Slowly opening his eyes, Naruto's azure gaze took in the white ceiling of his bedroom before he recognize the two weights on his arms, both of them cuddled up to him with one leg from each circled around one of his.

Lifting his head slightly to see what time it was, it being around six thirty in the morning, Naruto groaned. He had work today and that really, really sucked.

Well, he could send a clone to do his duties at school and leave him to have some more fun with these girls.

Then again, he had satisfied his urges last night so more sex wouldn't really benefit him mentally. So, in the end, he had decided to get ready and go to work.

Having responsibilities blew.

Getting the two unnamed women up wasn't difficult while what was difficult, was to tell them to politely get out.

"Sorry, girls, but I've got work today," Naruto told them as he came down the stairs to the first floor, the women haphazardly garbed in their dresses, one red, and the other white. The woman dressed in the red was dirty-blonde while the black-haired one was in the white. They were cute, but had no outstanding features.

Naruto himself was garbed in nothing but a pair of black and orange striped pajamas showing off his extraordinary physique. The man was, to say the least, built in every sense of the word as if chiseled from marble. On his torso he had a wide pair of pectorals, a long scar running from his left breast to the middle of his abdomen. The pajamas hung low enough to see the envied 'V' that most body-building males sought after along with a distinct six-pack of abs that seemed to remain in one state as if he were flexing all the time. On his arms, he had a strange tattoo on his left deltoid along with a few other tattoos and his triceps were also very distinct unlike others who had tried to achieve the 'u' shape they were meant to be in.

On the blonde's back, one could clearly see the definition of his muscles though the present tattoos, again, while not numerous were clearly spaced around a large rectangle on his back. The rectangular shape had no visible markings to distinguish its boundaries but it was as if someone had purposely not put any tattoos in that area.

"Can I have your number at least, Naruto-kun?" the black-haired one asked as she leaned forward, accentuating her breasts. She had said 'I' and not 'we' because she honestly didn't know the other woman. The only reason she had even accepted the invitation for a threesome was because of Naruto's extravagantly suave talking.

"No, can I have your number, Naruto-kun?" the dirty-blonde woman asked as she did the same as the other.

Sighing briefly, Naruto wrote down his number on a couple slips of paper on the counter of his kitchen before handing one to each of the women. "I'll call a cab," he said blandly as he shuffled the two women out of the house, visible limps accompanying their steps.

Hmm, I wonder whose number I just gave them? Naruto mused mildly as he saw them off.

Closing the door after they had left, Naruto sighed once more as he made his way back upstairs to his bedroom. After sitting down and calling a taxi to come pick up the women he threw his phone to the bed before laying down with his feet hanging off the bed. Putting his arms behind his head he closed his eyes and sighed.

The bedroom, his master bedroom, wasn't marvelous but it was quite nice. It had a queen-sized bed-he needed to change the sheets; he noted offhandedly-perpendicular to the middle of the right wall of the room, a somewhat large television parallel to it, resting on a dresser. To the bed's left was a window to the other side of the house that overlooked part of Kuoh town.

After a few minutes of lying there, Naruto sat up before he removed his pajamas and made his way to the bathroom. After brushing his teeth and using some mouthwash, Naruto started the shower. The master bathroom had two separate sinks with blue and grey speckled hard ceramic countertop with a large singular mirror that extended over the two of them.

He had a walk-in shower with a separate tub/hot tub in a different part of the bathroom. The bathroom was fairly spartan when it came to appearance though there were various products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, a few razors, after shave, colognes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and deodorants.

After taking shower the man exited in nothing more than a towel around his hips he began to dig through one of the dressers for an outfit.

Then he paused.

This was his home. He could walk around naked if he damn well pleased.

After tossing away the towel to a different part of the room, Naruto settled on a pair of khaki jeans, black dress shirt, leather belt, dress shoes, a plain white tie. The man put the outfit on before grabbing his phone, wallet, and keys from beside the lamp on the nightstand, pocketing them, and then heading downstairs.

After he fixed himself some breakfast, Naruto seallessly and wordlessly formed a clone of himself before the clone shimmered into a middle-aged man with brown hair and no outstanding features. Naruto had made this clone the essential co-owner of his mechanic's shop.

"You've got a few already paid orders to work on today so work on those first before working on any others that come in," Naruto told the clone as he ate some cereal.

The clone nodded with a blank expression before he walked out of the home and to the shop to begin setting up for the day.

"Ah," Naruto sighed happily as he drank from a cup of coffee. "I love clones."


Exiting his vehicle, Naruto grumbled as he pressed the button to lock it before he rubbed his chin idly. Moments later he sighed as he noticed that he had shaved the previous night before he had went out, and he had also realized it wasn't as satisfying to just rub your chin without there being hair there. Afterwards Naruto adopted a slight slouch as put his left hand in his pocket before throwing a leather satchel over his shoulder with his right.

Looking at the school with a half-lidded gaze as he walked towards the main doors, Naruto grumbled once more as he made his way to the teacher's work room to grab himself another cup of coffee.

The female students swooned at his appearance once more as he walked through the extravagant halls. The blonde man idly noticed that the swooning was more adamant today. Perhaps it was because he shaved?

Putting that little note aside, Naruto came to a plain looking door that had 'teacher's lounge' written above it on a sign. Opening the door, Naruto noticed a fridge off to the right wall, a few coffee makers on the counters, a couple tables with chairs in the middle of the room, and a plain-looking couch next to the window.

He then noticed that he was the only male in the room.

The teachers, he assumed, up until that point were all female.

About seven female teachers were in the room, ages varying from mid-twenties, to early sixties. The unnamed teachers all looked at him as he entered the room; the older ones going straight back to their work while the younger ones' eyes stayed on him a little longer. Some teachers were grading papers or preparing assignments for their classes while others were playing on their phones or laptops.

With a careful stance, Naruto slowly closed the door behind him and kept to the wall as he made his way over to coffee makers.

Careful, careful, no sudden movements or the most starved ones will attack, Naruto told himself as he subtly and slowly made his way over.

After the man had made his way over, he turned around and grabbed a styrofoam cup before pouring creamer into it and then coffee. After pouring the coffee, Naruto raised the cup to drink from it and sighed in content.

Naruto then turned around, a little too quickly. Afterwards, three female teachers had swarmed him with questions.

"Ara, are you the new sensei? So manly!" a sensei in her thirties asked and then giggled. Divorced, Naruto figured.

"Fufu, you sure are cute, perhaps we could experiment?" a red-haired sensei with two braided pigtails and round glasses asked perversely. Virgin, Naruto assumed.

"Mmm, you sure are tatted, Uzumaki-sensei, so sexy," another said to him seductively as she licked her lips. Thirsty, Naruto inwardly chuckled as he slowly made his way over to the door, the three other teachers practically mirroring every step he took.

….Only for him to bolt out of the open door.

"Uzumaki-sensei!" the three teachers yelled as they chased after him. After they had gone to the second level, convinced he was there, Naruto simply stepped out from the other side of the door, the three teachers missing him due to him not being in their range of vision.

Naruto grinned as he sipped his coffee. "One-two, the ol' slipperoo," Naruto rhymed badly as he made his way to his designated classroom, his bag once again tossed uncaringly over his shoulder.


The current class Naruto had, his first period class, was comprised entirely of second year students.

Each of the students chattered away, carrying on conversations with newly met friends, friends they had known since they were children, or complete strangers. Some were busy reviewing their notebooks, making sure they were ready for their first semester of their second year. They had had a substitute for the first week which simply made sure the students were reading their history books so that they would not get behind.

They didn't have an actual sensei but today they would be receiving one.

Some were nervous, mainly the book worms, some were happy, mostly because they were girls that knew of the sensei, others were apathetic mostly aside from the happiness they felt that didn't have a substitute who taught them nothing, and then there were those who weren't even talking about the sensei at all.

The most prominent being three boys which were having a very…perverse conversation to say the least.

"Ah, nothing like another school year to see the big breasted beauties of youth," a boy with black hair with a blush and grin as he adjusted his square glasses "But I am going have to re-spec my book of measurements," he said sadly.

A boy with a shaved head grinned at his friend. "No worries, Motohama! It will be a grand adventure," he said confidently.

The last boy grinned. "I agree with that, Matsuda, Motohama," he said respectively with a thumb's up. Hyodo Issei was a teen with spiky brown hair and brown eyes. For clothing he wore the traditional Kuoh boy's uniform with an open blazer and red shirt underneath.

Many girls listening in on their conversation looked at them with disgust, saying how the three had not changed since their first year there.

Seconds later and after a few moments of debilitation in his inner psyche, Issei spoke with a grin while closing his eyes and crossing his arms. "Guys, I have something to confess," the brown-haired teen spoke.

Matsuda's eyes widened. "You're not gay, are you!? I knew your eyes lingered on Yuuto Kiba when we scorned him earlier!" Motohama simply nodded in agreement, a smug look crossing his face.

Issei's face contorted into one of absolute horror. "W-What?! No! I'm not gay! I was probably just looking, I don't know!" Hyodo defended himself while his two friends simply chuckled at their exasperated member of the perverted trio.

Issei sighed dejectedly as he noticed his friends were simply picking on him. "Anyways, guys, I have big news!" Issei paused for dramatic affect though it was met with crickets from Matusda and Motohama making Issei sigh once more. "I have a date with a girl Sunday!" the boy said dramatically moments later.

Matsuda and Motohama of which had stopped paying attention at this point both went wide eyed before they both raised fists at the poor brown-haired boy.

Moments later, the door quietly opened to reveal Naruto, cup of steaming coffee in one hand, a brown leather bag in the other, and a slight hunch in his step. The blonde's eyes traveled towards the back to see Hyodo Issei with a bruised face, the two boys around his screaming while in tears. The blonde's ears picked up 'betrayal' being used more than once. Seconds passed before Naruto shrugged, taking a sip of his coffee in the process.

The blonde made no move to announce his presence as each of the students talked to one another. He simply made his way over to the desk at the front of the room and sat down in the black spinning chair, putting his cup of coffee on the desk and setting the bag down beside him.

Naruto sipped from his coffee as the class carried on with their talking, the students not even heeding the bell ringing the beginning of class. Some took seats but made no move to stop any of the incessant chatter.

Naruto looked at the small crowd of students and sighed before he fished in his pocket, going past his keys, and pulling out a pair of ear buds before looking at them and growling.

Of all the things I know of this world, I can never figure out why you are tangled when I neatly put you into my pocket, the blonde thought with a twitching eye and frown. Minutes later of idly tossing the ear buds back and forth, the blonde smiled slightly as he untangled them and plugged them into his phone before placing them in his ears.

The blonde sighed in content as music reverberated through his being and drank from his coffee. If anyone would have listened to what he would have been listening to, they would have taken a step back in fear if they hadn't heard it prior.

"Counting bodies like sheep," Naruto murmured while he put his feet on the desk and hands behind his head, "counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums~," he went on as the dark notes of the song kept playing, slowly nodding his head back and forth.

Naruto's eyes scanned over the students as they walked around, his eyes looking at the females of the class. His left eye twitched. They looked like they were in their twenties, if their breast size, hips, or older looks had anything to say about it.

Hmm, Naruto hummed, maybe it's the growth hormones they're putting in their chicken mcnuggets nowadays? the blonde thought idly as his eyes scanned their bodies, noting that some of them looked better than the ladies he had taken home the previous night.

Maybe some of them would want to spend some time with sensei after school earning some extra credit? What was the age of consent in Japan again? Fifteen? He thought before smirking. That means no jailbait in here, Naruto thought confidently before he sweat dropped comically.

I'm such a bad sensei, hehe…


An hour and a half passed and the students still chattered away, simply ignoring the fact that a sizable amount of time had passed. Some students had taken a seat and read from their books, but no one noticed the man at the front of the room, simply playing with his phone and listening to music.

The entire period had passed and as apathetic towards almost everything, save his baby, i.e. his car, Naruto grew more and more annoyed at these children. They seemed to not even want to learn and didn't care either way. Looking at his plain, silver colored watch, Naruto sighed as he paused the song he was listening to before unplugging his ear buds. Naruto leaned down and retrieved an auxiliary cord from his bag and a small speaker.

These savages knew nothing of discipline. They were clearly blind too as the missed even his mop of hair. Come on! His hair was as blonde as the sun!

With a blank gaze, Naruto plugged the aux cord into his phone before attaching it to the speaker. He then unlocked his phone and grinned slightly before pressing play.


The students, all with wide eyes looked at the blonde man at the front of the classroom, most if not all noticing him for the first time.

The girls of the classroom squealed as they looked at the man, most of them instantly fangirling at the sight of the bad boy.

"Alright ya little bastards," he said as he stopped the music but paused as he winked at the girls, "'cept you, ladies," he said with a grin making them sigh in both relief and wonder. "I've sat up here for an hour and a half, and all you have done was talked, wasted my time as a sensei," some sighed in relief as they knew they weren't going to get robbed by the thug-looking man, "and most of you haven't even cracked a book today. And no, porn doesn't count," he said, looking at the Perverted Trio towards the back of the classroom while each of the three boys put their supposed history books behind their backs.

"So," the blonde man continued, "I want chapters one through three read by tomorrow. We're having a little," he paused as he grinned, "pop quiz to test your abilities. And trust me, I know who was studying and these tests will be made specifically for each student," the blonde finished.

Some students looked at their sensei in horror, or admiration as the ones who had been studying were thankful they had done so in class.

"This semester is going to be so much fun, eh, kiddies?" Naruto grinned while the students gulped.


"I'm still not aware as to why you insisted on coming here, Naruto-sensei," Rias spoke in English, her tone carrying curiosity and it was only further supplemented by her delicately raised eyebrow.

Naruto was lying on the couch of the Occult Research Club with his shoes off exposing his black dress socks while his arms were put behind his head. Rias was at her mahogany Victorian-style desk; idly filling out paperwork-what kind of paperwork she would be given her being 18 years old, Naruto would never know-and listening to some type of European orchestral music.

Naruto chuckled, surprising the young woman as she figured he wouldn't have the slightest idea how to understand English, and the blonde responded in kind. "Ya know, it doesn't surprise me that you know how to speak English. Your name is about as Victorian as this school," the blonde chuckled, swapping to English as if it were second nature to him.

Rias simply sighed as he surprised her yet again and also danced around her question. Though she wrote off knowing the language as him looking American so she paid it no mind. She also decided to not ask again.

Minutes passed before Naruto heard patting on the desk, signifying that she was putting some papers away neatly, so he decided to prod for information slightly, deciding to see how far her learnings went in this world's languages.

"So, I was meaning to ask, how do you have so much free time, hmm? You're still a student, right?" he asked her, a heavy, almost natural Russian accent replacing his former suave American accent.

Rias smirked as she put the papers down. "I have already completed the required amount of credit hours to graduate from this academy and only have to take one class this semester and next semester. Akeno only has to complete two classes each semester. She should be here momentarily," the crimson-haired girl spoke to him in Russian, though her accent was far more forced while his sounded as if he had practiced it for years.

Naruto smirked as he rose from his position on the couch before putting his feet on the ground. The blonde put a hand behind the couch and looked at Rias, his grin evident. "I've always had a thing for Russian girls," Naruto spoke in Spanish, a near-perfect Spanish accent taking over this time.

Rias blushed, her smirk disappearing as she looked away. While she wasn't Russian, she knew that he was teasing her about it, basically saying he was into her.

"Oh it's so much fun making kids blush," Naruto spoke in Japanese with a small cackle following it.

Growling slightly, Rias looked away from the man, the small blush disappearing from her face as she stood. The crimson-haired girl pushed her desk chair away from herself and walked to the nearby window, putting a single hand on the frame before looking out with an impassive gaze.

"Stop trying to look cool, staring at the pervert out there," Naruto spoke from his sitting position on the couch.

Rias gained a tick mark on her head, turning around to glare at the blonde only for to pause. How did she know he was staring at the pervert?

Had he sensed the energy in Hyodo Issei as well?

The pervert had such an insignificant amount of energy, only enough to establish a signature to establish himself among other normal humans. Even Rias had issues sensing the boy yet Uzumaki Naruto sensed him plain as day.

What other skills did he possess? He had speed, he could control water at the very least among the elements, and he was very sensitive to energy signatures it seemed.

He was truly an enigma.

Naruto positively loved to take walks.

He would walk on the beach, in the park, on buildings, the sides to be precise, the rooftops, the surface of the ocean, not usually with other people, on other people depending on the battlefield, now that was a different story, but it just depended on his mood.

The blonde sighed as he pulled out a small white, thin object from his pants pocket, a cigarette, and lit it with a flame produced from his index finger.

The man took a deep, long drag from the tobacco product before he exhaled letting loose a billow of smoke.

I wonder when she'll get here? She can usually track me anywhere in the world, no matter how much I suppress my energy. Must be the perks of master, the blonde thought randomly as he walked along an empty street, multiple houses lining the area to the right of him while to the left were warehouses.

The blonde was dressed in a pair of semi-tight blue jeans with a chain going from his back belt loop to his front. He had on a black vest and untucked white shirt. Not that he really needed a reason to do anything.

He did as he pleased, when he pleased.

Taking another drag from his cigarette, the man extended his senses to a margin of their total usefulness, taking in his surroundings as well as trying to find any entertainment of the supernatural kind.

That was when he sensed a rather…large, well compared to this day and age's energy levels, signature in one of the nearby warehouses.

Naruto raised a pale-blonde brow before he took one last drag of his cigarette, flicked it to the ground, and then extinguished it with his left foot.

The blonde refocused on the signature while bellowing out smoke from his nostrils. That was when he noticed a second energy. The two auras seemed to be combatting each other though there was a third on the way.

Naruto smirked as he disappeared from his previous positon, leaving nothing more than a small cloud of dust being left behind in his wake before he appeared on the roof of the warehouse the fight was originating from, nothing but wind being produced from his disappearance and reappearance.

The blonde peered inside before a smirk appeared on his features.


Shura Kirigakure was having a bad time.

Why, one may ask?

Well, she was called to Japan from the Vatican specifically to look at the rising number of Devils in the area. That cut into her drinking time so she was pissed about that. She was then assigned to her new partner Freed Sellzen, but he disappeared not long after they got off the plane.

She had absolutely no idea where he was and the tracking magic wasn't working either, nor was he answering her calls. The little blonde bastard.

Meh, she didn't care. He was weird and too bloodthirsty to be an exorcist anyways.

But now she had decided to go off and investigate the devils, and after being a little too curious got herself caught up in a stray devil's nest.

Shura was overall an attractive woman. She had slightly spiky pink hair with yellow tips that was kept in a ponytail that fell to her mid-back. The woman looked to be of European or American decent based on her features yet the most outstanding feature she held aside from her pink hair were her pink eyes. Her usual attire consisted of black jeans, a black, leather belt with a pink belt buckle, complimented by black, leather combat boots that came above her ankle. The attire on her torso, however, was fairly unorthodox as the only articles of clothing she wore on her chest were a light red bikini top with white trimming and a black denim jacket. All in all it showed off her generous cleavage.

What Naruto noticed, aside from her breasts, were two red-colored tribal markings on her torso connected through the valley of her breasts. His eyes widened, only slightly, when she pulled a pink katana with black waves along the edge out of the seal just above her breasts.

Fuinjutsu? Naruto thought with interest before he shook his head. No, just a form of magic utilizing pocket dimensions, he concluded.

The stray devil she was combatting was a beast approximately two and a half stories tall, the hair on its back almost rubbing the roof of the warehouse in the process of it moving around. It was a large, hairy, grotesque thing with four hind legs resembling goat's legs and feet. Along its upper body it had two arms though they were short before the upper body hunched over to resemble a praying mantis' head. It was there that a white-haired, green-eyed, pale-skin man was, or at least the upper body of him. Some would say he was handsome but he held no outstanding features.

"Oh! So a puny exorcist desires to come into our nest to play, huh?!" The stray devil gleamed with a deranged grin, showing off his razor sharp teeth.

Never mind the handsome part.

Shura merely grinned as she twirled her katana in her hand. "I have no idea who you are, but I do know that you are one ugly mother-," the pink-haired woman was cut off as she jumped out of the way as the stray devil tried to stomp her with its large front foot.

"You are the ugly one you wench! I and my partner are the epitome of beauty! You are the one who is deformed and I will make you a smudge beneath my feet!" the rouge devil shouted towards the exorcist with anger prevalent in his voice.

Shura had landed on the side of a turned-over cargo container inside the building and grinned. "Well then bring it on, you hideous, ugly, shit-stain!"

The hair of the rouge devil covered his eyes before he reared his head back and flexed his chest, a somewhat large, green magic circle appearing in front of his mouth in the process.

The exorcist grinned once more as she readied her katana, the tip being parallel to her eye level.

Seconds later the devil let loose a large, green burst of energy which decimated most everything in front of him, churning up the ground in the process and overturning several other containers. Its target was the exorcist.

Said exorcist merely smirked.

The woman jumped over the burst only for a second one the devil had charged began to fly at her. She then twisted her body to where the burst passed over her by a mere two feet. This was after a third burst of energy was released and began to make its way to her as well.

"No way you can dodge that, puny mortal!" the rouge exclaimed with glee as he watched the last of his trio of attacks makes its way to the pink-haired nuisance.

This was seconds before Shura's grin got even wider.

Within moments the woman put her left arm below her body just as the wave of energy came towards her did a series of numbers, letters, and runes appear around her left arm and the air just below her palm. It was white in color and differed from the demonic runes as it was more geometric in shape compared to their almost universally circular runes.

Naruto's eyes narrowed at this and so did the demon's.

Afterwards the air around Shura pulsed as the rune disappeared and pushed her upward several feet making her effectively dodge the wave of energy. This was after she landed on the ceiling of the warehouse, another rune appearing beneath her. This rune was also white in color. The exorcist bent her knees and readied her katana once more.

The rune disappeared just as she burst forth at blinding speeds. If one didn't have Naruto's eyesight they might have missed the movement as she virtually appeared on the other side of the devil, one if his larger form's arms falling to ground in the process.

The rouge screamed in pain as it began to thrash around while destroying several of the machines in the warehouse, the building creaking several times as its body collided with the reinforced steel walls.

Shura was not done as she readied her bloodied katana and two runes appeared below her boots and around them, spiraling upward in a cone-like fashion. The woman disappeared yet again as another one the devil's arms fell.

Again and again, Shura continued this action as she dismembered the surprisingly helpless devil though Naruto concluded the reason she held such an advantage was because the devil could not navigate effectively as every time it turned it bumped into walls and containers and the blonde was sure that the exorcist below him was well aware of this fact.

After another round of near super-sonic speed, the devil collapsed to the ground in a heap of massacred flesh, cuts all on his body and most of his limbs were around him.

Shura flicked her katana to clear off any blood that accumulated from her series of strikes. She was panting lightly as her psions were strained. She hadn't meant to use that much magic but it was the quickest way to end the fight.

"Congratulations," the hot-pink haired woman heard making her turn to see a blonde-haired woman walking towards her. "Mateel had some usefulness but I suppose he was no match for you new-breed, magic-using exorcists," she spoke, referencing the abilities Shura had displayed moments ago. The blonde woman had green eyes and waist-length hair. She was garbed in a pair of black jeans and a yellow shirt that showed off some cleavage. She was beautiful but like the newly named, and dead, Mateel, she held no outstanding features.

Shura narrowed her eyes. "Who are you?" she asked as she pointed her katana to the new arrival.

The blonde woman smirked. "Why does that matter when my name means nothing to the dead?" she spoke as she raised her left hand to form a rune which was blue in color.

Shura readied her katana but froze when she felt her body being pulled towards the blonde woman. "What the hell?!" she cursed as her body gained speed and the blonde woman raised her arm to her left. I used too much magic in that last fight!

Seconds later Shura was met with a powerful clothesline to the throat making spittle fly, and knocking the breath out of her all the while sending her crashing towards the floor. The pink-haired woman's body impacted the floor with a great deal of force, disorienting her greatly.

The blonde woman smiled cruelly as she sent a foot to the stomach of the downed exorcist making Shura let loose a silent scream as the breath was again knocked out of her. Gretal continued this again and again, reveling in her own sadistic glee before she heard two objects land softly on the ground behind her in front of Mateel's body.

"Now, now, that's enough of that," Gretal heard a voice behind her to see a man with bright blonde hair and tattoos, his hands in his pockets and a casual look on his face.

I didn't even sense him! She thought as she moved away from Shura's broken form.

"I bet you're wondering why you couldn't sense me," Naruto asked the woman of whose eyes widened in response. "Now I bet you're wondering how I knew that. The simple answer is," the blonde man smirked at this. "It was because I didn't allow you to sense me," he told her as he took a step forward making her subconsciously step back.

"Your primitive cognition didn't allow you to sense me because what I have transcends your puny, little ability to reason what is, and what isn't. And what exactly am I doing right now?" Naruto wondered for her as Gretal's body moved further and further away from him with each step he took, her senses screaming danger because of the sheer presence of the man before her. "I'm simply having a little bit of fun," Naruto finished just as Gretal raised a hand to him, even though it went against her instincts.

"B-Back away or I'll smear you on the ground j-just like this puny exorcist!" she said while Naruto simply smirked and made a step towards her.

Gretal's signature blue rune appeared in front of her outstretched arm. Moments later Naruto was lifted off of the ground which made the blonde-woman smile with glee as he began to gain momentum. She would decapitate him with one outstretch of the arm. She was a devil, one that killed her king, she was the epitome of beauty, she was-!



Naruto ducked below her arm which was coated in blue energy and he was sure she was trying to sever his head from his body as she didn't do that with Shura. After ducking Naruto continued to maintain his balance in the air before he flipped backwards and landed behind her, all the while not touching the ground.

Gretal looked behind her to see him standing on nothing but air, and not a single pair of wings behind him. The only thing she saw was his smirk.

"Now run, little devil, run to wherever you came, gain power, power to kill me, and maybe, just maybe, you'll succeed. Until then," he appeared right beside her making he senses flare to life once more. They craved self-preservation but she could do nothing but stare at that damnable smirk.

She was helpless.

"I'll send you on your way."

And with one spin of the body and a kick to her torso she was flung from the warehouse, outside the left wall, and through the next city block or three.

Naruto dusted off his right jean leg so that it would be free from any imaginary dust and then softly landed on the ground without a decibel of sound. He then walked over to Shura and looked down at her unconscious form. She was beaten, battered and bloody.

"I only saved you because your techniques interest me, you know," he spoke to her downed form, his usual demeanor of apathy and jovialness gone. "I'm not a good person, and I hope you heard me. Mah, I'm sure you'll figure that out soon enough," Naruto said as he heaved her over his shoulder with his left arm before picking up her katana with his right hand. Naruto glanced at the corpse of Mateel before it burst into flames moments later.

And after that he was gone.


It was midnight at Naruto's home and he had just finished bandaging up the pink-haired, sleeping exorcist. He had healed her internal bleeding and energy exhaustion but other that she sported nothing more than cuts, and bruising around the neck and torso.

Naruto had laid her on his guest bed and would check on her in the morning.

With a groan he took off his shirt, pants, and shoes before he fell onto his own bed. He wasn't tired, simply resting.

The blonde closed his eyes, out his hands behind his head and crossed his feet over one another. Moments later he was soundly asleep.

Perhaps he was tired. That was the most physical activity he had in a long time.

Maybe he truly was getting out of shape.

Hours passed and Naruto's position didn't change, his body only moving slightly when he felt a presence enter his home.

The mysterious presence moved up the stairs and entered the top floor before it phased through the wall of the guest room to see Shura on the bed. It shimmered almost angrily before it reentered the hallway and moved to the main bedroom at the end of the hallway.

It phased through the wall once more before its eyes found their way to the man on the bed, his eyes closed and seemingly asleep.

It moved to the bed stealthily and smiled an eerie smile. It's pearly white smile and crimson eyes were only visible through its shadowy mass.

"Hello…" it began softly with a silky smooth voice as it appeared next to the bed. The smiled it showed off next bared many, many teeth, each of them razor sharp in appearance.

It opened its horrifying maw and it moved towards his neck slowly and carefully, practically prepared to rip out his jugular.

"…my Master."



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