me jump out of my skin"

"My apologies" the Autobot leader apologised. It was quite a few more seconds before Optimus spoke again "Would you mind if I asked why you are out here in the cold?"

It was then that Harry noticed that he was wearing a thin shirt and he was shivering slightly. Unfortunately, he had left his wand back in his room so no way to keep him warm with magic since he hadn't learned to do so wandlessly. However, he felt like he needed the peace he got from looking at the stars so he told Optimus as he laid back down "I didn't really notice that I hadn't brought warmer clothing but I don't want to go back just yet. This is a lot more peaceful than base right now"

More silence came after that until he heard shifting metal, but not the kind accompanied a Cybertronian transforming. It was the less noticeable kind from when they moved around and from the small thump that he heard after, Harry knew that the larger being had decided to sit down. He was very surprised when he was suddenly picked up and before he could even shout from the unexpectedness, he was gently placed on the warm metal of Optimus' chassis. Sitting back up to see that Optimus had actually decided to lay down, his servos behind his helm and was pointedly ignoring the look that Harry was sending him in favour of looking up at the stars. When Optimus continued to not look at him, he shrugged to himself and laid back down to do the same.

"You seem quiet interested in the stars" Optimus pointed out unexpectedly.

Harry smiled at Optimus' attempt to break the silence "Yeah, I used to love staring up at them when I was younger and I was very happy when I found that astronomy was one of the subjects taught in Hogwarts. It was one of my favourite lessons along with Care of Magical Creatures. I started to study more and when I found out that Sirius' family has a tradition to name their children after stars, I researched nearly everything in correlation to it"


His head nodded in confirmation "It's actually quite ironic considering Sirius is actually named after the Dog Star"

Optimus chuckled at that, his chassis rumbling and making vibrations underneath the wizard "That is a very lucky coincidence"

Harry gave a few small chuckles of his own "I find it even more of a coincidence that we both have Orion in our name. Even if our last name is a cover, it is a very lucky fluke"

Optimus gave him a questioning look so Harry explained as he leaned his head back so that he could see the glowing blue optics "Orion is one of the famous star constellations. In Greek mythology, he was a great hunter that once hunted with the Goddess of the Forests, Hills, the Moon and Archery; Artemis and her mother Leto where he told them that he would hunt down every animal on the Earth. Even though Artemis herself was known to be a hunter, she instead offered protection to all creatures. Along with her mother Leto, they sent a scorpion to deal with the hunter and the pair battled but the scorpion killed Orion. However, the contest had caught the attention of Zeus; the king of the gods, sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice, who raised the scorpion to heaven. At the request of Artemis, he did the same for Orion in order to serve as a reminder for mortals to control their large amount of pride. But that's only one version of the tale. Another is that Orion was actually a better hunter than the goddess but said that Artemis was better than himself, making Artemis to take a liking to him. Apollo; Artemis's twin brother and God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge, became angry and sent a scorpion to attack Orion. When Orion had been killed, Artemis asked her father Zeus to put Orion up in the sky. So every winter Orion hunts in the sky, but once summer comes he flees as the constellation of the scorpion comes"

Looking up at the stars again, Harry pointed out three specific stars "You can easily find it by looking for those three stars: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. They make up Orion's Belt which can also be known as the Three Kings"

Flashback End

As soon as he remembered, the wizard had jumped from his spot and called out to the others, not worrying about making too much noise since the place was still warded from earlier earlier.

The others came running when they heard him and since they were on the roof, the larger Cybertronians could simply look upon them with ease. Simmons and Leo were grumbling (Probably from where he had woken them up) while the twins were sniggering behind them. Noticing that George was placing something back into his pouch, Harry knew for certain that they had taken many discriminating photos of the other two sleeping together.

"What's wrong Harry?" Mikaela asked.

Taking a breath to compose himself, he said "I think I figured out what the clues meant"

Before anyone could begin talking over one another, the raven haired wizard held out his hand to stop them "But I need you all to listen to me without interrupting. Understood?"

Once he had received nods from all of them, he turned back towards the three stars and continued to explain "I took Astronomy as one of my choices back in my old school and it took me a while but I finally remember why the three kings sounded familiar. See those three stars there? They make up the three stars in Orion's belt but they are also known as the Three Kings. This was because the three Egyptian kings, the ones who built the pyramids of Giza, built them to mirror those stars. They are pointing us in the direction we need to go"

Understanding had dawned on all of their faces and faceplates and Sam even clicked his fingers as he realised something of his own "Now I remember. It was in our Astronomy class, page 47. Remember the class?" He asked Leo.

"No. No, I was only in college for two days. Remember that?"

Simmons, who had been quiet up to this point (And wasn't that a shocker in itself), finally spoke up "They all point due east, towards Jordan. The mountains of Petra"

Fred and George were already moving towards their partners when they turned back towards the other four and said together "What are you all standing around for? We have our heading so let's go"

They left with the others following shortly behind them. Harry heard Leo say "Man, those two are creepy when they do that" under his breath but he was mostly ignoring everything else. All he could think about was them being one step closer to bringing Optimus back to life.

POV Change

::We've had an engine malfunction. We're gonna have to divert to SOCCENT. Flight master, let's lighten the load and prepare for bailout:: the pilot told the passenger. Nearly all that were there had no real reaction to announcement (Apart from acknowledging they had heard it) but there was a worrying frown upon a certain liaison's face.

Galloway placed the pieces of paper in his hands down while looking at those around him with a very panicky look that had even extended to his voice "Engine mal- Bailout? Bailout? Bailout? Bailout?"

"All right, team, grab your chutes!" Lennox commanded. The others already knew what was going to happen so many were faced away from Galloway so that he would see the grins upon their faces. It was bad enough with Sirius' sneer directed at the liaison, they didn't need all the others letting Galloway catch on to their plans.

"Bailout, like, like bailout?" The bespectacled man was not letting up on his questioning which was making many wanting to speed up the process. Lennox especially who had already begun placing a chute on the man while asking "You familiar with the standard MC-4?" even though he was positive the man hadn't.

The liaison looked ready to faint as he answered "Of course not! I've never jumped out of a perfectly good airplane before! Wait a minute, is this really happening?"

Lennox did not look at Galloway as he replied "Yeah. All right, here we go" He was much too busy making sure he was secure. Even if he hated the guy, he didn't want to kill him. He just felt that he needed a healthy dose of fear to get him to realise what an ass he was. And if that failed, get him far away from certain members (Three certain wizards and most of the Autobots) to make sure he wasn't killed but close enough to Fred, George, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker so that he could go out as an amazing prank.

The others were still getting ready for their (Fake) jump when Galloway got a suspicious look in his eyes "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You're behind this, aren't you?"

Being the cool headed person he was, Lennox easily looked up in to man's eyes and lied with a near look of innocence "What are you talking about? You heard the pilot. These guys don't mess around. This is just standard procedure. I'm just following orders to the letter" He said with a hard tug at Galloway's chute which caused him to let out a pain filled "Aah!" at the action "Isn't that what you said?"

Galloway did not seem to be buying it though which led the man back to one of his favourite tactics: threatening "You just signed a death warrant on your career, Major-" whatever he was about to say was cut off as the plane shook unexpectedly. From over Galloway's shoulder, Lennox could see Remus placing his wand back in its holster which assured the man that he had discreetly gotten word to the pilot that they needed something more convincing. Will's attention was soon back onto the man in front of him though "Whoa! What was that? What was that?"

"Looks like he's starting to take the bait" Lennox thought. Out loud he said "Oh, that's not good. Come on. Right this way!" Dragging him past Optimus' prone form towards the ramp.

If Galloway had looked ready to faint earlier, he was damn near ready to piss himself now "I- I- I can't jump out of an airplane! I have an ulcer! No, no, no-"

"Come on. It's okay"

Most of what Galloway was saying was being muffled out by the roar of the engines as Lennox opened the ramp but he got the general idea that it was just more pleading to not make him jump. Which Will ignored and had him carrying on with what he was doing and saying "Come here! Come here"

"Why aren't you wearing your chute? Or those two?" Galloway questioned hysterically, pointing back towards the two wizards.

Sirius smirked at the man, twirling his wand around his finger as he sauntered over "We can either fly out on our broomsticks or Apparate so we have no need for them" Really, the Grimm Animagus was taking far too much pleasure from the bespectacled man's fear. But then again, it was highly amusing and he made sure he got a clear look on his face to show the kids later.

"And I have to secure the VIPs first! Okay, I want you to listen very carefully and memorize everything that I say" Lennox stressed with a clear face. The man would have made a brilliant actor.

Not even Lennox could really hear Galloway's agreement but Lennox continued on anyway "Each chute has a GPS tracker so you can be found by search and rescue. Right next to that's a fabric webbing called a bridle, which holds the pin that keeps the main container closed. Okay, are you listening?"

"I- I can't hear what-" Galloway attempted to shout but all that came out was a high pitched whine that had Lennox lightly (To the N.E.S.T operative anyway) slapping the man's face while ordering "Stop that!"

With the man a little bit calmer, Lennox continued to explain "All right, when the pilot chute inflates into the air, it pulls the pin and opens the main. Red's your backup, blue's your primary. I want you to pull the blue. I need you to pull it really hard! Not-" to Lennox's surprise, Galloway actually pulled the primary while still in the plane. He thought he was going to have to push the man out but he seemed stupider that he had expected and he told him that "Not now, we're on the plane, you dumbass!"

He only had the time to say "What?" before his chute dragged him out of the plane, screaming as he did.

Lennox just walked back to the others, knowing that it wouldn't be much longer until they arrived. Epps asked jokingly "He say goodbye?"

"No, he didn't even say goodbye" Lennox said flippantly.

"Good riddance" Remus grumbled "I would have bit the man if I didn't know that he was covered in copious amounts of sweat and I'm sure he pissed himself on his way out"

Some men groaned (Including Sirius) as they handed over some money to Epps who had a very smug look on his face as he collected his winnings.

POV Change

::General, we're loaded and ready. You give us the go, and we'll be ready to press in five minutes:: a soldier informed General Morshower over a video line.

"Excellent" the General replied but was soon distracted by someone saying "Sir, you need to see this now" wile handing him a piece of paper with some coordinates on. What surprised him was not that it was from Lennox, but the little message at the bottom piqued his curiosity.

Not taking his eyes completely off the message, the General asked "Have we checked these coordinates?"

The officer was ready with a map "Egypt, sir. They're airdropping in"

"You've got to be kidding me" he said as he turned to the one who had brought him the news "He knows something. We need to be ready to back him up if this thing goes hot"

Leaving the room, it wasn't long before more people had begun to group around the original pair with even more news "Copy that. CIA just got a hit on the boys, a hundred miles from the location on that little note there"

"It's getting hotter" Morshower commented but he was still confused as to why they were there. He needed to get in contact with Lennox.

POV Change


"Got to be around here somewhere. I-" Simmons had been so engrossed in his computerised map that he hadn't noticed Sam stopping but once he did look up and saw the reason why, he understood the need to. They all did as they gazed upon the structure before them, all in awe but for different reasons.

While the non-magicals were amazed by the building itself, the wizards were another story. Fred and George (Both were sat on the shoulder plates of their partners) could both feel something coming from the building but it was definitely not magic and they were surprised that no witch or wizard had come across it. They could tell since there was no residual magic of a Cursebraker whatsoever and any self-respecting witch or wizard would call one in, not wanting to risk any curses placed upon the building. Harry though, was a completely different story. One minute, everything was normal and the next thing he knew, he could feel an energy that felt similar to the Allspark surrounding the place. It was likely that there was a barrier around the place so that it could not be found by unwanted Cybertronians but someone had to have been here before to create the building so it was likely that some humans had been able to come and go as they please. The closer he got to the structure, the more powerful it became and he could now feel a humming sensation under his skin as well but it didn't look like the other humans were really affected by it (Apart from a few twitches from the red headed duo). He also could not determine where exactly it was coming from, just a general direction.

"You see the size of this? You see this? Huh?" Simmons said, his excitement clear as he (As well as the rest of the humans who decided to walk rather than ride on the Autobots shoulder plates) began to run towards the giant entrance.

"Spec-tacular" Skids commentated with his arms spread wide. Although, the others were not sure if he was being sarcastic when he was saying this. They were facing away from him and the Lambo twins were behind the green Bot so neither they nor their passengers (Harry being on Sideswipe's other shoulder plate) could check Skid's faceplates for sincerity.

Simmons was talking again but it was inaudible to Harry. His mind was still too focused on the energy emanating from the building to really concentrate on the conversations around him. He was jerked out of the trance when Sideswipe stooped in front of the doorway, not heading at the moment in favour of keeping a look out. Harry, not wanting to stay where he was, cast a small Aresto Momentum to slow his drop towards the floor while the non-magical humans climb up the small (By large Cybertronian standards) step.

"It's here somewhere, guys" Sam reported with certainty as he walked further into the building.

"Yeah, why? 'cause, uh, we're trusting grandpa blackbird who doesn't even know what planet he's on?" Leo said, his voice oozing scepticism.

Simmons turned back towards the large entrance, replying with "In his defence, this is the biggest doorway I've ever seen in my entire life"

"Sam's right. Something is definitely here" Harry confirmed and grabbing the others attention. "Now if only I could pinpoint exactly where it was"

Leo definitely lacked conviction though as he did a very quick search of his surrounding area "Oh. Okay. Well, that's great. Let me do a quick search, all right? Uh... Nope. Ever cross your mind, guys, that archaeologists have been here before? There's nothing here"

"Real life is heartbreak, despair, kid. Sometimes you get to the end of the rainbow and the leprechauns went and booby-trapped it!"

"I'm beginning to think that the people we meet have an obsession with leprechauns. Seriously, this is like the fifth time this has happened" George commented, not really interested in the conversation but feeling the need to say something from his perch.

"Why am I listening to you? You live with your mother!" Leo ignored George completely, favouring to shout back at the eldest man instead.

Despite what Harry had stated earlier, Sam looked and felt ready to give up as well as he had sat down tiredly, saying "It's not over" but not truly believing the words he spoke.

"It is over. It's done" Leo said with finality

Mudflap and Skids had entered the structure a little while ago without the others really noticing (How they did that was unknown) but Mudflap soon had everyone's attention when he loudly questioned "Why are we still listening to you, little punk-ass? I mean, what you ever done for us except ding my rim?"

"Killed Megatron. How about that?" his brother replied.

"That wasn't him. It was the other one. You know, the one with the magic and the Allspark. And he didn't even get the job done, you know what I mean, 'cause he's back now, and he's-"

A yelp came from Mudflap as he leaped into the air while holding his aft. Two identical blue eyes were glaring at the red Autobot who shrank back, not only from them, but from the two sets of burning optics that were also looking at him as if daring him to come near the wizarding twins.

George's wand wasn't pointed towards the Autobot , but the way he made sure that Mudflap could clearly see it was an obvious gesture to show that he would hex him again if necessary "Make another comment like that about our precious brother..."

"And there won't be anything left for Ratchet to fix" Fred warned, which has the red Bot nodding in agreement.

They might have been fine had it not been for Skids taunting his brother "Aww. Are you scared?" Harry was very tempted to send his own hex at the green Bot for his stupidity.

Instantly, the previous fear melted away to be replaced by anger at the similar looking Cybertronian "Scared? Scared of your ugly face!" He angrily pushed the others servos away from him which started both a verbal and physical fight between the two. Since he was closet to Mikaela, Harry pulled her out of the way of the larger beings while leaving the males to move from underneath their peds themselves, all three of them yelling at the two Cybertronians.

"I'm ugly? Well, we're twins, you stupid genius!"

"Bring it, then- get off me! Now I'll change your face around!"

"Whoooo!" Skids exclaimed as he was tossed into the air while Mudflap yelled "I'll get all up in that ass!" Skids managed to land on his peds, quickly spinning around to face the red Bot.

"Bring it!"

"Guys! Whoa! Oy!" Sam was trying to stop the fighting between the two but it was futile for someone of his size to get between the two. His efforts only earned him having to scramble away quickly from his previous position since Mudflap had been chucked there, breaking the wall with the painting on.

"You like the way that feels?"

"That didn't hurt"

"For Primus sa-" Sunstreaker had been making his way over to the two fighting Bots, more than ready bash their helms together for their idiocy, but was so surprised when he saw Bumblebee grab them with an uncharacteristically angry expression on his faceplates that he instantly stopped mid-sentence. Those who knew Bee (Which was nearly all of them baring Simmons, Leo and Wheelie) were shocked when he continued to ignore the brothers' pleas, bashed them together and then chucked them out of the building, far away from the humans.

Fred let out an unexpected laugh while the others were still in various stages of surprise "Never knew you had it in you Bee"

George snorted at his twin while changing position on Sunstreaker's shoulder plate so that he was laying on his front lazily "What do you expect. His precious Sammykins was in danger. Decepticons are bloody mad to not run in fear when he has been threatened and Bee is around"

The aforementioned teen ignored the two as he had noticed something strange about the wall that Mudflap had damaged. Moving back over to it, Sam moved his face closer to the crack and realised that there was wind coming from behind it, meaning that there was something likely behind the wall.

With the help of Simmons, they removed the loosened wall to reveal sharp, curved metal but that's not what caught everyone's attention. It was the familiar looking symbols etched onto them. The energy was practically singing to Harry now, confirming that they were indeed on the right track.

"Oh my God. The symbols" Sam breathed in awe.

"Everyone, move out of the way please" Harry asked politely, taking his wand from his holster as he did so. The others didn't question him and as soon as they were out of the way, he cast "BOMBARDA!" to get rid of some of the metal obscuring their path. Dust obscured their vision from the explosion and air was blown into their faces.

The others made their way back over and even the twins decided to take a closer look, Apparating next to Harry. Each of the wizards had their wands out, the tips lighting up when they said "LUMOS!" and lighting the way for the others.

Harry was the first through the hole, followed closely by Sam and the others, all their eyes widening as they saw all the bodies practically wrapped around the area they were heading closer to. The power was so strong now that Harry could feel the very air saturated with it, so distracted by it that he was again ignoring the conversation between Sam and Simmons, going on autopilot as he lead the others deeper. Leo was having fun with shouting "Yo!" and listening to the echoes he created.

Still in his trance like state, Harry didn't realise that he had stopped until Sam accidentally bumped into him, effectively shaking him out of it. It was when Sam moved around him and gasped that he looked at the device sitting innocently in the servo of one of the Primes. The power was definitely emanating from it so that must mean…

"The Matrix!" Sam said, beating the others to the conclusion and falling on his knees while the others surrounded the servo. Ever so gently, he picked it up slowly from either end was lifting it when all of a sudden, it disintegrated. Turning into dust as it fell back to the servo.

Almost everyone's faces reflected distraught or sadness with a heavy weight of defeat upon their shoulders. They had come all this way and in the end, time had beaten them all to it. Fred and George were especially worried with how Harry was going to take the news after getting his hopes up but when they glanced at him, they were surprised. He wasn't showing any negative emotions and he wasn't closing himself off. He was just looking at the pile of dust in deep thought, like he was trying to figure something out and the longer they stood their listening to Sam's denial, the more they were seeing something wrong as well. What they had been feeling before they stepped into the building was still there and they doubted it was coming from the long offlined frames of the original Primes.

"Thousands of years, turned to dust" Simmons was looking at the dust and trying to think of someway that they were going to win this without the big guy but he was drawing a blank. There was some high tech weapons he knew could help somewhat but it would only be a temporary advantage.

Sam was still in denial despite having literally just witnessing their hope crumbling away "This isn't how it's supposed to end"

A rumbling noise had all their attentions drifting up to the ceiling (Even though they couldn't see anything). It was Simmons who enlightened them on what exactly the noise was, shouting it out as he ran out of the structure and passed the confused Cybertronians "Hear that? US Air Force! C-17's!"

"What's a C-17?" Leo asked, running after older man and leaving the others to their thought.

Mikaela desperately wanted to comfort her boyfriend but she knew he need some hard truth if she wanted him to move on "You can't bring him back, Sam. There's nothing left"

The teen was not giving up though, standing up tall as he said "Look! Look around you. We didn't just go through everything we went through for no reason at all, and to just have it end like this. There is a reason that we are here. The voices and the symbols in my head led us here for a purpose"

"He's not wrong Mikaela" Harry spoke for the first time since entering the tomb. With their attention on him, he explained his reasoning to the confused girl "I don't know if it's my magic or the Allspark but ever since we've gotten here I've been feeling something a lot like the Allspark when we first saw it. A great and unknown power and its coming from that dust"

"Are you sure?" Sam questioned hopefully. Harry nodded, confident that he was not wrong.

"Then why did it turn to dust?" inquired Mikaela, still unsure why it would that.

George held his chin in thought as he pondered on why it might have happened "Maybe we're missing something. A key thing that the Matrix needs to work"

"What if we actually need a Prime for it to work?" Fred's idea had everyone's eyes widening, having not thought of that before but it seemed entirely plausible.

Sam voiced a fear that they all had even with the possibility "Will it even work with Optimus dead?"

"There's only one way to find out" Harry stated, cancelling the Lumos charm and using his wand to lift all parts of the Matrix into the air. He opened his mokeskin pouch and took out two identical small, non-magical drawstring bags before placing the dust into one of them and normal dirt into the other. When he had made sure that the ties were secure on both, he handed the one with the Matrix to Sam and kept the other for themselves.

Before the teen could question as to why he had the Matrix, Harry made his actions clear to all "They Cons will probably already know that we have the Matrix and one of the two of us will have it. They'll more than likely go after me due to the Allspark and I can keep them distracted while you get to Optimus" His hand rested on the taller teen's shoulder and Harry looked directly into his eyes as he said "I am trusting you to do this Sam so please don't let me down"

The teen took one more look at the bag in his hands before steeling himself and giving a nod to show that he wouldn't let him down.

"How do you know it's gonna work?" Mikaela wasn't trying to be negative but she didn't want to see anyone further hurt because of some wild goose chase. If this didn't work she had a feeling that none of them were going to come out alive and well.

The twins had matching grins as they rested their arms over Harry's shoulder, saying together "Trust us Mikaela, when Harry's involved anything is possible"

POV Change

N.E.S.T soldiers on both planes were moving fast as they tried to get everyone ready for the drop but humans and Cybertronians alike were eager to get off. None more so than a certain Weapons Specialist.

"You best let me out of this plane" Ironhide was itching for a fight as he ripped off the netting that was keeping him down. The others were also getting up and making their way towards the opening doors, all anxious about what was to come but knowing that whatever it was, it was going to be big.

The other plane was no better as they prepared to move Optimus. Surprisingly, the one who looked most eager to get to the ground was Remus who was clutching a broom so hard that his knuckles had turned white. Seeing this, Sirius (Who was standing next to him with his own broom) took a hold of his unoccupied hand and squeezed it, no words needed to be said between them.

Once Optimus' frame had cleared the door and most of the humans were out, they let go of one another to mount their brooms and follow after them.

POV Change

The three wizards and two humans made their way towards Simmons and Leo who had been watching the planes as they unloaded their important cargo.

"You think you can bring him back to life with that pixie dust?" Simmons asked, looking back at them as they got closer.

Sam strode past him towards Bee, who was already in his alt-mode and so were the rest of them, not pausing at all as he answered "Absolutely. Let's go"

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