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I Want to Protect You

Chapter 1: Running Away

Steven lay on his bed, a frown on his face. He usually was a go happy kind of kid but that all changed when two evil gems named Jasper and Peridot came to Earth. Jasper got the drop on Garnet splitting her in half; Steven thought for a brief moment that Garnet was dead. Till he awoke in that cell and learned of Ruby and Sapphire, still those two gems never would have been separated if it wasn't for him. The gems asked him to be the voice for the citizens of Beach City to keep them safe, while the gems took care of the invasion. Instead he returned to the gems trying to protect them. A lot of good that did, he helped them escape but because of him poor Lapis, a gem he thought as a friend was now trapped forever at the bottom of the ocean fused with Jasper as Malachite.

"Why can't I be more like my mom," he said rolling over on his side. "My mom never would have made so many mistakes. It's all my fault Ruby and Sapphire were separated, my fault Lapis is trapped with Jasper, my fault that Amethyst has no one there for her, my fault that Pearl and dad lost mom, everything is my fault," he cried shedding tears. He held himself but the doubts grew. His mind remembered when learned that Garnet was a fusion.


A blue skinned gem held Steven's hand as they raced around the ship. She stopped and spotted a red skin gem. "Ruby" the blue skinned gem called.

"Sapphire!" shouted Ruby racing towards Sapphire. They embraced each asking the other if they were harmed, then Steven saw them twirl as the gems glowed. Then before him was Garnet smiling a happy smile.

"Steven, thank you," she said eyes full of gratitude.

"Garnet, you are a fusion?" Steven asked face full of shock.

"Sorry we didn't want you finding out this way," Garnet said frowning a bit.

"Well did I at least make a good first impression?" he asked hoping Sapphire and Ruby liked him.

"Oh Steven, we already love you," Garnet assured placing a hand on his cheek.

He knew Garnet loved him and so did Amethyst and Pearl. Yet, there were times he thought they wanted his mom instead of him. Pearl accidentally called him Rose, his mom's name countless times and she always praised Rose about everything. Steven felt like he could never measure up to such a person. Amethyst flat out said that Rose was always there for her until Rose dated Greg, Steven's dad. Once Rose gave birth to Steven, she lost her physical form giving Steven life. Would the gems be happier without him around? Without him, they could focus more on finding Peridot and Malachite. They wouldn't have to worry about a weak half gem/human, getting in their way.

"Should I leave, dad, Connie and Lion will miss me and maybe the gems will too," Steven said. "If I stay I will only be putting Connie and dad in harm's way, I'll have Lion protect them. It is in everyone's best interests if I just disappear and never come back" Steven decided. He pulled out his cheeseburger back pack, and placed his clothes, his toothbrush, a ten dollar bill his dad gave him for helping with the car wash and some snacks the gems bought him. Lastly, he brought a first aid kit Connie helped him with, a flashlight and a picture of his dad, the gems, Connie, Lion, and him at the beach. Then grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down a note saying goodbye to his family. Finally he placed it on the table and headed outside. When he opened the door Lion stood before him. "Don't try to stop me Lion, this is for the best, I'm leaving forever but I want you to keep Connie safe and be a son to dad, make sure he stays safe too. Also, help the gems anyway you can," said Steven. Lion only nodded in understand and as tears rolled down Steven's face, he hugged his furry friend. "Good bye Lion, I'll miss you," he cried and heading down the stairs. He walked all the way down to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up.

"You getting on kid?" asked the bus driver. Steven nodded getting on and sitting in the very back. Beach City slowly disappeared as a final tear fell from Steven's face. "Goodbye," he said and slowly looked away.


The warp pad glowed revealing the Crystal Gems. "Steven, we're home," called Pearl happily. The mission was a huge success; everything went smoothly, just as she planned. Yet, when Steven didn't answer or appear asking them a million questions about the mission, a seed of worry grew inside her. "Steven," she called louder.

"Yo Stev-man, where are you, I got this cool rock I want to show ya," called Amethyst loudly racing up to his room. When she saw he was not there a frown was on her face. "Man he must be hanging out with Greg or Connie," she said folding her arms. "Whatever I'll wait till he gets back I'm hungry," Amethyst said heading to the kitchen. She spotted a note addressed to them on the table. "Hey guys I think Steven left us a note or something!" she yelled.

"Amethyst, you don't need to yell," Pearl scolded causing the purple gem to roll her eyes at her. Making Pearl get even more agitated at her. Garnet picked it up and read the note to herself.

"What, no, he wouldn't" she said taking off her shades all three eyes wide with worry.

"What is it Garnet?" asked Pearl not liking the look on her face. What she said made Pearl's whole body fill with fear and worry.

"According to this note, Steven has run away from home," Garnet said tears falling down her face.

To be continued

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