Pet boy of Fairy Hills

Chapter 13: Battle of the Fairies

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Natsu found himself in a very awkward situation, probably one of the most awkward ones in his life. Even the situation with the Strauss sister couldn't compare. The Dragon Slayer was currently standing in the middle of the Fairy Hills lobby, half naked with his rival's ex-stalker laying down naked and exhausted in front of him. It didn't stop there, Evergreen was standing in front of them, which would have been bad enough without the fact that her face and breasts had been covered in his seed. This was especially bad as the site of the bespectacled mage covered in his thick essence made him stand to attention. The room stayed silent as Evergreen started to clean herself up in a way none of them were expecting.

Even the scheming succubus was surprised that the brunette had seductively swallowed every last drop of Natsu's cum with such vigor. 'My my, that stuff is way more potent than it should be, but that's perfect... I'm going to have all my power back and then some, plus I'll have the perfect servant to go along with my new power, but I mustn't get ahead of myself, there is still a lot of work to be done.' Lillith thought. Allowing Mirajane to take over her body was the single best idea the demon had concocted, even it had come at the cost of most of her power. All she needed to was wait, manipulate a few things from time to time and enjoy the show.

"That was hot." Natsu muttered, causing a short silence. That silence was only broken when they heard the sound of footsteps heading towards them. Everone turned to the footsteps belonged to Erza Scarlet, who was stunned at the situation. She wasn't necessarily surprised that something like this had finally happened, but she was still surprised who was involved. Juvia eye's widened in fear when she saw the red haired maid as she quickly began to collect her clothing and scuttle away, but not before throwing her beloved his clothes. "Thanks, Juvia." He whispered. While he pinkette wasn't happy that he wouldn't get to spend more time with the water mage, but he was happy to watch as Juvia struggled to snuggle the biggest and best ass in Fairy Tail into a pair of tight tiny shorts. The view was only improved by how her ass jiggled as she went up the stairs. Natsu was so invested in bluenette's ass that he completely forgot that there were two other women and that his bottom half was completely bare, giving them both an unobstructed view his hardened manhood.

Much like how he couldn't take his eyes off of Juvia, they couldn't take their off of him. Erza couldn't pry her eyes away from the man's cock, it had brought her an unparalleled amount of pleasure and she knew that there was more to come. The redhead was also struggling hold off on the new urge to service the man in every way she could. 'Dear Mavis this is unbearable, I just need to wait a little more.' Erza thought, rubbing her thighs together in failing attempt to hide her arousal.

Unaware of the Dragon Slayer's new abilities, Evergreen was unsure why she was reacting the way she was, it certainly wasn't the first time seeing a man's member, but never had she never wanted one so much. She'd never been a very generous lover, but the thought of putting the thick piece of meat in her mouth or smothering it between her bust made her maidenhood yearn for the man. Unfortunately for the woman's sanity, thoughts of the Dragon Slayer didn't stop there and her mind was soon flooded of with vivid thoughts of how the man could defile her. 'So they weren't just rumors.' Evergreen thought as the heat began to overwhelm her.

Juvia's big round derriere eventually left Natsu's view and he realized that his pants were still down, causing him to quickly pull them up. Both women snapped out of their state, even if they were struggling to deal with the ever climbing heat. "Sorry about that, I was distracted by something... Beautiful." Natsu said, making sure to mutter the last part. The pinkette turned towards the brunette and began to speak. "So what are we going to do Evergreen?" He asked.

Evergreen waited a few moments, allowing herself to rid herself of her blush and regained her composure. "Well, I did intend on handing you over to Laxus today, but I've changed my mind." Evergreen said with a smirk, gaining the attention of both Natsu and Erza. Surprisingly, the pinkette was interested as to what the brown haired woman had planned for him. He hadn't spent much time with the woman and he wondered what she wanted from him. Erza, on the other hand, was more worried than interested. Her worry proved to be well placed when Evergreen spoke. "Please be a dear and pin Erza down." She ordered.

"Are you serious?" Natsu questioned. Evergreen's expression became stern before she took out the object that the Dragon Slayer feared the most. The brunette smirked when she saw the fear in the man's eyes. She began to trace the button, making the fearless pinkette panic. Working on this, Natsu pushed the red haired knight down, pinning her down as instructed. Luckily for him, Erza didn't put up much of a fight. The brown haired mage found it rather amusing to see the redhead submit so quickly.

"So I guess the rumors are true, that aside, put this around her neck." Evergreen ordered as she threw a familiar looking shock collar at the man. Natsu was a little reluctant until he noticed two things. First and foremost, Evergreen was hovering over the button, but the more concerning thing was Erza's reaction to the situation. The redhead looked like she was ready to take whatever came to her. Natsu was beginning to think she was getting too submissive for her own good and he put the collar on her as instructed. "Good job Natsu. I hope that both of you are going to be nice and obedient today." She said with a smile. She then watched as the two got up.

"Is this allowed?" Natsu asked, still a little thrown by his lover's willingness, even if he did find it hot. The woman was starting to remind him of another masochistic maid. The pinkette's thoughts didn't stay on the pink haired spirit for long as Evergreen began to speak up.

"Well, if the rumors are true, there should be no problem. She is serving under you and due to the chain of command, she will also be serving under me today." Evergreen explained with her confidence growing as it really sunk in that she had both Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet as her personal toys for the day. There was only one other person who'd appreciate an opportunity like this more than her, but she was off somewhere else. "Enough waiting around, there's so much I want to do with the both of you." She continued as she started heading out of the dormitory.

Natsu and Erza followed the bespectacled woman out of the building and into Magnolia. The walk into the town was surprisingly pleasant for the fire mage, he got to spend time with two gorgeous women. It turned out that the brunette was a lot more fun than he thought. Unfortunately for him, Evergreen's demeanor changed once they had entered Magnolia. This wasn't a surprise to Erza whatsoever. Once in town, Evergreen paraded the two around with an unparalleled amount of pride, making sure to take it slowly so that everyone was very well aware of her power. By the time they had reached the guild, Natsu was certain that the entire town was aware of his situation.

"Good morning everyone, I'd like you to meet Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet, my servants." Evergreen announced as she entered. As she'd hoped, her entrance was met with a massive response by her guild members. She could see the lustful looks directed at Erza by the men and she could see some very jealous looks from the women. "Natsu, get me something to eat and Erza, I need you to make me a chair befitting of me."

"Wait, don't you mean, find you a chair?" Erza asked, sounding very confused. The pinkette was also confused by his mistress's orders. Evergreen just smirked and reaffirmed that she meant what she said. She then pointed at the massive block of wood sitting on the other side of the room. Erza gritted her teeth and swallowed her pride before she summoned two swords. "Fine, I'll make the best damn chair ever, mistress." She told the beauty, who just laughed.

Not wanting to get involved, Natsu made a bee-line to the guild's bar. Luckily for him, there was barely anyone at the bar. He looked around a little and noticed that Kinana was busy serving her guildmates. The Dragon Slayer continued to survey the guild, and only two things really caught his attention. Erza was busy carving up the wooden block into a chair, while Wendy and Cana were sharing a drink. The second one worried him, while the blue haired Dragon Slayer's mating period had been significantly shortened due to her marking him. However, he wasn't sure if he could deal with a drunk, female Dragon Slayer. Natsu decided to turn back to the bar and he was pleasantly surprised. He had finally found Mirajane and she was currently looking for something, allowing Natsu a great view of the second best ass in the guild.

Natsu quickly forgot about what he was supposed to be doing and was stuck staring at the woman. He had to use every ounce of self-restraint not to jump over the bar and have his way with his long time lover. Things were made even more difficult when she started to talk. "Oh, come on Natsu, I know you just want to jump over here and have your way with me." Mirajane teased before she sprung back up. She turned around carrying a pair of jugs before leaning against the counter, making her breasts appear even bigger. She smiled when she saw the perverse grin on the fire mage's face and continued to speak. "Whatever happened to that sweet boy who took my virginity all those years ago, I'm worried that you." The beauty joked.

"Don't be like that Mira, it's not like I'm that different." Natsu replied. This only made Mirajane want to tease the man more. The pinkette knew he was in for it when he saw the smile on her face. It wasn't the caring one that had made her the guild's motherly figure, it was the devilish one that would normally strike fear into a person's heart. It didn't really make Natsu feel fear, rather than worried. Mirajane never cracked that kind of smile in public.

"Don't blame yourself, it's my fault for leaving you when I knew you were going into heat again... I should have stayed and taken care of you because we both know that I'm the only one that can really handle you." Mirajane continued, her eyes turning a familiar lustful shade of red when she said the last part, which went unnoticed by the man. It was a little concerning, but it didn't stop there and Mirajane pulled the man in and gave him a long lustful kiss. Lust was very familiar and then Natsu realized that something was a little off. The pinkette moved away from his white haired before really taking a look at her. "I hope you haven't forgotten about me Dragon boy... I'll be seeing you very soon."

"So you're still here Lillith, why don't you come out so I can remind you who's in control." Natsu told the demon, only for her to collapse on the counter. Natsu began to panic, but moments later, the barmaid woke back up. He calmed down when he saw Mirajane's eyes return to their regular blue.

"Do my boobs really look that great? Oh, you really are becoming perverted." Mirajane joked. Natsu found himself even more confused, but he was just glad the woman was back to her usual self. "Well, I guess that's what happens when you're the manservant to some of Fiore's loveliest ladies for a week." She continued with a smile. "Speaking of which, did you come here just to stare at me? Or is there something you should be doing?"

"You're right, I need to get Evergreen food while Erza makes a chair for her." Natsu remembered. Mirajane looked over to the redhead and she felt a strong feeling of jealousy as the brunette continued to order Erza around. She couldn't believe that she hadn't managed to get the knight under her thumb. Natsu could see that the white haired woman was going to a very dark place. "Hey Mira, I'm going to need to get that food sooner rather than later."

"Sorry about that Natsu, I'll get that ready for you." Mirajane apologized before she rushed to the guild's kitchen, leaving the man by himself. This left himself a little bored for all of three seconds. That boredom was alleviated by the appearance of Juvia.

"Good morning Natsu-sama." Juvia greeted as she took a seat at the bar. Natsu was very happy to see the blue haired woman, especially after her exit. He could barely get the image of her ass out of his head. Juvia was very well versed in reading emotion and it was very easy for her to see Natsu's head was in the gutter. "Juvia is sorry Natsu-sama, she wasn't able to satisfy Natsu-sama fast enough and Juvia is sure that Natsu-sama still wants more." She continued, shifting in her seat a little. Ever since she'd had a taste of the Dragon Slayer, she couldn't have enough and she knew that he couldn't have enough of her, especially after their encounter in the morning. "Juvia just wants Natsu-sama to know that she's ready and willing anytime." She added, her eyes shifting from apologetic to aroused. Natsu was tempted to take the water mage right there and there, but he stopped himself when Mirajane returned. However, things weren't all bad as Juvia noticed the man's interest in her. 'He's going to end up in Evergreen-san's room tonight, Juvia is sure that she can work something out.'

"Sorry for the wait, Evergreen is a bit of a picky eater and I don't want you getting hurt." Mirajane said as she handed the pinkette a plate of food. Natsu thanked the woman before he dashed towards his mistress, who was sitting on a wooden throne with Erza acting as a foot rest. 'Damn it, that should be me.' The oldest Strauss thought.

"Good job you two, I just know this is going to be a fun day." Evergreen said when Natsu handed him her food.

~A few hours later~

After their trip to the guild, the pinkette and redhead had been dragged around Magnolia, doing various jobs for their brown haired master. Evergreen was having the time of her life while her two servants couldn't be more agitated. Not only had the orders become more demeaning and absurd, Natsu had barely been able to concentrate thanks to Erza strutting around in her maid outfit. Erza had also been unable to focus, being so close to the fire mage was driving her crazy thanks to a mixture of his out of control lust magic and his potent pheromones.

This didn't go unnoticed by Evergreen, who had allowed the two to stew in their lust. However, she had also fallen victim to Natsu's scent and she was now at breaking point. She was still unsure as to why she felt so strongly for the man, but she barely had a chance to think about it. Thoughts of the man were slowly consuming her and she had to do something about it fast. Her lewd thoughts eventually spawned and equally lewd idea. She led the two down to a much more quiet area of Magnolia. "Both of you, I need you to turn the next corner." Evergreen ordered.

"What about all these boxes?" Natsu asked. Evergreen replied by giving pressing the remotes button, shocking Natsu and Erza. Both had very different reactions. Natsu howled in pain while the masochistic redhead let out a scream that was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Despite the pain, Natsu found himself turned on by the confusing scream. Evergreen's servants followed her into the secluded alleyway. It was narrow enough to be hidden away but spacious enough to move around.

"This will be perfect." Evergreen muttered, quickly scanning the area. Evergreen wasted no time and found a seat on one of the many crates in the alley way. "I want to see how well the mighty Titania sucks a cock... Now get to work." The beauty ordered, surprising her servants. Both looked at her with a confused look, just to make sure that they heard her right. The bespectacled woman glared at the two and once again hovered over the button. Not wanting to deal with another shock, the two agreed to do as she said.

Erza was actually quite happy that she'd finally get to have fun with the pinkette. The redhead moved in front of her master before slowly getting to her knees. The knight turned maid couldn't contain her blush. She'd done a lot of perverted things recently, but sucking someone off in an alley was something she never saw herself doing. 'I feel so dirty doing this here, and it doesn't help that I'm being watched.' Erza thought, a moisture and heat quickly building in her loins. She slowly undid the man's pants, with Evergreen's anticipation and arousal growing by the second. Seeing this, the maid wasted no more time and with one fluid motion, she pulled the man's pants down, freeing the beast from its cage. "I'll take great care of you Master." The beauty said.

The redhead opened her mouth wide, taking the tip of the man's cock into her mouth. She slowly made her way along, all the way until she made it to the base before staring into the man's eyes. Erza felt a sense of pride at her ability to swallow the man's member, which was no easy feat. She started to move her head back, leaving a thin layer of her saliva on the man's cock. The redhead went to swallow the man's cock once more, but she only took half and she used her free hand to stroke the man's slippery girth. This allowed the woman to focus on the sensitive head. "You've gotten better." Natsu congratulated, letting out a small groan. While she still couldn't compare to the unique and wonderful feeling of Juvia's cool mouth or Mirajane's amount of experience, the pinkette loved the way Erza diligently sucked him off. Like with anything she did, she was a very hard worker.

It didn't take long before the alley way was filled with the lewd sound of sloppy sucking and slurping. These sounds were accompanied by something neither Natsu or Erza were expecting to hear so soon, the moans of their mistress. Natsu turned to face the source of the sound, and he loved what he saw. Evergreen was sat atop one of the large crates, playing with herself. Her coat, black thong, and bra had been discarded, her dress had been hiked up allowing Evergreen access to her soaked maidenhood. The brunette was busy working away at her maidenhood with her fingers and fondling her breasts with her other hand. "Like what you see Natsu? You might get some if you keep it up." Evergreen said as a deep blush appeared on her face. "I don't know how you're making me feel this way, but don't stop whatever you're doing." She continued as she continued to watch the two.

Erza realized that she was being overshadowed by the brown haired woman and she decided it was time to up her game. She pushed Natsu back against the wall before freeing her breasts from their confines. The redhead wasted no time and wrapped her large cushiony breasts around the pinkette's shaft. Being the diligent maid she was, she made sure that her master's sensitive tip got the attention it needed. Erza's tongue swirled around the needy head while her assets run up and down the impressive length of the man. "Fuck, you're good at this." Natsu groaned.

Natsu wondered how he hadn't got the redhead to do this for him yet, she certainly had a talent for it. He couldn't decide what he liked more, the way her firm boobs smothered his member or the feeling of Erza's tongue, lips and tight warm throat. Happy with the pleased look on the Dragon Slayer's face, she continued to work hard on the man's large pulsating member, making sure that no inch went unattended. "You like that, don't you Master?" Erza questioned as she went from sucking the man off to licking and toying with his bulbous head.

Like any good maid, she wanted the approval of her Dragon Slaying master. Luckily for her, the beauty's hard work was rewarded with the praise she had wanted. "You're amazing, Erza." Natsu moaned as his hips bucked. He was loving the situation. Not only was he getting an amazing service from his lover, while enjoying a very entertaining show.

The Dragon Slayer continued to enjoy the situation for a little while longer. Evergreen had found herself unable to climax at her own hands as she watched Erza please her man servant. She had always been selfish as a lover and she'd only performed oral on very few occasions, so watching her self-proclaimed rival do it was a real thrill for her. The brunette was also enjoying the expression plastered on the pinkette's face. It was obvious that he was getting very close and an idea popped into her mind. She climbed down from the boxes before giving the man a quick kiss, which was enough to make her feel a heat similar to the one in the morning. "You're close, aren't you?" Evergreen asked.

"Yeah... I am." Natsu replied with a moan. He had been holding out as long as he could. Natsu wasn't sure what Evergreen had planned for him after he finished with Erza, so he wanted to enjoy the redhead as much as possible.

Evergreen smiled at the reaction and she pushed the knight down before removing her glasses, turning Erza into a very surprised statue. Before Natsu could question the woman's, he found himself at the receiving end of another blowjob, courtesy of his mistress. Unlike Erza, who had taken her time and really took care of him, Evergreen was a lot faster and sloppy. However, Natsu found it incredibly sexy and it was felt amazing. It reminded him of the ones the white haired barmaid gave when they were in a rush to get somewhere. "I'm gonna cum, Ever." Natsu groaned before grabbing the beauty's head and forcing what he could into her throat.

As the bespectacled mage hoped, she received a belly full of the Dragon Slayer's seed. She never thought she would, but she loved the feeling of the man's cock pulsating in her mouth as it continued to release into her. Just like in the morning, a heat spread through her body, only that this one was much more intense. Despite the overwhelming feeling, she continued to swallow everything that came to her. 'Dear Mavis, what is this feeling?' Evergreen wondered once the man had finished. However, she knew that she needed a release and she needed it now. She put her back against the wall and beckoned the fire mage towards her. Entranced by the smell of Evergreen's essence, he moved to his mistress. "I've seen how well Erza uses her mouth, now I want to see how good you are." She ordered.

Consumed by his lust, he didn't care about her bossy tone and he began licking the woman's soaked pussy. Evergreen let out a loud moan, which she had to muffle to prevent being found out. She wanted to tell the man to calm down a little, but the pleasure and Natsu's new magic were clouding her mind.

The combination was hindering her so much that she couldn't even keep Erza in stone, not that she cared anymore. Erza, on the other hand, was livid at her mistress. Not only had she lost the prize she had worked so hard for, she still hadn't been able to get off. She knew that the fire mage wouldn't get the man for a while, so she decided to get herself off. Unfortunately, Evergreen had other plans. "No... You're not allowed to do that... You're only allowed to watch." Evergreen said between her loud moans.

'I can't take this anymore, serving under Natsu is good, but this...This is just cruel.' Erza thought as she continued to stew in her arousal. She had been waiting for some form of release the entire day, which she'd been denied the entire day apart from a few shocks here and there. Luckily for Erza, things weren't as bad as Erza thought since she had someone watching over her.

'It's going to cost me a little, but I think this is going to be worth it, even if it will only be temporary and delayed... I really wished I had all my power.' Lillith told herself as she began to cast a spell on the beauty. The succubus let out a small giggle, she couldn't wait to see how her target would react. But while she waited, she was going to enjoy seeing the pinkette work.

"More Natsu! More!" Evergreen screamed as her newest lover continued to please her. No man before Natsu had made her feel that well, especially when it came to oral pleasure. Being the greedy girl she was, she grabbed the man by his hair, forcing the man closer to him. "Use that tongue, I know you have a massive appetite." She continued as she closed in on what would be a very messy climax. The brunette was approaching the peak of pleasure a lot quicker than she at had anticipated, but she was grateful for finally getting a release.

Not wanting to disappoint, he upped his efforts, which sent the beauty of the edge. "You taste nice Evergreen, I want more, will you let me?" Natsu asked. Evergreen gave him a nod and he got back to work. She then looked over at the flushed maid. If the arousal Erza was feeling was even half as strong as her own, Evergreen knew she was going to pay for robbing a chance to get relief. However, she didn't care right now, she was loving having Natsu's undivided attention.

~Evergreen's room~

After she had finally be satisfied in the alley way, Evergreen had cleaned up and went back to dealing out absurd orders. The only time she stopped was she started feeling a little amorous. This lead to Natsu having to take care of Evergreen in a number of public areas. Unfortunately, neither Natsu or Erza had got any relief, due to the former only being allowed to use his hands and mouth and the latter being forced to watch. Luckily for them, their day was nearing an end as they entered their mistress's room. "I'm going to take a shower, you two hold tight and admire my work." Evergreen instructed the two as she tossed her clothes and entered her bathroom.

Natsu just shrugged his shoulders before he went to lay down on his mistress's bed, but instead of plopping down on the bed like he hoped, he was pushed down onto his back. He stuck to the bed when Erza's swords were summoned and pinned him down. Natsu looked up to see a very horny redhead looking down at him with a sword in hand. If hadn't been for days prior, Natsu would have been terrified. "If you're gonna do something, I think you should hurry up." Natsu taunted with a smirk.

Unfortunately for him, Erza wasn't in a mood to be teased and thanks to a certain lust demon, she was feeling a lot more aggressive than usual. She smirked at Natsu's teasing before a golden light filled the room. When the light dispersed, Erza had a change of attire that suited her changed demeanor. She had now dawned a revealing leather get up. It consisted of a black leather corset that was attached to her black choker, which managed to confine her breasts, and a black thong, which failed to confine her backside. Aside from the corset, her mid section was left completely bare. Erza added to her look with a matching pair of long leather gloves and black thigh high leather stockings held up by a black garter belt, along with a pair of black heels. She completed her look by her keeping her hair in a high pony tail. "You've been such a bad boy, Natsu." Erza told the man before mounting the restrained man.

While he could tell that she wasn't fully in the role, Natsu was curious, so he decided to let things progress. He laid there as the leather clad woman began to undress him while she slowly ground her maidenhood against the bulge in his pants. 'Well, I was going for a full blown sadistic dominatrix, but I guess I'll have to bide my time a little more.' Lillith told herself as she watched Erza undress Natsu down to his underwear.

"How can I make up for being bad?" Natsu asked the woman above him. She was glad that the fire mage had decided to play along, it was the first time in a week that she'd had any power over him. Seeing that the man was complacent and she removed the swords that restrained her lover.

"You're going to do something for me." Erza told the fire mage started pulling the man's underwear down. She had a very hungry look on her face as she took his cock in her hand, which got Natsu really worked up. The knight began stroking the man's member as she stared into the Dragon Slayer's warm eyes. Erza knew that she could get whatever she wanted from the man. "I want you to make Evergreen pay for what she did... The way she made me watch as she just took you from me was insulting and humiliating, but not in the way I wanted." She said, stroking the man's cock even faster.

Natsu smirked when he heard this. "So how do you want to be be humiliated?" Natsu asked. He had done a lot to his Scarlet haired maid, but it was obvious that she still wanted more. A massive blush quickly formed over the redhead's face as a number of ideas entered her mind. She knew that she'd never be able to show her face in public if she let Natsu do half of the things she wanted. Erza decided to keep silent, she was certain that the Dragon Slayer would do all of them if she told him. However, she was still unaware of his new power and the fact that it allowed him to know her deepest desires. "I really don't think you should be calling me a bad boy when you're the one who wants to bent over in the middle of the guild and fucked in front of our whole guild." The Dragon Slayer said with a cocky grin on his face.

"It's not like that." Erza replied, trying to defend what little pride she had left. Natsu flipped the woman onto her back and pinned her down with his strong arms. Erza didn't even mind the loss of power.

"Listen Erza, I will help you out, but I'm going to need something from you first." Natsu said before pointing at the collar around his neck. Erza looked a little hesitate, but she complied, freeing Natsu from his shock collar. He let out relieved sign now that he was finally free. "Thanks, but Evergreen sounds like she's gonna be in there for a while, so let me take care of you, I owe it to you." The fire mage said as his hand traveled down to the beauty's maidenhood.

Erza didn't try to stop the man, in fact, she was all for it. Not only would she get what she needed from her lover, she'd also get to spite her cruel mistress by enjoying herself on Evergreen's bed. "You can do anything you want with me, Master." Erza replied before Natsu's talented fingers found themselves underneath her tiny underwear. The fire mage's fingers entered the beauty, awarding him a familiar moan. She could never get used to him, it was his second favorite noise that the scarlet haired woman made. "Ah, that's amazing Master." She moaned as her master found her weak spots. She loved her well the man knew her body.

"You know Erza, you're already dressed for the part, but you're gonna need to act it when Evergreen gets here." Natsu instructed the woman, delving deeper into the woman's familiar tunnel. Erza could only reply in small exhausted pants, which he couldn't blame her for. Ever since the alley way, she had been forced to fester in her lust, so even his hands were driving her crazy. "I feel kinda bad, what kind of master am I to let this happen... I'll make sure you get everything you need." He said, pulling the woman's corset down, freeing her breasts. Natsu moved his head towards the woman's hardened nub. He didn't leave the other twin out, he used his free hand to squeeze the massive orb of flesh. "These lovely things made me felt amazing, it's only fair that I repay them."

"Thank you, Master." Erza moaned when she felt the Dragon Slayer's nibbled at her nipple. The pain excited the woman, making her buck into the fire mage's hand. She knew that she wasn't going to last, but she didn't care, just getting attention from the man she loved was enough for her. Natsu could see that the knight was getting close quick, so he decided to turn up his efforts. The fire mage began to suck the woman's sensitive breasts even harder, increased the speed of his fingers and made sure that his thumb focused on her aroused and needy clit.

His efforts were rewarded when Erza's moans turned into elated screams and her pussy began to gush even more of her strawberry scented essence. The sex starved masochist was barely able to last more than a couple of minutes before she found herself cumming and screaming the Dragon Slayer's name. "Amazing." She muttered, calming herself down.

Natsu looked up and saw the needy look on his lover's face. Seeing as Evergreen wasn't back, he decided to give the woman what wanted and started moving his fingers and working his tongue, switching which breast got the attention of his mouth. Unlike before, he didn't hold back whatsoever. He made sure to aim for her weak spots. The man wanted nothing more than to see his favorite redhead turn to putty in his hands. Erza was in heaven, she felt as if all of the waiting had been worth it if this was the result. She didn't even try to resist the pleasure this time and allowed herself to be taken away by the man's well-trained fingers and tongue. By the time he made her cum the second time, both his fingers and Evergreen's sheets were completely drenched in her sweet juices.

Natsu couldn't resist the scent and tasted the woman's strawberry essence. Since everyone he had slept with had a unique taste, it wasn't hard for the Dragon Slayer to pick his favorite. The knight would have easily won the prize if her amazing taste hadn't been matched by the taste of the youngest of the Strauss siblings. "You've got one of my favorite tastes Erza, I can't get enough of you." Natsu declared before he moved his head down south. "I still haven't repaid you for earlier." The pinkette continued as he made his way to the woman's pussy. As he had expected, she was completely drenched and there was plenty of her addictive essence.

Unable and unwilling to hold back, Natsu delved into the redhead's womanhood, enjoying the abundant aroma as he did. Erza was very grateful to the pink haired man's lack of control, it only brought her more pleasure. "You're fantastic, Master." Erza mewled, instinctively wrapping her legs around the man, effectively trapping him. As good as the redhead's strawberry scented maidenhood was, the teen knew he'd have to come up for air eventually. Natsu began to lick the Erza's maidenhood, mainly focusing on her moistening lover lips and her pearl. However, he didn't stop there, he had left one part of the woman unattended for far too long. As he played with her pussy, he forced two of his finger's into her back door. This was an unexpected for the woman, but she absolutely loved it. It turns out that the redhead had left her back gates untouched, which was something fire mage would exploit a little later. "Yes! More master! Play with this unworthy masochist as you please." The knight moaned.

Erza and Natsu became so lost in each other that they didn't notice that their mistress had re-entered. The Dragon Slayer was doing an amazing job with the knight, his tongue had made her nearly lose her mind. Evergreen wasn't happy to see Erza in such a euphoric state. She had intended to make the redhead watch until she started begging. The brunette had wanted nothing more than for the great Titiania to beg her, but she had that dream ripped from her. She was quite pissed and she decided to make that very well known. The woman pressed down the red button shocking the woman. However, she had forgotten that she was dealing with an S-class masochist. The shock only added to her already other worldly pleasure. The climax that followed the shock was all the woman needed to send her over the edge once again.

Erza allowed herself to collapse on her back when as she enjoyed her latest climax, which allowed the man to be free. Now that he was finally free from the woman, Natsu rolled onto his back and took a moment to catch his breath. "Hey Evergreen, Erza is feeling a little upset." Natsu said while admiring the sight of the woman's naked and freshly cleaned body. Eating out the knight had got him really worked up and Evergreen's nude form only made him harder. The fire mage got up off the bed before pressing the woman against the nearest wall. "I've been making you feel nice all day, in the alley way, clothing store, guild hall and even in the hallway outside your room." He told the woman, looking down at the sculpting mage.

"Do I have to remind you that you're my servant?" Evergreen asked, sounding a little flustered. The woman had never expected the Dragon Slayer to be so forward and aggressive and she liked a lot more than she wanted to admit. Natsu moved a little closer to the woman, making sure that his mistress could feel his hot hardened member pressing against her flat stomach. She looked down and was somewhat intimidated by the Dragon Slayer's third leg. The woman had always been the better of the lover of her pair, but Natsu was different. He was apparently good enough to break Laki's anti-pervert persona and then some.

"Calm down Evergreen and let me take over, I know you'll enjoy what I have planned for you." Natsu told the brunette as he moved in for a kiss. Evergreen didn't stop the man, allowing him to give her the most heated kiss of her life. She may have given Natsu a kiss before, but it paled in comparison. The pinkette didn't stop there, he had yet to explore the woman's body properly, so that's just what he did. One of his hands landed on Evergreen's breast and the other on her ass. Neighter were as impressive as the girls he'd been with recently, but they still had their own charm to them.

Evergreen was so taken in by the kiss that her body started moving on its own. By the time they had finished the kiss, she found that her arms and legs were wrapped around the fire mage as she was pressed against the wall. "I don't know how you do this, but I'm glad you can... Hurry up make me yours already." Evergreen admitted, finally letting go of her pride. The fire mage was happy when he saw this change of attitude from the woman. He went in for another kiss before he brought his latest conquest to the bed where one his first waited.

Once he got to the bed, he sat her down next to the red-haired beauty. It was a very pleasant sight, two beautiful fairies sitting on a bed, waiting for him. There were so many things that he could do with the women, but he already had already promised the redhead something special. "It's time to see how good you two are." Natsu said as beckoned the two towards him. Both moved towards the pinkette's cock and got right to work. Evergreen greedily took the head of Natsu's cock into her mouth, leaving Erza with the man's balls and shaft.

Erza decided to take both, putting her master's big full balls in her mouth and slowly jerking the man's shaft with her leather glad hands. Natsu let out a small moan at this. "You two are an amazing team." The fire mage groaned. The two weren't working together, instead, they were competing, which brought out the best in both of them. Evergreen worked hard then she usually did, creating a tight seal with her full lips, sucking harder than ever before. She was glad she'd been faster than the redhead, she had been with enough men to know that the head was all she needed. She was desperate to keep Natsu's attention on herself, but the knight was one hell of a competitor. Her hands were now rapidly gliding along the man's shaft, while her mouth remained focus on his family jewels. She would switch between sucking on the full sack and licking the sensitive, seed holding sack.

While Natsu enjoyed the blowjob, he couldn't get enough of the sight in front of him. Though the were concentrated of pleasuring him, they were also a little invested in themselves. Evergreen was going to town on her needy pussy, despite being gratified by Natsu almost the entire day. Erza was a little more reserved than the Fairy mage. It was now clear to Natsu that the succubus's power had made his seed even more potent than his pheromones.

Natsu continued to enjoy the two. Their combined efforts sent him rushing towards a climax. The pinkette began to grunt, moan and struggle to keep himself from losing his composure. Erza and Evergreen were completely unaware due to them being far too focused on the behemoth in front of them. However, there was one person who did get to see his reactions and she found herself unbelievably aroused by it. So much so that the lust demon couldn't fight the urge toy with the man. She floated down to the man, embracing him from behind and making sure that he felt her massive breasts pressed against his strong back. Natsu turned back, only to see nothing, but he knew that it was the same demon that had hijacked Mirajane's body earlier. "You seem to be having fun Natsu, but I thought you were going to punish Evergreen. Maybe it's time you give that redhead a temporary attitude adjustment, she's already dressed for the part." Lillith whispered into Natsu's ear.

The Dragon Slayer didn't respond since he knew it would be playing into the demon's hand, but he did look down at the redhead. Much to Natsu's surprise, Erza's normally brown eyes flashed a familiar lustful red before she became increasingly aggressive. He also noticed that the beauty now refused to break eye contact with him. Her big brown eyes were no longer those of submissive masochist but of a more dominant and powerful woman. Unfortunately, his libido prevented him from seeing the danger in this kind of expression. He was simply whisked away by the massive surge in pleasure, so much so that he didn't even notice that the demon had flown away.

Evergreen noticed the unbreaking eye contact between the two and started working even harder. She began to twirling her tongue around the Dragon Slayers sensitive cockhead and sucking even harder, but it was to no avail. She didn't give up though and kept going, quickly becoming absorbed in the challenge. The beauty began to take more of the Dragon Slayer's member, getting half way. Evergreen was oddly aroused by how much she liked the feeling of her throat being filled. The Fairy mage didn't even notice that Erza was no longer servicing the man. Natsu hadn't told Evergreen since she was finally reaching her stride and he didn't want to break her concentration. 'What is she doing?' Natsu wondered as she watched Erza sneak behind the woman.

Once she was behind the brunette, the leather clad Titania watched Evergreen suck her master's cock. She could see that the Dragon Slayer was enjoying himself, but she knew that he could be having a better time if the woman had the entirety of the thick rigid beast. Erza looked at the man before she smiled and grabbed Evergreen's brown hair. "You're not working hard enough, let me give you a hand." Erza said forced Evergreen to swallow down to the base. Evergreen's eyes widened as her throat got a very large an unexpected invader. She was glad that she had trained her gag reflex over the years, or else she would have been a gagging mess. Despite this, she couldn't get over the massive discomfort and her eyes began to water a little. The woman kept the woman there, forcing her to inhale the man's strong musk. "That look really suits you, on the brink of tears with a big fat cock in your mouth." She mocked before she pulled the brunette back, allowing her to catch her breath.

Evergreen was beyond pissed when she heard Erza's comments, but she didn't get a chance to express this as the knight forced her to swallow the man's cock. She kept a strong grip on the stone mage's hair, making her suck the Dragon Slayer's member. Natsu just watched, completely awe-stricken by the redhead's change in attitude. He assumed that this was the demon's doing, but he couldn't complain since Evergreen's blowjob now felt even more amazing. 'Fuck, this might be trouble.' Natsu thought as looked at the red haired woman. To his confusion, Erza was giving the bespectacled mage the sort of treatment that Natsu reserved for the redhead.

Erza did eventually stop, but Evergreen didn't. She was bobbing her head up and down his entire length. Natsu was amazed by this and he could feel a massive orgasm approaching soon. Judging from his facial expression, Erza guessed that the pinkette would only last a few more minutes. However, this wasn't good enough for Erza, who summoned riding crop. "You're not making Master cum fast enough, you better hurry up." Erza told the woman. Erza ran the black crop up Evergreen's thigh, then along her gushing slit before giving her a quick smack on the ass with it. Natsu felt a noticeable increase in pleasure and a sadistic grin appeared on Erza's face before she whipped the woman again. She was a lot meaner the second time, resulting in a small scream escaping Evergreen's sealed lips. "Make him cum and the pain will stop." The knight told her guildmate.

Once again, Evergreen increased her work ethic until she heard the magic words she had been working for. "I'm gonna cum Ever." Natsu moaned, his cock trembling and twitching in the Fairy mage's tight throat. She swallowed the teen's member as much as she could, making sure that not an inch went untended. Erza watched with a smile as the fire mage unloaded inside the woman's mouth. She was somewhat envious of the brunette, but she hid her expression. Instead of stewing, she decided to force the beauty to down to the base of Natsu's cock. "Wow, you're really swallowing all of it." The Dragon Slayer groaned as the woman continued to suck him dry.

"Now now, we can't have you being too greedy." Erza said, gripping the brunette's head and forcing her off his cock, resulting in Evergreen getting a face full of hot Dragon Slayer cum. The man's musk had left her in such a daze that she could only react with a few mutters and moans. Erza smirked as she looked at the woman's cum covered face. "That look suits you Evergreen, but you really need to share." She taunted before she started licking the woman clean. Erza's core began to heat up even more as she swallowed the Dragon Slayer's seed.

Watching the scene unfold before his eyes caused the Dragon Slayer to stand to full attention. However, instead of getting between the two, he decided to just watch things play out. He watched as Erza finished cleaning the stone eyed beauty's face before she forced Evergreen on her back before straddling her face. Erza then grabbed the woman's thighs and spreading them open. "She's all wet and ready for you, come and take your prize Master." Erza offered. Evergreen didn't show any resistance and Natsu lined himself up with her quivering folds. "Don't hold back... I want you to split this cock craving bitch in half." She ordered.

Despite being a little thrown by the woman's bossy tone, he did as she said, ramming his entire length. Evergreen let out a loud muffled scream as her maidenhood was spread wider than ever before. The brunette had never been so full before and she loved it, made obvious by how tightly her womanhood clung to him. He grabbed a hold of her hips before he began to trust a slowly, but with an unmatched amount of power. The pinkette and brunette weren't the only ones enjoying themselves. Erza was enjoying the dominance she had over the woman below her, but that's not what she wanted. She had her eyes on a much bigger prize to conquer. "Come on Natsu, you can go a lot faster, I bet she can handle it." Erza told the man before giving the man a quick kiss on the cheek.

Natsu followed the woman's orders and started moving a lot faster. It became clear that Erza's order was for her own benefit. Natsu's hastened pace had made resulted in Evergreen moans becoming a lot more frequent. The redhead obviously enjoyed the pleasant vibrations, so he decided to help the redhead out a little. Not only did he put more power into his thrusts, he grabbed a hold of one of Evergreen's endowments, which had been bouncing in time with his movements. He started playing with the soft squishy lump and the pink peak that capped it. Both women appreciated it and the volume of their voices increased. "I'm not sure what's going on with you Erza, but I kinda like it." Natsu said before he really kicked into gear.

The pinkette continued to ravage the brunette. He was relentless and the lovely ladies were very grateful for it. Evergreen had lost count of how many times she had cum thanks to the fire mage. While she hadn't experienced the same amount of pleasure as the self-proclaimed fairy, but she didn't mind. She had loved the power her current position gave her. The redheaded woman found that she loved the expressions the man made as he pounded Evergreen. "How close are you Natsu? Are you going to cum in her pussy? If you really fill her up, I'll let you fill my pussy." Erza questioned, her tone remaining condescending. Natsu was still unsure as to how he felt about this, but that was mainly because his judgment was impaired by his impending climax.

Natsu reached as deep as he could, hitting the entrance of the stone mage's womb before he came. The sudden influx of his seed triggered another climax for Evergreen, the biggest one so far. The vibrations from her muffled screams and moans were nearly enough to send Erza to another climax. However, nearly wasn't enough for the woman, and she knew that she wouldn't get any closer with the two calming down from their respective orgasms. She got off Evergreen, allowing her to see her flushed and exhausted face. It was obvious that she hadn't dealt with a man of Natsu's caliber before and she doubted the chocolate eyed woman would last another round. "So full." Evergreen moaned as her body twitched and shook with pleasure. Now that he could see her face, Natsu realized he may have gone a little overboard with the woman, she looked ready to pass out.

Erza used this to her advantage and took back her lover's attention. "Look what you did to her, you really are a bad boy... And bad boys need to be punished." Erza said with a quick lick of the lips. Unlike before, Natsu could tell that his lover could tell that she meant every word. Natsu pulled out of the dazed women before backing away a little. However, this didn't deter the leather clad knight, in fact, it made her want the Dragon Slayer more before she pounced onto him pinning him down again. "Now you're trying to run away, maybe I should take away your two free days." She threatened.

"Free days?" Natsu asked. He had forgotten just how strong Erza was. Natsu couldn't move from the woman's grip and, not that he really wanted to. He was being treated to an unobscured view of her massive leather bound cleavage.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, as a reward for working so hard for a week, the girls and I decided to give you two days off... I guess I forgot to tell you this morning." Erza told the man as she began to position herself of the pinkette's cock. She sure that the Dragon Slayer didn't get a chance to react and impaled herself on his thick length in one swift movement. "However, you are in desperate need of punishment and it would be irresponsible of me to let such a bad boy run free without it." She continued before she started to move her hips.

'What the hell did she make me do?' Natsu wondered as he saw the sadistic glee on Erza's face as she started moving. He could tell that he was in for a long night, but he was unsure what he'd be doing the entire time, which was more than a little concerning.


"Are you sure we'll get away with this?" Juvia asked as she and the busty sky Dragon Slayer snuck through the halls of Fairy Hills. She sounded a lot more nervous than usual.

"You are the one that suggested this, don't back down now." Wendy replied drunkenly. Though she had matured both mentally and physically, she had made the terrible choice of challenging Cana to a drinking contest. As expected, the inexperienced Dragon Slayer had lost, resulting in her getting drunk enough for her to never want to drink again. "All we have to do is get into the room next to Evergreen's and wait out the night before we give him the best wake up call." She explained. Juvia did feel a little bad amount roping the maiden into her plan, but she was far too embarrassed to do it herself.

"Juvia also needs Wendy-san to keep this a secret, Juvia wouldn't be able to face Natsu-sama if he found out about this." Juvia fretted, trying to calm down her blush. She knew the Dragon Slayer would appreciate what she and the other bluenette had planned for her. However, she couldn't shake how dirty the act was.

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