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Chapter 3:

'Emma darling wake up. It's your first day at Avalon today.'

A groan escaped her lips. It was six in the morning currently, and it was cold. Surely she could skip the adventure today, and just stay home. However Mary had other plans.

'Emma Ruth Swan if you don't get up.'

Emma rolled over onto her side, and went back to sleep ignoring Mary's threat. It was only when she was soaked by a cold glass of ice water being dumped on her did she realize her mother was definitely not in the mood for playing games. Although it wasn't a surprise; after all the woman was dealing with a divorce. Whose panties wouldn't twist in that situation. Grumbling, and now sopping wet Emma rolled out of bed, and prepared for the long day ahead.

"Ma where is my hair dryer?"

'Uh sweetie if it isn't in the bathroom boxed then I have no idea where it is.'

Well that's just perfect Emma thought to herself. That was just the cherry on the top of an amazing week. After searching for as long as she could that stupid hair dryer was no where to even be seen. Eventually she gave up because by this point if it hadn't turned up it wasn't going to. Besides now her blonde hair was almost completely dry.

Stepping out of the car Emma's heart hammered. It was obvious she was nervous. This is why as a little girl, and even today she had never cared for change. It brought unwanted stress. With a sigh she grabbed her bookbag, and shut the car door. She waved to her mother, and watched the car disappear into the distance. You can do this. She thought to herself as she turned, and proceeded to the door of what in her opinion was really a prison. She hadn't even made it to the stairs when a bunch of girls walked pretty much through her. Not a one of the girls looked back to apologize. Well the nerve. Emma would have said something, but she gave up with the notion, and walked to the door. However she didn't quiet make it because some idiot came flying out of the door, and it had hit Emma upside the head just as she reached for it. That sent her tumbling backwards down the stairs, and on to her ass.

'Oh my god are you okay?'

When Emma opened her eyes a girl was standing in her line of vision. Although she couldn't get a good look at her because her head was steal reeling with the impact of the door. She stood up, and dusted off her butt.

"Yeah I think I'm okay. Except for now I have a major headache, and a knot on my head to boot. Some first day I'm having."

'I'm sorry I hadn't meant to hit you with the door I swear.'

"You're the one who walloped me with the door! What did I ever do to you?"

'I'm sorry. I'm Ruby by the way.'

"Pleasure. I'm Emma. Is that how all students make friends because if so I think I'm gonna need a helmet to wear around for the day; or I might just wind up with a concussion."

'Not usually I'm just weird. Come on I'll show you around since you're new.'

She gave a nod and gladly followed Ruby. It wasn't everyday that you got knocked on your ass, and make a new friend, and as earlier had proved she was gonna need a lot of help to win over the people at this school. Or maybe she wouldn't since some student's were actually nice.

'So Emma tell me. What did you do at your old school?'

Emma tossed her bag into her locker, and turned to face Ruby.

"Well I was a cheerleader from freshman year all the way through Junior year, and now well we moved here."

Ruby raised a skeptical brow. 'Are you sure you want to talk to me isn't that like social suicide or some shit like that?'

Emma looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean?"

'Well I'm a band geek so...'

Emma couldn't suppress the laughter that bubbled up in her chest. "Ruby I don't care what you do. It sounds to me like your school cheer squad could use a major attitude adjustment though."

'Are you kidding me those girls are faker than Barbie's left boob. There is no adjusting of the attitude once you've gone plastic.'

"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic! You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination, life is your creation Come on Barbie, let's go party!"

Ruby burst out in a fit of laughter. 'Okay Emma I take everything back that I thought you would be. You're really cool. Maybe we can be friends after all.'

"So I'm not faker than Barbie's left boob, and I'm cool enough to hang with you now." She sticks her fist out. "Alright blow it up girl."

Ruby laughed as she blew up her fist with Emma's

"I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship. No?"

'You are a dork, but yeah I think it will be.'