Before we get this started, this a Sequel to Silvaze 1: Let the Fun Begin. While you don't need read it to fully understand this plot, parts of it will be mentioned so I recommend you read it. All characters besides OCs belong to SEGA. I own all OCs.

Solaris, Coral Cave

The Jeweled Scepter sat in it's hidden chamber, within the Coral Cave, light shining on it. The doors opened, with two figures walking in. One was robotic pirate skeleton, the other was a Dark Chao. The robot had a torn cape that followed him and a cannon on his shoulder. The Chao wore a cape which surrounded his body. On of eyes were robotic and he was always grinning. The robot picked up the Scepter.

"Ya would think ye princess would protect this thing," he said. "At least put some guards around the area."

"The Princess is very busying," the Chao said. "Getting marrying to her new king!"

"Arrr! What to ye say about visiting ye princess?" the robot asked.

"Chox is thinking idea is good," the Chao. "And for you to stop said 'ye',"

"Ye can't say anything, Chox, until ye get your tenses right," the robot said, walking out of the chamber, with Chox following.

Sol Castle

Blaze walked around her castle. It was only a few days before she'd marry Silver. Some servants were getting the garden ready as that was where the main event was going to take place. Of course, she excited. They had invited all of their friends. She went to find Silver who was sitting at the balcony, staring into space.

"So there you are…" Blaze said, sitting next to him. "What are you thinking about?"

"To think… Nacttoir is up there… waiting for Elec to return…" Silver said.

"You still think about that?" Blaze asked, hugging him. "He's gone… and I'm sure Nacttoir's a better planet without him."

"You're right, Blaze!" Silver said, standing up. "Talking about making planets better, when we're married, you can finally do that!"

"We can do that, you mean," Blaze corrected.

"Yeah. To think, I'll be king of a whole planet. Never thought that would happen…" Silver said. Gordon ran up to them.

"Sorry to disturb, but Coral Cave is being attacked… by pirates…" Gordon said. Silver and Blaze looked at each other, nodded and ran to their boat.

Coral Cave, Hidden Chamber

Captain Whiskers, Johnny, along with Mini and Mum were the ones attacking Coral Cave.

"Arrr! What sorcery is this?" Whisker asked.

"The Jeweled Scepter!" Mini said.

"It's gone!" Mum said.

Silver and Blaze ran in.

"Whisker! Again!" Blaze said. She had told Silver about these him before. "Put back the Scepter, now!"

"Arrr! Ye think I took it? It was gone before I came!" Whisker explained.

"Captain! They must have it! Trying to trick us about it's location! It must back at Sol Castle," Johnny said.

"I wish that was the case!" Blaze yelled.

"You trying to trick us!" Silver yelled.

"I wish I was, laddie, but this is no trick," Whisker explained. "I don't have it and ye got no prove I do!"

"If none of us have it…" Mini said.

"...does that mean Dr. Nega has it?" Mum asked. Blaze and Silver had also explained how they know both know Nega.

"Can't be! He's trapped and most likely dead in the Ifrit's dimension!" Silver said.

"Then who has it?" Everyone asked.

"Chox knows who having it!" a voice said. Chox stepped down from the ledge he was on.

"A chao is Solaris?" Blaze said to herself.

"Why, the brilliant, wonderful Captain Bones-Metal having the Scepter that is Jeweled which you speak of!" Chox explaining… sorry, explained.

"Captain Metal-Bones! I should of known!" Whisker said. "Back to ye ship, everyone. We know our target!" Whisker and his crew left.

"You… talk weird," Silver said.

"Chox is chao… chao doing not speak… Chox is learned," Chox said, running away.

"So what are we going to do?" Silver asked.

"We send soldiers to go after Metal-Bones, and if they don't get before our wedding, we'll get our friends to help," Blaze explained. Silver nodded in agreement.