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I was met with a brick wall, unable to stop myself i slammed into it.I clenched my body in pain. "What the-" was all i managed to get out. I opened my eyes to find a clawed fist rushing to my face "Not again :(" The Fist connected and HOLY HELL it hit like a train. I was sent flying back and crashed into a house . My mind went blank "My back was in the opposite direction of the yellow ponies house".

I open my eyes to find i'm in another ponies house. I get up quickly and fly out of it , looking for the yellow ponies house. I spotted it but found nothing except the same bloodied crying yellow pony. I was confused but quickly opened my eyes wide in surprise and ducked low kicking behind me as a paw wooshed past me. I made contact with something. "YOU!".I heard in a voice that sent chills down even my spine. I looked at what i hit . "oh damn"

It was discord, the god of was seething with fury, literally, he was boiling with steam coming out of his ears. I would have thought it funny if I wasn't what he was angry about. "YOU!" He repeated, shouting with a voice that felt like it ripped through my soul. "Discord, My old friend, How have you been." . If looks could kill i'd be dead a million times over. "YOU HURT FLUTTERSHY" . "oh s**t" Fluttershy? Is that the name of the yellow pony? I'm gonna guess so, he's not really in the mood for questions. "Can't we just talk this out?"

I was responded with a growl as he snapped his fingers. Suddenly I was surrounded by a vortex of swirling dark clouds. They started blasting lightning at me and i tried to dodge in a futile attempt "so that's how it's gonna be, huh". I stopped trying to dodge and instead charged up my magic . Time to fight fire with fire , or in this case storm with inferno "Izsekzo!"(Inferno)A powerful blaze erupted from my body shielding me from the storm. It then expanded combining with the storm and growing tremendously consuming discord, bringing him in .

I spoke another incantation "Beam!"(Seal). Making him unable to escape. "Why are you here!?" He asked . I didn't know whether i should tell the truth making him even more mad or lie. Honesty is a virtue. "I'm here to kill fluttershy" . Boy was that the wrong choice. "HOW DARE YOU!" He shouted rushing at me. I decided to take him head on and he crashed into me pushing me against the fire vortex.

"It's NOT MY CHOICE" I yelled pushing back and punching him in the face. "THEN WHO'S IS IT" He yelled, shoving me and then kicking me in the side. I caught his leg and threw him down. "IT'S TO SAVE MY PEOPLE FROM EXTINCTION" I charged up a huge amount of magic but he slammed into me before i could speak the incantation. "YOU WILL PAY FOR MAKING FLUTTERSHY CRY".

He Fired a powerful blast of magic that i was unable to dodge so was forced to take it head on. It hit directly and it knocked me into the firewall while it started to rip at my skin "How will i get out of this" I then thought about plan b. Plan A was supposed to be an assassination, but it failed. Plan B was supposed to be used only in emergencies. The blast ripped apart one of my wings and knocked me out of the firewall breaking apart the seal and storm with it. I was knocked back with such a force i'm pretty sure i lost consciousness in mid flight for a second.

I ended up crashing into a big building. I didn't even have time to think about where i was before discord grabbed me by the neck. I'm surprised he managed to lift me up, but he did. Broken and almost hopeless i was unable to resist. "I don't care about you or your species..." he spoke almost a whisper, sending shivers down my numb spine. "but you do NOT hurt Fluttershy" . I chuckled "So, are you gonna kill me now or what?". He raised his hand for what i thought would be the final blow. Instead he snapped his fingers and we were back at fluttershy's house. I gave a confused look. "I may be a god of chaos but i'm not a murderer" He responded quietly but dripping with poison. He let go and i fell a foot or two.

I looked up and the four ponies i had first seen were there as well as with two others. They were charging some kind of magic . Discord had mercy but that was a mistake. I quickly charged up as much energy as i could muster and discord tried to knock me down. I blasted him away with my magic as i started to float upwards. "I buwwoz xve souk vokbeb os xve aqopamyqbe; nak,sawize,feaxv, azf pozduebx. Sicvx sok we!" (I summon the four horses of the apocalypse war,famine,death , and conquest. Fight for me!) Plan B was now in effect i had all the elements delivered on a silver platter.

Even if it was dangerous I had to summon them. Four apparitions started to manifest out of seemingly thin air. First was a white stallion equipped with a bow and quiver. He was tall and had a powerful atmosphere He is Conquest. The second was a red horse covered in scars of battle and equipped with a large sword He is War. The third was a black wrinkled horse carrying a scale and looked like he was sick with every disease this is Famine. The last but certainly not least was a pale skeletal horse holding a scythe followed by skeletons and other ghoulish creatures this is Death.A powerful looking chain was generated onto them and made it's way to me.

This is the chain that keeps them under my control. If the chain breaks so does my control on them.I told the horses to charge at the ponies and discord tried to defend them but war just charged into him probably breaking a few of his bones. The ponies were scared manureless but continued with the spell. They turned into totally different ponies that glowed like the morning sun. A powerful pulse blasted off them and it collided with me and the four horses. The horses were barely fazed but was blasted into a tree and was slowly losing consciousness. "no, no no no no no NO!" I was losing control on the chain. The horses stopped charging and looked at me. Understanding what was happening. They turned towards the forest "NO!" I screamed. They stopped. I had gotten control back. Just as i did this I looked over to see the elements had fired another blast. This one a beam of swirling rainbows. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" It collided with me. I lost control on the chain.

Not only had i failed to complete my mission but i had also unleashed the four horses of the apocalypse. This will cause suffering, yes, but without control. death will take the souls of the killed and use them for his army and they can still come to perdition, my home, and kill my people. I've failed. I wanted to save my people and made too many mistakes. Now i've doomed all of equestria. I started to cry, or what felt like crying. Everything is black and i'm completely numb. I'm probably dead at this point. I just wish i could undo what i did. I thought of fluttershy "She doesn't deserve this, not at all. I just wish i could save her. Her heart and soul are pure. I regret the choices i've made. If only i had a second chance and a choice where i could save everyone and make everyone happy." I thought of my brother, Aldrin. "I told him i'd be fine, i promised him even. Now he, along with all my people are probably gonna get killed". If only i had the power to save everyone... if only. The world went bright as I lost my grip on life.

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