Penelope got to her car and put the rest of her bags in the trunk. Penelope pulled off and when she got home she put all of her clothes away except for the ones she was wearing tonight. She decides to wear her black body con dress with bright red heels and her red jewelry. It was going on 4pm and Penelope still had time to kill. So Penelope decides she was going to go the horse track. Penelope arrived at the horse track and got out of the car.

"Wow I haven't been here in ages!" Penelope said to herself as she started to walk around. "It's nice here isn't?" a man said. Penelope turned around and faced the man "it sure remind me of when I was a child and I needed to clear my head I would run out here and talk to the horses. "Well of course not the same horses because back then I was in California, but I feel like I'm going on and on. "Penelope babbled.

"It's okay I'm long winded too." He said laughing. Penelope smiled "I wish I could ride again, I haven't done that in forever. "Maybe one day I could bring you back out here and we could ride together." The man "What is your name?" Penelope asked "oh sorry, my name is Sam and what is yours beautiful?" Penelope smiled and said "my name is Penelope." "I love your name Penelope." thanks."

Penelope and Sam was walking around the track and looking at the horses and making small conversations. Penelope looked at the time and noticed it was 6:30 "I'm sorry Sam to have to cut this short but I have a prior engagement to get to." "its okay Penelope I enjoyed spending time with you and if you don't mind I would like it if we exchanged numbers." yeah that would be great." Penelope said. They exchanged numbers and Penelope parted ways.

When she got home it was 7:00 and Penelope hurried up and took a quick a shower. After her shower she lotion down and put on her dress. Penelope put on her jewelry and then applied her make up. After spraying a bit of hair spray on her hair .she went into the room to put her shoes. Penelope checked herself out in the mirror and smiled "dam I look hot as hell." She admired her cleavage and then up to her eyes .she decided to wear her contacts. After spraying her perfume on she grabbed her phone of the charger and grabbed her coat.

Penelope got into her car and pulled off. She arrived at their favorite place for drinks. She looked at her self-one more time in the rearview mirror and then got out of the car. She noticed that she was 15 minutes late.

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The team was at the table and Derek asked "is Penelope coming tonight?" "Well she texted me and said she was but maybe she changed her mind." JJ said "well someone misses her." Rossi said "so what I was just asking because you know she like 2o minutes late I was just asking." Derek said. That caused everyone to laugh.

There were a lot of whistles of men whistling. The team looked for the one that was causing the men to act that way, they saw no one familiar and they went back to their conversations. When everyone hears the familiar clicking of heel, they all turned towards the sound and looked up. "Wow they all said in unison. "Hello everyone..." Penelope smiled and looked around. "Well Derek is you going to sit there and stare or are you going to pull my chair out?" "Oh, right." Derek said pulling her chair out. Penelope sat down and said "well hello to you to Derek ."