Casino Park Zone, Airport

Breezie watched as her jet landed and the three teams walked out, greeting.

"Where are the Hooligans?" Breezie asked.

"Fang and Bean fell in lava and Bark just ran away," Mighty asked.

"So which team got the Emerald?" Breezie asked.

"Team Chaos," Tiara said. "We have 3 Emeralds, meaning…"

"Well Done!" Breezie said, clapping. "I do believe you are the winner! Come along now, you must get your prize on live TV!" Breezie pushed Team Chaos along with the other two teams following. They walked past some GUN soldiers.

"Like their new uniform?" Breezie asked. "Honey designed them herself after she left."


The place was fairly unguarded, as Breezie had asked for a bunch of security. The Hooligans were sneaking around, trying to find their client.

"Thought they could get rid of Fang the Sniper that easily," Fang said. "I've survived worse than being drowned in lava!"

"So that was what if felt like to be roast duck," Bean said.

"Yes, the holidays came early…" Fang said. He put the client on. "Which cell are you in?"

"Let's see… um… I believe cell 6/23/1991," the client said.

"Found it," Fang said, standing in front of it. It looked more like a safe than a jail cell but I guess they're harder to get out of. "Bean, if you would do the honors." Bean stuck his bombs on the cell door with bubble gum and blew it up. The Hooligans could see a figure of someone but couldn't make out who it was because of all the smoke. When the smoke cleared, Fang was the first one to tell who it was!

"No… it… it can't be!" Fang said, surprised. "But… that's impossible!"

Casino Park Zone

The three teams stood up on stage, with Team Chaos standing with Breezie.

"Before we get started, we're sorry Honey the Cat could not be here today," Breezie explained. "She had to design new uniforms for the GUN. Anyways, let's get started, shall we? The winner of the Great Chaos Chase is Team Chaos with 3 Emeralds! And for being the winner, their prize is 3 tickets to Seaside Hill's Seaside Resort for 2 weeks!" Breezie handed the tickets to Tiara. "As leader of the group, is there anything you would like to say?"

"Yes, in fact," Tiara said. Breezie handed her the microphone. "When entering this contest, I didn't think our team would we. We all agreed to do this for fun. We would of been happy, even if we ended with zero Emeralds! But even though we won these tickets and 3 gems with unlimited power, I think that I won a better prize than that along the journey." She looked at Mighty. "I would like to end this off by saying, thank you to Team Rose and, to a lesser extent, the Chaotix…" The audience laughed. "...for being wonderful opponents for Team Chaos and for the other team, the Hooligans, to burn in hell!" The audience cheered. Tiara handed back the microphone and walked back to Mighty, holding his hand.

"There you have it, folks! We hoped you've enjoyed and we wish you a very good night here Casino Park Zone if you're here in the audience or, if you are watching live from home, don't forget, later tonight, change to Breeze Kids for Chao Boom and Breeze Movies for Chao in Space 4. And don't forget to buy Honey Brand Clothes and Accessories! You know she would want you to!"

GUN HQ, Cell 6/23/1991

"No… it… it can't be!" Fang said, surprised. "But… that's impossible!"

"I totally called it!" Bean yelled. "Honey the Cat, I assume."

"Well done, Bean, well done indeed," Honey said.

"But… but how did you… huh?" Fang was confused on how Bean knew.

"Simple really," Bean explained. "You see, if it was not the Egghead who was the client/hacker, it needed to be someone who knew everything. Honey did. After the client was locked away for being found out, we learned that Honey had to leave too! What did Honey have to do? Make new uniforms since the GUN couldn't afford anyone else to do it. How much did they pay Honey? Nothing. Why? Because making the uniforms was her punishment! All work, no pay!"

"I'm impressed," Honey said. "I'd hope you guys thought I was going to be Eggman. It's fun to see people confused. Anyways, the Emerald, please." Fang handed over the two Emeralds.

"Why'd you call us over the Chaotix? If you did, you wouldn't be here right now," Fang asked.

"Why? Being famous is boring, having to follow rules!" Honey explained. "I want a change! I wanted to be a crook! I wanted to join the Hooligans! After all, I was impressed back in that fighting tournament a while back. So what do you say, Fang? Can I be a Hooligan?"

"Ha! No way! I'm already pushing carrying these two with me!" Fang said, pointing at Bean and Bark.

"Ok, I see," Honey said. "You don't want me. That's fine. I guess, being a crook and working alone, I'll just walk off with these two Emeralds AND your pay!" Honey started running off.

"My pay?" Fang asked, forgetting. "MY PAY! WHILE YOU LITTLE… GET BACK HERE!" Fang ran after her. Honey stopped and elbowed him in the stomach.

"Guys… Say hello…" Fang said, laying on the floor, dizzy. "To the newest member… of the Hooligans…"

"That's what I thought," Honey smiled, dropping a bag of rings on Fang's face.

Seaside Hill, Seaside Resort

Ray was playing in the pool on top of the roof of the building. Mighty and Tiara sat on deck chairs near the pool, with a cocktail next to each of them. Mighty reached out for his drink but, instead, placed his hand on Tiara's, making both of them blush, looking at each other and laughing.

"I love you, Tiara," Mighty said.

"I love you too, Mighty," Tiara said. The two leaned closer and kissed. Ray took a picture with a waterproof camera. Mighty and Tiara stopped when they saw him.

"That's one for the family scrapbook," Ray laughed. Mighty and Tiara blushed.

"Excuse me, one moment," Mighty said, getting up.

"Oh, no, anything," Tiara said. "Be my guest." She knew what would happen next. Mighty walked over to Ray.

"Hey little bro, mind if I see that camera?" Mighty said. Ray laughed.

"You will have to catch me if you want to delete the picture!" Ray said, running away. Mighty chased him, making Tiara laugh.

Cliche Ending, I know but I'm really glad how this turned out. I hope MightyXTiara or Migara or Tiary (I think that's my favourtie) becomes a popular ship and get more fanfic as they aren't enough out there. And for those who don't know, Tiara was from the cancelled game, Sonic X-Treme. I have to three questions for my lovely readers:

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