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It was three years after the Battle of Hogwarts, and the days of the Second Wizarding War are done. The former students were attending a reunion.

Harry, Ginny, Ron, Neville, Luna, and myself were sitting together at a table, me and Ginny both donning glittering bands of gold on our ring fingers.

Harry cleared his throat, and looked to Ginny with a pointed look, which Ginny responded to by standing up, and smiling. "Oh, I'm going to find Dean and Seamus, I haven't seen them in ages…" and before I could butt in and argue that they had seen each other just last week, Ginny stood up and rushed to find the aforementioned boys.

I frowned, and asked Ron. "D'you know what that's about?".

He shook his head, his hair bouncing all about. It's getting rather long, he needs a haircut… "No, Gin's acting weird...well, weirder than normal,". He smiled cheekily as both Harry and I rolled our eyes.

Harry grinned widely, and rocked back and forth on his chair, barely containing his excitement. I got uneasy. He was looking uncannily like George when he's about to pull a brilliant prank. Gin came back soon, grinning like Cheshire Cat, bringing along with her Dean and Seamus, and holding a small book.

I eyed the book with excitement, thinking that she must've just gotten me a small gift to read.

Ginny grinned mischievously, catching me off guard, and handed over the book. I opened the front cover gingerly, and when nothing exploded or popped out at me, I read the first page.

"Ron and Hermione: A History".

I smiled happily, and scooched over next to Ron, who put an arm over my shoulder. He looked over, and laughed.

"It's supposed to be like Hogwarts: A History,".

My eyes widened, finding the connection, and I laughed. I flipped the first page, and saw a picture of me, my horrid frizzy hair, and Ron in the first year, smiling and laughing outside near the lake. My heart filled with warmth at the old photos. Neat cursive in dark bronze ink below spelled out: the one time they weren't fighting. I laughed near hysterically because of it's truth. I flipped through the rest of the photos, which was in order by years. Ginny, Harry, the other Weasley's, and other Gryffindor classmates appeared in a few, but it was mostly me and Ron. We got up to sixth year, Ron and I grinning like fools.

Ron flipped the page and I frowned at the next couple photos. They were of me and Ron in a rather messy state, sleeping in various positions, though not together of course.

I peered closely at the picture of me: my hair was messier than usual and fanned out over my face, I was drooling, wearing a tank top and shorts, and I was cradling a bottle of-no, it can't be-

"Is that firewhiskey?" Ron inquired.

I blushed beet red. "Erm, yes, I think so…".

I saw Ginny and Harry both grinning.

"You guys remember that day after the truth or dare game?". We both nodded in unison, confused about where this was going.

"Well, it seems you both got, er, rather drun-" that was all Ginny could get through before bursting out laughing. Harry continued, barely keeping in his laughter though his shoulders were shaking.

"You both got pissed," and with that, everyone who was listening started laughing, with the exception of an awestruck Ron and I.

So that's why I couldn't remember anything later that night…

Then Seamus passed a photo to Ron, whose eyes widened in astonishment. Seamus grinned wickedly. "I had just wanted some hot chocolate from the kitchens when I found the camera, and then, well…"

The photo was of me and Ron in the kitchens; I was pressed up against the wall, Ron in front of me, soft light falling on us, and we were...ahem, we were kissing.

Everyone was laughing except for me and Ron, and then eventually, we joined in, too.

"Blimey, if I had remembered that night, I think we'd have been together much sooner," Ron grinned, running his hands through his hair.

I wordlessly nodded. Ginny giggled. "We were Gryffindors, and we had gotten fully pissed. What else could you expect?".

I smiled, and spoke. "Well, it all turned out fantastic in the end,". I smiled shyly at Ron, who managed to make me blush even after knowing each other for more than half our lives.

Harry shook his head in amusement. "Exactly. Drunk Gyffindors, what could go wrong?".