He is potentially the most extraordinarily moronic guy in the world. He's insanely popular. He doesn't give an eff about school. (but he receives so many F's Elphaba wonders how he is actually still in university.) He's going out with that girl in pink who's even more insanely popular, almost just as brainless, and one of the extensive array of reasons Elphaba's life is an endless tunnel of misery. Oh- and blonde, too. That pretty much explains the brainlessness.

Given how much Elphaba despises his girlfriend, his thickness, his popularity obsession, the fact that he doesn't care at all about his future despite the fact that he's in university, his pack of asshole cronies, and his dumbfest song 'Dancing Through Life' (you won't be dancing through life when you're dying of starvation on the streets), she should despise him, too.

But she doesn't.

Because she feels loved when she's around him. She knows he loves Galinda, not her (nobody ever loved Elphaba since birth, not even her own goddamned parents), but her mind tricks her for a nanosecond when she explains a math problem to him, and he whispers 'thank you' with that adorable, thankful grin before racing away to his popular crowd, desperate not to be seen with the green woman for fear of torment.

He's such a goddamn coward.

She pretends to hate him, and she wonders how long that fake flame of hatred can burn.

Because when he mutters something infuriating, she still can't hate him. When he and his cronies holler something immature, disgusting, and, quite frankly, utterly boneheaded, she still doesn't even feel a flicker of hate. A giggle escapes (surprisingly) when she spots him and he notices, making her forget the torment for a few glorious seconds.

Then she remembers what an outcast she is, and her life tumbles straight into being even more hellish and miserable than it was before.

She craves the love she never had, and is never going to get.