So here's the long awaited Akashi story that's been knocking around in my head! I thank anyone who comments and supports me. :)


1st - Akashi Seijuro (100)

2nd - Kono Kotone (98)

Second place. Again.

The brunette grit her teeth as she glared up at the class rankings board. They had just taken the first math test of the year and once again she was behind that same person.

Akashi Seijuro.

President of the student council. Captain of the basketball team. Local prodigy and extraordinaire.

And she couldn't stand him. How could she possible get along someone so perfect?! Before she had entered Rakuzan High School and subsequently encountered him, she had been the star of her class, academics wise at least. Now all she amounted to was 'that girl that's always right behind Akashi Seijuro'.

Well not anymore. "I will find a way to ruin you, Akashi Seijuro. I swear it!" She huffed and turned on her heel heading back to the classroom.


"Akashi-san, will you please come up to the board and complete this math problem?"

Kotone tried to push down the small stitch of irritation she felt as the redhead gracefully made his way up to the board and completed the problem perfectly. As expected, he never failed at anything he attempted. Not this math problem and not anything else either.

"Good work as always, Akashi-san."

The brunette grumbled a little under her breath. "Of course, Akashi-san always gets the right answer."

Little did she know Akashi's gaze moved sharply to zero in on her.


"Okay class, we're going to be starting a new project..."

Kotone spaced out as Yamato-sensei continued to drone on and on about the new project they were starting. Honestly who even cares about Japanese history anyway? It's the same old thing every time you study it and it's so boring. Plus, she didn't really have any people in this class that she liked that much (well, besides her longtime friend, Kimura Asagi, but she'd been the first to get a partner) so even with the teacher doling out partners she was still likely to get some good-for-nothing who had no idea what they were doing-

"Akashi-san and Kono-san..."

Kotone froze in her seat, her jaw slack and a petrified look on her face.

Did she hear that right?

"E-excuse me, sensei, but who did you say I was partnering with?"

Yamato-sensei lazily scanned down his list before looking up and meeting her horrified gaze. "Akashi-san."

It was all Kotone could do to swallow and nod weakly, her horrified look changing instead to a vaguely desolate expression instead. Of all people in the class, it had to be the one she least wanted to partner with?

"Kono Kotone." Kotone turned to see the red headed devil himself standing in front of her an impassive look on his face. "Come. Let's start."

He turned and walked away towards the back of the class where his seat was. Kotone just glared holes in his back before realizing that Yamato-sensei had entrusted him with the packet for the project so sitting here glaring at him wasn't really an option. And so she got up and slunk dejectedly over to his desk.

As he turned the packet to the correct page Kotone proceeded to study him warily. He didn't seem to notice or mind, one of the two, as he quietly scanned the page.

"So, um, what does this project entail?" Kotone smiled weakly as she attempted to break the silence. He didn't even seem to stir to hear her question as he continued to ruffle through the packet.

Was he ignoring her?!

Kotone started to get a little irritated now. She didn't even like him and she was still trying to make the effort to talk to the guy. It was only polite that he respond, "Oi, Akashi-san, I asked you a question-"

"Silence." His heterochromatic gaze met her chocolate orbs and she flinched back at the authority in his tone. Not only was his tone but his eyes were icy as they stared back into her own, chilling her into silence.

He directed his gaze back down at the packet while she pulled herself together; she was now stunned by his audacity. Still, she couldn't seem to get any words out after his command. Despite her anger, she still instinctively felt that openly defying him would be bad news.

Before she could finally muster the courage to talk back, he looked back up impassively, "We are to write our own individual essays on the Feudal and Edo period and then a collaborative comparative essay on them. Then we will complete this packet and present our findings on a topic in each of the periods. Seeing as we have two minutes remaining for this portion of class time, we will discuss the comparison essay later on. After basketball practice concludes we will meet outside the gym."

With that, he arranged the papers in a neat stack and then slipped them into his bag. Just as Kotone was about to utter a protest, the teacher called everyone back to their desks.

Her cheeks slightly flushed with anger and humiliation at how he so easily shut her down, she slid back into her seat. It would suffice to say, she was not excited for basketball practice.