Note: The final chapter! I love kid!Sam. He's my favorite. We're ending this with Scarlet Witch and on a good note for me. Quicksilver was originally going to have a chapter, but I couldn't think of one. Actually, this was going to be like Tiny Companion, but I'm fresh outta ideas. So, if anyone wants to leave suggestions, drop one in the reviews or on my Tumblr!

Summary: Sam is an artist when it comes to making people happy.

This was his best picture yet. He placed the finished coloring on the side and got a new piece of paper. Sam grabbed a blue crayon and started to draw, kicking his feet. He had to make the sky a dark blue before he drew the birds. He just knew that Mr. Bucky would love this one. He would hang it right up where he had his other pictures on the wall. Exchanging the blue for brown, Sam started working on the owls in the sky.

He was enjoying himself in the empty rec room. It was nice and quiet. Plus, if he wanted a refill on his cheese puffs, all he had to do was press a button. Sam was so into his work that he didn't notice that someone was sitting at the table with him. It wasn't until his pile of finished pictures was disturbed that he noticed. Looking up to see who it was, he was surprised to see it was the magic lady.

She was new like Vision was, but he was sure this was the first time he saw her. Sam knew from listening in on Auntie Nat and Papa Steve's conversation that she helped the bad Ultron robot. He knew that wasn't very nice of her. He also knew that she used to have a brother that died when they helped the rest of the Avengers. Sam wasn't sure what to think about her. While he worked on getting the owl's head just right, he sneaked a glance at her.

She was leafing through his pictures with gentle hands as not to crease the pages. Her eyes and nose were rimmed red which Sam knew that she must be sad. Losing a brother was a big deal. He was still sad that JARVIS was gone and the AI had been his best friend.

"Hi magic lady." Sam said, not looking up from his drawing.

Wanda was startled by the sound of his voice. His finished drawings went flying until a red glow covered them. The same glow came from her eyes and hands as she brought them back into a neat stack on the table.

", you are the Captain's child correct?" she said hesitantly.

"Yup. Papa Steve is the best papa ever. You're the magic lady with the brother who helped the bad robot. He hurt a lot of people." Sam replied.

Using a white crayon, he put the final touches on his drawing. He waited for her to talk back when he noticed the silence. It was uncomfortable as he didn't know her at all. He took another peek at her and was surprised. Tears slid down Wanda's cheeks, her gaze directed to the clenched hands in her lap. Oh, now he felt bad. He didn't mean to make her cry.

Sam grabbed a clean napkin and slid it over the table. Smudges of colors from his crayons peppered the cloth from his fingers. That didn't stop Wanda from using it to wipe her face.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." he said.

Wanda sniffed and floated the cloth into the garbage. She looked up at Sam and gave him a weak smile. Sam had a feeling that the magic lady did not feel like smiling, but was making an effort for him. He had to make it up to her somehow.

"It's okay. I made some mistakes and I have to own up to that. It just hasn't been long since Pietro has...left me. What is your name, child? I am Wanda Maximoff." she said.

Sam nodded in agreement and reached over, patting her arm. He wondered what he could do to make her happy. It was like a light clicked on as he thought of the perfect idea. He moved the finished drawing aside and got a fresh sheet.

"I'm Sam Wilson! You can call me Sam or Sammy. Hawk calls me Falcon sometimes. Can you tell me about Pieto, Ms. Wanda? I bet he was a cool brother." he asked.

Wanda corrected him on pronunciation and launched into a cherished memory of her brother. Sam listened and drew on his fresh paper. He made sure to grab the brightest blues and grays to make it special. He wasn't sure how many stories he listened to, but he finished it. In Sam's opinion, it was the best picture he did all day. It was even than the one he did for Mr. Bucky.

Ms. Wanda would appreciate it. She wasn't a bad lady like he thought she would be. She just needed cheering up and a friend. He waited for her story to end before handing the picture over.

"I drew this for you, Ms. Wanda. You can hang it up in your room." he said cheerfully.

Wanda took the colored paper and felt tears spring to her eyes. There were two human shaped figures holding hands. She could tell the blue an white one was Pietro and the other one was herself. It was a crude child's drawing, but she loved it regardless.

"Can I give you a hug?"she asked, voice choked up with emotion.

Sam nodded and found himself swept up in a tight hug. He rested his head on her shoulder, returning the hug. Everyone deserved a hug every now and then. He knew that he did the right thing. Ms. Wanda was not a bad magic lady, she just needed someone to be close to. Sam was perfectly willing to be that friend.