Chapter 20: Going Home

The gem monster hissed at Morganite, its teeth baring. "Time to take out the trash," said Morganite, raising her spiked hammer. She first spotted Steven and Alex, with super speed bubbled them up, and sent them safely up top. Then, once she knew, that they were safe, she rammed into the monster, her hammer making contact. The monster wailed in pain as it tried biting her, yet she dodged the attack, attacking the monster's lower belly.

This thing is strong

Yes but we are stronger

"Go Morganite!" cheered Steven smiling from down below. It was amazing Garnet and Luna fused, and now were battling a giant gem monster. The monster grabbed Morganite, throwing her into a wall. She crashed hard, shaking her head with a groan.

"Oh no!" Alex shouted her and Steven looking concerned.

"That wasn't nice," Morganite growled eyes locking on the monster. It snarled back, and Morganite formed balls of light out of her hands and threw them at the beast. The beast backed away with fear wailing when the light touched it's skin.

It appears that it doesn't like light.

Well, then let's turn on the light.

Morganite formed a massive ball of light, threw it in the air, and like you would in volleyball, whacked it hard with her hands. The ball flew straight at the monster, engulfing it in light. Even Steven and Alex had to shield their eyes, as all they heard was an inhuman wail, and finally nothing but silence. When Steven and Alex opened their eyes they saw a bunch of gem shards stuck together where the gem monster once stood.

Without a word, Morganite, bubbled up the gem shards, sending them to the bubble room and jumped up, slowly defusing and reappeared as Garnet and Luna. Garnet was still holding Luna, when they unfused. "You guys were amazing!" shouted Steven hugging them both.

"Yeah we were," said Luna smiling at Garnet. Truth be told Luna, never felt better, being Morganite was like nothing she ever experienced before, it was, well words didn't really describe it, she would talk to Garnet about it later, right now they had gem shards to take care of.

Garnet however was feeling the same way but she felt extremely guilty. Not only did she give into fear, but she put Steven, Alex, as well as Luna in great danger. If Luna wasn't here to snap her out of that horrible trance, Steven and Alex would have been dead for sure. She could barely look Luna or anyone else in the eye, good thing her shades were back on.

"Good work everyone, let's get these shards back safely," said Garnet.

"You got it," said Steven helping pick up the shards as Garnet sent them the rest of the gem shards to the bubble room. Once they climbed out, they were met by Lapis, Pearl, and Amethyst.

"Sorry Garnet, but Peridot escaped," Pearl said frowning deeply.

"I really thought I could have reached her," said Lapis frowning.

"What happened to you guys?" asked Amethyst.

"Something bad," said Luna. Garnet looked away, her teeth gritting but was calmed when Steven hugged her leg.

"What happened down there?" Pearl asked looking worried.

"We found out what Home World thinks of fusion," said Luna holding up a bubbled gem shard, she kept one in case Garnet wouldn't be in the mood to discuss what happened, by the looks of it, she was right.

"Are-Are those two gem shards stuck together?" asked Pearl looking scared and confused.

"Yeah and they form these gem monsters, and there was this massive one the size of Alexandrite but no worries, Luna and Garnet fused forming Morganite and defeated the monster," said Steven.

"You guys fused cool!" exclaimed Amethyst.

"That is wonderful," said Pearl smiling.

"Look everyone, we need to be on guard, since these gem monsters exist, we don't know how many was made, so let's regroup and return back here later, that is if everyone agrees," said Luna looking around. No one seemed to object, so Luna nodded and they all headed back to the warp pad.

When they returned, Steven was very hungry from the trip, that he asked Pearl if she could cook for him. "Of course Steven, what would you like?" she asked.

"Could we have spaghetti, please?" asked Steven.

"Oh yeah with garlic bread," said Alex smiling. "I can help if you want?" asked Alex.

"I um would love some help, thank you uh Alex," said Pearl politely.

"No problem," said Alex, finally happy that Pearl was being a tad nicer to them, so she would be nicer to Pearl. Garnet however was not in the celebrating mood and headed to her room. It was then she felt a hand on her shoulder, she didn't even need to turn around to know it was Luna.

"You okay?" Luna asked looking concerned.

"I'm fine," said Garnet dryly, though Luna didn't have to read minds to know that Garnet was lying.

"If you want to talk," Luna began.

"I know where to find you," said Garnet disappearing in her room. Luna frowned but didn't force Garnet to talk to her. She joined the cooking fest of Pearl and Alex. Steven and Amethyst was teaching Lapis, how to thumb wrestle, Amethyst kept beating Steven, much to the kid's dismay.

"Hey Luna, I know it isn't my bedtime yet, but could you please finish the story of how you met my mom?" Steven asked losing to Amethyst for the fifth time.

"I don't know Steven, it's pretty boring," Luna said blushing.

"Please," he asked forming stars in his eyes.

"Dinner won't be ready for at least twenty minutes, enough time to finish a story," said Alex.

"Well, why not okay um where did I leave off again?" asked Luna sitting down.

"Garnet was going to have you meet my mom, at the meadow where Sapphire and Ruby met to form Garnet," said Steven.

"Right, right okay, the next night I left and met Rose Quartz, the one who would change my life forever," said Luna her voice sounding far away as she relived that day, like it was only yesterday.

Many years ago

Luna stood by the meadow, waiting for this so called friend of the fusion known as Garnet. If this friend can help Luna, get revenge on Yellow Diamond, then it was worth it. She paced back and forth wondering what was taking Garnet so long, until she heard a rustling noise, and became alert. "Whose there?" she demanded revealing her sword.

"At ease Luna, it is me," said Garnet appearing out of the shadows.

"What took you so long?" asked Luna having her sword disappear.

"My apologies, had to make sure no one followed us, secrecy is key, when starting a rebellion," said Garnet.

"A rebellion huh?" asked Luna getting interested. "Is your friend here?" asked Luna.

"Yes, here she is," said Garnet motioning to the shadows. Out of the shadows, came a tall, gem woman with long curly pink hair, wearing a flowing white dress. In the center of her stomach was a pink quartz, Luna's eyes widened when she realized who it was.

"Luna Moonstone, it is a pleasure to meet you, my name is," said the curly haired woman but Luna interrupted her.

"I know who you are, anyone who is anyone knows about the great General Rose Quartz," said Luna with a small bow.

"Please no need for that," said Rose gently.

"Fair enough, what is this I hear about a rebellion, I thought we were going to stop Yellow Diamond," asked Luna.

"It is because Yellow Diamond asked me to colonize a planet known as Earth, we didn't think anything of it, we thought it was lifeless, no organic life other than plants and minerals, when I arrived," Rose said gently a frown on her face.

"It had organic life," said Luna.

"How do you?" asked Rose getting confused.

"Know what you are going to say before you speak it, simple I can read minds," said Luna. She never really liked reading minds without permission but she had to make sure she wasn't being set up. She trusted Garnet and what she heard of Rose Quartz was always good but better to be safe then be crushed later.

"I didn't know moonstones did that," said Rose.

"They can't I am the only moonstone who can as I am the only one that survived the process," said Luna a frown forming on her face.

"I don't understand, you mean you are the only Moonstone on Home World?" asked Rose looking sad but confused nonetheless.

"No one knows how it happened but like many gems on Home World, the Diamonds wanted to create many gems, unfortunately when they wanted to make moonstones, I was the only survivor, Yellow Diamond didn't want to create more just to have only one survive each time, I was to be a servant till I believe White Diamond saw how skilled I was as a fighter and I worked my way up as General Moonstone," said Luna.

"Impressive," said Rose.

"Anyways, you wish to protect these beings called humans, for if you know Yellow Diamond, she will kill these beings for no reason, and you want to protect the planet, even if it means that you can never return to Home World, if you survive that is," said Luna.

"That is it, will you help us defeat Yellow Diamond and save the planet Earth," said Rose.

"I'll be honest with you um Rose, I have no interest in saving humans, I only wish to kill Yellow Diamond for killing the gems I called friends and family. You give me a chance to kill Yellow Diamond, and I will give you my sword and services for as long as you will have me," said Luna.

"I see you have great anger in you, but I will try and give you a chance at Yellow Diamond though I don't know if I can give you your chance at revenge," said Rose gently.

Luna thought it over, the only reason she would consider joining Rose's rebellion was so she could crush Yellow Diamond's gem. If she couldn't do that would joining the rebellion be worth it? Then her mind remembered Jade, Aqua, Sky, Midnight, her sisters, her family. All destroyed because Yellow Diamond thought they were mistakes. Luna couldn't save them, but she had a chance to save these humans, even if she didn't kill Yellow Diamond, she would stop her from killing anymore innocent beings, it was worth the risk. "Well then, I guess I'll just take my chances, even if Yellow Diamond gets away, I know better than anyone how she will treat these humans, and no living creature should be killed because some other being doesn't like them, if I have to serve someone it might as well be you, Rose Quartz, my lady" said Luna bowing to Rose.

"Welcome to the Crystal Gems, Luna," said Rose smiling and on that day Luna's life changed forever.

"And that is how I joined the rebellion," said Luna finishing her story.

"So, in the beginning you just wanted revenge on Yellow Diamond," said Steven.

"Afraid so, but when I came to Earth and actually saw humans, I wanted them to have a chance to survive, who was Yellow Diamond to decide if one race was allowed to live and another to die, I served your mom as well as I could and even though I never got a chance at Yellow Diamond I still want her to pay for her crimes but till that day I defended Earth as best as I could," said Luna.

"Wow that was pretty epic," said Amethyst.

"I agree with Amethyst, you literally lost everything because of Yellow Diamond and thanks to Rose Quartz, you were given something to fight for," said Lapis with a smile.

"Pretty much," said Luna shrugging.

"Okay everyone, dinner is ready," said Alex as Pearl was making plates.

"I'm going to see if Garnet might be hungry, after a tough battle she could use some energy, be right back," said Luna heading to Garnet's room.


"I can't believe we froze up like that, they could have been killed!" exclaimed Ruby pacing back and forth. She felt horrible after what happened down in the kindergarten. Rubies were known to be fighters not cowards.

"Easy Ruby, I was scared too, those poor gems, how could Home World do such a thing," Sapphire said a tear in her eye. Those poor gems flashed in her mind, their moans echoed through her brain. It was words couldn't describe how horrible it was.

"Those gems didn't have a choice, fusion is about choice, that wasn't fusion, it was, it was an abomination of fusion!" Ruby yelled flames engulfing her.

"Ruby calm down!" pleaded Sapphire, her cool hand touching her girlfriend's shoulder. Ruby felt the coolness touch her shoulder and her flames died down.

"I'm, I'm sorry Saph, I just feel horrible not only did we freeze up, but our friends could have been killed, if Luna didn't knock some sense into us, who knows what would have happened," Ruby said frowning. "Garnet felt so happy fusing with Luna, it felt like the first time you and I fused, it should have been a happy moment, not a way for Luna to help us regain our focus," said Ruby.

"I know Garnet wanted to express how happy she was, and we will, but even if Luna wasn't there, I do see us overcoming our fear, and saving only Steven because for some reason I don't see Alex or Luna with us and we did not end up battling that gem monster," said Sapphire.

"I guess in some ways, it was a great thing we fused, imagine if we didn't that thing could have gotten bigger and could have hurt Beach City," said Ruby. "Do you, do you think Luna enjoyed fusing with us?" asked Ruby.

"Let's ask her, she should be knocking on our door in five seconds," said Sapphire.

"Hey Garnet, are you in there, dinner is ready if you want to eat," said Luna, knocking on Garnet's door.

Within seconds the door opened and Garnet stepped out, "Hello Luna," she said.

"Hey, if you are hungry Pearl and Alex made spaghetti and since we had a tough battle I thought you could use some food," said Luna.

"Do you hate me?" Garnet blurted out. Luna stopped, taken aback by what came out of Garnet's mouth.

"What? Why would I hate you?" asked Luna.

"I froze up in battle and because of that you, as well as Steven and Alex were almost killed. Sapphire had a vision where if you weren't there I would have snapped out of it and saved Steven, but even I doubt that, our fusion was a mere survival experience not how it should have been," said Garnet looking away.

""What do you mean how it should have been?" asked Luna. Garnet blushed looking away, and Luna didn't dare read her mind for that would be rude. "Look Garnet, don't doubt yourself, you are the strongest person I know, so you froze up big deal, I was beyond petrified but I was more afraid for Steven and Alex's safety that I overcame my fear. That is how I was able to knock you back to your senses, don't ever doubt yourself Garnet, no one blames you for what happened. Alex was like me and wanted to keep Steven safe, and Steven was more concerned about you than anything else, and wants to know if you are okay, and I, I don't know how you wanted our first fusion to go, but I, I thought it went well and would like to do it again when you are ready," said Luna with a smile.

"Luna, I, I want you to stay in Beach City," said Garnet. Her visors were now off; she had to tell Luna, now or never, no more hiding. Besides she may not get another chance to tell Luna how she feels.

"I will stay, Alex wants to stay till Jamie, does his first play, you will need help finding Peridot, those gem monsters will be a problem, and we also need to find Jasper in case she is causing trouble somewhere," Luna said but was interrupted by Garnet.

"No Luna, I don't want you to stay because of just that, I want you to stay because I, I," Garnet said but couldn't get the words out. She was so scared of rejection, but she was fighting her fear, it was do or die time.

"You what Garnet, I am not reading your mind unless I have your permission," said Luna wanting to know the cause of her friend's pain. She was in love with Garnet, always was but like Garnet, was afraid of rejection.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Garnet yelled and grabbed Luna by the shoulders, kissing her passionately on the lips. Luna's eyes widened with surprise as she pulled Garnet in deepening the kiss. When they broke away, Garnet stared deeply into Luna's eyes. "I want you to stay because I love you, Luna" Garnet said gently.

"Why-why didn't you tell me sooner?" asked Luna.

"I was a fusion, I was already a relationship, and I didn't think fusions could be with another gem, but every time I was with you, I felt the way Ruby and Sapphire felt whenever they were together. So, happy and complete, but I was afraid you didn't feel the same way, when you left, part of me died, and I have a second chance to tell you what I was too afraid to tell you then," said Garnet. "Now the question is do you feel the same way?" asked Garnet.

"I felt the same way, I always liked being around you, the adventures we shared together, but I just thought you could do better than as Pearl called me, Yellow Diamond's pet," said Luna folding her arms.

"I never saw you that way," Garnet said holding her.

"Garnet this relationship won't be easy, you know that right?" asked Luna.

"No relationship is easy," said Garnet.

"Things are different now, I can't just leave Alex, she needs me, I may have to leave from time to time, protecting my other friends, you deserve someone who can always be there for you, I can't promise you that," Luna said. It was true, her and Alex knew lots of people, Luna had many friends from around the world, she left Alex for a few days, but always came back to her, Luna visited many of her friends that needed her, it wasn't fair to have a relationship with someone just to leave them for long periods of time, not knowing when you would come back.

"Luna, I know this will be difficult, but can't we at least try?" Garnet asked holding her hand. A tear fell from Luna's face, Garnet wanted to take a chance, even after knowing how Luna lived. It was touching and Luna did want to try.

"I don't know where this will take us, but I am willing to go the distance if you are," Luna said smiling, squeezing her hand.

"Well then, let's go join the others, I see Steven will be in soon, if we don't head to the kitchen," said Garnet smiling, a happy grin. Luna smiled back and for the first time she didn't know what the future held for her but for right now in a long time since she met Alex, Luna felt like she was home.

Meanwhile, on a distant beach

Jasper washed up on the shore, breathing heavily. Her whole body ached and she could barely move her head. The sun beat down on her, hurting her eyes. "Where-Where am I?" she asked her voice sounding so dry, she could barely talk.

"Hey lady, you okay?" asked a small voice. Jasper could barely raise up her head, but she saw two small creatures, one was male and the other female, they looked like kids. The boy had tan skin, with big blue eyes, and dark brown hair. He wore a shirt with what looked like a man dressed as a red and black spider on it and jeans but no shoes.

The girl had on overalls, no shoes like the boy but had brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was up in pigtails and she was clutching a brown teddy bear. Jasper tried to get to her feet, but kept stumbling.

"Michelle, Adam, where have you two rascals gotten to this time?" asked an elderly voice. Jasper saw another female only much older, with white hair, tied in a bun, dark tan skin, wearing overalls as well, like the girl. Only she was walking with a cane.

"Grandma, we found a lady, she looks hurt," said Adam.

"Land sakes, you poor dear," said the woman kneeling down to Jasper. "Here drink this, its water," said the lady placing a bottle of water to Jasper's lips. Jasper drank greedily, her throat feeling better. "You two go get your uncles and tell them to brink their truck and some blankets for our guest to lay on," said the lady.

"Yes ma'am," the kids said taking off. Once they were alone the lady looked down at Jasper.

"What is your name?" she asked.

"Jasper," said Jasper, too weak to fight, if the woman wished to harm her.

"Must be a Home World gem, don't remember Rose, mentioning you," said the lady.

"Rose, who is Rose?" asked Jasper, being fused with Lapis for so long had made Jasper get temporary memory loss, all she remembered was her name and that she was a gem.

"Memory loss, well I guess, since you are weakened, you shouldn't be too much trouble. Let's try and be friends Jasper, my name is Nichole Winters, if you promise not to harm my family I will give you shelter on my apple farm," said Nichole.

"I won't hurt you, if you don't hurt me," Jasper said.

"Very well then, we have a deal," said Nichole shaking Jasper's hand. Jasper passed out just as the truck came and she was loaded on. Nichole stood up looking at the sky as the sun was slowly setting. "Oh Rose, I wish you were here, if I need help, I will simply call Greg and he can get a hold of those Crystal Gems, till then I will attempt to save Jasper, in case she was a gem that wanted to destroy Earth, seems I have my work cut out for me," said Nichole heading into the truck with her sons and headed home.

To be continued…

Author's Note: Well folks this is the last chapter, but I promise to make a sequel as soon as I can. It might be called Unknown Horizon, or New Horizons, don't know yet but it will feature more OC characters, what will happen to peridot, and many new fusions. Thanks so much for the reviews and hope the sequel is just as liked as this story. Till next time.