Fading Away


I really couldn't stay away from writing fanfiction, huh XD But I will be discontinuing my other stories, cause I don't feel like they're going anywhere. But I got inspiration to write this :D

Lisanna isn't a bitch in this so don't worry, but I kinda changed the backstory of her and Natsu's relationship. But don't fret; it's NaLu all the way XD

Hope you enjoy!


Lucy was many things. She was smart, pretty, kind, thoughtful, caring, and adventurous all in one.

But lately, Natsu noticed, she's changed.

She no longer had the sparkle in her eye, or the excitement to go on jobs with Team Natsu anymore. Whenever she does go on jobs, she does it for the money for her rent instead of the enjoyment of helping others. Whenever she fights, she does it robotically with stiff movements that aren't fluid with will and determination.

She turned into a hollow shell of her former self, and Natsu didn't like that.

He noticed that Lucy seemed more spacey and gets lost in her thoughts more often. She eats like a bird and doesn't talk to anyone much anymore. Well, except for Levy.

Of course, he asked her countless times of what was wrong, but Lucy only brushed him off with a soft mumble of, "I'm fine."

It never occurred to Natsu that Lucy would lose her bubbliness. He never thought it would come to the point that his best friend didn't want to talk to him anymore. And he never thought that he would be hurt so much by her actions ad sayings.

But then again, when does Natsu ever think?

He's impulsive. He solves his problems with his fists, not words. But he had a feeling it wouldn't work with Lucy. He felt that he needed to be gentler than he usually is, and more cautious with her feelings than he is with other people.

But so far, it wasn't working.

He didn't want to force her into confiding in him. He wanted her to come to him when she was ready, but it didn't seem she would come around any time soon.

He also noticed something strange. Lucy seemed…more transparent lately. Her skin was pale and her hair lost the shine it had to it. At first, Natsu thought it was because she wasn't eating. But that didn't solve the problem.

It was almost as if she was becoming sheer.

Her hair had become a more bleach-blonde, and her skin was almost…clear. It was more translucent than her natural slightly tanned skin she always had.

He didn't know what was happening, or the reason behind it. Not even what caused it; he was stumped with no leads to Lucy's uncharacteristic behavior. He was clueless, in a sense.

And what he was clueless about was that this whole thing started from when he and Lisanna had got together.


Lucy wasn't in her correct mind. She had no motivation to do anything except talk to Levy about her problems or stare into space. Her unfinished novel just sat on her desk, unfinished.

It started when she found out about the promotion of Natsu and Lisanna's relationship. She had to hear if from Levy. Levy. Not her best friend who was in the relationship, no. An outside party had to tell her.

She felt betrayed. She felt that Natsu didn't trust her enough to tell her about his relationship. She felt abandoned.

The whole ordeal had a domino effect when Lisanna joined Team Natsu and started going on jobs together. It was the final straw.

She rarely went on jobs with Team Natsu anymore. She went on jobs with Team Shadowgear (?) in secret. They always met up outside the guild so no one would see them.

She didn't want Natsu to find out because she didn't want to hurt him, or feel the betrayal she had felt all this time. She didn't talk to him about what's going on, because she didn't want to worry him.

Lucy soon came to the conclusion that she was jealous. She also knew the reason, but she wasn't ready to admit it just yet.

She couldn't tell Natsu of her feelings now that he had a girlfriend. And Lisanna was one of her closest friends also. She couldn't hurt her either.

Lucy knew that keeping her feelings inside was not good for her mental or emotional health, so she confided in Levy. She told her everything.

Every time she sees Lisanna and Natsu holding hands, she immediately goes over to Levy and sinks in her chair, hoping they wouldn't see her. Levy would look at her sympathetically, and Lucy would mutter, "I'm fine."

Who knew their friendship could fade away so fast.


Welp, that's done. I wish it was longer, but oh well. If I put any more detail, I would have to change the title to chapter one XD