Sparks of Magic

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Pairings: Remus/Sirius, Harry/Optimus, Fred/Sideswipe, George/Sunstreaker, Jazz/Prowl, Ironhide/Chromia.

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::Comms/Calls ::







Chapter 17: Battle at the Pyramids Part 1

One by one, N.E.S.T soldiers and Autobots landed amongst the sandy terrain that surrounded the Pyramids, all quick to either relieve themselves of their parachutes or turn into their alt-modes. The locals were obviously curious about what was happening as they talked amongst themselves and some were even poking Optimus' offlined form. As soon as Lennox had hit the ground, he made sure to direct a few of his men in getting the locals out of the firing zone as much as they could.

Sirius and Remus landed and shrunk their brooms just as Graham commanded "Cover Optimus!"

As many of the men surrounded Optimus to protect and cover him up, Prowl was ordering where the Autobots needed to be for now while Lennox was in full on Major mode "Secure the village. Get those cases down here. I need snipers and Stingers up high"

While others started setting up the necessary equipment, the Werewolf was quick to catch the Major's attention "If we get everyone into one of the larger buildings, or at least two close together, I can spell them asleep and ward the place so that nothing can get in. The only problem is that everyone has to be inside before I activate them because once those go up, they won't be coming back down until the danger has passed"

Lennox nodded in agreement, instructing the soldiers ushering the citizens and their animals to safety to find a large enough building or two, Remus following after them. Sirius stayed behind to guard Optimus' body along with Epps and Graham.

"So, we just dropped off ten tons of dead robot in the middle of nowhere. I hope those boys know what they're doing"

"Yeah, me too" Lennox agreed.

"As a Wizard that has spent more time with three generations of Harry's family than can be considered healthy, I advise to keep a very open mind to anything happening. Harry is just as bad as his father and grandfather at having half arsed plans that turn out brilliant" Sirius informed them, casting a few minor shield charms so that Prime's body was protected somewhat. Also adjusting it so that Harry and the others would still be able to pass through when they got here. They'll at least hold up for a little while if a Con did manage to get close enough but not indefinitely.

The Animagus could feel the small amount of irritation he had caused in the soldier, even without Epps having to look away from the scope on the gun he was holding, "For God's sake man. It's ass, not arse"

"It is arse!"


"Arse!" Graham piped in suddenly, a twitch from his lips showing that he was holding in the urge to smile as Sirius shot Epps a very smug grin.

"It's a-"

Having had enough with the argument, Lennox cut off their bickering before it got too out of hand. He had enough of that nonsense with the jam/jelly fight (which, thanks to the help of certain pranksters, ended up with an actual fight involving the stuff which took weeks to clean) "Knock it off you lot! This is not the time to be rekindling old arguments" he glared at the three of them until it looked like they were actually going to remain quiet. Seconds passed of the silence before Lennox turned away from them, but not before throwing over his shoulder "Besides, we all know the correct answer is ass"

Epps snickered as Sirius grumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "Bloody Americans"

"Got a visual! Yellow team! Four clicks!" One solider shouted, causing heads to turn in the direction he was looking. Lennox couldn't see them at the moment but distance and the sun didn't make it any easier.

"Pop flare!" The Major order. Thinking that if either the twins or Harry saw where they were, then they could Apparate or fly with whatever lifesaving method they had found. He really hoped that it worked.

POV Change

All five Autobots, four humans and three Wizards (And one hidden Decepticon that had scurried away in Bumblebee's boot) saw the flare shooting up into the sky. Seeing as it was coming from the general area of where N.E.S.T had landed, they all knew that is had to be from one from their allies.

Sam was the one who pointed it out though, the eagerness clear in his tone ::That's them, right there. See the flare?::

::Right over there! You see it?:: Simmons also sounded excited as he said this.

"We see it" Fred confirmed, dragon hide armour on already. Harry and George also had theirs on but they didn't have any spare for the others. The best they could do is charm their clothes somewhat and stick close to them, shielding them as much as possible.

The Coms came back to life with George's voice ::It might be a good idea to stop now and Apparate over with Sam. The sooner we get that dust to Optimus the better::

The others agreed with the red head but that plan failed before it had even began, all thanks to a certain Dorito shaped nuisance.

POV Change

Starscream was the first to notice the five cars making their way to where the Sun Harvester was hidden. A quick scan revealed that four humans, presumably one of which was the Witwicky boy, were contained inside the Scout while the red and green Autoscum twins were empty. The yellow Front-liner had one of the energy wielding humans, but not the one he was looking for. When he scanned the other Front-liner, he could hardly contain his dark glee. He couldn't sense the Allspark's energy this far away, even if he was actively searching for it now, but he knew it was there. He had seen it with his own optics. The Seeker could only imagine what it would feel like to have the Allspark in his servos. Thinking of all that power to command had his wings twitching in anticipation.

The airborne Cybertronian saw that they seemed to be decreasing speed and remembering that the Wizards had the ability to teleport, he deduced that they were likely stopping so that they could grab the other humans before teleporting to the organics and Prime's location.

With a start, Starscream realised that meant that the Matrix had been found. It was very likely that either the Orion or Witwicky boy had it on them as they were already targets and wouldn't want to put civilian organics in danger.

::Found the boys. Activate the signal Soundwave:: the Seeker ordered. He then proceeded to keep the Autobots from stopping by firing missiles around the Autobots, all the while making sure not to hit the group; especially not the red and black Front-liner. While it didn't matter if he hit the others, he did want to extract both the Matrix and Allspark before he destroyed those pathetic excuses of Cybertronians.

Starscream's wings quivered again as he thought of either one of those ancient energies being so close to being in his grasp. With that idea in his processor, the Seeker continued to keep the group moving while Soundwave initiated the signal.

POV Change

::Whoa!:: someone exclaimed over the Comms, most likely Simmons, as they swerved out of the way of the oncoming missiles.

An ear piercing sound came out of nowhere as they were avoiding the harmful projectiles, causing the humans to grip their heads in pain. Thankfully, it didn't seem to do any harm to the Autobots, who continued to drive on in evasive manoeuvres.

::What in Merlin's beard was that?:: George question, groaning in pain from the massive headache the noise had caused.

"That" Harry began, rubbing his head in an attempt to alleviate the pain but failing "Is the Decepticons' method in stopping us from Apparating"

Fred uncharacteristically growled, his hands gripping his wand to near breaking point "There goes plan A"

A chuckle came across the Comms from Sunstreaker ::Plan A is overrated anyway. We're more plan D or E type of mechs::

The raven haired Wizard gave a small chuckle of his own at the truth of those words, ignoring the continuous shouts coming from Bumblebee in favour of keeping an eye on the Con. He noticed that while the Con (Who, from the alt-mode and markings, he guessed to be non-other than the Decepticon SIC) was firing at them, he wasn't actually aiming to hit. The missiles were just close enough that they could easily dodge them. An uneasy feeling settled in Harry's stomach at the thought. There was only three reasons as to why the Con was missing them on purpose. One was that he knew they had the Matrix and didn't want it damaged, the second was that the Con did not want the Allspark (And thus him) harmed or he was leading them somewhere. None of the options were good ones and Harry had a hunch that it was a mixture of all of them.

::Hide in the dust! Use the dust!:: Simmons shouted over the Comms, a bit of panic seeping into his tone and effectively bringing Harry's mind back into the moment. They had come off the main road and had entered an area with many building equipment and machines. Large amounts of dust had appeared from the impact of the missiles hitting the floor, the Bot's tyres and from where the Con had transformed briefly but still missed hitting any of them. He'd flown off as quick as he had come, possibly readying for another attack.

Knowing that it wasn't going to be enough to hide them from the Con, Harry quickly asked Sideswipe "Think you can help dampen our signals Sides? You'll need to try and do all of us as well until we can get to the others"

Sideswipe was the best choice to ask in this situation, as he was able to dampen the signal given off from Autobots to such a degree that he could be within 25 feet of a Con and they wouldn't notice him with their sensors. The only ones who had the same talent or more was Jazz and an Autobot known as Mirage. The only problem was that it was harder for him to extend it over multiple Cybertronians and humans, especially since he had to block out everything that could lead the Decepticons to the humans. But if he kept it up until Harry and the twins could get to the non-Magicals and cast the necessary spells, then there shouldn't be too much of a problem.

He could have tried to do it himself with his Magic but in all likelihood, the Cons would be looking for it. Magic gave off a specific signal when used but the previous Cons didn't know to look for it, giving them an advantage when they were on a mission. Harry would bet on his broom that Starscream wouldn't be as easy to trick.

"Give me a nano-klik" the red Bot replied.

The Cybertronian must have managed it because the Con had disappeared. Bumblebee came to a halt, followed closely by the others. The humans all got out of the Autobot they were with except for Leo, who seemed to be unconscious much to the others confusion. Wheelie also seemed to have decided to remain in the boot of Bee's alt-mode.

"What happened to Leo?" George asked in confusion.

Simmons looked very nonchalant as he answered "He was freaking out. So, I tasered him"

Cursing once again at the ex-sector 7 agent's stupidity, Fred marched over to the teen's unconscious form and revived him with a quick Ennervate before proceeding to cast the charms they needed on him. George and Harry did the same to Mikaela, Simmons and Sam.

"What are you doing now?" Simmons demanded, feeling a weird tingle pass over his body as the red head waved his wand in an intricate manner. Considering the way the wand was moved was different from the spell that was used earlier, Simmons was concerned that the red head would do something to him.

"Stop being a prat Simmons. We'll never get anywhere if you keep harping on whenever we cast a spell on you" George scolded the man as he finished casting.

"We're covering up your heat signature and any other signal that you give off" Harry explained, finished with Sam and moving onto himself "We can't use the Notice-Me-Not charm against Cybertronians, their processors can see right through it, but what we can do is hide ourselves from their other sensors. This way, they'll only be able to see us with their optics"

Once he was positive that the Wizards had finished casting their spells, Sam took command "Alright, we've got to split up then. Give them more targets to focus on. Bumblebee, you're one of the decoys. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker need to be the others since they'll suspect Harry to be with one of the two. You three lead the Decepticons away, all right? I'm gonna get Optimus"

The raven haired Wizard was slightly impressed with Sam's quick thinking. He had a good brain inside of that head of his, it was just a shame that he didn't want to help the Autobots in the first place. Not that it would have made much of a difference currently, but Harry had a feeling he would have made a great liaison "Sam's right. The more spread out we are, the less chance the Decepticons have of finding the Matrix" he looked specifically at the Lambo and Wizarding twins when he said the next part "Fred and George will obviously be with Sunstreaker and Sides so make your way to the pyramids. When you get there, try to cause as much mayhem as you can"

All four of them smirked at that, but it was George who replied "Really Hare-bear, have some more faith in us. Mayhem is practically our middle names"

Simmons stepped up to put his own bit into the plan "I'll help draw their fire with Huey and Dewey there. You get to those soldiers. I hope that Magic works, kid"

"Thank you" Sam said. Harry nodded his head to show his own gratitude.

"That leaves me and Mikaela with Sam then" Harry concluded.

"Hang on. Couldn't you just fly there with your flying stick?" Mudflap asked.

Ignoring the look that he was getting from the ones who didn't know they could fly (Leo and Simmons), Harry explained exactly why flying wasn't an option "I can fit two people on my broom but even if it was just me and Sam, it's too risky. Too many Decepticons can fly so we'd be entering their territory. If it was just me, then it wouldn't be too much of a problem but I'm not taking the chance with a passenger"

Panicked shouting from Leo had them drawing their attention to the sky "He's turning around. He's coming back, he's coming back"

With that said, they all went off in different directions. Hoping it would be enough to keep the Cons off their backs.

POV Change

Seeing a jet off in the distance, Epps lifted his binoculars to try and get a look to see if it was a friendly. Will moved closer to him, waiting for the verdict.

"That thing's got alien tattoos all over it. That ain't Air Force" he informed the other, lowering the binoculars with a scowl on his face.

"Think that one had something to do with that strange noise from earlier?" Sirius asked, still a bit ticked about the earlier headache. He was also a bit anxious to know why the others had yet to Apparate to them. It was making him edgy.

Another annoying sound came across the desert, similar to the first but obviously different since it didn't induce the mother of all headaches.

"That answer your question?" Epps said, sarcasm thick in his voice.

Lennox asked the obvious question "What the hell was that?"

"Whatever it was, it was different from what was set off earlier. No headaches came with this one" Sirius pointed out.

Getting a sneaking suspicion of what that one was, Epps put a hand to his ear and asked "Anyone copy?"

Lennox caught on and tried as well, his hand going to the device in his own ear "Anyone there? Who's up?"


"Radio's down" one solider informed them, causing many to curse and some (Including Will) to chuck the useless pieces of metal off of them "It's dead. Comms are down" Lennox stated in slight aggravation.

"That's not all that's not working" the voice of Remus added on as he came up behind the group "I attempted to Apparate over here after that last noise but I got a severe headache every time I tried. It's impossible to Apparate at all and I doubt the kids will be unable to do so either. If I had to guess, it more than likely has something to do with that first signal that was broadcasted"

Epps huffed in annoyance "And that was an EMP burst for the second one. I see how this day is going in this godforsaken desert"

"Comms down and no way to Apparate out. I'd say this day is going just swimmingly" Sirius commented sarcastically.

Deciding that he needed a better view, Epps relocated himself to the top of a small building. But after some time, it became useless because he still couldn't see a hint of the missing Autobots, kids or help "Nothing" he told the others.

"Right, go burn a SOS. Let the eye in the sky know we need some help"

An unknown soldier was the one to respond to Lennox's commands "Yes, sir. Okay, boys, old school time!"

"I hope the kids are able to find us. This desert is vast enough that they may have gotten lost" Epps voiced his concerns to the others.

"Don't forget Epps that three of those kids are Wizards and able to cast a Point-Me spell" Remus reminded the other.

The dark skinned man looked down at the Werewolf as he pointed out "But what if they're no longer together? This is the first time we've seen head or tailpipe of the group since before the Cons got Optimus. They may have been separated and four of that group are non-Magical humans"

An uncomfortable silence settled upon the group at the previous unthought of possibility. It was a valid one though. However, Lennox had already thought of a solution to their problem "We'll pop some more flares then so that all of them can find us"

POV Change

Harry, Sam and Mikaela had just stepped on to the edge of one of the large rock structures dotted around the area when another set of flares lit up the sky. Showing the exact location as to where the others had landed.

"Look. There it is. We got a couple of miles" Sam pointed out before dragging Mikaela and himself down a rocky path.

"Looks like I'm getting my fill of all those years of Harry Hunting and Ironhide's training these past couple of days" the Wizard thought to himself, rushing after the pair.

Small Time Skip

Sam looked ready to collapse. His breathing was heavy and only the Cooling Charms that Harry had placed over all of them ensured that he wasn't going to overheat. Mikaela was faring much better than Sam, only seeming slightly out of breath. She more than likely did some form of exercise whereas her boyfriend didn't seem to do any.

"We still… have a mile… that way" the young man exhaled, panting heavily as he did so. Harry was using all the tips he had gotten from Lennox about controlling his breathing, pacing himself so that he wasn't out of breath like the other male.

"Come on Sam, you can make it" Mikaela encouraged. Looking over to her, the dark haired Wizard saw that she seemed slightly amused at Sam's condition.

Sam suddenly stopped as they were about to enter some stone ruins. He was bent over double as he tried to catch his breath but was still able to give his girlfriend a piercing look, telling the other two that he had saw through Mikaela's little act "How… are you both… not out of breath?"

Even though he was no longer looking at her, Harry could practically feel the eyebrow raise as Mikaela replied "Really Sam? I asked if you wanted to join in my morning runs and if I remember correctly, you replied with 'No one should be up at that ungodly hour especially if it involves the death sentence called exercise'. This, is all on you"

Ignoring his girlfriend's comment, Sam turned his gaze to Harry, silently waiting for his answer "Ironhide and Will are in charge of training. This is considered a warmup for them" Anything less and everyone (Both human and Cybertronian) would be worried on what horror those two had come up with. Add the occasional input of Sirius and there was a chance you may not survive.

Finally seeming to catch some of his breath back, the brown haired male straightened up and began to run again, the other two following close behind "Come on... This way. This way"

POV Change

::One man, alone-::

::Stop saying that!::

::-betrayed by the country he loves!:: Simmons continued enthusiastically, ignoring Leo who was sat next to him. Both Lambo and red headed twins were greatly confused on what the ex-agent was talking about.

"Any idea what the strange human is taking about?" Sideswipe asked no one in particular, trying to figure out if the older human had a screw loose somewhere. He would have thought that maybe he had been out in the sun too long but he acted this strange before they landed here.

"He's either making a reference, trying to sound cool or both. Personally, I think he was hit with too many Bludgers to the head as a child" Fred told his partner

::He can't have that as an excuse since he's a non-Magical. I bet it's a passive form of the Black family madness. Crazy, but without the added need to go on a killing spree::

::Oh, my goodness. I'm in the car, okay? And Fred and George are right behind us. You're not alone. You can actually hear them discussing your mental health::

::I'll have you know that I was tested in Sector 7 for crazy and passed with a clean bill of health so just relax. You're with the maestro::

There was synchronised snorts from just about everyone but it was Sunstreaker that retorted with ::You probably only passed because the rest of them were as mad as you::

Simmons spluttering was amusing to listen to but didn't last for long as they came to the end of the track. They stopped around a multitude of construction related vehicles, none of which were in use. With all the humans stepping out of the Cybertronian turned vehicles, they all felt a sense of foreboding. Especially Fred and George. Something just didn't seem right and they both had the feeling that they were surrounded.

"Uh... I don't think he's still following us" Leo's unsure tone had both red heads surveying the sky for the Decepticon that had indeed, disappeared. He wasn't even showing on the Autobot's scanners anymore which was rather worrying. At least to everyone but a certain older human.

"That's what you think" Simmons stoic facade, as if he knew exactly what the Decepticon was thinking, was short-lived when a different Decepticon flew across the sky before transforming and landing on one of the pyramids. While Simmons brought out what seemed to be a monocular from nowhere, the twins retrieved their own modified Omnioculars. They were a lot like regular Omnioculars, able to slow down and replay anything they are pointed at. However, whereas normal ones can show the names and manoeuvres of Quidditch players, their ones were able to identify the Cybertronian and any weapons on them. It was a brilliant thought of Harry's to let Jazz and Sirius tinker with them in the first place. It was also a very good idea to have a certain Weapons Specialist put all weapons models he knew of into them, making it easier to determine just how destructive said weapon could be.

As soon as he saw exactly which Con had arrived, the eldest of the humans muttered an "Uh-oh" while lowering his monocular. Not knowing exactly who had shown up, Leo became even more worried, especially with the negative response from Simmons. Fred and George, however, were a whole other story.

"Well look who decided to show his ugly mug" Fred commented, keeping a close eye on the Con leader who wanted his little brother. What was it with megalomaniac Dark Lords and Harry? Fred wondered if there was an invisible sign on the ravenette's head that begged for the crazies to come and mess with him.

George's chuckle came from where Sunstreaker had stopped "And here's me thinking that today was going to be boring" You can always count on something happening around Harry. Fun and chaos around every corner, just the way the twins liked it.

POV Change

The Decepticon leader landed on top of one of the pyramids harshly, destroying some of the ancient structure as he did. The disgusting humans were crawling all over the place; pests that needed to be exterminated. They had even managed to bring Prime's body, something that irked the metal behemoth after waiting so long to kill the Autobot.

It was then that another nuisance, one in the form of his cowardly SIC, made his presence known with his simpering.

"Master, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the soldiers brought the body of Prime" Starscream knew his leader had seen the body when they passed overhead, but he liked to point out the obvious when it concerned Megatron. It was his way of undermining the oh-so-great-leader of the Decepticons without getting punished. Most of the time.

Megatron growls, already knowing what that meant "One of the boys must have the Matrix. We cannot let them reach Optimus" if Optimus returned now then the chances of getting either the Allspark or Matrix were lowered greatly. He would not allow Prime to take what was rightfully his and his Master's. Even if he has to offline the last Prime again, he will have one or both of the artefacts in his servos by the end of the Solar Cycle.

"Decepticons! Begin our assault!"

POV Change

"We've got incoming!" This was shouted just before a lot of what looked to be meteorites impacted into the sandy terrain, lifting large amounts of sand into the air.

Some of the soldiers began moving to find better cover while Epps, Graham, Sirius, Remus and Lennox remained close to Optimus' remains. Only moving slightly behind a singular wall that looked like it used to be part of a house.

Lennox warned the others as he kept count on how many Decepticons has landed "We got a whole lot of fight coming our way!"

"How many?"

"About thirteen of them" he replied.

"This ain't good. This ain't good"

"And just think! Those are only the ones from the sky. There are probably some Cons already on the ground as well, just waiting to attack" Sirius informed a little giddy. He had some misplaced aggression with the Decepticon's name on it.

Epps gave the dog Animagus the stink eye for that "You're not helping! We're about to get our asses whupped"

A dangerous look appeared on the Wizard's face, a look that had Epps cautiously stepping away from the other. In all the time Epps had known the other man, he had never once seen that expression upon the other's face.

"They messed with my kid. They'll be lucky if there is anything left once I'm done with them" Sirius growled, a little bit of his Animagus form creeping out into his voice. His whole demeanour had shifted into a battle ready stance, as if a switch had been flipped inside the man. One that spelled doom for any unfortunate Cons that crossed his path.

Deciding not dwell on the fact that he suddenly become intimidated by a man who constantly walked around the base in a florescent, pink pyjamas and dog shaped slippers; Lennox concentrated on leading his men "Bravo-Charlie, kneel!"

"All right, those Decepticons are searching for Harry and Sam. Whatever they have, they think it'll bring Optimus back to life. So our mission is to find them and get them to Optimus. Apparating is out since the Cons did something to mess that up so there'll be no chance of them popping in. All right, we're gonna draw fire from the left flank. I need a scout team"

Ironhide was quick to say "I'm leading" daring anyone to question him. None did.

"And I'm going with him" Sirius proclaimed. He could find Harry, Fred and George a lot quicker this way.

Lennox didn't let the sudden demands even faze him, used to his Autobot partner's way of thinking and Sirius' impulsiveness. He simply continued to order the rest what to do "Go up through the middle with Sirius, Prowl, Arcee, Chromia, Elita-One and Ironhide. Jazz, I need you and Epps to try and get the Comms back up" once he received a thumbs up from Epps and Jazz, his attention shifted back onto the first group "Until that's back up and running, I want you to pop green smoke when you see the precious cargo and come back through those pillars. We'll have the ambush set. All right. Let's go. Move out!"

A simultaneous shout of "Hoo-ah!" came from the soldiers as they proceeded to do as they were told. Lennox gaze fell on the other Wizard in their group.

"I want you to stay with Optimus along with Ratchet, keep his body safe from the Cons" if whatever Harry and Sam found could bring Prime back to life, then they would probably need Optimus in one piece. Ratchet had already fixed the damage done the first time but that won't stop the Decepticon's from trying to destroy the Medic's work.

"I'll stay with them as well in case they need assistance" Jolt volunteered. Will nodded in agreement and watched as the three of them stationed themselves around Prime, Remus already going through the motions to erect a stronger shield around them so that they had better protection in place. They were very handy those shields because while nothing could pass through from the outside, it was not the same coming from the inside. So those inside could still take out some of the Con's from the safety of the shield. The problem was that, because of how strong it needed to be on such short notice, it will have to be dropped to allow Harry and Sam through. Lennox was positive that, had they had more time, Remus could have constructed one that didn't need to be dispelled to let friendlies in. Unfortunately, they had to make do with what they had.

With everyone knowing what they were doing and feeling himself already starting to sweat, Lennox glared up at the sun, irritated "Why is it always the damn desert?!"

POV Change

"I don't like this" Fred commented absentmindedly. To him, it was starting to feel like the calm before the storm.

Sunstreaker who, like the rest of the Autobots, had yet to change forms said "Same. I feel like we're being watched"

"Nothing's coming up on my scanners either. The Cons must have done something to them because I'm not picking up anything" Sideswipe informed them, sounding agitated. He both loved and hated it when the scanners didn't work because it usually meant that they were going in blind. But then again, there was a lot more fun in some of those situations. It could go either way.

A resigned sigh came from George but the small smirk that he was failing to hide had the others (excluding Fred, Sides and Sunny) on edge "Well it looks like there's only one thing for it" plastering on a clearly fake look of happiness, he then proceeded to say in an upbeat tone "At least it can't get any worse than this"

There was an instant cry of "What in Pits name are you doing George?! Are trying to get us killed?!" From his brother while Sideswipe transformed to look around frantically, as if something was going to pop out at any moment. Sunstreaker had also transformed, but he was sending an almost fond smile in the red head's direction (Not that he would admit that was what he was doing).

Simmons was only becoming more exasperated as he realised that he had been stuck with children in adult's bodies. Magic filled and giant metal, alien bodies with children's minds "Seriously kid?! That's not going to-"

The rumbling of engines cut Simmons off as multiple vehicles (Most of which were construction related ones) began appearing, all with the Decepticon emblem somewhere on them.

"I stand corrected" the ex-agent's mind was probably frying from that working. He gathered his wits (Or at least the ones he had left) back quick enough to ask "You ever see that film Gunfight at the O.K. Corral?"

"Nuh" Leo replied.

"What's he going on about now?"

"Shh! You'll miss the human crazy in action Sunny"

"Don't fragging call me Sunny you glitched spawn"

"Aww. Love you too, Sunflower" Sideswipe snickered.

"I will murder you in your recharge"

"Shh!" Both Fred and George shushed. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had been steadily getting closer until their helms were practically touching, but stopped and looked down at the two Wizards who had their fingers against their lips "We're trying to understand what he's going on about"

Sunstreaker scoffed as he stepped away from his brother, his servos turning into his blasters as more vehicles appeared "It won't help. His brand of madness is not understandable"

When they actually listened back in, it was to hear "A lot of people died"

It only further proved that he was the strange one in this group and that was coming from them.


"Well aren't you just a positive ray of sunshine" Fred said sarcastically.

Laughter came from Sideswipe as he got into a defensive stance with his own blasters appearing "No. That would be my twin"

"One more and I swear-" the yellow mech's threat was cut off when, all at once, the vehicles began to change. Even the one that Simmons and Leo were standing by. What really caught all of their attentions was the fact that they all seemed to be merging together. While the two non-Magical humans may not know what that meant, the four Autobots and the Wizard twins knew exactly what was happening, dread building in their stomachs/tanks as the realisation hit them.

It seemed the other two had caught on to what was going on as Leo began to panic even more and Simmons barked out "Hide!"

Not that it would do much good since the Cons already knew they were there, but that didn't stop Leo and Simmons from each grabbing one of the Wizards and dragging them to a van. They probably thought that if they were out of sight, the large Decepticon might overlook them but when were they ever that lucky?

"Hide!" Leo repeated, trying to get further away from the growing Con while pulling Fred along with him. The red head had his wand drawn but was unable to fire a single spell before Leo had grabbed him "Vamonos amigos! Oh my God!"

Simmons and George were the first behind the van with the other two humans not far behind them "Hit the deck!" Simmons said unnecessarily.

The four Autobots remained in front of the van in order to try and protect them. Or at least, that's what Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were doing, the Lambo twins blasters drawn and ready for a fight. Mudflap and Skids however, were just staring dumbly at the Combiner. They wouldn't have been able to hide behind the van anyway.

"Oh, oh my God!"

"There is nothing positive about this whole thing so leave me to my negativity!" Simons shrieked, finishing the previous conversation. Not such a good idea when you're trying to hide but luckily, all the noise from the gestalt forming helped to conceal it.

"That's some big arse Decepticon" George commented, his head strained back to look up at the gigantic Con. It was the largest Combiner he had seen to date. But it made him wonder if there were any larger ones and if there were, whose side were they on? So far, it had only been Decepticon Combiners landing on Earth but George knew that the Autobot's had a few on their side as well. Now if only some of them would kindly come to Earth, it would be ever so helpful.

Lifting the head that seemed too large for his elongated neck to properly lift, the Decepticon Combiner (Who they learned was called Devastator thanks to Sunstreaker having seen this particular Con before) roared so loud, it was likely heard across the whole desert.

Despite the obvious disadvantage they were at, Sideswipe actually smiled along with his brother "Looks like this party has finally started"

POV Change

Sam, Mikaela and Harry had heard the gigantic roar but ignored it. It was getting harder to hide with all the Decepticon's on the ground, Harry having to use a few minor spells to cause disturbances in other areas so the Cons would head in that direction. He was trying to not use the more powerful spells in an attempt to make it harder for the Cons to track. This method wouldn't work for long though and it was only a matter of time before a Decepticon spotted them or he had to use more Magic.

"Sam, Harry" Mikaela called quietly, drawing their attention to a door she had just opened.

They entered and shut the door behind them. Mikaela moved over to the wall that had a window made of glass bottles, you couldn't see in or out of them though, while Sam began to talk "I don't think they saw us" Once he had made his whole way round the interior of the small hut, while repeating to "Get down", he moved so he was crouched in front of Mikaela. Harry shifted himself closer to the two just in case "Okay. Listen. Once it's clear, we run for Optimus as fast as we can, okay?"

"But what if it doesn't work?"

"It's gonna work"

"Yeah, but what if it doesn't?" Doubt and worry was clearly heard in her voice. She obviously wanted to believe Sam but the consequences of this not working were not helping. She was on edge and wanted a clear answer that they were unable to give.

Harry walked over to her so he could place a hand on her shoulder. Her bright blue eyes looked into his own emerald green ones "Mikaela, trust me when I say that there is definitely some type of energy coming from that dust. It's at least going to do something. We can only hope that something is bringing Optimus back"

Sam turned her head so she was looking back at him, his hands cupping her face almost lovingly "Harry's right. At least something is going to happen and I think it's going to work. No, it will work"

Put at some ease, Harry got up and was just about to check to see if it was safe to continue when he started to get the same sensation when one of the Autobots were nearby; it felt slightly different though. He couldn't tell what it was that made this sensation seem dissimilar, but it was enough of a difference to know that there was no way that this was one of the previous Autobots.

Maybe finally learning that the Allspark was literally a part of him had caused it to active something inside of him, allowing him to sense when Cybertronians (And Magicals to a lesser extent) were nearby. As he could somehow tell this wasn't an Autobot, that could only mean-

A series of thudding sounds came from close by. Something he knew as the sound of giant footsteps that were to close for comfort. What's worse? It sounded like multiple ones. The feelings he was getting only confirmed what he already knew. A shadow passed over the glasses, causing a visible panic amongst Mikaela and Sam.

A voice that sounded vaguely familiar, yet there was a sort of electronic undertone that made it seem more high pitched than it should have been, began to speak "Keep searching! Those boys are around here somewhere. Just remember to not harm the Allspark container"

A much deeper voice argued back "Why are we unable to scan for them? If the Allspark was truly here then we would get a signal from it"

The sounds of destruction were steadily getting louder but even with that racket, Harry could still hear the additional noise of a Cybertronian. Their metal shifting, gears whirring and vents blowing air to cool them down in this heat; it all sounded loud in Harry's ears. There also seemed like there was something growling out there. It was more animalistic compared the usual noises that Cybertronians emit.

"Fool" The first voice hissed "It's because of his Magic. The mixture of the two energies hides the Cube's specific signal while also working the other way to conceal his Magic. Had we had more time to study this new factor, then it would be easier to find. So for now, we must rely on our optics alone. It was discovered that while these Witches and Wizards are able to hide themselves from human eyes, cameras and our scanners, they cannot hide from our optics.

Harry strained to listen to the conversation that was, thankfully, moving away from them. His new found abilities were solely focused on those Deceptions in an attempt to find something useful they could use. Unfortunately, with his attention on the larger signals, he failed to notice that Sam had caught a small Cybertronian that looked a lot like an Insecticon. He only noticed when he heard squeaking coming from where the other male teen was and turned back just in time to see Sam remove the Cybertronian's head from its body. Harry was very tempted to face palm at Sam's stupidity (How could he not notice the mini aerial dish on its back?) but refrained from doing so due to the sudden silence.

Having the roof suddenly ripped off caused Sam and Mikaela to scream while Harry quickly casted a Protego around them since there was many sizeable bricks falling from it. A concussion was not what any of them needed right now.

Starscream shoved a clawed servo into what was left of the building, likely trying to snatch up one or both of them but only succeeded in knocking the three humans over as they tried to stay out of his reach. A quick severing charm had the Decepticon jerking it back when the spell cut through part of his servo, causing some energon to be spilled. It was enough to give the humans time to get back on their feet with Sam repeating "Up!" as they escaped.

The Decepticon SIC roared in both anger and pain, using his other servo to knock down the wall they had been closest to. Luckily, nothing hit them but the only way out was a set of stone stairs. Mikaela led the way, pulling Sam along with her. Harry's attention was all over the place with his new sense going haywire, telling him that they were surrounded by a bunch of Cons. Starscream was definitely still on their tail as well. Nevertheless, he wasn't far behind the other two teens.

He nearly got hit by a yellow mech that was swinging a crane claw around, but managed to just miss it. A quick shot of an overcharged Diffindo had the claw separating from the rest of the Decepticon, who bellowed out in agony. He looked back in front just in time to see Mikaela stop at the end of the structure. Luckily, Sam was still with her and telling her "Get ready to jump!" while holding her hand. They did so together and Harry was only a second behind them when the Cons got trigger happy and shot where they had just been standing. The force of the explosion pushed all three of them further than expected, which ended with all three grunting as they hit the rooftop before rolling on to a section of straw roof that collapsed underneath them. Despite all of them aching slightly, the spells taking a lot of the damage, they instantly got back up and continued to run.

When they had stopped in a building that had some chickens in it, they peered through a window to see the signs of battle. Smoke rising in the distance and guns being fired all over the place. Fortunately, they seemed to have managed to lose the Cons but the Wizard knew that this wouldn't last for long. Already, he could feel them getting closer.

"We got a half-mile. I don't think the soldiers know we're here" Sam said, sounding short of breath. Even Harry was starting to feel winded. He could only hope that they would make it before they ran out of fumes.

POV Change

A line of soldiers were attempting to keep the increasing number of Decepticons back but they were having little luck, even Jazz and Prowl (Jazz having moved to the front of the battle with Prowl to lend a servo to their human comrades) were finding it hard. Prowl, seeing that the little effect they were having, ordered the humans to "Fall back!" while the two Autobots did their best to protect them.

Chromia was weaving between soldiers, firing at the Cons while also helping anyone injured back to safety. Seeing her Sparkmate, she quickly grabbed one human who's leg was damaged and repeated Prowl's command while giving her own one "Fall back! Ironhide, up the middle!"

The Autobot had already begun transforming when Lennox and the rest came running towards him, shouting "Ironhide, move it!" a few of the soldiers were already climbing into the trunk (Some who were wounded being helped in) when Will go there with Epps and Sirius joined them.

"Let's go! Go, go!" Lennox shouted. Arcee, Chromia and Elita-One circling the lot of them protectively and blasters drawn.

Sirius decided that this was the perfect time to have the brilliant *cough*mental*cough* idea to stick himself to Ironhide's hood, shooting off spell after spell all the while with a feral smirk on his face. Most were waiting for him to start laughing manically. It wouldn't be one of the strangest things the man had done while they were fighting. There was one time where he had started singing the song 'It's A Small World After All' and almost caused his own allies to shoot at him, especially when it got stuck in all of their heads. It had been a long trip home and that mission was firmly placed in the 'Never Ever Bring up Again' file.

Lennox looked up at the slightly deranged looking Wizard as he cackled in glee "You're enjoying this way too much to be considered sane"

"What gave it away?" Sirius asked sarcastically, sending another Bombarda at a Con that looked like he was getting a little too close. He then looked back at Lennox with a shit eating grin "Besides, madness goes hand in hand with my family. You should see my cousin. She's much worse"

Will shuddered at the thought of there being a more crazy and female version of the dog Animagus. He was going to be having nightmares for weeks if he survived this.

Second half will be put up shortly so no need to wait. Hope you all like.