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Some of you might know of my other story Adoption and I have finally decided to continue that story idea. I'm not going to delete Adoption but instead keep it up as a small One-shot. I'll warn you now that I'm slow updating and tend to get writer block often so in advance I'm sorry, hopefully Surviving a War will Survive.

Here's the beginning Prologue.

My life began 23/10/89, were I came screaming into this world a little too small. From there My death had began it's walk, and It finally reached it's destination on 11/05/14.

My death unfortunately wasn't anything special. I didn't do anything heroic; like saving a Child's life. And luckily I didn't get eaten by a shark-though I don't know if that would have been any less painful…

No my death was collected in the flames that devoured me as I was stuck under a burning beam of wood…all because I didn't bother changing the batteries in the smoke alarm…

I don't want to talk about how painful it was, how every second felt like my skin was melting off my bones…The pain was excruciating and yet it was only the beginning of my pain.

I don't remember much after that...just the Pit. A cold dark place that I woke up in. A place that held nothing, just a black void. I couldn't see anything and couldn't hear anything..but I could feel everything.

I cold feel the coldness of the Pit creep under my skin. I could feel the chill of someone who wasn't there breathing on my neck. I could feel unimaginable pain that would caress me until it was the only thing I could feel.

I was so scared.

Where am I?! am I dead!? what's happening!? I would scream for hours and most times I would cry for my family to help me...

I started to to think that I had done something wrong to end up here. My mind turned against me with vicious thoughts of myself-I'm weak-it's my fault-I deserve this with what I had done-Stupid-Undeserving-Pathetic-Lying-Whore!

I fell in to a self hating stage. Whenever the pain would strike I took pleasure in it, since I deserved it after all. But soon even the pain grew numb and the only company I had-my vicious thoughts- left me...I closed my eyes and for the first time since I entered the dark Pit I was aloud to sleep...and dream.

Thanks for reading my prologue. I promise much more in the next chapter!

Shout out to: CastielLunaWinchester, Verbophobic, AutobotCopperShadow, SunnySides and Diverie for taking your time in Reviewing Adoption, thank you.

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