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Chapter 4

(Meeting the other brothers)


"I'm very sorry for all the commotion I've caused. I hope everyone can forgive me. I would like to look past this and try to get to know each other again," I looked up seeing them all smile.

End Recap

Amber's POV

I woke up from a wonderful night's sleep.

Though I didn't want to get up I know I would have too. I unplug my iPod to see it's already 11:30. Stupid time change. It's messing with brain.

I slowly drag myself out of my bed.

Getting dressed in simply black jeans and a T-shirt that said "It's an anime thing, you wouldn't understand"

Love this shirt so much.

I stick my phone in my front pocket while I put my iPod in my back pocket. Pulling on my jacket. I look into the mirror that hangs on my wall. Figuring out that I forgot to brush my hair I do so. Also putting on a purple and black beanie.

And finally I put my hair into a side braid.

I go to the 5th floor to see some of the brothers just sitting and talking.

"Uh morning?" I laugh awkwardly knowing how late it really was.

"Someone's up late," Ukyo couldn't help but say.

"Whatever. Time change is still messing with me," I pouted while Ukyo just chuckled.

After that I went into the kitchen to eat something quickly.

I run back to my room after eating. I had a week before school starts. (Sorry I know I said she was going to be homeschooled but I realized now that's not a good idea. Sorry for suddenly changing it)

I was going to enjoy my week before school starts.

Really I've never been a big fan of school, but you have to do it sooooo yea.

After just chill'n in my room for awhile I take my laptop and ear buds before walking to the 5th floor. I plop on the huge couch before taking out my iPod from my back pocket and laying it somewhere on the couch.

Getting comfy I plug in my ear buds and turn of the music from my laptop and savor the wonderful feeling that goes through me.

Then I start writing. Though that's not the only thing I do. I'll watch some YouTube, watch some anime, write, or even read fanfics while on here. I always am on social media also. Seeing what my friends are doing. Just stuff like that. All of it I enjoy.

When I look up from my laptop I notice that no one is in the room. Everyone must be doing stuff with their lives while I'm sitting here doing nothing. I really don't care so I turn back to my laptop.

Suddenly my iPod made a noise. Seeing who texted me, I smile when seeing it's Jess, Isaac, and Keith all in a picture. Jess and Isaac were hugging while Keith just made a stupid face at their couple PDA.

Then a text formed underneath the picture.

JESS: Hey love, wanted to say hi and show you that me, Isaac, and Keith went to the Our Last Night concert. Just wanted to rub in your face that we went :) Loves you.

I just chuckled. This is something Jess would definitely do.

ME: Whatever Jess. I'll see them one day, and at least I wasn't a third wheel like Keith. Love you too creep :/

I turned back to my laptop until I heard my iPod go off again. I was about to go check it, but something stopped me, or more like someone.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here," I looked up to see a guy probably around my age with pinkish brown hair.

"Um are you one of the thirteen brothers?" I ask not answering his question.

He narrows his eyes at me. I could just feel the judgment.

When he wasn't answering my question I went back to my laptop and started to write again totally ignoring him. Getting into the music I start tapping out the rhythm with my thumbs.

I got more and more into the music until both of my hands were making noise. Totally forgetting that someone was watching me.

Then I heard an obvious cough.

My head shot up while I froze all movement.

I saw the guy give me a "Are you stupid" face.

All I did was smile and laugh then go back to writing.


This guy just slammed shut my laptop.

I was done with this nice guy act. He was starting to irritate me.

Instantly I gave him a death glare. Not afraid. Nothing scares me that easily, so if this guy thinks he's intimidating me he's dead wrong.

"I was using that," Anger scorching threw my words.

"Sorry sweat cheeks, but I don't go ignored," I rolled my eyes. He's so full of himself.

Wait, did he just call me sweat cheeks?

This guy was really pissing me off.

"Well I'm sorry cutie-pie for not being able to entertain you. Now would you please get out of my face," I said pushing his shoulders so he would step back.

He stood strait up staring at me. He was annoyed, that was evident on his face.

I moved the laptop off my lap.

"Don't you know who I am," He asks like I'm stupid.

"Nope, and to be perfectly honest I don't care," I roll my eyes again. Man this guy was persistent. Couldn't he just leave me alone.

"Wait, by any chance are you Futo?" I ask.

"Ah, so you do know who I am," He smirks in victory.

"You being famous isn't the reason I know you. Ema told me about you. You're another one of the brothers. I'm Amber your new sister for a year. Tch, I didn't think they could have such a rude person in their family. They're all so nice," I glared at him.

Getting up I put my iPod in my back pocket. I had enough of this guy, so I was going to go to my room. He had different ideas though.

He took a hold of my wrist and turned me around. Pushing me into the wall.

His eyes glared at mine, but I wasn't backing down. I couldn't let him win.

"I already told you I don't go ignored," He purred.

"And I already told you I don't care. Just because you're one of the brothers don't think you get this special treatment from me. I tried to be nice, but you walked across a line you shouldn't have. Now I'll only tell you this once I'm not a normal girl. I'm not going to cower in the corner like most girls would. You. Don't. Scare. Me. Get that through you're thick scull. Sorry honey, but you annoy the crap out of me meaning two things. One, you're a complete butt face to me. Two, at all cost I need to try and ignore you because I might end up slapping you if I'm around you too often," In the next instance I pushed him away from me and walked up the stairs.

"I'm going out for awhile if anyone asks Futo," Was all I said before walking into the elevator.

I only been here a few days and I've already cried mutable times, and got into a huge fight with one of the brothers. In my defense he was a butt and deserved everything I said. Never am I going to regret what I said.

I walk out of the house. I was going to the mall and do things that I want. Probably the video games store. I absolutely love that place.

Time Skip (Once She Got Home)

Once I got home the first person I saw was Iori.

"Hello Amber. Where did you go?"

"Just for a walk," He seemed content with my answer and walked away.

Iori was one of my favorite brothers. Though I really didn't know any of them well he immediately intrigued me. He wasn't clingy, but he wasn't distant either. He cared. Also Iori wouldn't push you to answer a question. He was a very sweet person. Iori reminds me of Roy. A friend I'm somewhat close with. I've grown up with him for my whole life. I smiled at the memory of Roy.

Make a mental reminder to text Roy later.

I slid my hand across the wall while I walked through the many halls. I would always do this while looking through the many pictures that hung on the walls. Today was a different day for me. I finally felt like my old self. Instead of crying over the memories of my family and friends I smiled at them. I also had rude, mean, and sarcastic to a person. Oh how I missed doing that. Growing up in a house with four brothers I bet they would be proud of me. *chuckle*

When I was looking through the pictures that hung on the many walls I came across Masaomi.

"We're having dinner at 6. Two of the other brothers are here, and I would like for you to meet them," He said while smiling.

I nodded in reply and went to my room.

The rest of the day I spent on doing random things in my room.

When 6 came I rushed downstairs eager to meet more of the brothers.

Once I reached the 5th floor I saw Futo sitting with some of the other brothers.

"So you are one of the brothers. I was really hoping you we're just an annoying nuisance that would leave. Sad day for me,"

Most of the boys we're surprised with my rude words, but Futo did nothing but glare at my smirking face.

"You two have met?" Azusa asked.

"Yep. Earlier today. He though I was one of Tsubaki's "girls" He soon learned the truth though,"

I finished walking down the stairs to see a all to familiar face.

"YOU!" We both screamed at the same time.

Dun DUN DUUUUUUUN! Who's the brother that Amber's already met? You'll have to wait and see.

Peace out - Rosey