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Hermione's POV

I felt myself loosen up as the game and the night went on. That was partially due to the shot of firewhiskey I had taken, but honestly, what else was I supposed to do? Parvati had Dared me to lap dance on Harry's lap, which I was never, ever going to do. Harry's blushing face indicated that he liked the Dare just as much as I did.

We had both done some crazy things tonight, neither of us picking Truth; he had shared a small kiss with Dean, slapped himself silly for five minutes, and did unspeakable actions to an empty bottle of butterbeer(granted, he had taken 4 shots of firewhiskey by then). I had to pretend like I was a duck for an entire round(Harry made me quack every time someone used the word "it"), transfigure my face into two and make one kiss the other, and then run up to Snape's office and "ding dong ditch" him, as Dean called it, though I had to knock on the door due to the fact there was no doorbell. I don't think I've ever run faster.

The scary part was that my and Harry had the tamer dares, at least compared to the rest of the Gryffindors. Honestly, I had no idea that the human anatomy allowed the foot to go all the way from behind someone's back to their neck.

It was nearing midnight. The firewhiskey sat warm in my stomach, creating a pleasant buzz in my head. I was thinking straight, yes, I was nowhere near intoxicated, unlike Dean. Ginny wasn't very happy, seeing as all Dean wanted was to snog her but Ginny just wanted to play the game.

It got to the point where Ginny was laughing hysterically at a Truth Lavender answered, and Dean was attempting to cup Ginny's face, placing kisses down her jaw and neck. Ginny shoved Dean away, sighing and hauling him to his feet. "I'm going to take him up to his dorm before he th-" She was cut off by Dean who was trying to kiss her mouth. I glanced over at Harry, who was looking down at his lap, his fists clenched. Sympathy washed over me. "Dean, geroff me!" Gin grumbled, and managed to send one last exasperated look to me before dragging him up the stairs to the dorms, muttering things absentmindedly back to Dean like "yes, I love you, too", "no, I cannot stay with you tonight", and "just shut up!". She came back, sitting next to me.

"That didn't take long," I observed.

She frowned. "I practically carried him up the staircase and he pulls me into the dorm, and while I was getting the sheets open so he could climb in, he just passed out, right there, on the floor,".

I laughed. "What did you do then?".

Her mouth was set in a scowl but began to twitch upwards. "Well, what was I supposed to do? I left him there!" My laughs came out even louder. "I mean, my wand was all the way downstairs. Besides, serves him right for drinking those extra whiskey shots and acting like a complete fool with me,". Laughter gave way for giggles.

It seemed the rest of the Gryffindors had lost their fire, and were starting to go to their dorms. Well, except for a few; Ron and Lavender had gone back to snogging like there was no tomorrow, and Gin, Harry, and myself were left.

Harry got up and stretched, his shirt lifting up a bit, revealing his toned abs. He was a brother to me, but I had to say, all that Quidditch had done him good. Gin was staring obsessively at Harry's skin. I held back a smile as Harry noticed Ginny's awed expression and flexed his arms, causing his shirt to ride up even more, smirking while doing so. I rolled my eyes. Ginny's gaze flicked towards his face, and to her surprise, saw Harry looking right back at her. She blushed, but never broke eye contact. He stared right back, his cheeks getting tinged with red. Harry looked away first, glancing at his shoes, grinning sheepishly. Ginny shyly smiled back. A grin spread across my face, watching the scene unfold in front of me. They were so very obvious. The moment faded away when Harry looked over at the tangle of limbs writhing on the couch. "Er, Ron? Are you gonna come up?".

"In-" kiss, "-a-" kiss kiss, "-while". He managed to get that much out while trailing kisses down Lavender's jawline. I felt nauseous, the happy mood from earlier replaced with an ache, and abruptly stood up. "I'm going to bed. G'night, Ginny, Harry,".

"'Night Hermione," they chorused, sending identical looks of sympathy back at me. That made me really mad, for what reason, I don't know.

I went to the dormitory upstairs, and plopped straight onto the bed, only after getting in the perfect position before realizing I hadn't changed out of my outfit. I groaned, stepped up, and stripped out of the skinny jeans and t-shirt, leaving me in my black camisole and knickers.

Normally I would've put on my loose nightgown, but seeing as I was too tired to go to the bathroom and get it, I just stuck my hand in my trunk and produced a pair of short-shorts I had been hesitant to wear. It's only for the night, I reasoned, and shrugged them on, finally getting back into my warm comfy bed, snuggling into my blanket, and soundly fell asleep.

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