Beck breaks down halfway through the first card game. Cat won't look at him (he wouldn't either if she had just broken his best friends heart) and it makes him feel shittier than he already does. Andre is tense and says no more than five words during the game. Tori tries too hard to ease the tension by making jokes (Beck can see why Jade was annoyed by her sometimes) and her fake laugh and plastered-on-smile piss him off. Robbie looks like he is going to start bawling or faint or something. He doesn't even realize he is shaking until Andre's arm is on his shoulder and then it's a flurry of Beck are you okay?'s (would you be okay if Jade-fucking-West had just walked out of your life?) and then he is in Andre's car with tears streaming steadily down his face as he chokes back sobs. He doesn't realize they are parked in his driveway until Andre is opening the car door and waiting for him to get out. Beck manages to stumble into the R.V. with Andre close behind, watchful over his friend to make sure he doesn't collapse or whatever it is the broken-hearted boy do. Andre gives Beck a pitying look and a sad smile before departing. Andre knows words can't fix the mess that is Beck.

Beck gazes around the room and an animal like howl crawls from his lungs, through his throat, and escapes his mouth as he picks up the nearest thing (A picture of Jade and him on his birthday last year) and throws it across the room, shattering against the wall with a crackling sound (just like his heart). Jade is everywhere. Her sillage (the impression made in space after someone has been and gone; the trace of someone's perfume)evident in every aspect of the R.V. is evident. There are pictures of herandhim scattered all over the room,her clothes strewn in odd places and taking up almost half his closet, bottles of black nail polish on his coffee table, black coffee cups sitting in his kitchen sink, her makeup strewn across his bathroom counter, Poe and Shakespeare books stacked on his desk, and the smell of Chanel No. 5 in the air. It's all too much.

Beck looses it.

He screams, cries, and tries to do as much damage to the R.V. as he feels in his own heart, and he is vaguely aware of the fact that he only destroys his stuff. Jade's things go untouched by his broken wrath (Beck knows Jade will come to get these things back, and that will hurt like hell). He shatters plates and kicks furniture (his stubbed toe doesn't even compare to the way his heart feels) until he is worn out and unable to cry anymore.

He crawls into bed with the essence of Jade that is present in his room reminding him of what he lost when he refused to open the door (number one on the list of Reasons Beck Hates Beck). Fresh tears well up in his eyes as he presses his face to the bed.

His sheets smell like vanilla and black coffee.