Binas: This is a one shot. Heroes Rising should be out soon, and same with Digitalized Adventures. I will mention, this one shot is a vent for my recent favorite cartoon on my list: Steven Universe. It will also include one of my favorite gems: Peridot. Yeah, I find Peridot pretty cool. My other top favorites (seriously, I like all the characters) are Steven and Amethyst. Sorry if I get anyone's characters wrong. It is my first time writing Peridot. Sorry if she comes off too childish, too sadistic, or too much of -insert trait here-.

Note: Vlad only saw the final broadcast of Peridot's begging. This is post Friend Ship and before Eye for an Eye.


Vlad was sitting in a fancy, plush, hardwood chair, watching the Green Bay Packers fight off the infamous Tennessee Titans intensely within one of his new lodges. He was nearly pulling his hair out as he saw the Titans beginning to beat the Packers. It just wasn't possible. The Titans were notorious for their losing streaks that were caused by their rough housing and rash behavior. And the fact that the Titans practically forced the Packers to play out in a rain storm was practically blasphemy in the fruitloop's books.

"No! No!" Vlad begged as he saw the Packers lose. "NOOOOOOOO! Butter biscuits! This is impossible! How could a team like the Titans take down one of the best football teams in the world?!"

Vlad began to sulk. This was just humiliating, all because he was a big old Packers fanatic. He needed to get his mind off of the lose. He considered taking it out on Daniel, but pushed it of to the side. Daniel would just mock him and get new material for his tasteless jokes and puns. In the end Vlad settled on watching an old recording of a Packers victory. That should make him feel better.

Vlad turned on the recording and instantly started feeling a tiny bit better. Knowing the numerous victories of his favorite football team out weighed the lone lose against one of the most inferior teams was refreshing.

However, the feelings of incoming calmness was put on hold when the expensive plasma screen TV began to go static. Vlad gave a shout of fury, about ready to blast the TV off the wall with knowledge that he could just replace it with his extensive wealth when the static began to settle. What the screen settled on made the hybrid quirk an eyebrow in curiosity and annoyance. At least he now knew what was causing the interference. It was a woman with bright green skin dressed in dark green with a clear visor over her bright green eyes. Her pale green-yellow hair was in a diamond-esque shape, which seemed pretty odd. The biggest feature to her was the fact she had a smooth, triangular shaped peridot embedded in her forehead.

"This is Peridot, transmitting from all frequencies from abandoned Crystal System on colony planet Earth. To Yellow Diamond, my mission has been compromised. My escort and informant are gone, and I am now stranded," The woman on the TV screen said, getting progressively nervous before she fully lost it and panicked. "PLEASE SEND HELP!"

Vlad was speechless. First off, this message clearly screamed that this "Peridot" person was some sort of alien. Ghosts were one thing, but aliens were something else entirely. The second issue was what he was going to do about the situation. In the end of his pondering, he decided on waiting. If the alien pest known as Peridot ever come near him or his many mansions and lodges, he was going to make her pay.

Unknown timeskip...

Peridot had escaped the Crystal Gems or as she would like to call the "Crystal Clods". She was frustrated that she nearly got captured like that. She was certain that they would be unable to survive the trap she laid for them intact. Instead, in the ironic twist of fate, Peridot only managed to escape because she detached her foot. She was thankful she was a gem. If she wasn't she wouldn't have been able to rebuild the missing body part.

"Stupid clods! Stupid miserable planet! Stupid Steven!" Peridot muttered to herself as she blasted her way through the trees. "Couldn't they have chosen some other gem for this mission?! No, they had to have their 'technician' go and do all the dirty work! When I get my touch stumps on them, their going to be in for it!"

A squirrel pounced on Peridot's head, annoying her greatly. She pointed her right hand (which was in blaster form) at the squirrel and began firing at it. She missed, but did effectively scare off the pesty rodent.

"How can anyone tolerate this wretched planet!? Why did they decided to make this planet a colony!? Couldn't they have chosen Mars?! Maybe Venus for all I care!" Peridot screamed. "Those Crystal Clods will pay for trapping me on this planet the next time I see them!"

Eventually, Peridot came across a destroyed wooden building. She studied the structure intensively, going as far to pulling up her panel with her right hand to record the information of the ruins. That was when she spotted something that sparked her interests a bit: scrap pieces. She smiled a bit. From the looks of the scraps' current conditions, she could work with the pieces a bit and probably make something useful out of the former Earthian technology. It wouldn't be of gem levels, but it would be pretty close if she made the right calculations and pieced the scraps together just right.

"Maybe for once this lumpy clod of a planet has something of use to me," Peridot said as she retained her smirk.

A swishing sound rang through the area, startling Peridot. She dropped the scraps she picked up and reformed her blaster. Her eyes darted all over the place as she aimed her weapon all over the place. After a few moments passed, she began recollecting the scraps using her left hand to form a tractor beam so she could keep her weapon out just encase if the possible threat was still in the area.

Another rustling swish sounded, causing Peridot to turn around and fire in a random direction rapidly with a paranoid look on her face. After firing randomly for about three seconds, the olivine gem started to calm down a bit. She was still very vigilante of her surroundings as she once more scanned the area.

"This planet is making me go insane!" Peridot exasperated. "If I get surprised one more time I'll-!"

"Do what?"

Peridot squeaked, causing her to lose concentration on her tractor beam completely. She shifted her left hand into a blaster and began using both hands to blast in the direction of the creepy voice. Her paranoia had once more returned in full force. That was when she felt something grab her arms, causing her to stop shooting everything. Her eyes went wide as she looked at her arms, seeing that nothing was there, but she felt that there was something there. Peridot was now thoroughly creeped out. She saw a figure then fade into view, making her very uncomfortable. As far as she knew, gems did not possess invisibility. Apparently there was a new Earthian species to add to the list.

The figure that appeared had light blue skin, completely red eyes, and jet black hair shaped into two upturned horns. It was wearing a white outfit with red accents in its cape along with black boots, black gloves, and a black belt.

"Let me go, whatever you are!" Peridot demanded. "I'm busy here!"

"I think not," the figure said in a frequency that clearly masculine by human standards.

Peridot groaned and moved one of her floating fingers to the mysterious man's arm and jabbed him with it. As soon as the finger made contact, the man got violently electrocuted. This allowed Peridot to get out of the man's grasp and sock him in the face. The man didn't expect that kind of fighting back at all. He floated up above Peridot, making her rather flustered.

"What do you want?! I am trying to contact the Gem Homeworld!" Peridot yelled. "I can't do that with everyone either attacking me or bothering me!"

"What I want, is to get rid of you," the man said with a cruel smile that sent shivers down Peridot's spine.

"You can help, by letting me find a way to contact the Homeworld!" Peridot shouted back.

"That is not what I meant," the man said as his hands began to glow pink.

Peridot eyed the man's glowing fists. This was definitely not her day at all. She was going to chew out Yellow Diamond for sending her to Earth if she made it back in one piece. The man fired the strange pink energy at Peridot. Peridot back-flipped back and onto her fingers, and moved backwards on them.

"Ha, missed!" Peridot called out as she got back on her feet and formed a blaster with her right hand. "Here's how it is really done!"

Peridot fired a rapid volley of green lasers at the man, each one a direct miss. The olivine gem's eye twitched as her beams went through the man as if he wasn't there. The man then encased Peridot in a pink sphere of energy. Peridot pounded on the sphere's interior, enraged.

"Let me out, you clod!" Peridot shrieked. "Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! I'll kill you if you don't!"

The man frowned at the gem, unamused by the childish behavior. He watch Peridot rapidly punch and kick the bubble, desperately trying to get out. This was something he didn't expect to deal with. He had assumed Peridot was more controlled than this despite the show she gave on his TV.

'Even DANIEL is more mature than this,' the man thought.

With a sigh, the man released Peridot form her confines in the sphere. He wasn't going to deal with a loud alien in his lab any time soon. He didn't want a headache as he destroyed Peridot. Then there was the fact Peridot was seemingly harmless due because she barely fought back with the exception of a few blasts and an electric shock.

Peridot quickly got up, assuming that the man used up too much energy and formed her right hand into a propeller. She began to hoover up as she drew her legs close to her chest.

"Have a nice day, clod!" Peridot shouted with a dorky laugh and gave the man an akanbe face.

With that off base insult said, Peridot flew away, leaving the man debating if what he did was a good idea or not. In the end, it didn't matter. Peridot was just another headache he didn't need. It was bad enough he had other, more pressing matters to deal with. So in the end, he decided if Peridot did anything worth his attention, he would deal with it then.