Hello Sorry that this is not a update and sorry for the unintended Hiatus... Again I don't know if I am going to scrap this or not I felt Like it was a good Idea, but I have just had so much on my plate for so long and now that the show is over I think for now at least, This is what I feel like my plan is I am going to buy all of the Gravity falls books and story's and then I am going to start the is whole thing over I am going to Keep the One child AU still and I am still thankful for Reapergenesis32 and His story Journal 3 and where ever he is now I hope he reads this and keeps going with his story as for mine I am going to do another Story and I know, I know "Jubbi you could not even do this why do you think you can do another story." Well whoever would say that Its because I I know this Anime/Manga vary well and I can do A crossover with it and don't think I am going to abandon this for the wolfs, again, I will be back with a better writeing and more experience, As for what I am going to do is going to be A Naruto and you know what screw it A zombie game that's right Mother fugeing Naruto and ZOMBIES and its going to be good I am hypeing my self up for this. I know I have not been the best but I hope you check this story out and I will be back I promise you that.