Summary: Naruto is a single father moving into a new neighborhood with his son for a fresh start. What happens when their new neighbor happens to be his beautiful ex-boyfriend, who his heart never really seemed to get over. And he is his son's baby sitter?

Pairing: NaruSasu

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, this is called FANfiction for a reason.

Warnings: Yaoi. Boyxboy. Smut. Mature content. AU.

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Tan fingers ran through shiny ebony hair as their lips moved against each other passionately. Pale fingers clutched the strong shoulders as his boyfriend took his breath away. The bed cracked with their movements as the couple lost themselves in each other.

As they broke apart, Sasuke leaned against his back, resting his head on Naruto's shoulder as he held his right wrist up.

"Are these tattoos really such a good idea?" He asked, gazing at the artistic letter "N" on his wrist. Right next to it, was a small half heart with an arrow through it.

Naruto put his left wrist right next to Sasuke's, completing the heart with his own half. He gazed at the beautifully tattooed "S", grinning.

"It is. It symbolizes my eternal love for you," Naruto kissed his temple. Sasuke rolled his eyes, but they quickly went back to their couple's tattoos.

"N hearts S," he whispered, smiling to himself.


"Daddy, are there any more boxes?"

Naruto had just finished his business with the moving van as he heard the lively voice call from the balcony. He held the last box in his hands, heading for the stairs.

"Nope, just wait for me up there," strong muscles flexed as the blond carried the last box up, a small smile plastering his face. He took careful steps, particular not to drop the box balancing in his arms. It had been such a long day for him. He wanted nothing more than to relax the rest of the evening.

"Menma, open the door for me baby," Naruto called softly once he reached the top. The cold breeze of the winter evening waved through his shiny blonde hair as small footsteps approached. He walked past two doors, finally arriving in front of their own.

"This house is really big!" Menma's cheerful voice ringed through the air as he opened the door for his father, smiling widely. Naruto sent his son a warm hearted grin, closing the door behind him as he entered their new home.

It was indeed a much bigger place than their previous one. Naruto hoped this would be a better environment for his son to grow up in. It was a small little district in the outskirts of town, and he heard there were a lot of children and friendly people here.

Naruto sighed deeply as he made his way towards the kitchen. His son was looking out the window, eyes full of amazement and wonder. Seeing the happiness in his son's big crystal eyes, almost identical to his own, was all it took for the tan skinned male to forget all the former exhaustion. Naruto leaned against the counter top as he took in the surroundings of the empty place.

"Daddy," Menma called, jumping over to his father and looking up with huge eyes. "Can I explore a little outside?"

Naruto hesitated a bit, putting a hand on top of the raven mass of hair as he took a look outside. It was still long before sunset. He hated to refuse his baby things, but he could not help worrying his kid would hurt himself or get lost. He was about to tell him to wait till tomorrow. However, one look at those big puppy eyes and adorable pout was all it took for him to sigh in defeat.

"Fine, kiddo, but only around the balcony, and don't try looking out, you're too short and might fall," he pinched a birthmark covered cheek. Menma pouted at being called short, but quickly thanked his father and sprinted away.

Naruto sighed tiredly and gazed outside the window, left alone with the silence. He hated the silence. It always made him think of things he would rather forget. Instead, he looked around, taking in his surroundings.

This was a good place for his son. He only wanted what was best for him. This apartment had about four other neighbors in the top building. Underneath there was a grocery store, followed by a playground in front.

Menma deserves so much more though... Naruto thought, his heart clenching painfully. The last five years had been so emotional for him, he had been too heartbroken to take care of Menma like he should have. He had been completely shattered for years because of... him. Now, he believed he had to move on, and focus on the only purpose of his life; his son.

I have to get over that bastard soon... For Menma's sake.

Menma had just walked out the door when he saw a tall figure on his right. The long horizontal balcony had about five doors, Menma had counted, and the one to their right was half open. A man with dark hair and mesmerizing ebony eyes was gazing out the landscape. The child kept looking at him in awe, taking in his beauty.

The male did not seem to notice him.

The boy stepped closer, eyes glued to the figure. The wind was fluttering the stranger's heavy dark bangs, a thoughtful expression plastered his face. Menma guessed it was one of their neighbors. Coyly, he decided to greet him. It was what his father would have wanted. And he wanted to be friends with everyone. Menma walked till he was about a meter away, before he heard a low mumbling that made his eyes widen.

"I should just kill myself..."

Menma froze in his spot upon hearing those words. His pouty lips parted, and an expression full of fear filled his innocent sapphire eyes. The raven was leaning on his forearms, murmuring the words into the cold air.

Menma did not know this man, but the thought of this stranger jumping out made his innocent mind panic.

He could not let him die.

"Why haven't I done it yet?" More murmurs left the pale skinned beauty, and Menma's heart pounded in his chest with fear. The man seemed to be in his own little bubble, and the young boy tried to think of something his father would have said to stop him.

"Nobody cares about me anyway..."

Tears rolled down the Menma's cheeks as he listened to the older male. He could not understand why he would... Mixed emotions spread through him, and then he could not take it anymore.

"Nii-san, please don't say that!"

The sudden crying voice startled the raven, and is eyes widened as they fell of the crying boy. His lips parted in both surprise and horror as he stared at the tear filled eyes.

"M-my daddy once... he said that he wanted to kill himself too..." Menma found himself brokenly whispering. "He... he said a man broke his heart... But he never gave up..." He sniffed. "T-then he said he got me one day, and that would never have happened if he died..."

Beautiful ebony eyes widened more as Menma spoke to him. The boy felt a wave of emotion flow through him, and he sobbed even harder. "If daddy died, I would never have had a papa..." he continued, wiping the tears furiously with the back of his hand.

"I want your son to have a daddy too!" Menma then closed his eyes, hiccupping into his sweater. He felt a bit silly for crying so hard for a stranger, but he wished to help. His father has thought him to always help people no matter who they are.

Suddenly, Menma felt a hand on his wrist, and his vision was completely blurry as he faced the most beautiful black eyes he had even seen. The man was down on his haunches in front of him, a soft expression forming his gorgeous features. He wiped his cheeks softly. Menma smiled lightly, and surprisingly, the raven returned the genuine smile carefully.

"Shh... don't cry," he whispered. His voice was so full of emotion. Menma noted the sadness in those eyes, it had still not disappeared. The stranger swallowed quickly, then hugged the boy close to him.

Menma's chest swelled with happiness, hugging him back tightly. "Thank you," the raven whispered, patting the top of his head. When they pulled back, both gave each other a friendly smile.

"What's your name? I'm Menma," the boy grinned.

The male tilted his head to the side slightly, a small smile forming his lips. He looked like he was thinking about something. His eyes roamed the younger boy's face carefully.

"I'm Sasuke."

"Sasuke-nii-san, do you wanna be my friend?" Menma asked, his eyes brimming with hope.

Sasuke chuckled heartily at that. He looked around to see if anybody was watching, but the balcony was empty. "Of course."

"Yeay, I'm gonna tell daddy I already made a friend!"

He reminds me so much of someone... Sasuke thought. His hands gripped the boy's shoulders tightly, and his face fell. A sad lump formed his throat as a memory flashed through him. Someone I would rather never see again.

Menma noticed a tattoo on the man's right wrist, and he could not help thinking it looked familiar. "My daddy has a drawing on his hand like that!" He pointed, grinning. Sasuke arched his brow, caught slightly off-guard.

He patted his head and rose on his feet again. "You are the new guys that moved in?" He tried to think of something else. He took in the appearance of the boy. His heart did a little jump as he noted the birthmarks on his cheeks.

They look like...

Menma nodded, and parted his lips to speak, but was interrupted by a voice calling for him. Both boys turned their attention towards the door, before a familiar figure for both appeared.

"Menma, dinner is ready-"

The cheerful voice died as Naruto stepped closer, his gaze falling on Sasuke's.

Time seemed to stop as the two males locked eyes. Their bodies froze completely. Even the wind stopped blowing.

Naruto felt like a ton of bricks just hit his heart, then all weight on his body being ripped out of him. His heart was running a mile a minute, and flashbacks of five years ago flashed through his mind. At first, he was not sure it was him. Then he hoped he was mistaken. But there was no doubt.

It was Sasuke.

Sasuke's chin fell, and his whole body trembled upon meeting those deep sapphire eyes. Everything became cold, then blurry, then he felt light-headed, then he wanted to throw up. His breath picked up, and a painful clench twisted his chest.

It was Naruto.

The moments felt endless. Menma kept staring confused between the two, looking from one to the other. The tension grew so thick in a matter of seconds.

Naruto knew for sure, that standing in front of him, was his ex-boyfriend Uchiha Sasuke. He had changed a bit throughout the last five years, but there was no way he could not recognize, or ever forget, the mesmerizing eyes he used to drown in for hours.

Sasuke had become even more attractive than he remembered. His high cheekbones and pouty lips remained the same, but he was taller and his hair grew longer. His skin looked even paler than before, creating a breathtaking contrast to his onyx locks. He still had a slender frame, but his arms started to show some muscles.

Then his gaze landed on the tattoo, his heart skipping a bit at the thought of him still having it.

What was really different, Naruto noticed, was his eyes. They looked completely dull, as if there were no more life in them. Just emptiness.

Sasuke's eyes roamed the other male, and he could not help but notice how much Naruto had changed. The big grin he used to make fun of was no longer there. His usually bright glimmering azure eyes had become a lifeless shade of navy blue.

The birthmarks that used to be so prominent on his cheeks were barely visible. The golden locks he used to run his fingers through were much shorter. The arms he used to grip were even more muscular. He was taller, he looked stronger, he had become... extremely attractive.

What the hell happened? Both thought.

Menma wanted to break the silence, getting very worried for his father. However, a soft voice interrupted him just as he parted his lips.


Naruto swallowed, sounding much weaker than he would have liked. Sasuke clenched his fists, eyes narrowing. He grit his teeth.



"Daddy," Menma walked over to his dad, who gently tapped the top of his head comfortingly.

Sasuke's dark gaze fell on the boy, then back on the blond.

"He... is your son?"

The raven cleared his throat, cursing himself for cracking up in such a moment.

Naruto clutched his boy's shoulder protectively. Holding the only thing he had dear close to him.

"Yes, he is."

Sasuke gazed out the horizon, a snow flake landing falling in front of him. He then looked back at the two.

"I thought you were..." He looked at Menma, then back at Naruto, hesitating. "Gay."

Naruto swallowed thickly, eyes watering before shaking his head. Dusty pink stained his cheeks.

" I am! But uh... It's... a complicated story..."

"Are you married? Is she here with you?"

Naruto's eyes widened, and he shook his head. He felt so embarrassed.

Suddenly, he hugged his son closer and stared firmly at the other. Why was he even discussing this with him? Why was he even standing here having a freaking conversation with... him! He should go kick his ass for tearing his heart to shreds, then stepping on it.

That's right! It took him years to get over that shithead. He had been a neglecting father because of that asshole. Uchiha Sasuke had basically ruined his life.

"Actually, that is none of your... f-fucking business!" Naruto cracked up, holding back a tear. Sasuke stepped back, not liking the sudden anger that flashed through Naruto's eyes.

The blonde grabbed his son's wrist and forcefully dragged him out of the balcony and back into their apartment. The door slammed shut, leaving and ugly thud, followed by painful silence.

Sasuke bit his trembling bottom lip as soon as he disappeared. He covered his mouth with his hand, then felt his vision blur as endless tears streamed down his face.

That was Naruto...

It was...

The asshole that broke my heart in a million pieces.

A sob left the usually calm and composed male, and he quickly made it back to his own apartment. The emptiness he felt inside overwhelmed him.

Why did I have to run into him now?

Now that I thought I had finally forgotten about him...


Menma stared with big teary eyes as his father broke down in tears just as the door closed. He was on the floor, leaning against the door as he sobbed like he had never before.

Naruto buried his face in his hands, letting all the pent up hurt and frustration out. Menma felt so scared, he did not like seeing his dad like this. Carefully, he approached him, placing a small hand on the furiously shaking shoulders.

Moments later, Naruto looked up through wet lashes, their eyes meeting. His eyes were red and puffy as he tried to smile at him. Menma whimpered as he threw his arms around the firm neck, hugging him tightly.

Naruto laid his arms around the small frame warmly, cursing himself for crying in front of his baby. How could he show such a pathetic side to him... again?

"Daddy, please don't cry!"

"I won't cry anymore, baby, I promise," Naruto pulled back to kiss the boy on his forehead. He wiped his own tears away, sending him a smile.

Menma laughed back, then squealed surprised when his father threw him over his shoulder and stood up.

"Daddy!" Menma giggled, dangling in the air as Naruto held him tightly.

"Let's go eat something, I'm starving!" Naruto forced the best laugh he could and carried the squealing boy to the kitchen.

I don't care if that bastard lives next door.

I spent the last five years crying because of him.

But Menma is not gonna see me cry again.


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