This was an idea I decided to come up with and I hope you all enjoy it. Many thanks to the Deadliest Warrior Panel for their assistance.


Rajput: India's menacing martial arts master, who mastered a diabolical arsenal designed to kill.

(A Rajput is seen cutting down an invader with a swing from his Khanda.)


Viking: Battle crazed berserker who plundered and terrorized Europe.

(Vikings are seen charging into a village, a defender gets hacked by a Viking's Axe.)


To find out, we've assembled a team of world class fighters to test history's most lethal weapons. Using 21stcentury science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is…THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Here in our elite fight club we have gathered doctors, medical scientists and weapons experts to test out the lethal arsenals wielded by each of our combatants to determine who would win a fight between two warriors who never met in a face to face duel:


Circa: 900 A.D.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Armor: Steel Helmet, Coat of 10,000 Nails, Steel Arm and Hand Guards, Dhal Shield


Circa: 1000 A.D.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Armor: Riveted Chainmail, Spectacled Steel Helmet

Geoff, Mack and Dorian gather at a table where the weapons of both warriors are placed.

"Welcome everybody to a "DW: Alternate Matches" here we will have warriors from season one of PFC Rice Man's fic and pit them against different opponents." Mack started off

"I'm giving the edge to the Viking." Geoff said. "He is bigger, meaner and his weapons are just damn brutal. I think the Rajput is going down."

"Oh please, the Rajput wins this one." Dorian countered. "It's 'Samurai vs. Viking' all over again."

The Rajput came equipped with a varied assortment of exotic weapons designed to cut down all invaders:

Short Range: Khanda

Mid Range: Bhuj

Long Range: Chakram

Special: Katar

Likewise, the Viking brings to battle an assortment of deadly weapons that made them the most feared plunderers of their day:

Short Range: Viking Longsword

Mid-Range: Dane Axe

Long Range: Boar Spear

Special: Shield

For short range weapons, both warriors sliced their foes down with two deadly blades. The Rajput khanda and Viking longsword.

The team reviews the testing of the khanda and longsword in previous episodes. After a brief debate a decision is made.

"I'm calling this even, both are similar in length and cause crazy trauma on the human body." Geoff started off

"I disagree and giving it to the khanda." Dorian countered. "Superior training with his weapon and technique gives the Rajput khanda the edge here."

"I'm with doc, the Rajput's gatka increase the khanda's lethality by a long shot and the Rajput is just a martial arts super soldier coming at you with it. Edge khanda."

In short range weapons, the Rajput takes the edge with the khanda.

For mid-range combat, both utilized two very deadly polearms to hack and slash their foes down. The Rajput bhuj and Viking dane axe.

The team now reviews the tapes of both weapons in action.

"I'm giving the edge to the Dane Axe because of the amount of trauma it inflicts on your body. The bhuj even with the dagger surprise couldn't hope to do that damage." Geoff started off

"I agree, even with his armor the Rajput will be in for a surprise if the axe hits him. Edge Dane axe." Mack seconded

"Come on, you look like you were hit by a train. Edge Dane axe." Dorian concludes.

In mid-range weapons, the Viking takes the edge with his Dane axe.

For long range weapons, both Rajput and Viking used deadly throwing weapons to decapitate and impale their foes. The Rajput Chakram and Viking boar spear.

The team now reviews both weapons in action in previous episodes. They conclude that while the chakram is lethal when pitted against bare flesh, it will not do well against chainmail armor.

"Boar spear since it can pierce the Rajput's chainmail." Mack said as the others yawned and nodded.

For long range weapons, the Viking takes the edge with his boar spear.


For special weapons, the Rajput and Viking relied on different approaches to kill their enemy, the katar of the Rajput against the Viking shield.

The team now...

"Katar gets the edge." All three of them said in unison. didn't even let me finish...

"We all know the shield isn't that great of a weapon and comparing it to the katar is just silly." All three replied to the narrator.

Yes...well...for special weapons, the Rajput takes the edge with the katar...I don't even get paid for doing this shit..

Coming up, Mack will gauge the X-factors of each warrior and then after that, we finally have our battle to determine who is 'The Deadliest Warrior!'


"Time to review the x-factors." Mack said

"Training went to the Rajput with a 100 to the Viking's 81."

"For physicality, the Rajput had a 95 to the Viking's 91.''

"For killer instinct, the Viking took it with a 100 to the Rajput's 97."

"Ferocity goes to the Rajput with a 94 to the Viking's 88."

"Endurance went to the Viking with a 92 to the Rajput's 90."

"Lastly we have intimidation. The Viking had a 95 to the Rajput's 90."

Our scientists and weapons experts are done testing the results and the time has come to decide who will be the victor. To ensure the battle won't be decided by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated one thousand times in a duel to the death.

Who will win in a battle between proud defender against feared plunderer?

"In the end there can be only one. Let's find out," Mack said.


It is a warm day in a small coastal area in India. A Viking is seen wondering around not too far from where his small boat had landed. He and his fellow warriors have ventured farther east and are looking for new lands to destroy.

He continues trekking along the shore when he sees a figure up in a rocky outcrop. A darkish skinned man in similar armor to his with a weird beard. He had come to face a Rajput. The Indian takes notice of the larger man's weapons and senses an invasion. He reaches for a chakram hanging on his arm and flings it at the Scandinavian.

The Viking lifts his shield and blocks the flying disc and takes a boar spear and hurls it at the Rajput. The Rajput twirls out the way and gets off the outcrop and descends downward to face the Viking. The Viking takes his other spear and runs over to where the Rajput had went and sees he had made it to ground level. He hurls his other spear at his foe just as the Rajput had thrown his last chakram and the chakram connects with the Viking and knocks him backwards.

The boar spear hits the Rajput with the spearhead slightly piercing his armor and knocking him flat on his ass. The Viking recovers from the hit of the chakram and looks to see the Rajput on the ground. He takes out his dane axe and charges for the Rajput. The Indian struggles to pull the boar spear out and looks to see the Scandinavian charging right for him.

The Rajput finally manages to yank the spear out of his armor and sees the dane axe coming down for his face. He lifts his dhal shield up just in time to take the hit. The axe however hits with so much force the Rajput grunts from the hit and quickly takes his khanda and goes for a swing at the Viking's leg. The Viking jumps over it and pushes the Rajput back and charges again with his axe raised over his head.

He brings the axe down again only for the Rajput to twirl out the way and swings at his back with the khanda hitting him and twirls around and lands another blow to the Viking's helmet dazing him. The Viking holds his head in pain as the Rajput goes for another swing only to block the khanda with the shaft of his axe. The force of the khanda breaks the axe's shaft in half and the Viking looks on in shock before drawing his longsword and blocks another swing from the Rajput.

The Rajput quickly jumps back and begins twirling his khanda in a circular pattern to keep the Viking at bay. The Viking stays back and eyes his opponent's movements. After a few seconds, he charges head on with his shield held in front of him and manages to tackle himself into the Indian warrior knocking him back.

The Rajput however brings his khanda down in hopes of slicing the Viking's legs only for the Viking to intercept the blow with his sword and with his shield, swats the khanda away. The Rajput, now weapon less runs to again create distance and quickly retrieves his bhuj stacked by a tree. The Viking gives chase and as he comes within inches of the Indian warrior, he is met with a swing from the Rajput's bhuj and the blow sends him stumbling sideways.

Seeing his opponent stunned, the Rajput brings the bhuj down again and hits the Viking in his helmet denting it but not killing him, the Viking quickly gets up and again charges at the Rajput with his shield held in front and manages to pin him against the tree. Before the Vikings can stab the Rajput in his face, the Indian had taken the time to take the dagger of the bhuj and stabs the Viking in his exposed side.

The Viking yells in pain and is shoved away by the Rajput who jumps with his bhuj and strikes the shield of the Viking with enough force to crack it. The Viking yells at the hit and shoves the cracked shield at the Rajput which causes him to jump backwards and the Viking goes for a wild barrage of swings.

The Rajput blocks most of the swings and attempts a parry with the bhuj only to be grabbed in his arm by the Viking and he quickly stabs the Rajput in his side. The blade pierced the armor and sending the Indian warrior grunting in pain before dropping his bhuj and grabbing ahold of the Viking's sword arm. He takes his katar and stabs the Viking in his sword arm albeit barely before being stabbed again above where his first would was.

The Viking, now desperate to kill this enemy grabs the smaller man by his throat and throwing him down into the ground. With his opponent down in his clutches, the Scandinavian brings his longsword down but unknown to him, the Rajput had put on his scissor katar and respond by stabbing him in his gut.

The Viking gasps loudly at the sudden pain and looks at the katar in his gut. He backs up dropping his longsword and clutches his wound before collapsing on his knees.

The Rajput gets up and retrieves his khanda. He looks at the helpless Viking who laid before him. The Rajput gives a quick yell before swinging his khanda. The Viking looks up and the last thing he'd ever see is the khanda connecting with his face, cutting his head horizontally in half.

The Rajput looks down on his defeated foe and raises his fists into the air yelling in his victory.


Winner: Rajput

Rajput: 524

Khanda: 175

Bhuj: 104

Chakram: 13

Katar: 232

Viking: 476

Viking Longsword: 167

Dane Axe: 193

Boar Spear: 26

Shield: 900

Following a brutal back and forth encounter, the Rajput wins. His Khanda and Katar being his deadliest weapons. The Viking wasn't far behind. He had 446 kills with his longsword being his deadliest weapon.

"The Rajput won because he had slightly superior armor, better training, better skill and his weapons were far better at killing than the Viking's. It was a brutal battle, but the elite warrior wins over the barbarian." Geoff explained

(The Rajput is seen walking back to his village, strapped to his back is the Viking's dane axe. A new weapon now under his control and proof of a new threat.)


Well, that goes the first alternate match up. Here is the list of all the match ups for this fic. Tell me which order you'd like to see them.

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