A/N: So this little tid bit is bases on Emma and Killian as highschool students this is a modern AU version of Once Upon A Time and I was inspired by the movie bring it on. All rights reserved © Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this is my first Fan fiction so take it easy on me I'm new to the fan fiction writing.

All or Nothing

Chapter 1

Emma came in after a long hard day of school to find her mom packing boxes. "Momma what are you doing?" Her mom looked up from her packing. "Oh Emma I'm so glad your home I have something to tell you. Your fathers and I's divorce has been finalized." Emma looked confused. "Divorce what do you mean divorce? " Just in that moment David walked in and Emma turned to him a glare on her face. "What is she talking about DAD!" Emma was beyond pissed. It was like her mother to not tell her things, but she had a closer bond with her father. They had always been pals. David's smile faded from his face. "Emma I..." He had the look of a guilty man on his face. "I do love you Emma I do." Emma had tears streaming down her face. "Dad if you loved me why didn't you tell me?" It really hurt that her father had kept this from her. Mary turned around to face Emma. "I told him not to say anything I wanted to try and work through this, but since your father fell in love with Catherine..." Emma cut her off whirling to face her father again. "You're abandoning me and Neal because you had an affair. I never want to see you again Dad! How could you do this. Emma ran into Marys open arms and cried. "Emma you have a choice to make. You can come with me or stay here with your father and Neal." Emma looked up at her mother her heart breaking into a million tiny pieces. "Did Neal choose to stay her with dad?" Marys eyes flashed with sadness it wasn't easy having your children pick and choose which parent they stayed with, but this is how it had to work. "Yes Emma he chooses to stay with your father." Emma wanted nothing more then to run away to forget about this whole mess. She not only lost a father, but she also lost a brother. The man she so willingly called pal she couldn't hardly look at. "I'm coming with you mom." Davids frown deepened, but Emma didn't care. She had no respect left for her so called father. She went to her room and begin to pack her belongings. She had no idea where they were gonna go or how their lives would turn out, but if Emma knew anything she was gonna miss North Henderson. The Knights cheer squad was full of her friends. She was going to be leaving Belle her best friend since kindergarten and her boyfriend Neal for a place she didn't even know. She could only hope that she could make it seem and feel like home. Emma looked out the car window with not a word as she watched the life she had once knew fade away.