Dreaming of u's

An: Everything that happens here is a dream. Which is in hindsight, is a great excuse to make these events happen.

I dont owe the characters. Dc does. Thank god for that.

Circus 1

"Youre enjoying this, arent you?!" Bruce wayne accuse clark kent heatedly as they watch dick dazzle the crowd with his aerial performance.

Even bruce wayne's batman glare couldnt put a dent in clark's shit eating grin. "Why not?" He answer rather happily. "He is amazing." Clark tried to clapped as well as eat popcorn at the same time.

Bruce could only shake his head. Dick Grayson who is in the trapeze, humming happily to the cheerful song was wearing a superman outfit with a domino mask, could almost have you believing that he could fly with his grace and flair as he swing from one swing to another.

"How did he became so good?!" Clark asked in boyish wonder. He clapped enthusiastically again after dick complete a difficult manouver.

"Ugh!" Bruce thought as he tried to clean his suit when popcorns from clark's bucket landed on him. "Natural talent" he answer blandly with fingers cross behind his back. Hed rather die than confess that dick had use him as a partner in a trapeze act at home wearing spandex.

"He is superman."clark gushed.

"Narcissist much?" Bruce quirk an eyebrow at that. Clark ony laugh.


"Damian nooo!" Bruce leap when he caught his youngest in the midde of stabbing a helpless tim with a sword. Luckily, clark grab his friend by the collar before he could cause a scene.

"Circus performance remember?" Clark hiss as he shook bruce before he set him down.

Bruce kick him in the shin in retaliation and cross his arms to pout. Clark had no idea how damian and tim fight like they wanted to kill each other everyday.

Clark was gaping at a pouting bruce and thus had miss the part where damian pulled tim out of the box, wounds free despite six swords in the box.

Damian and tim give each other high five in front of the clapping crowd.

"Hmph!" Jason tsked at both adults when they wander in his area.

Unlike dick which pretty much is the highlight of the circus nor tim/damian which have a decent crowd as well, jason got not even one looker to see his kind of circus magic. It didnt help that he got a scowl on his face and an aura of murder at all.

Clark watch a tumbleweed pass by gaping.

Jason continued to ignore them as he sat on an empty milk crate looking cool and bad boy mode at the same time. He half heartedly throw knives at the target a few yards away with perfect hits.

Clark elbow bruce and give him a meaningful glare. Then clark walk a few distance away pretending to be absorb in reading from the bulletin boards while keeping a watch at those two from the corner of his eyes.

Bruce cleared his throat. "Sooo.." He began awkwardly.

Jason gave him a bat glare.

Bruce pulled up a batarang from a pocket and smile hopefully. " a contest?"

Somehow 5 minutes later the two were laughing and giving each other high fives.

"What the-?!" Clark was amazed.

Still later...

"You are awesome dad!" Jason shriek as he hug his dad with recklessness. Bruce had earlier have chains, cloth, duct tape and rope cover his body and a minute later was free.

"Well, he is batman" clark joke as he watch the normaly serious batman grinning as he was cover with hugs from his four boys. That impromptou escapist act was a gift from bruce to his kids.

" i am batman" bruce agreed.