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The Making Of Plans And Schemes:

They had all gathered at their favorite hangout which was Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor in Diagon Alley. The four young witches and wizards were relaxing a bit and enjoying each other's company. There was of course Ginny Weasley who was sitting between two other fifth years Connie Creevey and Orenda Costello. Connie used to be Colin Creevey until he was accidentally turned into a girl last year when she looking at Becky's infamous necklace. It was Ginny who had let Colin touch the cursed piece of jewelry, but instead of being angry at her Connie became good friends with her. The other witch, Orenda Costello, was a newly acquired friend of Ginny's who was quite enthusiastic about the upcoming party. She had long shinny brown hair, freckles, sparkling blue eyes, and a simply charming personality. I suppose it was destined that she be placed in Hufflepuff. Then there was Edward Winters sitting across the table looking rather shy, but then he always looked shy and timid, even to those who knew him. Finally there was Bek D. Corbin, a fifth year Slytherin, yes I did say Slitherin, and yes he was friends with everyone at the table. Mr. Corbin was what you might call a non- conformist in that he relished the fact that he rebelled against the typical stereotypes associated with that of Slytherin. It had made him somewhat popular in other houses but certainly not in his own house. In fact the only other Slytherin who was his friend was Edward and he, well, he really didn't look like he belonged in Slytherin either.

Bek was reading about the latest news. The Daily Prophet was teeming with articles featuring none other than Holly Potter. The front page news item, read as follows:

''Holly Potter The-Girl-Who-Lived performed a bit of miraculous healing on the famed Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom the previous night while also battling with escaped prisoner and Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange. This was apparently part of a major sting operation because several Aurors from The Ministry of Magic were indeed present to take care of the situation. The Longbottom Family expressed their deepest gratitude and thanks to Miss Potter, who incidentally, is going to be celebrating her sixteenth birthday with a slumber party tonight, and a birthday bash tomorrow at the newly opened wizarding theme park called Chalker's Paradise.''

Bek D. Corbin looked rather upset at reading this tidbit, and threw the paper down on to the table. "Why can't I go tonight?" Complained the skinny boy who had a prominent nose and a pair of glasses that threatened to fall off that nose at any moment.

Ginny, Connie, and Orenda were all looking at Bek as if he had suddenly grown two heads; even his best friend Edward, who was sitting next to him, was looking at him rather funny.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Bek you know why you can't go to Holly's slumber party. Only GIRLS are allowed, and you dear, are not a GIRL!"

"But Holly used to be a boy!" Countered Bek.

"Yes, but..."

"Becky, and Connie used to be boys, and their going aren't they?" Bek pressed on.

Ginny sighed. "But they're all girls now while you still remain a boy."

"Maybe if I could just stay in a corner and remain really, really, quiet."

"BEK D. CORBIN! It isn't my party! It's Holly's and she's made it clear that she only wants girls to attend her slumber party tonight." Ginny huffed.

"You're still invited to go tomorrow to go to Chalker's Paradise" Connie added.

"Yes! Everybody's invited to that. Oh, I can hardly wait! I already know what we're going to be doing once we get there. Does anyone what to know?" Giggled Orenda.

Ginny gave Orenda a dirty look. "You're not supposed to know what happens tomorrow. It was going to be a surprise." Orenda smiled weakly.

"Well, it was a surprise when I found out if that helps any." Ginny's eyed narrowed.

"You haven't been telling everybody about tomorrow have you? I mean about what's supposed to happen and all?" Orenda was uncommonly silent for once, and did not want to meet Ginny's gaze.

"She told me about it, and I must say I am excited about it." Added Connie who was fiddling with her camera.

"She told me and Edward just before you showed up." Bek said smiling.

Ginny's eyes went wide and she snapped her head toward Edward.

"Yes, I'm afraid it's true."Edward replied and began to attack his vanilla ice-cream once more.

Ginny turned her head slowly back toward Orenda who looked like she wanted to hide underneath the table for some strange reason.

"Tell me, why did you even bring up this whole thing if you already told everyone about the surprise."

"Well...ummm...I wasn't sure you knew yet...and I didn't want you to be left out because we're the bestest and dearest of friends right?" Ginny eventually sighed.

"That remains to be seen, if Holly finds out about this I never heard of you. Do I make myself clear?"

Before Orenda could answer; Bek chimed in once more. "I still think I wouldn't be any trouble if I went to the party." Ginny couldn't quite decide whether Bek was actually trying to drive her insane or not, and then here was dear, sweet Orenda causing even more stress for her. She wanted to breathe fire and roast both her friends right on the spot, but instead she simply sighed and faced Bek face to face.

"Even if Holly said yes, mum would have a fit if she saw boys running around wearing nothing but boxers mixing it up with girls in nighties." Bek grinned.

"Yes! But it would be worth it." He laughed outloud while slapping Edward on the back.

"I bet you wouldn't mind taking in the sights of these luscious beauties in their sexy little nighties." Edward smiled but could not respond because he was far too shy to speak up on such a topic like this, and in front of girls no less...Instead of answering he decided it was best to attack what was left of his ice- cream. Ginny growled.

"OH! I don't have time for this nonsense; I have to go with my parents to St. Mungo's." Both Bek and Edward sat up and looked at their friend with a look of concern. Ginny noticed the looks they were giving her and waved her hand in an effort to calm them.

"It isn't anything serious you two; its just to get these things reduced to something more normal is all." Ginny said pointing to her rather large breasts. Bek could not believe what he was hearing.

"Why would you want to reduce your breasts?"

"Because they hurt my back and they get in the way all of the time. Not to mention boys never look at my face anymore when they talk to me. No! They much rather ogle and gawk at my boobs JUST LIKE YOU'RE DOING NOW!"

Bek suddenly stopped staring at Ginny's breasts and looked up smiling somewhat sheepishly at her friend. "But...you just can't get rid of them...uh...I mean...look at Becky. Yeah! She has big boobs, but you don't hear complaining."

"I'm not Becky! Just because we're sisters doesn't mean we have to like the same things." Ginny growled.

"Do you know she spends a TREMENDOUS amount of time in front of the mirror trying all sorts of make-up, jewelry, hats, dresses, and AAAHHHR!" Everyone in the ice-cream parlor stopped at that moment to stare at Ginny who was breathing heavily while tightly clutching her a moment Ginny continued her tirade. "THEN! Once she's decided she's pretty enough, she parades around all of the boys making them drool. You would never know by looking at Becky that she was ever a boy!"

"UH, perhaps you should go now Ginny, you wouldn't want to be late for your appointment." Bek said nervously Ginny and Connie stood up at that point and rushed off to St. Mungo's leaving the two boys behind. Bek just sat there brooding once more while Edward sat looking around for something to do.

"So what do you want to do tonight then?"

"Crash a certain slumber party," said Bek calmly. "Um...but..." "But what?"

"Holly might get angry and...umm...from what I hear you wouldn't want to do that." Bek sneered and laughed. "She doesn't frighten me! Holly Potter is just an over-hyped celebrity The Daily Prophet created in order to sell more newspapers."

"Quite right Corbin! Couldn't have said it better myself." Both Bek and Edward jumped and turned to see three individuals quickly surround their table. The tall lanky one in the middle with the receding hairline was none other than Byron Truffaut, a seventh year Slytherin who was far more devious than Malfoy and every bit as bright as Hermione Granger. He always had his ever loyal house elf with him, and this time was no exception, Ezeraz was standing behind him in his shadow. The other boys who made up Byron's entourage were more or less muscle to do whatever needed to be done. For example, David Castle could be described as all solid muscle with not much to add in the way of conversation. Tall, athletic, short red hair, and sparkling blue eyes made him look rather impressive to anyone he happened to tower over. The other boy who stood next to David wasn't as tall, but still looked good to have around in a fight. His name was Damon Teal and his distinguishing characteristic was that he had this thick wavy brown hair that was as unruly as he was. Oh yes, he also possessed blue eyes just like David. Bek eyed the three suspiciously.

"What do you want Truffaut?"

"Now, is that any way you should treat a fellow Slytherin, although, considering the way you act and the company you tend to keep, one really has to wonder where your loyalties lie. I mean, it's almost as if 'The Sorting Hat' made a mistake, and placed you in the wrong house."

Bek was fuming. "What sort of company I keep is none of your business; oh, and just because you're an antisocial nutter like Salazar does not mean I have to follow suit."

"Now, now, no need to get all huffy, I've merely come over to show my support for your plan to crash Holly's party." Bek and Edward looked at one another for a few moments and then back at Byron. Finally Bek began to speak. "Why would you want to do such a thing? You've always made it a point to make my life miserable."

"Me? Make your life miserable?" Byron said in a mocking tone.

"Master only wishes to help those who need...molding," said Eseraz. David Castle and Damon Teal both looked down at the elf and nodded in complete agreement with what he had just said. Then they both looked up, in unison, and smiled at Bek and Edward. This only made the two big goons look even more menacing than they had been a moment before.

Byron smiled his own evil grin. "My elf speaks only the truth. If I was hard on you and your...umm...friend here...Eddie is it?" Edward frowned but did not say a word, and in the mean time Bryon continued to talk. "Anyway, I was hard on you both because, I care. Yes, I can see potential within you two, but you need guidance."

Bryon moved forward. "Look, you want to get even with Princess Potter and her precious royal court of losers don't you?" Bek stood up suddenly. "Those losers are my friends!" "Yes, friends who are invited to a party that you are not." "But...it's only for girls." "So what if it is Corbin; it wouldn't be a slumber party without a proper panty raid now would it?"

Both Bek and Edward looked shocked beyond belief, and they both shouted out in unison. "A PANTY RAID?" "Hush down you two; you don't want everyone to know about this do you?" Byron said as he shifted his eyes about the room. Bek looked unsure of himself. "But I just wanted to spy on them for a bit, and maybe join them while Holly..." "GOOD LORD CORBIN! JOIN THEM?" Byron bellowed, but quickly realized he was drawing too much attention, and then began to speak more quietly.

"For a moment I thought you were a real boy, but I'm afraid I must have been mistaken. You would crawl on your belly and grovel at Potter's feet?" This drove Bek to the boiling point. "No! I do not crawl! I do not grovel!" Bryon smiled. "Good, I'm glad to hear it; now about the panty raid?" "Fine, whatever you want to do, I'm game for tonight." Byron then turned to face Edward. "And you?" Edward bolted upright realizing someone was actually addressing him. "Ummm...I don't think..." "Come on Edward, don't chicken out now." Urged Bek. Edward simply nodded his head to indicate he would take part in the planned panty raid.

While the boys waited for nightfall to come there was another meeting taking place in a dark and sinister section of Nocturn Alley. It was another gathering of Death Eaters with Lucius Malfoy as the undisputed leader presiding, this time though it was being held at "The Creeping Tarantula"; a drinking establishment not unlike "The Leakey Cauldron" except that this place drew a far more dangerous crowd. The Death Eaters had been set up in a completely private meeting room, and had several enchanted seals placed on the room to further ensure that nobody eavesdropped. Lucius stood in front of a podium that faced a long black oval table, and each of The Death Eaters sat in chairs and patiently waited for the speech that was about to begin.

"We gather here for a common purpose, to rid the world of Holly Potter once and for all. We shall accomplish this, not with brute force, nor with our combined magical skills." Lucius paused for dramatic effect. "We already know how not to get rid of Potter, tell us what will work on that freak of nature."

The rest of The Death Eaters nodded in complete agreement, and when Lucius saw this he smiled. After a bit he motioned with his hand for silence and the room fell silent instantly, and again Lucius smiled and bent over to look inside the podium. Several moments passed and he once again appeared, and he held in his hands a leathery bound book. In fact, the face of the book looked like it had the skin of an actual face on it. It was a twisted, distorted, evil face, but one had the feeling it was once living, and might still be. Some of The Death Eaters knew instantly what the book was and gasped with fear and awe; others however, simply shrugged their shoulders as if to say:

"Just what the bloody hell is that?"

"Allow me to introduce you to The Necronomicon, an ancient Book of the Dead. It is capable of unleashing unspeakable evil upon the world, but for our purposes it will send Holly Potter on a one way trip back in time and out of our hair permanently, and with her out the way then we can proceed with Voldemort's noble work to purify our race. In time we may even get rid of the world of the Muggles."

Wormtail gained enough courage to raise his hand, and Lucius paused, and then turned to face him. The rat-like wizard cringed but managed to keep his hand up in the air. "Yes, Worm...tail? You have a question you would like me to answer for you?" "Well, if it isn't too much to ask...uh...I was wondering how...uh...what I mean is..." "How is the trap going to be set upon our intended victim?" Wormtail quickly nodded, but said nothing further. "An intelligent question for once, and for that I shall answer in kind." Lucius said grinning. "The book shall be given to Potter as one of the many presents she will be receiving tomorrow at her little birthday party. You see, I will be placing a series of spells on this book to make it appear to be an ordinary present."

"What if Dumbledore..." "Only someone who is sixteen years old and has the kind of magical power that Holly Potter possesses will be able to set the trap off. I also made sure it will only swallow girls sixteen years or younger to make absolutely certain she can not escape the vortex demon. Even with all her immense power, she will not be able to resist because of her one weakness." Lucius paused to see everyone hanging on his words. "And that weakness you may ask? She is not capable of sacrificing her friends in order to save herself. The demon will attack every single little girl it can grab, and then try to drag them into the vortex along with Potter. She might have enough strength to free herself, but she can't save everyone who will be in danger tomorrow."

"So how is the book going to be planted then?" "My son Draco has eagerly volunteered for..." "You mean your son who turned into a half donkey and half girl?" "Is he still a girl?" "Yeah, and what about those ears?" "And tail! Don't forget about that tail!" Everyone was beginning to smile and chuckle, and this only meant one thing to Lucius; he was starting to lose control of his leadership. This was something that had to be dealt with swiftly.

"EXCUSE ME? Am I not in charge here? Because if I am not, then I shall walk away from here and wash my hands from any further involvement."

"No! Please! We...only meant that...We were only...uh... you are our leader now."

"And do not forget that that for a single moment." Lucius said calmly.

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