So since this is a story about an OC I thought first I would give you a brief description about her.

Also I wanted to say for this story I'm not going to use honorifics. I'm not totally sure how to use them that well. They will be in there here and there, but it's not going to be all the time.

NAME: Amber Eve Anderson

AGE: 14-15, At the beginning of the story she'll be 14 then she'll turn 15 about half way through.

FAMILY: One older sister, Ashley(29) . Four older brothers, Sean(27), Dustin(24), James(20), Isaac(18). Mom, Julie(-) Dad, Corey(-). Nobody needs to know the parents age :}

CLOSE FRIENDS:Josh(21), Keith(15), Jess(18), Katie(24), Kaleigh(16).

I also wanted to say the reason her closest friends are kinda older than her by a lot, is because they are also her older siblings friends. Also Katie is dating Dustin, Jess is dating Isaac. Just thought you would like to know. And my OC isn't dating anyone.

HAIR COLOR: Brown, strait hair that goes just past her chest. She parts her hair a little to the side so her hair goes just past her left eye when she doesn't sweep it behind her ear.

EYE COLOR: A brownish green.

FASHION: She isn't a girly-girl, she loves jeans, t-shirts, and especially her special jacket. She wears two homemade bracelets on her left hand and one on her right. Mostly she wears her hair in a low ponytail, sometimes in a high one. Usually at home she wears her hair down though.

HOBBYS: Amber likes baking, cooking, being very creative with crafts, and writing.

STUFF SHE LIKES: Amber has a liking for first person shooter games like Halo and Titan Fall, loves anime, and one of the most important things is music. She listens to it all the time also Amber likes singing and playing the guitar.

PERSONALTY: She's a very sarcastic person. Because of her brothers she's grown up much like them. She's very good at throwing insults. But inside she can also be a very caring, loving, sympathetic person. When she's around people she is comfortable with she can be very crazy and weird. When she's like that she'll blurt out random stuff, start dancing without any reason too, also she will lean or jump on you for fun. As you can see Amber is a very bubbly person until you get her in a room of strangers. Then she's very quiet and keeps to her self.

MORE ABOUT PERSONALTY: Family is HUGE to her. She fights with her siblings all the time, but everyone knows that they are all super close. Being without them is really hard for her. Also her friends are super important. Josh and Keith are like Amber's brother. They tease her but they also care for her. Jess and Katie are like her older sister also. They acted like sister ever before they started dating her brothers. Because Ashley is the oldest and Amber is the youngest they didn't really grow up together. But they still are very close. Then there is Kaleigh her best friend. They are always together laughing and doing random, stupid stuff together.

BIRTHDAY: Her birthday is 7/11. Yes you heard right 7/11 or July 11.

Also she carries her small black phone in her front pocket while she keeps her iPod in her back pocket or holds it.

Yeps that's about it for this. I want you to figure stuff about her family through the story. There are a few things I didn't put in there for that purpose. Also I didn't put height cause I don't care how tall her is.