An/ kinda "inspired" from "mori shej" by Dickie gayson

Title: Dead Robin brought them home together

By janahjean

Red Hood chooses the time of his attack very well. Something that he took pride of. So he was chortling as he throw in the empty duffel bag and hacksaw first after he obliterated Dick's apartment window security. The batfam is gonna pay for what they did, starting with Dick. Two months of nonstop surveillance with the robins are starting to reap rewards. Finally.

Ten minutes later, Red Hood practically crashed out of the apartment, screaming in terror. He staggered and lean on the wall, trying to calm his panicked breathing. When that didn't work, he throw off his red hood helmet in a fit. Then he throw back his head and yelled,"Holy macaroni! I'm an Uncle!" He laughed. He screamed some more. And he wrecked his face with his fingers when he realized what he almost done. He went back to screaming in terror again. Ad infinitum. He almost got a whiplash when he heard the piercing cry of a baby. Dick's baby finally wake up!

Jason licked his lips as he look longingly at his bike then back up again at the window of Dick's three story apartment. He picked his helmet and reluctantly climb back in towards the apartment and his responsibility for probably the next few hours.


Stephani Crystal Brown was showering in her apartment and was singing along with the latest pop music in the living room when the curtain slide open without warning.

She screamed. Jason seemed both unimpressed by her singing, her screaming and her nakedness. The boy got three separate slaps for being unimpressed.

While Jason was staggering by the blow on his helmet and probably an imprint of a palm on it as well, Stephanie turned off the shower, put on a robe and was aiming a plunger at the stranger threateningly.

"Who the heck are you?!" She screamed as she punctuated her statement by poking the huge guy and pushing him at the same time out towards the small kitchen.

"Aw. I .help." Red Hood said trying to placate the girl and defending himself at the same time.

"Ohmygoddickie!" Stephanie yelped when she saw Red Hood pulling a babe out of the duffel bag now stuffed with towels towards the girl to fend off the attack.

Dressed on a nightwing onesie, Stephanie should be forgiven by the mistake. The blue eyes and black hair of said child made her almost a clone of Dick. And yes despite the age, it could still be Dick. Time Wizard, time manipulation magic and time displacement were a frequent recurring theme that the batfam deals everyday.

Stephanie grab for the child and without shame, quickly stuck the baby's lips to her breast to suckle.

"You know, Dickie will never look at you in the eye again after that stunt right?" Jason said after a prolonged awkward pause in his part.

Stephanie hummed. "Sit down Mister. And tell me how this happen?"

Jason stopped to read the name of the book before he cleared it off a chair and sat down obediently. "I am just a regular bystander that saw the babe and decided to give her to you?" He answered hopefully.

"Uh huh." Step said skeptically as she burp the child. "You know the kid and you know where to find me. That means you've been spying?! Who are you?"

"That's not Dickie." Jason decided to be a little bit truthful to sidetrack the girl. "That's his daughter."

Stephanie look of surprise was dismaying because damn, this means Richard "golden boy" Grayson had hid this fact with the entire fam.

"Where is he?!" Stephanie said thru clenched teeth as she shake Jay as soon as she recover from shock.

"Uhm. Well."


Stephanie looked at the wrecked place of Dick thirty minutes later and the dead-well, knocked out more likely Dick sprawled on the couch. She looked back at the oldest Robin then at Jason and is starting to form a picture in her mind.

"What did he ever do to you? What change?" She asked after removing two fingers from Dick's neck. She carefully place the baby back on the crib still asleep after the bike's ride.

"Look," Jason whined although he'll deny it. "I can explain all of it later just, can i go now?"

"No harm done," he added defensively when Steph looked at Dick, the mess and back at Jason.

"I can't stop you." Stephanie called out as Jason thought "screw it" and walk towards the door. "But, whatever you inject Dick … well, he looks pukey and uhm, his nose is...dripping with blood."

"What?!" Jason roared as he run back towards Dick and sure enough, there's a stream of vibrant blood leaving a trail from his nose towards his cheek and neck.

"Gaddamnit!" He cursed softly as he hammered the couch with a closed fist. The injection was experimental. Something he had "borrowed" from a small time drug deal he busted at the bay.

Without another word, he walked out of the room on quick, stiffed legs.

Barely three minutes later, Stephanie quickly grab the baby when someone, probably the familiar yet unfamiliar stranger was shooting his gun point blank in the air. Several shots were fired.

"Oh God. Not you." Jason groaned when a colorful red,yellow and green come calling, attracted to the noise.

Damian barely made a -tt- when Jason knocked, trussed and wrapped him up in ropes.

Jason was counting down to two minutes when right on time a mini blue and red speck come barreling down at him, looking adorably furious. Jason laughed insanely before he flick a pea size k-rock between fingers and knocked Jon as well.

"Here are your helpers." Jason said as he dumped the two kids on the floor in a heap.

"And here's something for you," Jason said as he fished out a picture of a baby girl with blonde locks at Stephanie. "You have a cute kid just saying. And no, I swear to you Stephanie I killed people but I don't harmed kids."

Stephanie was crying as she looked at the recent picture of the baby she had to give up just days ago. She didn't looked up to find Jason disappearing out of the apartment. How did the guy even tracked the adopted parents address was mind boggling.

Jason arrived at the Wayne Manor and he simply code in the passcode at the 2nd security gate at the back part of the manor.

He slammed his boots on the doormat and wipe it clean before he give up and remove his boots off his socks.

"Hi Alfie." He said cheerily in greeting as he passed the old guy while the butler was wiping the table clean.

The butler grunted in reply.

Jason was Alfred's confidante and as such Jase is the only person who happens to know that Alfred can sleep while working at the same time! (An/ this is crack guys, come on cooperate with me here)

Jason moved the grandfather's clock at the right time and as it swung open, he fished out a collapsible stun baton on his person and slither down, down to the batcave.

He was soon dragging by the hair a screaming,crying Timmers and he not too gently throw him on his cycle.

"Here's your helmet. And now hold on." Jason growl. He also took time to appreciate the boots that he got down from the cave

"I'm impressed." Jason said later when he got back into the apartment and find it almost speck and span.

The kids didn't seemed to hold to any grudges as they drink peacefully a juice pack each on the tiny table.

"Not my work." Step told him just in time for Cass to comeout from the small bathroom.

Jason realized he is surrounded by bats. Belatedly. From all sides.

He was galloping towards the bedroom where Tim disappeared to ten minutes ago but it was blocked by Dick being supported by Tim in one side.

"Altogether now," Dick said, blue eyes suddenly turn icy steel which reminds Jason of, of Dad.

"Who are you?!"

-the end-


Went to cemetery to celebrate late uncle bday

Bought gtec refill and surf at goeanggo in the mornin


Rain starting at noon. Foul weather

Hurricane Irma

Mexico earthquake 8

Tto lipid and crew


Celebrate morz bday from 5-8

Chocolate from natz

Binge read "ready player one" and "mark of pain"


I stil have a pending need to buy new sulfur soap, my cellphone load