The devil is in the details…

Rita's home Australian Gold Coast an hour latter

Zac and company finally arrive exhausted to the house Rita who arrived 5 minutes earlier for being stuck in traffic was waiting for them "Common time's wasting" she said "This is the last time I'm ever walking on foot while levitating anything" he said gasping. "Or rendering it invisible, we should have rented a truck" Mimi added "That would have been lovely but we don't have that kind of cash!" Evie said.

"Guys can you stop arguing and just bring me into the cove I'm getting itchy and cannot even scratch myself!" Carly said. "I second that the sooner we get her inside the less exposure we risk" Cam said. "Can't argue you with that let's go.!" Zac said as they entered the house and into the cove led by Rita unaware of the intruders watching them. "OK set her down is OK now" Rita said.

Carly was finally back on solid ground and visible again which brought little comfort given her metallic condition. "What happened to me? What kind of a mermaid am I?" she asked Rita intently. "Oh honey you are not a Mermaid but you are special none the less an Inhuman to be exact." Rita answered "And what are this Inhumans?" Carly asked "So there is another group of people besides merpeople and enhanceds like the Hulk, Captain America and that creepy Sekovian chick?" Cam asked.

"Yes there are and it is a long story but for now honey all you need to know is that just like our powers your powers are tied to your emotional state so to return to your normal state all you need is to relax" Rita explained "Relax!" Carly nearly screamed "Yes relax, just breathe and relax" Rita insisted so Carly did as told and soon her body turned back to her normal self

Rita handed Carly a glass "What's this some sort of potion to fix me?" Carly asked. "No just lemonade and there is nothing wrong with you Carly and it cannot be reversed either" Rita said. "But how? Why?" Carly asked more confused and intrigued than ever. "How is because there is a recessive gene in the human population and you have it, why is more complicated because as far as I know it can only be activated by Terrigen mist."

"I'm sorry by what?" Carly said feeling that Rita was giving her more questions than answers "What is this terrigen, where did it came from and how did she even come into contact with whatever it is?" Cam asked.

"That's the mystery but now I know why that strange flesh eating turn to stone disease seemed familiar, the terrigen must have gotten into the ocean's food chain" Rita explained "Hold on a minute Rita are you saying that what's causing the disease is what caused her change?" Zac said in alarm "So anyone that does not have this gene gets the disease instead? That's monstrous!" Mimi said then realized how upset Carly was "I don't mean you…" she added.

Rita sighed "You are right it is monstrous because the gene was introduced by a warring alien species ages ago" Rita explained "Well now aliens as from outer space, this just gets better and better" Carly said "Well if it's any consolation the Merpeople did not originate on this planet either" Rita added that just left the whole group speechless until Mimi broke the stifling silence "So we are actually aliens?" she said. "Well our ancestors were, over time we mingled with surface dwellers to the point that we look a bit different from how our species originally looked" Rita said.

"Why did you never told us this before?" Mimi asked "Because I never though it would be necessary to dig that deep into our past this changes everything though please bring that circular object on that shelf and also get your rings we will need them" Rita said "What is it?" Evie asked as she handed the object to Rita "It's a recording and playback device" Rita explained.

"Really? I don't see any screen or display, how does it show anything?" Cam said "It displays in the form of holograms." Rita answered "For real? Like in the Star Wars films? Do you have an R2 unit in this lair too by any chance? I always wanted one of those!" Cam said which received a heavy sigh from everyone "You are such a geek sometimes!" Carly said.

"Enough bickering put your rings in the device" Rita said. The girls did as instructed and a hologram of another solar system appeared before them "Long ago our ancestors lived in a world that had no land but covered in ocean instead. Then our sun became nova and we had to leave, we found this world and settled here where we also interacted with the primitive native species, we gave them the blessings of mathematics, engineering, science and our civilization flourished for almost a thousand years up until the Kree empire arrived. They laid waste to all our colonies and settlements and began experimenting on the humans to use them as weapons of war this is how inhumans were created. But the inhumans refused to be used as cannon fodder and joined us against the Kree Empire instead" Rita explained as the hologram presented them the related imagery as no HD tv set possibly ever could.

"Can we watch football on this after this is over?" Cam asked which again was received by an annoyed grunt by the rest of the group except Zac who snickered at his friend's suggestion. "Boys!" Mimi sighed "Can I continue or what?" Rita asked when everyone fell silent she continued the presentation. "After years of bloody war, both our species and the inhumans realized that if we were to survive at all we needed for the Kree Empire to believed we were annihilated the decision was made to sink our ancestral city Atlantis beneath the waves forever and make it look like a disaster wiped us all out. The Kree finally convinced of our demise left Earth at last and gave up their experiments." Everyone was perplexed at the physical appearance of Merpeople back then xsporting Vulcan/elf like ears as opposef to the human like ones they sport today. Rita did not have to even wait to answer the question in their minds.

"Yes early on our species looked sort of like elves with those pointy ears, over time as we crossbred with humans our appearance changed" she explained "Are there merpeople with such characteristics still around?" Mimi asked, "Only a handful remain including the sleeping king" Rita said "Wait there is s sleeping king as well?" Cam asked intrigued "Yes Namor the true king of our people, shortly after the war with the Kree he grew disillusioned with how our genetic purity had been compromised with humanity whom he saw as inferior war like beings, he went into stasis only to be awakened if our existence is in peril, back at Atlantis under the constant watch of what remains of the royal guard" Rita finished and so did the projection as the device shut down.

"That was very educational ladies thank you" Ward said as Erik allowed himself and his 2 companions to become visible again Angar screamed and everyone but Eric and Ward fell unconscious and outside the house the sonic pulse killed every nearby bird which dropped dead from the sky as David and Sirena witnessed as they approached the house in his vehicle "What the hell just happened? What's going on?" David asked "Nothing good" Sirena responded.