Georgia Lewis and her Beginning

Giant grey clouds crawled through the sky to hang over the city, swallowing up the sun's rays and clear blue skies that Omaha was known for. Men and women were hurrying down the busy streets, newspapers and umbrellas hovering over their heads in preparation for the downpour.

A sleek black Lincoln pulled in front of the entrance of the Henshaw Hotel. It towered over most of the buildings, it's glossy neo-classicism carvings and bright red flags making it stand out. The doorman, dressed in red, held the door open in time for a middle-aged man in a grey suit and matching fedora to step through, his briefcase in hand.

"Goodbye . Enjoy your flight back home." The doorman greeted. The man nodded. The driver of the Lincoln stepped out, his black cap in hand, and opened the car door for him.

"Thank you Jim. Everything in order I take it?" Mr. Redfield asked, a foot already in the door. The driver smiled briefly and nodded once. "Good, good. Let's make sure we get to the airport in one piece."

"Yes sir."

The car parked in front of the clunky airport. Jim opened his side door again. Once was out, he went to the trunk and opened it. A hand reached out and grabbed his coat. A face popped out after, bright red hair half covering her eyes.

"Sorry miss, I couldn't avoid the pothole. Was everything okay in there?" Jim asked. The young woman pushed her hair back and hopped off the trunk of the car, smoothing her simple blue skirt from wrinkles.

"If we ignore the fact that I had to create a small hole in your trunk to be able to breathe, then yes, I'm having a gas." She said huskily, shooting her megawatt smile. Jim chuckled. Mr. Redfield appeared at their side, a stern expression on his face.

"Miss Lewis, I hope you didn't run away from home." He began, crossing his arms. "If your parents didn't allow you to be a part of the troupe, then you shouldn't be here."

The redhead wasn't perturbed. She chuckled and placed her hands on her hips, giving her full attention at the man in front of her. "Take a gander at the situation . I'm far from home. It would take two hours to drop me off at my folks. Time which a swanky important businessman like yourself doesn't have." She said, her megawatt smile firmly in place. She could practically see the internal struggle going on in the man's head and she just knew she was winning. Her smile brightened. "Besides, I'm of legal age."

The man stared intently at her, before sighing. "Alright. I'll make sure the pilot knows we have an extra passenger. Do you have your-"

"Yes! All here." She said, pulling out a faded brown suitcase from the trunk. Mr. Redfield sighed and turned.

"Alright. Come along, Miss Lewis." He said. She turned towards Jim, an excited smile on her face. They shook hands.

"I hope you find what you're looking for in New York Miss Lewis." He said with a giant grin. She returned it.

"Oh I will. Goodbye Jim and thanks. "She said gratefully.

She caught up with Mr. Redfield at the tarmac. He stood at the entrance of the small plane, speaking to the air pilot and gesturing down at her. She smiled at the pilot when he looked her way.

"Miss Lewis, come up." Mr. Redfield said, before entering. She allowed the stewardess to take her suitcase and climbed up the metal staircase. The pilot tugged on his cap.

"Welcome aboard Miss Lewis."He said with a friendly smile. She smiled back. "Thank you, Captain. Glad to be on board."

"Miss Lewis, I would like to introduce one of your fellow USO girls and a new crew member of the troupe." Mr. Redfield said, placing his hand on her back and leading her to the middle of the plane. "This is Rita Garcia." A small woman with dark curls framing her round face and dark eyes smiled nervously up at her. "And this is Terry McDuff." A large man with a blonde buzz cut and a large butt chin merely nodded at her.

A blonde stewardess approached them, a polite smile on her face. "Sir, Ma'am, sorry to interrupt but it's time to take your seats. The plane will begin to take off shortly."

They apologized and moved towards their seats. She sat next to Rita. "You know, I've never ridden on a plane before." She said casually, leaning back against her seat. Rita stared at her in surprised.

"A-and you're not spooked?" She stammered, her sweet voice making the redhead smile.

"Oh, I'm definitely spooked. I'm just nuts about landing at the Big Apple already. You've ever been?"She asked. The hispanic girl shook her head. "Well, I'm sure we'll have a swell time and who knows we might even find ourselves spiffy dreamboats. What do you say?"

Rita broke into a genuine smile. "I think that's swell. What's your name?"

"Georgia. Georgia Lewis." The redhead smiled back.

After I had introduced Georgia in the Show Girl, I immediately thought about writing a story for her. I only managed to get to the prologue, but who knows I might pick up on it.