The Pet Boy of Fairy Tail

Chapter 1: Horrible Mistake

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"Put on your clothes"= Regular Talking


'Put on your Clothes' = thinking/ thoughts

*moan* = Sounds

~A few weeks After the events of the Grand Magical games~

-Fairy Tail Guild-

It had been a normal day for Fairy Tail and everyone was relaxing in their own ways. Gray was half naked, Juvia was stalking him from a far, Cana was drinking the guilds supply of alcohol, Erza was eating a slice of strawberry cheese cake and day dreaming about a certain Dragon slayer, Lucy was complaining about her rent being due, Happy was fawning over Carla who was ignoring his presence, and Natsu was sitting at the bar sulking. Actually for Fairy Tail this was a fairly quiet day, since most people were away on jobs due to the large amounts of them that were being sent to the guild,

"I can't believe Erza beat me again." Natsu said.

"You'll beat her someday." Mira comforted.

"No he won't Erza's too strong." Happy said while munching on some fish.

"Happy you traitor, sometimes I think Mira is the only one who is nice to me." Natsu said.

"I'm nice to you." Happy said.

"Give me an example of a time you've been nice to me in the past week?" Natsu asked.

"I gave you some fish yesterday." Happy said.

"First of all you threw it at me when I was asleep and secondly it was all bones." Natsu said.

"It still counts." Happy defended.

"No it doesn't." Natsu said.

"I think you should be grateful that I even considered giving you my fish." Happy said.

"Whatever." Natsu huffed.

"Natsu you seem a bit stressed, maybe we can release some stress together again." Mira suggested while leaning over the counter; giving Natsu a good view of her cleavage and a bit of her black lacy bra.

"Not in the guild Mira." Natsu said with a small blush. No one in the guild knew this but Natsu and Mira had started a secret relationship were they would help each other when they were stressed. The relationship was mainly sexual because Mira didn't have the guts to take it any further and Natsu was a bit unaware of the white haired demon's feelings.

"Is it because we almost got caught last time?" Mira asked.

"That's one reason and there are too many people here." Natsu said.

"What are you two talking about?" Happy asked.

"Nothing." both of them said.

"I don't really care, I just want more fish." Happy said.

"Sure Happy." Mira said cheerfully, as she put another huge plate of fish in front of the blue exceed.

"I wish you would wear less revealing clothes, it makes it almost impossible to resist you." Natsu said.

"That's the point." Mira said seductively as she crossed her arms under her large bust, making them look even bigger

"I'm leaving." Natsu mumbled, as he got up off his stool.

"Did I make you hard already?" Mira teased.

"No." Natsu replied with a small blush.

"It's too bad I can't tell whether or not you're hard, since you pants are so baggy." Mira teased.

"Now I'm definitely leaving." Natsu responded.

"Were are you going?" Happy asked.

"I'm going to pull a prank on Erza." Natsu said.

"Do you want me to mess with her cake? like I did last time?" Mira asked.

"Seriously Mira, since the games you've been acting like your old self again." Natsu said.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Mira asked.

"You used to be very scary." Natsu said.

"I can still be very scary if I want." Mira said.

"I know you can." Natsu sighed.

"So do you want me to help you or not?" Mira asked.

"I've got a very good idea that will make Erza pay for beating me up." Natsu said with a devilish smile.

"You could just not fight her." Happy suggested.

"That will never happen!" Natsu exclaimed as he ran out of the guild.

"He's so cute when he gets excited." Mira said with a blush as she watched Natsu live the guild.

'Why was he so loud, He made me wake up from my dream of marrying him and raising two kids together .' Erza thought. Unlike most of her obsessions, Erza managed to keep the one she had for Natsu hidden from everyone in the guild, including a very talkative barmaid. Sometimes her imagination would get out of hand and she would start fantasising about them in sexual situations, most of them involved her being absolutely dominated by a certain Fire Dragon Slayer.

"Erza what's wrong, you've been spacing out for a while?" Lucy asked.

"I was simply day dreaming." Erza said.

"What were you dreaming about?" The blonde stellar mage inquired.

"It better not of been about Gray-sama." Juvia said.

"Was it about me?" Gray while only wearing his pants.

"Of course not." Erza said which made Gray lose all of his male pride.

"I think Erza-san was thinking about cake like usual." Wendy said.

"I agree." Carla said.

"That makes the most sense." Lucy said.

"I bet she was dreaming about fish." Happy added.

"I don't think that's right." All of them said.

"Why don't you just tell us?" Gray said.

"Do you think I only think about eating cake?" Erza asked in a threatening tone.

"That's not what we were saying." Lucy said.

"I'm sorry, I over reacted, you may strike me." Erza offers.

"There's no need for that and plus it was a simple misunderstanding." Lucy said.

"Can you just tell us about your day dream so there is no more confusion." The white exceed suggested.

"I was dreaming about my future husband and kids." Erza said. No one in the group knew what to say and no one really wanted to ask who the poor sucker was so Lucy made the smart decision to change the subject.

"So do you guys know were Natsu is?" Lucy asked. "We were meant to take a job together." Lucy said.

"I saw Natsu-san run out of the guild with that face he makes when he is about to do something very stupid." Wendy said.

"If it's flame brain, he's defiantly doing something that will land him in the infirmary, I can't wait to see what that dip shit did." Gray said as he took over his pants. Gray was smashed into the ground a few second after.

"Do not swear in front of Wendy and PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON!" Erza yelled.

"Here are your clothes Gray-sama." Juvia said handed him his clothes which were perfectly folded.

"Sure." Gray said kind of coldly but this didn't seem to faze Juvia.

"You really need to get over Gray." Lucy said.

"You're just saying that so Juvia lets her guard down and then you will steal Gray-sama." Juvia said.

"That's not it at all but I'm just saying he doesn't seem that interested." Lucy said.

"That is because you know nothing about love." Juvia said.

"That is true since I've never even kissed a boy or even been on a real date." Lucy said.

"What do you mean by real date?" Wendy asked. Lucy didn't answer she just did her best to repress the memory of her thinking that Natsu was going to ask her out and it just turned out that he just wanted Virgo to dig a hole.

"I prefer not to talk about it." Lucy said.

"Are you talking about when you thought Natsu wanted to go on a date with you?" Happy suggested.

"When did that happen?" Wendy asked.

"It happened a little bit before you joined the guild, Juvia brought in this weird potion, everyone started acting crazy and Lucy was even crazier since she thought that Natsu wanted to ask her out." Happy said while giggling to himself.

"How did you know I was doing that? I thought Gray was casing you the entire day?" Lucy questioned.

"Natsu told me." Happy said.

"And before you ask how he knew, he heard you talking to yourself before you came to help him." Happy said. Lucy and Juvia hid their heads in embarrassment when they remembered the incident.

"That's funny, I don't remember that happening." Erza said.

"Same here." Gray said.

"Maybe the potion had some side effects." Happy said.

"Since Natsu isn't here and we need him for jobs, I'm going to buy some more cake and clothes before heading home." Erza said as she left her chair.

"Bye Erza-san." Wendy said.

~Meanwhile Fairy Hills~

"I must be stealthy, like a ninja." Natsu said, while making an odd hand gesture and wrapping his scarf around his face. Natsu was currently sneaking through the hallways, looking for the room that belonged to Erza. So far he was not having any luck, considering he had to remain unseen and usually he always charges in without thinking.

'This is risky but it will be worth it when I see Erza's face, when she see's my name burnt into her wall.' Natsu thought with a laugh. In his stroll through the halls, Natsu remembered there was a very easy way to find the scarlet haired knight's room. Natsu sniffed the air until he picked up on the scent of strawberries and metal, Natsu began to follow that alluring smell and eventually found his destination.

Natsu walked into the rooms and started looking for a free wall, which was very difficult since most of her walls were taken up by Erza's armours. Natsu found it kind of amazing how large her collection was. He eventually found a room without armour, instead the room had a queen sized bed, that looked much more comfortable than Lucy's.

'It looks comfortable, maybe I should give it a try.' Natsu thought as he jumped onto the bed and got under the covers. Natsu instantly fell asleep when he did. Little did he know, this was the worst mistake the reckless Dragon Slayer had ever made.

-Later at night-

Erza was walking through the halls of Fairy Hills, on her way to her room. Erza had just came back from the bathroom. She needed to to calm down after thinking about Natsu and eating an entire cake at the same time.

'I need to get him out of my head.' Erza said with a small blush. Erza was feeling very hot and bothered, so she knew what she had to do. Erza reached her room and she requiped into her purple pyjamas.

'I wonder which one I will read tonight.' Erza pondered as she looked through her shelf of dirty books. She ended up picking a book she 'persuaded' an author to write, the book was about a handsome pink haired man saving a red haired girl from slavery. Erza made sure to keep this book a secret since it was very obvious who the book was about.

"This one is definitely my favourite." Erza said with a blush, as she remembered how many times she had gotten off to it. Erza got onto her bed but she didn't seem to notice the bump in her bed.

The knight began to read her book, but unlike most nights, she skipped straight to the love scene.

-Erza's mind-

'Erza I love you.' Natsu proclaimed, as he stared into Erza's beautiful brown eyes. Erza was currently on Natsu's king sized bed, with Natsu caging her in his strong arms. Both of them were barely dressed, Natsu was only wearing his underwear and Erza was only wearing a black pair of panties.

'Since when?' Erza said, she was doing her best to hide her embarrassment.

'Ever since the day I saved you.' Natsu said.

'What about your wife?' Erza asked.

'She was never really my wife. She was just a friend who was pretending , so my parents would leave me alone.' Natsu replied before leaning in.

'What are you going to do to me? Erza asked.

'I'm going to make love to you.' Natsu said, before sealing Erza's lips with his own. Erza was over joyed that Natsu was going to be the one to take her innocence but a few issues still worried her. Natsu pulled away from the kiss and stared at Erza again, who covered her chest and avoided eye contact.

'You are no longer the girl I saved when I was young, today you are the woman I fell in love with.' Natsu said.

'But what will your parents do when they find out you love someone like me?' Erza asked.

'They will try to separate me from you and that's why we're leaving here after tonight.' Natsu answered.

'What about you're money?' Erza asked.

'I don't care about it and plus, the only thing I need is you and the kids we will create and love together.' Natsu replied.

'You're willing to give everything up, just to be with me?' Erza said.

'Of course I would but the real question right now is, how do you feel about me?' Natsu asked.

'I love you with all my heart.' Erza responded. Natsu kissed her again but this time was more heated. Erza returned the kiss with equal passion. During there kiss Natsu's hand moved down to her panties, which were getting very wet in anticipation. Natsu removed her panties and inserted two digits into her previously untouched maidenhood. Natsu gently slide his fingers in and out of Erza, making the scarlet haired beauty moan.

Natsu pulled away from the kiss and started planting kisses down her body. He stopped at her nipples so he could gently nibble at her erect nipple, She was amazed at how well he knew her body's weak spots. Once he had enjoyed her breasts he moved even further down, so he was facing her clean shaven entrance.

'Please eat me.' Erza begged her saviour.

'As long as it makes you feel good, I will gladly do anything.' Natsu said. Natsu used his tongue to trace the sensitive spot above her slit. Erza loved every thing Natsu was doing to her body and there was only one more thing that she wanted more than this.


"Yes Natsu." Erza moaned as she inserted two fingers into her lower lips, pretending that it was the dragon slayer pleasuring her. Erza's other hand was used to pinch and play with her very sensitive nipples. Erza increased her speed when the books love scene heated up, her fingers became coated in her juices. Once she had obtained a good pace , Erza let her imagination run wild. Erza would always fantasise about how Natsu would be like in bed. Was he aggressive and energetic, like he was in battle, or was he gentle and loving, like this book said. Honestly, Erza loved the idea of Natsu being rough with her. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted him.

'How does he do this to me.' Erza pondered, her climax was very close. Erza could barely keep her eyes open any more and containing her voice was impossible for her. After a few more finger thrusts, Erza's mind went blank, her back arched and she sprayed her essence on her bed sheets. Erza laid there trying to regain her composure and breath but the thought of Natsu brought back a hot feeling between her legs.

"Why do I feel even hotter?" Erza asked herself, as her lust for the fire dragon slayer started to take over her mind. The redhead reached into one of her draws and grabbed a purple phallus shaped toy. Erza really preferred not to use it but when she was like this, she really didn't have a choice. She lined it up with her entrance, before she started to thrust it in and out of her.

"Natsu~." Moaned Erza as the toy went in and out of her at unimaginable speeds. Right now all she wanted was to find Natsu and have her fuck her brains out. She roughly grabbed her breasts, adding to her already intense pleasure.

"MORE NATSU! GIVE ME MORE!" Erza howled as she came again. Her mind was so clouded, she didn't notice the moving in her bed sheets.

'Mira?' Natsu thought as he began to wake up. When he did, he could smell the strong scent of arousal present. Natsu looked to his side and noticed that Erza's huffing and puffing with her clothes off.

"What are you doing Erza?" Natsu asked as he sat up. Erza turned the same colour as her hair when she realised Natsu had been there the whole time.

"I-i-i-it's not what it looks like." Erza defended.

"Really? It looks like you were masturbating and with a toy as well." Natsu said.

"I was just releasing stress." Erza half lied.

"How come you were saying my name?" Natsu asked. Erza was too embarrassed to give an answer, instead she put on her clothes. Erza regained her composure and ran over what had happened. When she realised what happened she decided to run it over in her mind.

'Ok first of all, Natsu leaves the guild early to play some sort of prank, I come home to pleasure myself and then it turns out that Natsu had been here the entire time.' Erza thought. Erza was furious that Natsu had snuck into Fairy Hills to play a prank on her but she was even more furious that Natsu had caught her playing with herself.

'Re-quip Purgatory Armour!' Erza said before changing into one of her most feared armours. Erza brought the large black mace down onto Natsu's head but the dragon slayer just managed to dodge it.

"What the hell was that for Erza?" Natsu asked.

"YOU SAW ME!" Erza yelled, before swinging the mace again.

"Of course I saw you, I see you everyday." Natsu said, he clearly didn't understand the situation.


"I'm not acting." Natsu said, while dodging the large mace.

"YOU MUST PAY FOR SEEING ME DO INDECENT THINGS TO MYSELF AND FOR BREAKING INTO A FEMALE ONLY DORM!" Erza booms. Erza swings downwards with as much power as gather and the mace smashed Natsu into the lobby. Natsu falls unconscious because of the fall, he was actually lucky that he did get knocked out from the hit because he wouldn't have to feel the worst beat down of his life.

-An Hour later-

Natsu's unconscious body was tied up in the lobby. The girls that lived in Fairy Tail were discussing how to punish the Dragon Slayer. Erza was suggesting that they kill him but luckily everyone disagreed with that idea.

"You only want to spare him because you didn't go through what I did." Erza said.

"What did he do to you?" Wendy asked.

"I will not disclose that." Erza said.

"I think we should let Natsu-san go since you already beat him up." Wendy said.

"That cannot happen, he violated the rules of Fairy Hills and he must have a proper punishment." Erza said.

"Let's burn him." A very drunk Cana suggested. Everyone just ignored this comment

"Juvia can put him in a water lock until he says he is sorry." Juvia added. Though it seemed like a good idea at first, someone pointed out that Natsu would most likely try to either evaporate the water with his magic or drink the water. Juvia blushed at the thought of another man other than her Gray-sama drinking her. Wendy also pointed out that Natsu couldn't talk underwater.

"I can put him into one of my works of art." Laki said.

"That won't work." Erza said.

"Why not?" Laki asked.

"Because they are made out of wood." Wendy pointed out.

"Maybe I can turn him to stone and use him as a reminder to other guys who might have the same idea." Evergreen said.

"That sounds like a great idea." Erza said.

'Maybe I can even use his body when no one is looking.' Erza thought pervertedly.

"That sounds way to cruel and he won't be able to go on jobs." Levy said. The girls thought of more ways to punish Natsu, said Dragon Slayer woke up a few minutes into the conversation.

"Why does everything hurt?" Natsu asked when he woke up.

"Do you want me to heal you?" Wendy asked.

"That would be nice." Natsu replied.

"The will not be happening." Erza said.

"Why?" Natsu asked.

"Because you are in trouble." Erza said.

"What did I do?" Natsu questioned.

"You broke into my room." Erza said.

"Oh yeah." Natsu realised.

"And right now we are trying to figure out a way to punish you." Erza said.

"What about letting me go." Natsu suggested.

"No, you must pay for what you saw." Erza said.

"I don't know why you're angry I've seen you naked plenty of times but still not as much as Lucy." Natsu said. Everyone in the room started blushing, some more than others.

"I really think we should let him go." Wendy said with concern very clear in her voice. Most of the girls wondered why Wendy insisted on letting Natsu go but no one decided to voice it.

"Maybe we can make him our slave, that way he can still go on jobs but he has to stay with whoever is in charge of him for the day." Cana said, before she passed due to the large amount of booze she had consumed.

"That sounds like a great idea." Erza said.

"I think that is a pretty appropriate punishment." Evergreen said. Everyone agreed that it was good idea.

"Like hell I'm going to be your slave." Natsu said.

"It's not really up to you." Laki said, before she put a magical shock collar around his neck.

"Why do you have this?" Natsu asked.

"Reasons." Laki said.

"Why don't we give it a trial run." Erza said.

"Ok." Laki said as she pressed the button. Natsu received a shock that was as bad as getting hit my Laxus' lighting.

"Where the fuck did you get something so strong?" Natsu asked, due to his poor choice in language, he got another shock.

"Stop fucking doing that." Natsu yelled and like last time he got shocked again.

"No fowl language around Wendy and you will refer to whoever owns you for that day as mistress." Erza said.

"Fine whatever, but when I find a way to get this off me I'm going to AHHHH!" Natsu said before getting shocked again.

"Make sure to get one for everyone here." Erza said.

"So who is going to have Natsu tonight?" Levy asked.

"He will sleep like he is tonight and we will sort out who gets him first tomorrow morning." Erza said.

"Now everyone get to bed and that includes you too." Erza demanded as he pointed to Natsu.

"Whatever." Natsu said.

"Don't worry Natsu, we will have plenty of fun together." Erza said as she left for her room.

-Wendy's Room-

'This is not going to end well, it's almost his time of the year.' Wendy thought.

"What's wrong child, something seems to be on your mind." Carla asked.

"Don't worry Carla, I'm perfectly fine." Wendy replied.

"I know you're fine but the person you're worrying about doesn't seem to be.." Carla said.

"How can you tell that I'm worried about someone else?" Wendy inquired.

"Because you are always thinking about others, instead of yourself." Carla replied.

"I was just worried about Natsu-san." Wendy said.

"Don't worry child, I'm sure he will be fine." Carla said.

"Now let's get some sleep." Carla continued.

"If you say so." Wendy said.

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