"Hey Sammy, you got anything?" Dean inquired as he entered the central part of the Men of Letters' bunker with a beer bottle in one hand and breakfast in the other. Sam had been sitting at the table far before Dean's eyes even opened and his eyes now bored into his computer.

"Uh, yeah, look at this." he turned his laptop around to Dean, who was now sitting opposite of him.

Sam's laptop screen showed an article with a picture of a young girl, maybe in her low twenties, smiling to the camera. The caption noted that the photo was taken only a few weeks before her death.

"Her name was Amy Wells, she was in her hotel room and completely skinned, not even the organs were left behind."

Dean nodded, stepping back from the computer. "Looks like we got a case," he acknowledged. "Let's go to New York."

It was a long drive, but when they finally arrived, after checking into a dumpy motel on the outskirts of town, they entered the Grandview morgue in their black suits. With their fake FBI badges, they were let in right away.

"What does the FBI have to do with this anyway? We don't get many big shots around here," the coroner - a pudgy man with a rounded face - wondered as he led Sam and Dean down the hall. Dean flipped through a copy of the autopsy report that the coroner had handed him.

Dean forced a smile, "We just go where were told."

"So, uh, is there any theories to what caused it?" Sam asked, breaking the silence.

The coroner pushed open the door to a room, pulling out a metal table from the wall. On it, lay the skeletal frame of what used to be a person. Only bones, no other remains were there.

"It's an anomaly. You would have to ask the sheriff for his theories, but I've never seen anything like this before. At least not before last month."

"Last month? What was last month?" Dean asked, analyzing the body with his eyes.

"You didn't hear? There's been two other victims besides this one, all in the past month." He stepped away from the two brothers, pulling out copies of two other files and handing them over. Sophie Kotchen and Olivia Martens.

"Any connection between the vics?" Sam asked, looking through the files.

"Not much, besides the obvious. They were all young females, in their early twenties." He paused, frowning. His voice lowered to a soft whisper as he said, "Look, I don't know who's doing this, but they all seem to have the same appearance. This killer, or whatever it is, seems to be going after petite young women with brown hair and brown eyes." Sam and Dean shared a look.

"And what about the rest of their bodies?"

"Blood is in the freezer," he pointed to the large metal freezer in the corner of the room. "The organs and the skin haven't been recovered, though."

With that, they got in the Impala and drove to the crime scene.