Casino Park, Breezie's Office

"We're live in 3… 2…"

"Welcome to BreezTV! I'm you're host Breezie the Hedgehog, owner of Breeze Media and Casino Park, and I am hosting a very special contest!" Breezie (in her Archie design) said, sitting at her desk, looking at the camera. "Breeze Media were lucky enough to receive all 7 Chaos Emeralds! And we're giving them away! No joke! 4 teams of 3 will be signed to take part. We've hidden the Emeralds, in different location. We'll tell you the basic location but it's up to them to find the Emerald! You'll keep any Emeralds you find and the team with most wins a special prize as well! This contest is being sponsored by Honey Brand Clothes and Accessories! We all wish good luck to all 4 team signing up!"

Central City, Central Park

Amy was trying to convince to form a new Team Rose.

"Please! If we do it, we'll get Chaos Emeralds," Amy begged.

"Which you will just give to Sonic so he'll like you more," Blaze pointed out.

"What happened Cream and Big?" Silver asked.

"Big will slow me down and Cream will tell me not to hit the other teams with my hammer to get their Emeralds!" Amy said.

"I suppose getting the Emeralds for Sonic is better than Eggman signing up and getting them," Silver said. "I'll help."

"I can't believe I'm saying this," Blaze said. "I'm in."

Chaotix Detective Agency

"Hey, Vector, have you seen this?" Charmy asked, pointing at the TV. Vector came up to him.

"Mmmm, a contest for the Chaos Emeralds?" Vector asked.

"Didn't Knuckles want us to collect the Emeralds for him?" Espio asked.

"You bet he did!" Vector said. "That means, the more we get, the more we'll get paid!"

"Let's sign up!" Charmy sang.

"Alright boys, let's get us some Emeralds!" Vector said, marching them out.

GUN Base

Team Dark were sitting in the meeting room along with the GUN Commander.

"Breeze Media has started a contest where 4 teams must collect Chaos Emeralds," the commander said. "As you know, we need those Emeralds for research… We have signed you three up so you may legally collect this Emeralds."

"Wait… it's illegal for the military to collect these Emeralds because of a contest?" Shadow asked.

"You'd be surprised how much Breeze Media owns the world!" the commander said. "Get as many as you can!"

"And after the research, I get to keep the Emeralds, right?" Rouge asked.

Spagonia, Pub

Mighty sat with Ray (in his Archie design), drinking pop.

"So why did you quit from the Chaotix?" Ray asked.

"Long story… let's just say I was…" Mighty began.

"Hey you! Hand it over!" a thug yelled at a teenage, female Minx with a golden staff and a diamond on the top of it.

"Finally! Hero work!" Ray yelled as Mighty and him ran over to the thug. The thug took the staff off the girl.

"You better give it back!" Mighty ordered. "Or else!"

"Or else what?" the thug asked. The Minx kicked him between the legs, uppercutted his face, then took the staff back. Mighty's jaw had dropped.

"Sorry, boys," she said. "I can handle myself, very much! Name's Tiara Boobowski. What's your two names?"

"I'm Ray, this is Mighty!" Ray said. He looked up. Mighty's jaw was still dropped. Ray decided to slap Mighty in the face.

"Hi!" Mighty said, scratching his shell and blushing. "Why did he want your staff?"

"It was passed down from my late father," Tiara explained. "One of a kind it is, so he wanted to sell it. I use it for sport and fighting,"

"What were you doing here?" Ray asked.

"I wanted to sign up for this contest to get the Chaos Emeralds but I needed two more people for my team…" Tiara explained.

"We'll be on your team," Mighty said, still blushing.

"You will? Great!" Tiara said, hugging them. "You guys have Extreme Gear, don't you?"

"Sorry, we don't," Mighty said.

"Well let's buy some for you two!" Tiara said, walking out of the pub. "Or how else are going to get to Casino Park?"

"You like her, Mighty, don't you?" Ray smiled, after Tiara was gone.

"Shut up, Ray," Mighty said as they started to follow Tiara. Mighty and Ray soon caught up to Tiara.

"We need a name… Team Chaos, because we're after the Chaos Emeralds!" Tiara said.

"Whatever you want," Mighty said, love-stucked.

"Yeah! I like it," Ray said, trying not to laugh at Mighty.

Soleanna Forest

Fang, Bean and Bark were riding on the Marvelous Queen, after stealing some Silver Medals. The headed to the forest to try and escape. They succeeded and took a rest near the lake.

"This place is so pretty!" Bean said. "The lake is so shiny!"

"Don't touch, last time I checked, there was a giant alligator," Fang said, checking his guns. An Omochao flew down.

"Aww, cute little robotic chao," Bean said.

"Ahrr! Kill it, kill it! Burn it before it points out the obvious!" Fang yelled, pointing his a pistol at it.

"You've got ma…" the Omochao said, before Fang shot it. Bean walked up to it.

"Boss! We've got mail!" Bean said, holding up a walkie-talkie.

"And a job!" the person on the other side of walkie-talkie said.

"Who are you then?" Fang questioned.

"Not important," the client said. "Breeze Media is starting a contest between four teams to see who can get the most Chaos Emeralds! I want those Emeralds so I'm hiring you to get them for me! The more you get, the more you get paid!"

"Are you Eggman?" Bean asked.

"What? No… of course not! Just get me those Emeralds! I'll hack the system to get you signed up while erasing another team! You arrive at Casino Park by the end of the week!"

"Whatever you say, Baldy McNosehair!" Bean said.

The client growled.

"Shut up, Bean! Everyone on my bike, now! We're getting some Emeralds!" Fang said as Bean and Bark jumped on the Marvelous Queen. Fang jumped in and started driving.

Casino Park, Breezie's Office

Breezie sat in her chair, counting the rings she was getting. The 4 team spots filled up quickly. A Honey the Cat walked into the office.

"Breezie! Someone has hacked contest to replace one of the teams!" Honey said.

"What? Who hacked it?" Breezie asked.

"We don't know! Should we change it back!" Honey asked.

"Let me have a look…" Breezie said, checking on her computer. "Who were signed up, again?"

"Let me think… Team Rose, the Chaotix, GUN's Team Dark and Team Chaos…" Honey said. Breezie got into the file. Her eyes lit up.

"Ooooh! No, we won't need to change it! Besides, I think this new team will make for a much better show!" Breezie smiled.