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At the beginning of my life I did not know why I took the form I did. I could be anything I so desired but one form felt stronger than all the rest. It was much smaller than most of the predators and did not even match what the people currently ruling my lands looked like. They were scaly but my flesh was smooth. They had no fur or hair but I had white hair that grew on my head. They had fangs I did not. They had claws and tails but I did not. There was only one thing we shared… it was our intelligence. Despite us being radically different they revered me as a god. In a way I am a god I suppose but not quite.

The form I took was physically weak but that did not matter. For one such as me it didn't matter what the form we took was traditionally capable of. Beings such as I were fueled by the very universe, though my bipedal body had the capacity of weakness I was simply unable to meet this perceived weakness. I was able to take any shape at any time but my preferred form was one that stood on two legs and had no visible dangerous qualities. It felt so powerful. I did not learn the reason why for almost six billion years.

As a young celestial body I relied heavily upon my mother. She taught me everything that I could ever need. Like me she took on a different form from our reptilian citizens and taught me how to use this to my advantage. Over the process of approximately one billions years she had taught me how to be a fine planet of my own. I was still very young but I was capable should the need arise although that did not prepare me for the turbulence that was arising in my life without my knowledge.

I was orphaned at a little more than one billion years old by my uncle. He killed my mother by pushing a large rock through our atmosphere… tearing the very ground beneath our feet to shreds. In that moment I was transformed by hate and grief… I murdered the uncle and orphaned my cousin, freezing over the planet in which he represented. The heat of my hate had scorched the planet that was my own. Leaving no remains of anything that had once been. I had transformed into a barren planet that was barely habitable. It was not long until I had forgotten everything of my younger years to erase my pain… My cousin did the same and slowly I re grew.

Over the next one billion years I matured and grew, my body slowly hosting life once more but it did not last long. I was still hostile. I was quick to attack and quick to kill. I can't remember how many planets I destroyed… how many galaxies I had snuffed. I had become very quickly something to be feared. Other planets kept their distance and I remained lonely and hateful. But I knew not why my blood boiled so when I saw my new people dance and be happy. I knew that I was different. These people were furry all over and had cloven feet and stood so very tall. They were not like me but I loved them… even if their happiness caused me anger.

About halfway through this one billion years during a meeting with the other planets I bumped into another young planet, yet unlike the others he did not cower away from me. I had thought that maybe he did not know who and what I was and I had smiled. I wanted so desperately to make a friend… I was surprised when he had smiled back at me. Over a course of three thousand years we grew close and we came to love each other. I would take him through my lands and let him meet with my people and he and I would traverse his ow jungle like planet.

During this time it was all very peaceful and happy. I learned what a real smile felt like and what it was to love. But, as I was soon to learn, planets do not get to live peaceful lives. Using the intergalactic gates his people overruled his wishes and attacked my planet. My people and lands were ravaged and scorched and I could not move. I had been conversing with my older sister when my body was struck by pure agony, loud screams of pain left me as my body fell to the floor. It was not until days after the attack that I was able to return… it was mere seconds after my return that my burning rage and hate returned to my heart.

It took only hours to prepare for battle and soon I was invading his lands. But I left my people behind as I always did and I cut through the armies myself. I clashed with my once lover in battle and we fought savagely. Our bodies fighting until run ragged and barely held together. Neither of us dead since our hearts were intact… but… it was not much longer after the thirtieth hour of fighting that his sweltering hand pierced my bosom and was revealed once more through my back. His dark skin stained crimson with my blood as my still beating heart shook in his fist.

My mouth had fallen open and my vision blurred and darkened, my body had crumpled with ease once his arm had pulled back through my body and he turned away from my dead body. My body must have been a sight to behold though. My pale limbs splayed across the reddening ground, my incredibly large wings torn but elegantly splayed across the ground, my tails limp and my purple eyes glazed with death. Yes I must have been beautiful even though my wings were both leathery and feathered and one tail covered in scales while the other lush with soft fur. Even though I still held the burden of two races that did not feel like they belonged to me.

Despite my death I opened up my eyes… in somewhere new. Not the bloody battlefield that I last saw but a beautiful field that was filled with flowers. A lush forest off in the distance and most importantly… my people. They were crowded around me and were showering me with happiness and praise. But I knew this was not right. I knew this because I knew that the people I was seeing before me were dead. I had seen their bodies in the carnage I had mentioned before. That meant that I was dead as well.

But no. I could not be dead. There was no way. I had to finish something that had not yet begun and I could feel it. Not just that but I could not leave my people. I knew that a planet exploded exactly five hours after the personification died and I could not let my people suffer in that way. With a mighty scream I exploded into white lightening… appearing in pure blackness next to a white orb. It looked so inviting… I had felt the need to touch it but just before my fingertips grazed the surface I pulled away.

I knew that if I let myself be lulled by this orb I would lose everything I had fought so hard to keep. So I took a step away… it was soon followed by many other steps as I fled from the orb. Not stopping as the light grew behind me. It was not eager to let me cheat death and I barely kept ahead of the simmering orb. Its hot tendrils grasping at my skin.

I had gotten far ahead when I smashed into something, it was a solid wall. I beat at it but it would not budge… not even with my incredible strength. I gave a frustrated scream and looked at my hands with anger only to be blindsided by confusion. Out of the palm of my hand was a small chain which led to a small clock that dangled from my hand. Upon reading the clock face I grew hot with hanger once more, its hands were pointing to the twelfth hour. My time was up. In desperation and anger I hit the clock against the wall, the light behind be ever intensifying but to my surprise the wall before me cracked with the blow. I hit the wall hard and fast, decimating my clock as the tendrils began to wrap around my body.

I managed one last hit though and the wall burst with a blinding red light. My eyes snapped open immediately… I was back on the battle field. I wasted no time and silently stood. Following after my killer and once lover. My own hand piercing his back and emerging bloody from his chest with his heart beating in my hand. I won. But as he fell to the ground I felt no victory… I only felt weary and heavy. At the time I did not know what I had done… that breaking that wall had landed me with something much worse than an expiration date. That my clock had been replaced by chains that tied me to every living creature in the entire universe… that I was doomed to exist even if the planet I was originally tied to was destroyed.

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