Standing before the mirror in her tiny apartment, a young woman slipped the engagement ring onto it's place on her left hand ring finger. The ring wasn't anything extravagant - a simple, vintage, silver band lacking the colossal diamond most girls would demand before the "yes" escaped from their lips. The woman, only having just entered her mid-twenties, didn't think a jewel should determine her love for him and one was never expected, anyways, as their apartment had them both crammed together and they still had to scrape up enough money for rent each month.

She smoothed her emerald dress down, fixing the pearls strung around her neck for the party tonight, and only paused when she heard the door to the bathroom fly shut. It was an old apartment, sure, but she had been positive that it had been wide open moments before, and no window was open to let in a breeze. The cause of the door to close with such a deafening slam was unknown to her, but she wouldn't wait around to find out. It is funny how fast childhood fears can be aroused with just a slight circumstance of the unknown.

She grabbed her purse, advancing for the door, but froze before her hand could reach for the handle. Blocking the doorway was a figure towering high above her short stature, his features less defined due to the the dim lighting of the apartment and the darkness of the night. He didn't move and they stood in a silent staredown. The rest of her world was frozen. She swore she heard a deep chuckle as he abruptly moved, crossing the distance between them.

She stumbled back, falling, her own screams filling her ears as he attacked her. He tore away her skin and body and regarded them to the walls, leaving behind only her skeleton on the floor of the apartment.