I've been watching reruns of Victorious lately and felt like writing a one-shot about Jade's friendship with the rest of the gang. This takes place right after The Worst Couple when Jade and Beck break up. For now this is a one-shot but I may change my mind and add more chapters

I don't own Victorious, sadly.

Cat stared at the door Jade had just slammed with wide brown eyes. Cat couldn't imagine Beck and Jade breaking up, but it had just happened. She thought about running after Jade, but Jade had been her ride and she probably wanted to be alone. Cat numbly followed her friends back to the table and sat down as far from Beck as she could manage. She picked up her cars but spent most of the game glaring at Beck, who didn't even seem to notice. Cat ignored Tori as she tried to lighten the mood by making jokes. Did she not realize Cat's two best friends had broken up? Cat could feel her eyes starting to water, but Robbie seemed to be the only one to notice. He gave her a few concerned glances but she ignored him. They had just finished their first game without Jade when Andre abruptly stood up.

"I think I'll head home." Andre said as he grabbed his keys from his pocket.

"But Andre, it's only 10!" Tori said with a frown as she stood up as well. Cat looked at Andre quizzically and the two shared a knowing glance.

"I should check on my grandma, you know how she gets." Andre lied with a sympathetic smile at Tori.

"Andre, can you drive me home? Jade was my ride." Cat said, twirling a piece of red hair as she glared at Beck. Beck noticed and sunk lower into his chair looking ashamed.

"I could drive you home!" Robbie excitedly offered with a beaming smile in Cat's direction. The petite redhead giggled and shook her head.

"No thank you, Robbie." She said with a soft smile. She stood up and gave Robbie and Tori a hug, Beck stood to give her one but she leaned away from him and turned away.

"I'll see you on Monday. Come on lil red." Andre called from the doorway. Cat bounced after him, knowing Andre wasn't planning on driving her home. She slid into the passenger seat and twirled a piece of hair as Andre pulled out of Tori's driveway.

"Stop at Quick-E Mart." Cat told Andre as she fiddled with the radio. Andre nodded, driving until he reached the nearest one. The two friends entered the store, Andre heading over to the snack isle while Cat headed towards movies. Several minutes later the two got in line with their varying items. Andre sat down a tub of Mint Oreo ice cream, a few candy bars, and a bag of chips. Cat sat down two boxes of tissues, a few magazines, and a sappy Romantic move. Andre raised his eyebrow, but Cat smiled brightly.

"She'll never admit it, but this is her favorite." Cat whispered as they paid for their purchase. The exited with two grocery bags and sat them in the backseat before driving off. They pulled through a drive-through, ordering two black coffees (one with two sugar), and a strawberry frappe. Cat held the coffee carefully until Andre pulled up in front of an all too familiar mansion. Andre had only been here a few times, but Cat practically lived here. Cat grabbed the coffee while Andre grabbed the bags. Cat pulled out her spare key and unlocked the front door, swinging it open to reveal a dark and empty house. Cat flicked on light switches as she went, Andre trailing after her. They arrived at the top of the stairs and heard loud sobbing and crashing coming from Jade's room. Cat and Andre shared a frown before walking down the hallway towards their friend's room.

Cat opened the door to find Jade crying hysterically, black makeup smudged across her gorgeous face, throwing pictures of her and Beck across the room, as well as other various items. The usually tidy black room as a mess, covered in shattered items and cut up objects. Cat noticed most of the ruined items were things Beck had given Jade. Jade ripped the necklace Beck had given her off of her neck and threw it at her friends, causing Cat to squeal and duck out of the way.

Jade was angry that her friends had come, she didn't want them to see her like this, alone and broken. Her rage quickly turned to something else, Jade couldn't believe her friends had left Vaga's to be with her. Jade thought they only put up with her because of Beck. Jade had been friends with Cat way before Beck, but since they had started dating the two had grown apart. Jade started crying again, touched by the fact her friends were here for her. She sunk to her knees and covered her face with her hands, crying uncontrollably now. Andre set the bags on the end of the bed before scoping Jade up and setting her on the bed. Andre sat on her left and Cat settled next to Jade on the right. Cat handed Jade her coffee before scurrying downstairs to get spoons.

Jade quietly sipped her coffee until Cat returned, emptying out the contents of the grocery bags for Jade to see. Jade smiled at her friends, grateful for their company.

"I don't know what to say. You guys are the best. But if you tell anyone what happened tonight, I will kill you." Cat giggled and pulled Jade into a hug, which Jade accepted for a change. Andre patted his friend on the back, happy that she enjoyed their company.

The three friends settled in for a long night of eating junk food, watching movies, and trash talking a fluffy haired Canadian.

Ta-da! What do you guys think? Tell me! Also, let me know if I should continue this with some more one shots?