Airplanes were suck fickle inventions.

They manipulated air currents with their engines to such a degree that continued acceleration allowed them to move until the wings picked up enough air flow under them for the plane to actually begin lifting off.

What a wonder the human race had developed, to fly in the air as if with angels or dragons of lore.

What a wonder what a minute amount of wind manipulation could do to the physics of the airplane itself.

A blonde man grinned slightly at the jumbo-jet's accelerated velocity, the other passengers screaming in terror as their speed broke Mach3, the man simply waving a single finger in the direction of the right turbine of the aircraft. The plane rumbled and shook as it gained even more speed, and it had even begun to tilt slightly as the right engine outdid the other.

The man wore relatively simple clothing. He had on a black-colored sleeveless hoodie with a burnt-orange stripe going across the left side. Two pockets with burnt orange zippers were parallel, one on each breast. The man wore a white t-shirt under the vest, complementing the black of his sleeveless jacket. On his legs he wore simple pale-blue jeans with black sneakers and dark-orange shoe-laces.

For features, he was quite handsome, a strong jawline complimenting his square chin, though he sported a healthy five o'clock shadow. He had a pair of thin lips that were usually quite pursed. On his cheeks he sported three thin lines on each. The man held piercing blue eyes, blue enough to make the mythological god Poseidon jealous and above them, a pair of thin, dark-blonde eyebrows. On his head he had sun-kissed blonde hair that was somewhat spiky though it had fallen from its previous grace over the years. It fell to his mid-neck, went over his ears, and covered his right eye with a few strands going over the left.

Along his body, a few long scars could be found in accordance with a few tattoos as well, some being tribal markings while the others were words or kanji. He wasn't totally inked, but he enjoyed the idea of looking at his skin and being reminded.

He looked to be in his mid-twenties though if pressed, he could pass for twenty if his youthful skin had anything to say about it. He didn't even look of Japanese descent, possibly American or European. But his name said otherwise. The man had a lean build with visible muscle mass which contained great amounts of strength.

Sighing softly, the grin he sported moments ago disappearing as soon as it came, Naruto Uzumaki leaned back in his chair, the feeling of the rattling and jumping airplane stopping suddenly along with the fading cries of the passengers passing him as he slipped on a pair of white headphones that cuffed both ears before grey hood was slipped on his head as well.

The man sitting next to Naruto sighed in relief as he looked over to see the blonde with his arms behind his head and eyes closed. That was before he sweat dropped at the blonde-haired man.

"Apple-bottoms, crop tops, white bitches, bloodshot, love it when they smoke pot, made it to the next spot~," Naruto sang quietly in English as his plane flew from California, United States to Tokyo, Japan.


Exiting the plane, the blonde man rolled a suitcase behind him with a duffle bag thrown uncaringly over his shoulder. He looked relatively careless to the onlookers if his frown or dispassionate eyes had anything to say about.

He traveled through the Tokyo airport, the extreme amount of tourists and people leaving for work reasons or arriving home from business assaulting his senses making him groan. He always did hate crowded areas because that meant no breathing room. The man glanced up briefly to see a plane flying to an unknown destination, passing over the airport like a bird leaving its mother's nest.

Many women looked at him, his looks giving them a large amount of aesthetic pleasure alone though he ignored them. He wasn't interested in these flesh-borne women at the moment as he was only interested in one woman, his baby girl.

Naruto sighed happily as he exited the airport and saw his baby. He was so glad he had it imported to the airport.

A black car with a dark-orange stripe that ran along the hood, roof, and trunk was parked in front of him at the curb. It was a newer model Dodge Challenger and while he had used the stock frame because it was well, awesome, save for the low hood scoop, the engine was of his own design, not the fastest, but damn near with near-unmatched endurance to boot.

Chuckling at his own joke, the blonde walked over to the car and sat his bags down before he fished in his pocket to pull out a key, the crowd still bustling around him, chatting away and having their own conversations while some people took pictures of his car. He didn't mind. Naruto was damn proud of his baby.

The blonde pressed a button on his key before the trunk opened to reveal that it was empty. Setting his bags down, Naruto put the duffle bag in the trunk first, tucking it neatly away in the back before he picked up the suitcase and put in the trunk, tucking it into a corner as well so it wouldn't roll around.

Naruto sighed in content as he walked back to the driver's side of his car, running his fingers along the paint job that he had done personally before he opened the door revealing the interior. It had black leather seats with orange trimming with a small backseat. It had a stick-shift as it kept the blonde attentive while driving.

Looking up to the sky, Naruto sighed one more though this sigh was misplaced if anyone could read his expressions. His eyes seemed to age decades before the look was gone completely. The man put his right foot in the cabin before he ducked and sat down, lifting his left leg as well before he entered it completely, closing the door behind him.

Flipping out his smartphone, Naruto noticed that his recent purchase of a place in Kuoh Town, of which was a few hours away from Tokyo by car, went through and he could move in any time.

With a small smirk, Naruto put the key into the ignition of his prized possession before turning it, the pleasing hum of the engine roaring to life, the horsepower simply begging to be released by his hand. The array of lights from the dashboard clicked on, the stereo flipping to a random song, his subwoofers deepening the bass heavily making many other civilians look at him with wide eyes as they could feel the vibrations beneath him, making some older and middle-age men and women look at him with disapproval.

With a large grin, Naruto buckled up before he disengaged the emergency brake, pushed in the clutch, shifted the gears of the beast, and revved up. The tires screeched against the asphalt of the airport which drew the attention of many, many more people before he shifted gears once more and drove onto the highway making him cut off multiple other vehicles and pedestrians. Yeah, he was one of those people.

Thankfully, all anyone could hear was the engine, for if it were any lower, they would have heard the laughter of a deranged maniac.


A few hours later, Naruto could be seen still driving his car, though he was now in Kuoh Town. The man was on an empty back street with both windows rolled down. The time was a little after six so dusk was beginning to set onto the quaint town.

If was quaint, then it wouldn't be filled with Devil, Fallen Angel, and Yokai signatures, Naruto thought with a frown as his senses had noticed them several miles outside of Kuoh. Paying no more attention to the thoughts, Naruto continued his task.

The car rolled slowly before it came onto a small two-story home with a garage attached, as well as an old mechanic's shop attached as well. The location would come in handy, he mused as his home was close to the highway. If he had decided to put up signs on the road, many vacationing families or travelers would stop to get an oil change, change fluids, or get a tire change.

Naruto had purchased the shop and home so that he could provide himself with a decent, honest income while living in the town so that no one would question his monetary gains. The place was relatively nice with white walls and blue tiled roof. It wasn't fancy, but a little above average.

The mechanic's shop was off to the side of the home though it was attached. It had the same theme as the home but from the pictures he had seen, the shop was dusty and needed some sprucing up. The machines also needed many repairs so it would take some time to get to it.

With a small sigh, Naruto pulled into the clean yet empty garage and turned his car off just as the automatic doors to the entrance closed behind him. Stepping out of his car, the blonde man popped open the trunk to get his bags and closed it afterward. It was somewhat dark in the garage save for the light from the doors coming in but his keenly trained eyes adjusted quickly.

Looking over to his right he saw a door that lead to the house with a small baggie hanging from it containing the keys and a note that said 'Enjoy your new home!' He guessed it was from the realtor, then again, who else would it be?

Naruto opened the door with his rolling suitcase in tow to see a foyer though it was bare with a bathroom straight across from the door to the garage. He had guessed it was a bathroom for guests mostly. And then to his left he saw an office space which was relatively small but it could house a desktop and desk and a small couch. The office was connected to the hall that led to the main door of which was closed and locked.

Turning to his right, Naruto walked down the hall to the living room. It was an American style home. It had newly waxed hardwood floors, white, plain walls that were also newly painted. It was fairly Spartan as he had yet to furnish it completely. That was except for a singular black, leather couch that was in the middle of the living room with a red rug below it and a large flat screen television on a wall in front of the couch. Naruto also smiled again as he saw a stereo system that connected to speakers throughout the house. He had paid extra for that tidbit.

The kitchen was connected to the living room with a small with a hard ceramic island with two sinks and stools. He had no food but he had already eaten on his way to Kuoh town so he could deal with no groceries for the day. The kitchen had a microwave, stove, and a dual fridge and freezer. The appliances all had the same color scheme with it being silver and black as to not look tacky. The kitchen also had silverware and plates and cups so he was glad that was taken care of. He was also glad that he had the water, lights, and gas turned on or he would be in a pickle as that would take a couple days to complete if he hadn't done it beforehand.

Setting his bags down next to the couch, Naruto flipped a light switch on which illuminated the living room very well.

He wasn't even going to bother with the upstairs as he knew that it had three bedrooms and two other bathrooms. That was also because he didn't order a bed. All he needed at the moment was a couch and some entertainment.

Grabbing a remote, Naruto flipped on the television before kicking off his shoes and lying down on the couch, a hand behind his head.

Man, if he wasn't so lazy, he'd go get some beer and pizza to chill out with.


A week had passed since he had arrived in Kuoh Town and during that time, Naruto had set up shop, repairing all of the needed machines in the shop as well as buying all of the necessary tools and parts to get started. He had even acquired a business license from the town city hall so he could legally begin his small business.

It wasn't like he hadn't done the same process before, as he had done it many times so he knew the proper channels.

He had furnished the rest of his home, getting beds, dressers, nightstands, and some other things for the bedrooms, soaps, shampoo, and various other things for the bathrooms. He had gotten a table for the connected dining area and an assortment of food for himself which he had stored in the fridge, freezer, or pantry respectively depending on the food. He had also furnished his office, and was quite proud of it as he had shelled out for a damn awesome PC.

The town wasn't as large as Kyoto but it was relatively busy most of the time, the only real attraction it having being the esteemed, recently turned co-ed private school, Kuoh Academy. The academy usually gave out random scholarships to teens or job applications to a select few, and sure enough, he had recently gotten one in the mail.

Naruto sat at one of the stools on the counter at the island, his hair somewhat frazzled as if he had just gotten up from sleep and his five-o'clock shadow had progressed to a dark-blonde stubble. And it was actually the truth, as he had only woken up twenty minutes prior.

The blonde man was garbed in a pair of black gym shorts and had on a plain orange tee-shirt. He was barefoot and had on a pair of glasses. The glasses didn't have actual lenses to help his sight as they were just glass, but it made him feel cool and older to wear them.

In front of him was a cup of coffee with just creamer to give it a slight flavor, bowl of cereal, and a few scattered papers, a few being junk mail and the others were bills though one piece of mail stuck out from the rest as it held a familiar crest on it. It was a job application to Kuoh academy as a teacher, and the person who granted it to him was someone Naruto honestly forgot existed until a few months ago.

The man was Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the current rulers of hell. Naruto had been graciously asked, practically begged in his opinion, to come to this town. Naruto never asked why, but perhaps he should have because he really, really, didn't like school. Even if he took the job as a teacher.

But, to keep up appearances, he would attend the school. But who would run the shop? Naruto sighed happily as he drank from his coffee cup. He loved clones.


A day had passed since his receiving of the letter, and Naruto had read that he would have to come to school to go for his job interview and tour the campus with a previously chosen resident if he was accepted.

Naruto pulled up to a curb just outside of Kuoh academy, some of the students who were going to school that morning stopping to take a look at the black vehicle in admiration or jealousy. Turning the ignition off, Naruto pulled out the key and opened the car door before putting a single leg out. He sat there for a moment as he idly played on his phone before switching it off and slipping it in his pocket.

The concentration of Devils at this location was numerous, and annoying. There were at least a dozen if not more here and he couldn't simply switch off his senses so he was constantly aware.

The man was garbed in a pair of khaki jeans and black dress shoes along with a white button up with the sleeves rolled up and tucked into his pants which were being held up by black leather belt. A firm scowl was in place as he got out of the car as it was eight in the morning and it was too damn early to get up.

Perhaps he shouldn't have stayed up until six a.m. It wasn't like he really needed the sleep as could stay up for a few days and not feel tired, he just got cranky when he didn't get his eight hours.

Damn. He was getting out of shape.

Getting up and closing the door behind him, Naruto rubbed his blonde stubble idly as he walked to the main gate, taking in the architecture which was very Victorian in appearance as it looked like a European college.

With a lazy gaze, the blonde man stuffed both hands in his pockets, a small hunch accompany his impressive stature of five foot ten.

Many of the school girls swooned at the older-looking man, appreciating his older allure, or at least that was what he assumed. Or perhaps they enjoyed the visible, punkish-looking tattoos on his forearms. Again, while they weren't numerous, there were a few. Around his left mid-forearm was a tribal tattoo that circled it and below it, was a shaded in, gothic-style, black hour glass that was full of sand, unlike others which were only half full.

On his other forearm, on his wrist reaching to the top of his hand, was a wave from the ocean, fully detailed, bubbles and all.

Why he was picked as a teacher, looking like a punk that would sell someone illegal goods, he would never know.

Other than his numerous degrees in a vast amount of subjects, of course.

Entering the building, with some students walking the halls to classes, Naruto looked around and tried to figure out where the main office was locating it.

Minutes later, Naruto found the main office and patiently waited while scrolling through messages and emails on his phone from various people, some being his new customers at his mechanic's shop, some being women he had met at the local bars, asking him if he was busy later, and others were from delivery services that took multiple pieces of furniture to his home. The man responded to some of the messages or emails, but in the end, he was simply killing time.

Minutes later, an older male secretary came out of a door to the waiting room he was in and told Naruto to follow him. Naruto did so after pocketing his mobile device and stuffed his hands in his pockets once more.

Moments later, the secretary opened the door to the headmaster's office which was very Victorian in nature, like the rest of the school. Two giant bookshelves were parallel to each other on the walls and an older woman was behind a large, mahogany desk. A large window was positioned behind the desk and woman that offered a grand view of the tennis courts, football field and track. The headmistress had her grey hair in a bun and was garbed in a lavender-colored dress with black high-heeled shoes.

"Have a seat," she said with authority which made Naruto hold back a snort as he stepped inside the room while the secretary closed the door behind him. Walking up to the green-colored chair, Naruto plopped down, an apathetic look in place as his hard eyes stared at her.

The woman looked at various papers on her desk, some of which detailed the man in front hers' expertise in teaching. Moments later she gazed at him evenly, her grey eyes frowning at his appearance along with her wrinkled mouth.

"Even though you were recommended by Sirzechs-sama himself, the main donator to this establishment, and have enough degrees to teach anything you desire for someone so young, why do you think you have the privilege to teach here at such a fine school? You look like someone would try to sell me drugs, young man. And frankly, I don't give a damn if you have any degrees at all. So why on God's green earth, do we need you?" the woman berated the blonde man of which seemed to have his eyes closed, as if reining in his anger.

Snoring lightly, Naruto's eyes blinked open a few times before he focused to come face to face with this old lady. Refraining from praying to whatever gods existed to get him out of this nightmare, Naruto asked a fairly relevant question.

"Uh, you say something, granny?" he asked the woman with a raised eyebrow before the lady simply looked at him evenly. He yawned moments later before scratching his back. "Got anything to drink?" he asked her blandly, his lazy eyes blinking twice, a raised eyebrow accompanying it.

The lady's eyebrow twitched several times before she reached down to open a drawer. Pulling out a tall bottle of sake, the lady uncorked it with her teeth before taking a deep chug. After she sat the bottle down harshly, she shoved it over to him in which he only grinned, catching it before it fell.

The headmistress only sighed as she put her forehead on the table, rubbing her temples lightly.

"I'm too old for this shit…"


"And then, the kid came in here, crying and stuff, saying that it wasn't his fault that girls were so attractive that he had to look up their skirts. I mean, come on! Have some self-control you heathen!" the headmistress ranted with a scowl on her face though it also adorned a drunken blush.

Naruto simply grinned as he took another chug of the bottle before passing it to her. He wasn't near as drunk as she was, but he humored her by talking to her. "One time, I had this kid that liked to steal panties from the girl's locker room. So one time, I hid in there when the girls left, dressed as a zombie, and as soon as the kid came in, I chased him all over school. Kid nearly shat his pants when he saw me," Naruto told the woman of which only laughed loudly.

"So, earlier, you mentioned I looked like the type to offer you some drugs, right?" he told her as she drank from the bottle. "I mean, I could, if ya want. It's really not that hard," he said sheepishly only for her to give him a look before she began laughing again.

"H-Haha! That was damn funny, brat!" the headmistress laughed at the joke.

Naruto chuckled nervously. "R-Right, just a joke," he said shakily.

Moments later after the laughter died down, the woman rose and eyebrow and adopted a thoughtful expression. "Why were we here again?" she asked him.

"You were offering me a job very kindly," Naruto said with a cheeky grin making her grin as well.

"Of course! What would ya like to do?" she asked him making him shrug.

"Just put me wherever ya need me," he told her blandly as he leaned back in the seat, the uncaringness of his voice ringing even within her drunken mind.

She nodded to him, swiveling in her chair to her computer, pressing a few buttons before pressing enter. "There you are! You're our newest world history teacher! All the details will be mailed to you, now, get out. I'm taking a nap," she told him, propping her feet up on the desk in the process making him chuckle and rise from his seat.

"Who knew that getting a job would be so easy?" he chuckled again as he opened the door to the office before leaving back to the main office to get the person who was supposed to show him around campus.

After a few harsh words exchanged between a cranky and drunk headmistress and her secretary, the headmistress delegating her duties to the man for an unknown amount of time making the man simply sigh. It must've been a common occurrence, Naruto assumed.

The secretary sifted through a small stack of papers as he picked one among the rest out, the papers being small applications put in by students to tour the new teacher around if he was hired.

Grabbing the intercom from his desk, the man held the paper close to his face as he read. "Could Rias Gremory please report to the headmistress' office, I repeat, can Rias Gremory report to the headmistress' office," the man read.

Minutes later, and one-sided idle chat which Naruto ignored, the blonde felt a signature slowly approach him, it being the largest at the academy.

Naruto raised a brow as he noticed a girl with impossibly crimson-red hair and teal-colored eyes walk up the stairs to the office. She wore the traditional Kuoh Academy girl's uniform but she sported a generous figure with her large breasts, wide hips, and mile-long legs.

Naruto idly pat his leg repeatedly, remembering that she was a student as well as Sirzech's sister.

Rias' eyes wandered as well, taking in the masculine look of the man. He was, dare-say, hot in her opinion. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and. The tattoos on his arms gave him a bad-boy-ish look while the stubble gave off the manly attractiveness.

Rias blinked owlishly before she stopped her ogling of her soon to be teacher and introduced herself. "Ah, Uzumaki-sensei, it's nice to meet you," she said to him with a slight, respectful bow.

Nodding in her direction, Naruto walked forward towards the staircase she had come from.

Turning on heel, Rias, an expressionless look on her face, the President of the Occult Research Club walked down the stairs, rattling off the history of the school while Naruto merely adopted a slouch in his posture as his hands entered his pants pockets once more, uncaring of the school or its history.

As the two made their way to the exterior of the school, Naruto sighed softly as he put a hand on Rias' shoulder making her walking cease. It was around ten o'clock and he was much too tired to pay attention to this useless banter. He was sure she had better things to do and he did as well.

"Oi, Rias-chan, as much as I enjoy this, it's a bit pointless, ne?" Naruto told her with a slight chuckle as he returned his hand to his side which made her chuckle as well.

"I suppose it is, Uzumaki-sensei," Rias told him with a polite tone. "Do you want to go home? Or do you wish for me to continue this expedition?" she giggled slightly at the joke.

"Ah, you got anywhere I could take a nap?" he asked her with a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck making her raise a brow before she nodded slightly, a small smile in place.

Showing him to her club room and wishing him a good day, Rias allowed him to nap on one of the couches in the Occult Research Club while she headed back to class.

The place was creepy, the red-tinted Victorian-style room being lit, gave Naruto an eerie feeling that he quickly shook off. The fact that it was practically bathed in Devil energy residue also didn't help his nerves.

Lying down on one couch, one hand placed behind his head, Naruto closed his eyes and suppressed his nerves. He needed his at least some rest and his body would submit to its needs.

Slowly, Naruto faded into his subconscious.


"Ara ara, he looks so peaceful," Naruto heard a feminine voice as he slowly awoke from his nap, a soft giggle following the voice afterward. He could feel his right arm was over his eyes so he could see nothing and his left arm was hanging over the couch.

"I would have figured he would have awoken by now and be gone. It's been five hours since I allowed him to nap here," another voice spoke, this once he recognized as Rias from his previous encounter.

I slept for five hours, huh? I really wanted some sleep then; Naruto mentally chuckled as he kept his breathing in rhythm and deep, just as it was when he was sleeping. Perhaps he could obtain some information this way. Though he could plain-as-day sense the four energy signatures around him.

"He stole my spot," a monotone voice spoke before it bit into something and began to chew. Naruto could also tell that this voice was feminine as well.

"Maa, maybe we should just let him sleep and discuss our business. I'm sure Koneko-san can keep an eye on his breathing to tell if he wakes up," a soft, male voice spoke this time.

"He is still in deep sleep," Naruto assumed Koneko said again, still in monotone. Naruto almost wanted to smirk. And the academy award goes to~.

The silence was brief before Naruto could hear Rias sigh. "Very well. Akeno-chan, can you get me some tea?" Rias asked the vice-president of the club.

"Hai, buchou (president)," Akeno said with a giggle as Naruto heard her leave, if the fading footsteps had anything to say about it. Akeno was a developed girl in her late teens, the same as Rias. She wore the traditional Kuoh girl's uniform showing off her buxom figure and long legs. As opposed to Rias' ankle-high white socks, she wore black knee-high socks with an orange ribbon tied in her hair. She had long, black hair tied in a ponytail that reached her legs and violet eyes to compliment it. She and Rias were known as the 'Two Great Onee-sama's of Kuoh Academy.'

"Kiba, how was your handling of the low-class stray last night?" Rias asked the only other male in the room.

"It was dispatched quickly, buchou," Kiba responded evenly though Naruto could detect the pride in his voice. Kiba was a typical bishonen, or pretty boy with spiky yet somewhat flat, pale-blonde hair and grey eyes. He wore the traditional Kuoh boy's outfit and often called the 'Prince of Kuoh Academy.'

"Good, how many contracts did you get last night, Koneko-chan?" Rias asked Koneko of which seemingly took a bite out of something if the pause had anything to say about it.

"Two humans established a contract with me, Rias-sama," Koneko told the president which made Naruto almost raise a brow. Akeno was a petite girl around the age of fifteen, a first year at the academy opposed to Kiba's second year and Akeno's and Rias' third years. She wore the Kuoh girl's outfit and was quite short, standing around four and a half feet tall. The girl had white hair and hazel eyes. She was quite cute to a lolicon, i.e. many male residents of Kuoh academy.

"Good. You two have been excelling as of late, I am proud to call you both members of my peerage," Rias said to the both of them with a smile making Kiba smile at his buchou and for Koneko to offer a slight smile as well, the two reincarnated devils gleaming under the praise of their master and president.

Hearing the steps of her Vice-President, Rias turned her head to see Akeno entering the room with a tray of tea and some white-frosted cake.

Placing a cup of tea in front of Rias, Akeno giggled. "Here you are, buchou," the vice-president said to the president of which nodded gratefully.

"Ah, can I have some tea, too?"

All eyes save Akeno's widened as they looked at Naruto of which stretched on the couch.

Akeno merely giggled. "Ara ara, of course you can, cute-sensei-kun," she giggled as she gingerly picked up a small plate before placing a cup of hot tea on it. Akeno walked over, her small smile still on her face as she placed the cup and plate in front of the now awake teacher.

"Thanks, adorable-student-chan," Naruto grinned as he sat up, placing his feet on the floor as he grabbed the cup and rose it to his lips, drinking from it slowly. Naruto whistled. "Damn, that's some good tea. Mind if I get the recipe?" he asked her with a raised brow and small smile.

"Ara, sorry, Uzumaki-sensei-kun, family recipe," Akeno told him with a giggle with her left hand covering her mouth.

Naruto merely chuckled in return as he drank from the tea once more.

Gaining her composure slightly, Rias glared lightly at the man. "How long have you been awake?" she asked him as she leaned forward from her seat at the desk, her gaze steady to her teacher's.

"Maa maa, calm down Rias-chan, and about the time where you started to complain about me sleeping in here in which you offered," Naruto responded with a light chuckled, closing his eyes as he rose his tea to his mouth once more to finish it off, a light slurping sound originating from the cup just before he sat it down.

Rias blushed lightly in embarrassment while Akeno giggled at her president's expression. Kiba chuckled as well, gaining his composer while Koneko simply took a bite out of the candy she was eating as she was the first to regain her bearings.

"I trust you…heard?" she asked him with a sigh as she rubbed her temples after closing her eyes. She would berate Koneko later for not keeping a better eye on him.

Naruto chuckled as he ducked his head back; finishing the rest of his tea off before he sat the cup on the plate in front of him. "Ah, now I remember," he said which was misplaced from what they were talking about making all club members look at him with a curious gaze. "You're the one Sirzech's-chan begged me look after, you and this little club," Naruto told them making their eyes widen Akeno briefly overfilling a cup of tea in shock. Did he just address the ruler of the Underworld so casually with a 'chan' suffix?! "Ah, can I have some more tea, please? It's really good," he chuckled sheepishly to Akeno of which recovered first. She giggled lightly, wiping off the tea that had spilled with a few napkins before walking over to Naruto, retrieving the empty cup before placing the other down.

Naruto smiled as he picked the cup up, drinking from it before it shattered…all over his lap. Unfazed by the steaming hot liquid pouring onto his legs, he looked over to Rias with a raised eyebrow. She looked pissed, a single finger outstretched in his direction, a small red ring filled with runes and other ancient letterings. The other members of the club looked at her in shock this time. She had never

"You do not address my Onii-sama that way," she told him, begging him to say another word.

Naruto merely grinned. "Oh contraire, my dear Rias-chan," he told her, from behind her this time making her eyes widen. She hadn't seen him move, the only evidence he was ever on the couch in the first place being the pieces of the cup that were now put back together as if the cup were never broken.

Kiba's eyes widened. His speed far excelled that of a knight's.

Rias turned her head to see him over her shoulder with a grin in place, but the only thing refraining her from moving was the hand that had a gentle yet iron-like grip on her extended wrist.

Seeing the rest of the members of the peerage ready themselves, Naruto merely grinned once more. "Is that any way to treat the man you were ogling earlier, Rias-chan?" he whispered into her ear making her blush and turn her head away from him.

Seconds later, he released her from his grip making her arm fall limply to her side.

Steeping from out behind her, Naruto put a hand in front of his pants, extracting the spilt tea in front of it front the cloth and with a single finger guided it back over to the fixed cup before he gently and slowly guided it down much to the Peerage's surprise. They had never seen such element manipulation before.

Naruto coughed into his hand gaining him the attention of the members. "Now, if I were an enemy, you would all be dead," he told them with a serious expression making their eyes widen and for a subtle release of killing intent to fill the room. "You didn't see me move, you didn't see me take my time and put that cup back together, hmm?" he asked them with a raised brow. No one spoke. "That's what I thought. And you, Rias-chan," he addressed her making her gaze travel slowly to him. "Shouldn't get so riled up over an address of someone's name," he told her making her gaze travel downward.

He was right. She was quite defensive when someone didn't address her brother with the respect he deserved. "Now, I'll pop in time to time, see how you guys are doing. Who knows? Maybe I'll teach you a thing or two," he told them with a grin. "So, for now, I'll see you in class," he grinned.

They each blinked and he was gone.

A mewl was heard from Akeno and each of them looked over to her to see a dark hue on her cheeks. "Please tell me someone else was turned on by that," she told them with a lewd grin.

And with that, a cumulative sweatdrop was formed.


Don't blame me!

Blame Highschool DxD, damnit! It's not my fault that I got hooked on that anime and let my imagination loose!

I watched 3 seasons in two days. I don't know how to feel about that.

Anyways, I'll leave what Naruto exactly is up for speculation. I suppose it's fairly unique in this section of Fanfiction but not totally. If you do know what he is, don't review it please haha.

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Kneeling down in front of the wounded boy known as Issei Hyodo, Naruto took a drag from his cigarette, slowly inhaling before he exhaled, letting the smoke billow from his nostrils before his flicked some of his ashes right onto the boy's hair. The two were currently in a park and due to an overly enthusiastic walk in Naruto's opinion, he found a half-dead human boy that was bleeding out. How no one else found him in such a public area, Naruto would never know.

"L-Long red hair…" the boy spoke drearily making Naruto kneel closer to hear him. "B-Big oppai, l-long legs," Issei said. "I didn't e-even get to see more oppai…a-and n-now I'm going to die…"

Naruto's eyes squinted as he took another drag from his cigarette. "You are quite possibly the most perverted being I have ever had the displeasure of meeting…" Naruto said with a small glare before the glare intensified.

"If you're in there Jiraiya-sensei, I'll kick your ass back to the underworld."