Yeah, I totally sat down to write some Manwë and Olórin fluff...this ain't fluffy.

Manwë found Olórin curled up in a window, all awkward elbows and knees. He wore a deep frown that was equal parts frustration and sadness.

"Olórin," Manwë said gently. The Maia didn't look up.

"My lord," Olórin acknowledged. Manwë sighed.

"Olórin, you know I would not have asked you to go if I thought there was any other way," Manwë began. "Curumo is a worthy Maia, but I know he was once bitter rivals with—"

"He doesn't understand Mairon at all." Olórin's flat voice cut through Manwë's words with ease. "And I do." Manwë sighed again.


"You are asking me to use everything I know of my brother to see to his utter destruction." The Maia's voice remained utterly flat. Manwë closed his eyes in pain, but did not lie.


Olórin's exhale was a little too close to a sob for his lord's comfort. Manwë wished he could spare Olórin this pain, but truly, he knew of no other way.

"Olórin, I do understand," he said gently.

"If anyone does, it would be you," the Maia replied softly, his head dropping. "I just…" Olórin hugged his knees tighter.

"I love him still," he finally admitted in a whisper. Tears in his eyes, the Windlord rested a hand on his young Maia's shoulder.

"As I do mine," Manwë responded quietly. Olórin looked up, tears streaking his cheeks, to find his lord's eyes full of the same pain. Manwë sat down on the windowsill and pulled Olórin into his embrace, wishing desperately he could spare him this pain, but knowing he could not. No further words were spoken: but none were needed.

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