Note: Another delve into the MCU after finally getting to watch Age of Ultron. Holy shit it was so good. Like, character driven movies are the cream of the movie crop for me. Anyways, I've been doing kid!Sam stories on and off for the past year or so. Finally I decided to put them on here since they're already on my AO3 and Tumblr account. The chapters start out short, but they do get longer.

"Steve." A poke.

"Papa Steve. Wake up." Another poke.

Steve covered his head with the covers and fought back a groan. He was so tired. Who thought a stray shot of god knows what would turn Sam into an excitable four year old? An excitable four year old who thought waking up at six in the morning so 'Papa Steve' could make breakfast was okay. A tiny body climbed onto him and started tugging on the covers.

"Just one hour, Sam. The sun isn't even up yet. How did you even get in here?" Steve asked, loosening his grip on the covers.

He was greeted with a gap toothed smile and two hands squishing his cheeks. "JARVIS let me in. Come on, you promised! The Falcon wants breakfast!"

Steve relented and sat up, pulling Sam to him and tickling him. "Alright, lets get the Falcon his breakfast." he said, tucking the little boy under his arm.

Sam just laughed and held on to Steve to prepare the best breakfast ever.