TWW Chapter 2-2nd Baby

In this chapter the second baby is born.

Time is set 5 months after RJ was born. I forgot to mention that Werewolf pregnancy's only last for 7 months so it's been a year since the beginning of the story.

Adam will probably come in this chapter or next chapter.


Dean pulled his head out of the toilet; Sam was by his side rubbing his back; Cerberus, their Black Russian Terrier had also come in the bathroom to see what all the fuss was about. "Out Cerberus," Sam said shoving at the dogs head. Then Sam turned to Dean, "You think you might be..?" Sam let the question hang.

"Preggers again Sammy? It sure feels like it." Dean answered.

"We should call Kristina to make sure, she doesn't live that far away," Sam suggested.

"Yeah ok, I'll make breakfast. Last time you tried you burnt everything."

"I'm learning Geez," Sam grumbled. While Dean cooked breakfast Sam called , "Hey can you come over later today or tomorrow? Dean's been throwing up and we think he's pregnant again…you will…thanks…see you later today then. She agreed to come by later today!" Sam yelled.

"Alright!" Dean yelled back.

Sam and Dean settled down with RJ and Cerberus to watch TV in the living room after breakfast. Sam had really fixed up the place in the months Dean had been pregnant; Dean had started helping after he'd healed up from the birth, which only took two days with werewolf healing time. They now had a kitchen, dining room, infirmary (med room), nursery, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a doghouse right on the porch, and a living/TV room. They also had pathways leading to different places. One led to the lake which was clear enough to wash up in and do laundry, because they didn't have a laundry room yet and Sam still had to bring in some people to help with getting the water from the lake to come to the house. Another led to the horse stables that only had one horse in it (Horses were expensive with all the other stuff they had to pay for). Another pathway led to the chicken coop, and the pig pen (they didn't have any pigs yet but they had quite a few chickens). One path led to a field where they were planning to put sheep and cows (it was big enough for both). This other path led to a phone tower so they could watch TV and get phone service out here in the woods. The guys that had installed it had thought they were crazy for wanting to live way out here in the literal middle of nowhere and Sam had paid them extra to keep quiet about it. There were other paths too but they hadn't put anything there.


(For those of you who may say that Sam and Dean couldn't get all this done in a year just pretends ok, it's fanfiction, not real. And Bobby was there to help with a lot of it, so were Ash, Ellen, and Jo. So Sam didn't do it all alone.)


"So am I pregnant again doc?" Dean asked as she looked at the weird monitor that would tell her weather or not he was pregnant.

"Yes, it seems to be pretty recent as well from your pregnancy time probably a week or two old. You should do what you did the last time you were pregnant relax, don't strain yourself, and excise and you should be fine," reassured him.

"Alright, thanks Kristina."

"And Sam you need to remember to rest and not work yourself so hard like you did last time," Kristina suggested.

"I know thanks," Sam replied.


They went to shop for baby stuff before Dean couldn't go out in public because it would be clear that he's pregnant. They needed some new toys for both babies because RJ was growing fast and didn't find all his toys that entertaining anymore. Sam went to get the extra bottles, formulas and baby food, another stroller, and other necessary baby stuff; while Dean took RJ too buy him some more toys. Sam was gonna let Dean have all the fun while they were out because he wouldn't be able to go out of the house soon enough.

"Do you want the little train set?" Dean asked RJ, pointing to the toy train set in the baby toy isle.

"What a cute baby," a lady said from behind him. Dean turned around to see two women behind him, clearly looking at RJ. One had brown hair and eyes and the other had black hair with purple, blue, and red streaks in it with bright blue eyes. "What's his name?" the same lady as before with the brown hair asked.

"RJ, short for Robert John," Dean answered

"Well he's just adorable, if you need a babysitter you can call me and I'll be happy too anytime," she smiled flirtatiously at Dean and he realized where this was going, so did her friend it seemed because she kept looking between the two nervously.

"No thanks me and my boyfriend don't need a babysitter, one of us is always there," Dean grinned nervously at them.

"Oh," she huffed. "Well fine then." She walked away in a huff.

"I'm so sorry," her friend apologized.

"It's ok," Dean reassured her.

The girl with the funky hair left sending one last apologetic look over her shoulder.

The rest of the shopping trip went off without a hitch; Sam got necessary baby things and Dean got RJ some new toys and a teddy bear for the new baby. All babies' got teddy bears, whether or not they were a boy or a girl. Dean drove the Impala home with a happy smile on his face, as RJ played with his new toys, and Sam held him in his lap.


Sam and Dean called Bobby to tell him about the new baby, and he promised to come and visit as soon as he could. As Sam and Dean were putting RJ to sleep that night he said his first words. "Papa," he reached at Sam when they laid him down in the crib.

Sam turned around, "What did you say?"

"Papa, Dada, Papa," RJ grinned excitedly, knowing his parents liked this; he kept babbling the baby nonsense. "Papa, Dada, Papa."

"Sam are you hearing this?"

"Yes, I'm gonna get the video camera," as Sam went to get the video camera, Dean picked RJ up and encouraged him to keep talking. Sam got back with the video camera and started to video this.

"Dada, Papa, Dada, Papa," the toddler continued.

Sam and Dean grinned, now all they had to get him to say was Grandpa Bobby, Aunt Jo, Grandma Ellen, and Uncle Ash.


Bobby arrived the next day. Sam and Dean had taught RJ to say Granpaw Bobby in the short time they had learned he could talk.

"Hey Boys hows little RJ ," Bobby asked, he'd been flattered when they named the baby after him.

"I don't know why don't you ask him?" Dean answered.

"Granpaw Bobby," RJ said in Sam's arms.

"He can talk?!"

"Yeah, we're trying to get him to call Ellen, Grandma; Jo, Aunt; and Ash, Uncle," Sam told Bobby.


Bobby stayed to help build onto the house because they would need more bedrooms. Sam called a person to make the water come in from the lake and they fixed the water. Kristina came by to check on the baby, and as before the baby was growing faster than normal. Kristina told them she would be able to tell the gender by next month and reminded them to take care of themselves. Kristina told them she would be able to tell the gender by next month and reminded them to take care of themselfs. By the time the second month rolled around they had third bedroom built. Jo had come to help with the building and was flattered when RJ started calling her Auntie Jo, she also babysat whenever needed, but it wasn't often. Kristina came by right on time to tell them the gender of the baby.

"It's a girl!"

"A girl?" Jo, who was with them, asked.

"Yes, you see that right there?" pointed to something on the screen.

"Yes," Jo answered.

"Well that's how you can tell it's a girl," she told us.


The coming months were spent in making a girl half of the nursery and more rooms as it seemed everyone wanted to come and see Mary Jo Winchester when she was born. With the added help of Jo, Ellen, Bobby and even Ash they were ready for the baby by June 14th of 2008 they were more than ready for the newest edition to the Winchester family. That was good…as it was that afternoon that the baby girl made her way into the world.

"Push Dean push!"

"I'm push Samuel Henry Winchester so just shut up!"

"Ok Dean," Sam winced, they rarely fought and even though Dean was pregnant and didn't mean it he always felt weird when Dean yelled at him.

"Push now Dean," the doctor said.

"Ok Kristina," Dean complied.

"How come she can tell you to push?"

"Sam not now! It's because this is all your fault!" Dean yelled while his face was screwed up in concentration and maybe pain.

Sam sighed but nodded, "Ok Dean," slipping past his lips like second nature, which is what it had been these past months. Ok Dean this, ok Dean that, don't you yell at me Sam I'm carrying your damn child!


For nfamily was relaxing on the sofa with their four dogs. Sam had gotten a Boykin Spaniel for Dean shortly after Mary Jo was born as he'd seen the way Dean was eying it in his dog magazine. Sam got a Dalmatian for RJ because the baby kept asking for a puppy, and Jack Russell Terrier for Mary Jo because he wanted them all to have one. And Dean secretly thought it was because he loved dogs.

"I love Mary Jo," RJ giggled excitedly playing with Spotty, his Dalmatian's fur and ears.

"That's good to hear, what Spotty?" Dean grinned.

"He's the best puppy ever!"

"I'm glad," Sam smiled. "You can have another if you promise to help take care of the puppies. I need two of each kind of dog."

"Like in Noah's Ark?"

"Yep, one girl dog and one boy dog so we can make more puppies," Sam nodded.

"How will you do that?"

"I think that's a story for another night little buddy," Dean answered for Sam as the moment that question had come out of their sons' mouth Sam had frozen.

That's all for now, next chapter will definitely have Adam in it though. I'm sorry this was so short compared to the last chapter but I wanted to update and I don't know exactly how they will run into Adam yet just that it will be 3 yrs after Mary Jo was born and Adam and his pregnant wife will be chased by a monster and run into Sam and Dean. I still need the events leading up to that. Because I know I didn't mention it last chapter Robert John was born on June 2nd 2007.

Spoiler! Besides normal werewolf powers the children will have super powers. Some will be psychic but other not. You'll just have to wait and see!