The summer's breeze was passing through the trees that adorned the road. Plenty, maybe too many people were walking in it, casually disregarding the cars that were racing next to them to God knows where. To a tourist, this would be a sight to behold. Such a huge mass of people , walking amongst the skyscrapers with such coordination. Yet, to the people that live here this is just the norm... or is it?

It has been a year since 'Angel' and Uruz 7 have reunited, after a year that would separate every other couple. Between Amalgam, Sophia and various betrayals, things looked dire for our military maniac, yet he managed to do it. Even when the odds where stacked against him, he succeded in protecting her, and now also his, world. Oh the tears of happyness that were shed when they returned to her place; so many kisses, so many things to say and so many memories that were waiting for them. They knew they didn't need to hurry, cause now they were safe. After that trip through hell, heaven was waiting for them.

The dim light of a lamp was the only source of light in the apartment. The distant cars, the barkings of the dogs and the rare sound of an ambulance were the only sound in the place. It wasn't too bad, in fact it was fairly well kept. It wasn't a mansion, but for them it was just right.

A long lock of dark-blue hair was dangling from the back of the couch. She was so sweet when she was sleeping, it was as if all that repressed anger was never there in the first place. The TV in front of her was turned off, she was tired of the pointless Reality-Shows that were trasmitted this late at night. She was also tired of waiting for him, but there wasn't another option.

While she was working part-time in a bar, he decided to work for the nearby police department. When he told this, she couldn't do anything other then laugh. Some things never change.

Sousuke told her that on wensday, every second week, he would come late because of various paperwork, so she shouldn't wait for him. Not once she listened to him.

With a sound, the door gingerly opened. The light of the hallway made her way into the apartment, revealing a tall figure. Scar, scruffy brown hair, wide shoulders, analytical eyes paired with two kind eyes. He hated returning to the darkness of their apartment, it reminded him of how impersonal were all of the cabins where he slept during the numerous missions he took part of. At least he was happy that guns, commanders and AS-es were not a part of his life anymore.

As he was trying to make his way in his home, he noticed that there was someone on the couch. The darkness was not a problem for him, he did plenty of missions during night, so he easily noticed that his girlfriend was, again, laying there. It didn't took him long to come next to her, more to admire her then to check if she was all right. Even thought he had troubles adapting to the civilian life (not as much as when he first came), returning home knowing that she would be there to welcome him gave him strenght.

She was indeed his angel.