Beck and Andre lounged around the R.V. for the rest of the night, plotting their apologies to a certain black-haired beauty. Andre knew Jade would forgive him easily, but he still felt really bad for acting like an idiot. Both boys knew it would be nearly impossible for Jade to forgive Beck. Andre was scribbling ideas on a notepad while Beck stared angrily at the ceiling, when Andre suddenly remembered something.

"I got it! I know how to get jade to forgive us!" Andre exclaimed, dancing around happily. Beck looked over at Andre with a raised eyebrow, whatever he thought of must be good if he was dancing like that.

"Jade was telling me how much she wanted Cat and Robbie to get together. If we can get them together, she'd have to forgive us!" Andre explained to a very confused Beck. Beck thought about it for a moment before nodding his head in approval.

"That just might work..." Beck said happily. And so the boys spent the next week planning, only to have it shattered.

Cat was dating someone alright. But it wasn't Robbie.

There were mixed emotions about Cat's new boyfriend, Tyler. He went to HA but none of the gang (excluding Cat) knew him. Robbie was heart broken. Andre and Beck were disappointed. Jade was happy for her friend, although she wasn't sure if she trusted Tyler. Tori was cluelessly happy.

The relationship seemed to be going well, the couple spending almost everyday hanging out after school. Jade was annoyed that Cat wasn't spending as much time with her, though she wouldn't admit it. Andre found himself missing the perky redhead as well. The only time the gang really saw Cat anymore was when she and Tyler sat with them at lunch, or in one of their shared classes.

Jade was walking down the hallway after lunch with Tori and Robbie. It was an odd sight, but she was still mad at Andre and hated Beck, and now Cat was ditching her. Jade found that she didn't mind their company, as long as they didn't say anything too clueless. Robbie had started acting less awkward recently, Jade must have been rubbing off on him. The three stopped at Jade's locker and while Jade was busy putting her books away, Robbie and Tori's jaws dropped. Robbie clenched his fist in anger and Tori stood wide eyed.

"Uhh...Jade.." Tori whispered as she shook her friend's shoulder. Jade was about to question Tori when her eyes took in the scene before her. There was Tyler, making out with a girl who was definitely not Cat. Unless Cat dyed her hair blonde and grew five inches.

"You motherf-" Jade practically screamed as threw her purse to the ground and glared at Tyler. Tyler removed his mouth from the girl's lips and looked at Jade with wide eyes. Beck, Andre, and Cat ran down the stairs just in time to see Jade lunge at Ryder. Cat took in the scene and her friend's expressions, sitting down on the stairs and sobbing once she figured it out. Andre, Tori, and Robbie instantly flanked Cat, trying to soothe her with hugs, candy, and anything they could think of that the petite redhead liked.

Jade's fist connected with Tyler's eye just as Beck made it all the way down the stairs. Jade was screaming unintelligible curse words and swinging her fist back into Tyler's face. Beck grabbed Jade by the waist and pulled her away, momentarily forgetting their current situation and relishing in the feel of her soft skin against his. Jade also felt dazed as Beck pulled her back, kneeling to the ground and bringing her with him. Beck pressed Jade to him in an attempt to calm her down, as he had done a plethora of times when they were dating.

Once Jade stopped shaking from anger, Beck released Jade who quickly scooted away from him, remembering how mad she was at him. Beck watched Jade wearily, her gaze still trained on Tyler as he tried to stand up from the ground. Beck couldn't believe the damage Jade had done to his face, Beck had removed her from him in mere seconds, but she had still managed to leave him with a black eye and bloody nose.

Beck and Jade made their way up from the floor and started walking over to the crying redhead perched on the stairs. Beck was trailing behind Jade as Tyler finally stood up.

"You bitch. I only dated your stupid friend because I knew she'd be easy to get in bed, no wonder Beck dumped you you over protectiv-" Beck's fist collided against Tyler's face before he could finish his sentence. Jade stood stunned by Beck's sudden protectiveness of her and Cat. Cat wailed with a fresh set of tears, which made Jade want to damage Tyler's face even more.

"You're lucky Jade got to you first. Get out of here before I change my mind." Beck snarled as Tyler walked away as fast as he could. Jade stared at Beck for a moment, her expression unreadable, before turning back to Cat.

"Kitty Cat, listen to me. You are not stupid. You're my best friend and you deserve so much better than that worthless boy." Jade said, her voice soft but filled with anger. Cat looked up at Jade and nodded numbly.

"Jadey, can we have a sleepover at your house?" Cat's voice wavered as she clung onto Jade's arm tightly. Jade nodded, it was Friday night and her mother was out of town for the week.

"Why don't we all spend the night at my house? Things have been really tense lately, I think we could use some group time?" Jade suggested, looking at the rest of the group with a frown. As much as she hated the idea of the whole gang in her house, she knew it would make Cat feel better to have all of her friends. Jade just hoped they could get along. The group muttered their agreements and decided to meet at Jade's right after school. Jade and Cat skipped the last two hours of school to go shopping, Jade letting Cat pick out all the snacks, movies, and games for that night. The things Jade did for her best friend.

- - - - - Line Break - - - - - - -

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